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Custom Gun Cabinet: Custom Designed Fine Art Gun Safe Display – MCGC937

Custom Gun Cabinet: Custom Designed Fine Art Gun Safe Display

rustic custom gun cabinetWhether for the collector or the sportsman, the custom gun cabinet handcrafted by ArtFactory.comoffers a safe and secure place to store your firearms. Our handmade, solid wood cabinets are 100% custom built to your specifications by our master craftsmen. These are fine art quality home furnishings designed by, and built under the supervision of, and signed by award winning artist and architect H.J. Nick. This ensures of an investment quality products with future collectible antique and heirloom value.

At we believe in building furniture that is not something that you just use for a few years and then throw away. Building items that are disposable is a practice that is unique to the past sixty years. In the old world, when a piece of furniture was built, it was built from solid, natural materials by master craftsmen. Most importantly, it was built to last forever. Something like a solid wood, custom gun cabinet would be passed down through a family for generations. With this hand crafted cabinet, we have carried that tradition of built to last craftsmanship into the 21st century. A true modern masterpiece, built with historically correct methods and materials.

Custom Gun Cabinet Craftsmanship Details

rustic custom gun cabinetThis hand built custom gun cabinet as shown is master crafted from solid exotic cedar wood (all wood species available). This type of product cannot be build overnight, or with low quality materials. That is why used the highest quality, full length, naturally air dried, grain matched, solid wood. Our custom display cabinets are built it by hand, using the age old, tried and tested method of mortise and tenon joinery. This type of materials and construction makes for a product that will stand the test of time. Additionally, all hand built solid wood cabinets are hand finished inside and out with a multi-step hand rubbed process, and include mar proof leveling feet

The custom gun cabinet features a three level, touch button lighting system, as well as ten felt-lined slots. It is perfect for storing, and displaying a large number of rifles. Two locking cabinet doors with tempered glass provide a secure display area. Four, locking, felt lined drawers, provide storage for accessories. These drawers are mounted on full extension tracks, and are designed for ease of use. We can build your custom gun cabinet in any size or style, to fit your display needs. Call us today at 1-800-292-0008 to request pricing for a custom gun cabinet designed to fit your gun collection.

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Wooden Gun Cabinets & Safes


Store Your Firearms in Style With an Amish Wooden Gun Cabinet from DutchCrafters' American Gun Cabinet Collection! 

Are you an avid hunter or gun collector and looking for a stylish way to store and display your hunting rifles and firearm supplies?  Our handcrafted custom wooden gun cabinets are built from premium North American hardwoods in a large variety of styles & sizes. Our talented Amish woodworkers build each gun cabinet to order so it will perfectly match your personal style and firearm storage needs. 

These wooden gun cabinets aren't just for display purposes. They also protect your firearms from being misused to prevent any dangerous accidents and out of the reach of children or any other unauthorized individuals. Every gun cabinet comes standard with secure locks on all the doors and double strength glass for a secure storage area for your gun collection. 

These gun cabinets are not considered gun safes and are not meant to prevent your guns from being stolen. They are primarily display cabinets with locks to make them more difficult to access. 

Our variety and quality of solid wood gun cabinets is unmatched. We offer many different styles including corner gun cabinets, carousel gun cabinets, hidden gun cabinets, wall gun cabinets, and plenty of custom options to make sure you get the perfect custom gun cabinet for your needs. 

Our collection of hidden gun cabinets offer a very secure and unique solution to safe gun storage by keeping them hidden in plain sight.

Additionally, each solid wood gun cabinet is beautifully finished. Upon your order with us, we will send you free stain samples in the mail to be sure that you receive the exact finish that you are looking for. It's all part of our DutchCrafters commitment to high quality service, evidenced by our A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Feel free to contact one of our furniture specialists for additional information or ordering assistance on our custom Amish wooden gun cabinets. 

Call today!  1-941-867-2233

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Custom Gun Cabinets – that’s what we do.

Along with and growing out of our 30+ years of designing, building and selling top quality Amish built custom furniture here in the Heart of Illinois Amish Country, we have evolved this serious niche in custom gun cabinetry. Long guns, pistols and revolvers, swords, knives and other collectibles can be enjoyed while in locked, solid wood displays with many added security features.

Everyone has their own space concerns and design in mind when thinking of a secure way to display and protect your gun collection.  Here we have the ability to help you make your dream and ideas a reality. 

We provide the design and firearms knowledge working with you towards the best and most secure display. Our small shop, Amish craftsmen, using only the finest solid woods and materials, create the top of the line furniture quality casework. Finally we finish things off with LED lighting, leather trims, and security upgrades.

long gun and pistol combo

All of our gun cabinets are created from solid hardwoods such as oak, hickory, cherry, walnut, maple, elm, ash and quarter-sawn white oak. Additionally we have available many specialty hardwoods: such as rustics (knotty)- in cherry, white oak and hickory; specialty maples including flame, tiger and spalted; and others.

