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Vertilux Shades(VTi Celtic Motors)


Use VTi HomeMate to control your Vertilux Shades and VTi devices through the Amazon’s Echo.To use this skill you need to have an account with VTi HomeMate app on your iOS or Android smart phone.

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Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Vertilux-Shades-VTi-Celtic-Motors/dp/B079HPZHF6

July 16, 2020

VTi® Celtic Quick Connect Motor

Introducing our VTi® Celtic Quick Connect Motor — the most versatile motor suitable for roller shades of any size, including residential and commercial projects.

  • Its roll-up speed is as fast as 33 rpm.
  • Recommended for shades with dimensions up to 156” x 156”.
  • Operation as quiet as 35 dB.
  • Simple electronic setting of limits and other adjustments.
  • Up to 4 intermediate limits can be preset in the Electronic Limits motor.
  • 433.92 MHz radio frequency communication.
  • AC: alternating current.
  • No electrical cable manipulation necessary, adding extra safety for the installer.
  • IP65 rated whip connector is resistant to harsh environments like dust, water, and wind.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is water-resistant, but not waterproof.
  • Compatible with all the installation options that Vertilux offers.
  • Smart control with VTi® Smart Hub, anytime, anywhere.
  • Compatible with leading brands of Automation Systems 


Download the Technical Sheet


Quick Connect Video

Simple Installation when used with our 4" Engineered Contract Fascia Systems.

VTi® Smarthub

With the VTi® Smart Hub, you can control your VTi® Celtic Motorized Shades and also integrate and control all your RF devices. 

The VTi® Smart Hub does not require the specialized work of an integrator, you can make it work by plugging it in and following a few simple steps. Learn how to set up your VTi® Smart Hubhere.

Control any Vertilux Motorized Shades from your phone or tablet, with our free VTi HomeMate App. You can download it here for iOS devices or here for Android devices.

You can also control your shades by voice commands with Siri. To set up with Siri integration, please see here.

VTi® Homematte App

Google Home

Control your Vertilux Motorized Shades with voice commands via your favorite Google Home assistant.


You can integrate your shades into your daily life with scenes from your Google assistant.

You can also control your Vertilux Motorized Shades from any of the Amazon Echo devices.

Learn how to set up your Amazon Echo to control your shades here.

Additionally, all VTi® Celtic Motors can also be integrated with the world's leading automation brands.

To learn how you can specify our VTi® Celtic Motors for your next project, feel free to contact us. We would like to opportunity to work with you!

motor, motorization, integration, automation

Sours: http://www.specvertilux.com/news/quick-connect-motor
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VTi® Smart HUB

6-700-HA-VTI01 | VTi® Smart HUB

4 3/8” x 4 3/8” x 1 1/4” | 110*110*31mm

Modulation Way



PC/ABS/Nickel Plated Iron

Net Weight

185 ± 3g


RF 433.92 MHz

IR Frequency

20~60 KHzd


200 m²

Input Power

5V = 1A Micro USB

Working Temp

17-140 °F | -20-55 °C

Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi 24 GHz *0211 b/g/n



View Technical Sheet

Item Code: 6-700-HA-VTI01

Packing Unit: N/A

Unit of Measurement: N/A

This powerful system, allows you to integrate the technology of your home in a single small device. Control your motorized shades, lights, TV, cable box and more, from your smartphone, iPad or any compatible device. 

Download User Guide

Sours: https://vertilux.com/en/products/vti-smart-hub

VTi Smart Hub

A Home Automation System for everyday people

We are excited to present you Vertilux’s Home Automation System: VTi Smart Hub®. This powerful system, allows you integrate the technology of your home in a single small device. Now you can control your motorized shades, curtains, roller shades, sliding panels and vertical blinds from your smartphone, ipad, or any compatible device.

But that’s not all! Your VTi Smart Hub® goes beyond controlling your Vertilux Shades, you can also control your lights, TV, cable box and more, giving you not only true comfort but the great benefit of reducing energy costs, since you will be able to have control of your appliances from anywhere.

Our VTi Smart Hub® is a plug & play technology, meaning you only have to connect it and start enjoying it, as simple and easy as that!
With a single touch you can lower your shades, turn off the lights, turn on your tv, change the channels, set your air-conditioning temperature, and enjoy a pleasant moment from the comfort of your hands.

OneSmartTouch Technology

  • Remote Access
  • Timers/schedules
  • Scenes
  • Manage Rooms
  • Control Lights
  • User friendly app
  • Control your shades & more…

VTi HomeMate App

  • Control your shades & more
  • Standarized and customizable app
  • Supports 95% of appliances and devices on the market.
  • Safe and reliable cloud service.

Easy Steps to have a Real Smart Home:

  1. Have your shades, blinds and/or awnings with VTi Celtic Motors.
  2. Download the VTi HomeMate App.
  3. Create a username and password.
  4. Scan the QR code on your VTi Smart Hub using the application.
  5. Connect your VTi Smart Hub to your WiFi network.
  6. Link the applications with the VTi Celtic remote controls.
  7. Customize your environments and scenarios with curtains, roller shades, sliding panels or vertical blinds.

And that’s it, ready to use!

Step above the rest, and start living the real home technology from a single touch.

Don't forget to ask for all the VTi® accessories: control lights, sensors, security cameras and much more, clicking here

Download Full User Guide
Sours: https://vertilux.com/en/vti_smart_hub

Smart hub vti®

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