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The significance of hair to black women has been well-documented, both in statistics about the haircare industry and in the media through projects such as comedian Chris Rock’s documentary”Good Hair.” But how critical is one hair accessory?

Very, if you ask Ceata Lash. The Romeoville, Illinois native recently landed a major distribution deal with Sally Beauty Supply through its President’s Innovation Award. The deal will place her product, a patent-protected hair clamp called the PuffCuff, in Sally Beauty stores across the country by the end of

The PuffCuff promises a secure ponytail or updo hairstyle without the worry of hair breakage or physical headaches for women with curly hair. It’s exactly what Lash began looking for when she stopped chemically straightening her hair in But no matter how hard she looked — or where — she couldn’t find it.

And yet, for five years she searched and was unable to bring herself to believe no one was producing the accessory she needed. Her denial nearly shrouded the start of her entrepreneurial career. The PuffCuff may have never come to fruition if not for her year-old grandmother Viola Smith.

Smith did two things for Lash. The first came in the form of a hand-me-down hair clamp Lash later discovered to be several decades old. By , when Lash became her ailing grandmother’s primary caretaker, her hair was too thick to use the tool, but it got her thinking.

The second, her grandmother’s mere presence, inspired Lash to live her life with no regrets. As Smith’s health deteriorated, she relayed to Lash there was nothing she felt she’d missed, nothing she would’ve changed in her 99 years.

Lash called it the catalyst.

“That for me was like ‘OK you’ve got this idea that you’ve sat on it for five years. You see no one else has figured out that there’s a need for this. If the Lord gives you 99 years, are you going to feel like I wish I would’ve?'” she said.

She began with a sketch, then a wooden prototype. Next, Lash, who had freelanced as a graphic designer at a college in Palatine, Illinois, began reaching out to any adjunct professor who could offer their help. She even used the school’s business development center to craft her first business plan and secure her first loan.

PuffCuff was established in With Sally Beauty as a new partner, Lash took the time to reflect on some takeaways from her experience on the production end of the haircare industry. She said one thing stood out, especially as a black woman.

“With having this product I’ve dug down deep into the beauty industry and how’s there’s racial bias, ethnic bias in the beauty industry,” Lash said. “At the same time people of color support the industry.”

The latest data shows black people spend approximately $ billion on haircare products, according to market analysis firm Mintel. By Lash’s account, some business owners acknowledge the potential to profit but then exploit her customers. Take, for example, local independent beauty supply stores.

“The products that they offer a lot of times are not regulated, not made in the United States and are basically helping people of color poison themselves,” Lash said.

It’s one reason she said she’s happy to work with Sally Beauty, the world’s largest beauty retailer, one she believes is committed to selling quality products.

In turn, Sally’s vice president of digital and innovation, JC Johnson, called the PuffCuff a perfect addition to its shelves.

“We are constantly looking for new brands that are innovative, high quality and solve our customer’s needs, which makes PuffCuff such a great fit for Sally Beauty,” Johnson said, also noting Sally Beauty’s “long history of working with fantastic women founders.”

Another benefit of working with the beauty supply giant? Access to customers of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Lash said the vision for her company evolved when she encountered women who were searching for the perfect accessory for their curly hair as she once had.

“When I first started my company, all I could see was it fulfilling a need for black women because I felt we needed to be able to love what God was giving us, what was coming out of our head,” Lash said. “If this is a tool that black woman can use to not put so many chemicals in and on their body and help them embrace what was given to them, it’s got to be a win-win.”

Now, her mantra is that the PuffCuff is a “curly-hair product,” not restricted to use by black people or even just women. That clicked for her at the International Beauty Show. She said women of non-African descent approached the PuffCuff booth with huge interest.

“They were like ‘I need that.’ ‘I get that,'” Lash said.

Those women encountered pressures to straighten their curly hair and challenges styling it, just as Lash had when wearing her natural hair.

“They speak a different language in terms of what their issues are, like we’ll say the ‘dent in our hair.’ They call it the ‘crimp.’ I had to learn their language, but they have the same issues,” Lash said.