Your custom gun cabinet can be made to your dimensions, styles, and setups.  Choose the number of long guns, pistols or other collectibles it will hold as well as their placement in the cabinet such as vertical or horizontal or angled for full gun profile display.  Then you can also choose from over a dozen different door and drawer styles as well as design a style that fits in with your current decor. Custom stains and attractive leather additions fine tune the look. Drawer and door placement as well as cabinet contents can be changed around to give you the gun cabinet configuration you desire.  Vault room display, built ins or free standing case. We have crafted gun cabinets with built in steel locking gun safes, false storage drawers, locks, glass fronts or sides, secure laminated glass or even bullet proof polycarbonate fronts, bird displays, pistol and knife displays, ammunition storage, and much much more. We will build it your way!

We can give you options in design and security. A good looking display case does not have to make your collection easily accessible. Whole, solid lumber construction, no flimsy pressed wood, multiple locks, break resistant or unbreakable glass, hidden compartments, steel reinforced cabinetry,  and multiple levels of security all can be combined to give you peace of mind.

On these pages are some of the custom gun cabinets we have crafted for people.  Included are a few other pieces we have created that go along with the gun cabinets.  Feel free to look through our pictures and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas or designs that you may have. We can recreate one of these cases for you or use it as a jumping off point adding your own personal touches. Call or email us, we are happy to help!

pistol cabinet mounts
sstaggered long gun display
bypass polycarbonate doors

Custom made in usa wood products for all types of use

Contact Us - Email or Phone: 574-274-1100

Amish Woodworking offers a line of custom handmade gun cabinets to fit your specific requirements to showcase your shotguns and rifles. Choose from one of our existing gun cabinet models or design your own. These cabinets are handmade from the finest hand selected wood. We offer gun cabinets in oak, cherry, mahogany, hickory, pine, walnut, maple and knotty alder. Our gun cabinets are affordable and can be designed, as a corner cabinet, wall cabinets or custom built in a wall unit just like our kitchen cabinets and entertainment centers.

One of our popular models features a display case built into the base of the gun cabinet, which allows you to showcase your mounted ducks, quail or pheasants. Our Ultimate Gun Cabinet can be configured to either fully display your guns or as a TV and entertainment center with side pullout to conceal your guns. Just like our custom made furniture we can also do reproductions or we can replicate an antique cabinet to serve as a gun cabinet to accent your other fine furniture in your home. If your needs are a large custom gun cabinet or rack for your hunting lodge or shooting club, we will be glad to assist you with the design.

Amish Woodworking will fit your gun cabinet to your specific requirements. You can configure the gun cabinet to hold shotguns, rifles or long guns. Storage drawers and shelves can be configured to meet your needs for handguns, gun cleaning equipment or ammunition.

Our gun cabinets are hand made by Amish craftsmen. If you configure drawers in your gun cabinet then you will appreciate the old world quality of our dovetailed drawers. We are committed to the highest quality for a reasonable price. After the many hours that will go into your gun cabinet and before delivery the Amish craftsmen will sign and date your gun cabinet along with adding your name to this unique custom cabinet.

Your gun cabinet starts off with your thoughts and ideas. We will come up with a drawing so that your unique cabinet will fit exactly were you wish to put it. We will provide you with sample stains on various woods so that you can color match the gun cabinet into any room in your home. We can provide matching display cabinets, workbenches, entertainment centers or custom furniture for your home.

Gun cabinets can be configured with locks but Amish Woodworking is not responsible for the safe use of your guns and firearms. These wooden gun cabinets should not be viewed or used as a gun safe but as a fine piece of custom made furniture designed to fit into your home.


Cabinets custom gun

Gun Cabinets

If you’re an avid gun collector, there’s no better way to store and display your gun collection than with a beautifully handcrafted solid wood gun cabinet.

We feature a large selection of handmade wall and corner gun cabinets and gun safes constructed from the finest Pennsylvania hardwoods including cherry, maple, and oak. Whether your collection consists of rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, or a combination of several types, you’ll find the perfect cabinet for your needs.

Our Valley Forge Corner Gun Cabinet includes a 12-gun carousel that enables you to easily rotate the display, along with two double muzzle props on each side. The firearm cabinets also feature locking doors on the top and bottom, so you can limit access to your collection while also protecting them against theft.

Custom Gun Cabinet Options

Our custom gun cabinet designers here at Country Lane Furniture can help you design the piece to your exact user friendly specifications. We can create a hidden gun storage bookcase with nooks and special compartments that can be locked without metal key locks and opened with a push of a wooden dowel pin through a concealed hole. We can also help you design storage spaces for ammunition or equipment.

We will always work hard and listen well in order to provide you with the best handcrafted solid wood furniture money can buy at affordable prices. We live and work in a low-cost area, so we can keep our overhead lower than stores in other areas.

About Us

Country Lane has been providing exquisite Mennonite and Amish-made living room furniture from our shops, mostly in Lebanon and Lancaster County, for PA families and business owners since 1989.

Country Lane Furniture team 

We’re a multi-generational, family-owned furniture store that takes great pride in designing and offering trustworthy and affordable heirloom-quality furniture that stands the test of time. We also serve the surrounding states of MD, VA, WV, NY, NJ, OH and DE. We ship furniture across the United States from Florida to Alaska and Texas, and all points in between.

Visit Our Showroom in Annville, PA

Please take a few minutes to browse our gun cabinet inventory or visit our showroomin Annville, PA.
Model 44 Military Style Gun Cabinets

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