Through the mentorship of Sally Beauty’s President’s Innovation Award, Lash now has a new goal for the PuffCuff: confidence for all.

“We need to get over all that residue no matter what color you are and just rock what you got,” she said. “And this is a tool to do that.”



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DENTON, Texas, Feb. 08, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sally Beauty (NYSE: SBH) is on a mission to create a platform connecting the Black and textured hair community through founder voices, breadth of assortment, and educational efforts. The initiative kicks off during Black History Month, as Sally Beauty collaborates with powerful Black voices to celebrate the history of Black hair and the brands in Sally Beauty’s portfolio. With an established track record of supporting, cultivating, and accelerating innovation to provide customers with greater access to natural and textured hair products, Sally Beauty’s offering has grown to over brands from textured hair innovators; with over 50 Black-founded brands in hair care, hair extensions, hair accessories, cosmetics, skincare, and men’s grooming categories.

Expanding offerings for textured hair care and providing a platform for textured hair innovators has been a priority for the retailer from the start. Sally Beauty was the first national beauty retailer to distribute popular women-owned textured hair care brands including Made Beautiful and Mielle Organics and is also the exclusive in-store retailer for celebrity brands such as Flawless by Gabrielle Union, Vernon François, Kenya Moore, and Kim Kimble. Starting in February, Sally Beauty will be utilizing its social platforms to spotlight textured hair innovators it partners with and help elevate their unique stories to the retailer’s large audience.

Sally Beauty has also supported emerging brands like MoKnowsHair, Naturalicious, Camille Rose Naturals, and EDEN BodyWorks by providing a platform to help them expand their presence and distribution. Since then, Sally Beauty has continued to support textured hair innovators through exclusive partnerships with celebrities, emerging brands, and Cultivate; an incubator program launched in designed to support female-owned beauty brands by bringing their visions and business plans to life. Through the Cultivate program, inventive textured hair brands such as PuffCuff, Curlanista, and newly added Peculiar Roots, UniQurl, and True + Pure Texture received the resources and funding necessary to succeed and grow in the beauty and hair care industries.

“As we build our product portfolio, it is important that we are fostering the community and using our platform to elevate emerging brands. Through our Cultivate Program, we’ve been able to empower female-owned beauty brands by providing resources and a retail platform to help take their companies, and Sally Beauty, to the next level,” said JC Johnson, Group Vice President, Digital Strategy and Innovation, Sally Beauty. “In ’s Cultivate Cohort, we were excited to see three natural hair brands rise to the top, all founded by incredible women who are textured hair innovators.”

In addition to its commitment to provide a wide variety of textured hair care products, Sally Beauty will continue to create unique opportunities for consumers to unleash their (pro)tential at home with textured hair educational content. This February, the retailer is expanding its DIY University by Sally Beauty platform to include virtual classes headed by experts and professionals in the beauty space, led by Vernon François, Gabrielle Union, and Larry Sims, to name a few. The new digital resources are set to launch later this month. Additional educational classes will follow throughout the year on a variety of topics, led by expert educators and various brand partners.

About Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc.
Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SBH), as the leader in professional hair color, sells and distributes professional beauty supplies globally through its Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems Group businesses. The Company operates more than 5, stores, including franchised locations. Sally Beauty Supply stores offer up to 8, products for hair color, hair care, skin care, and nails through proprietary brands such as Ion®, Generic Value Products®, Beyond the Zone® and Silk Elements® as well as professional lines such as Wella®, Clairol®, OPI®, Conair® and Hot Shot Tools®. Beauty Systems Group stores, branded as CosmoProf® or Armstrong McCall® stores, along with its outside sales consultants, sell up to 10, professionally branded products including Paul Mitchell®, Wella®, Matrix®, Schwarzkopf®, Kenra®, Goldwell®, Joico® and CHI®, intended for use in salons and for resale by salons to retail consumers. For more information about Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc., please visit


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