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___________________________________❤introduction❤_______________________________ Welcome to my store, we insist on selling the best quality products to our customers at the lowest price. ❤❤Surprises for you❤❤ Follow shop/ “Like” Items: Priority Shipping & Free Gift ❀PS: If you want a free gift, please send a screenshot of your attention to the customer service and leave a message on the order. Feature: 1. Carburetor main jet kit is made of premium steel material, durable and sturdy, having stable performance. 2. Specially designed to fit for Mikuni carb VM22, VM24, VM26, VM30, cc cc cc cc. 3. Accessories very suitable for your car needs, the same as the main jets of the carburetor that needs to be replaced or repaired. 4. Includes 10 different sizes of jet to meet your need, jets size included #88, #90, #95, #98, #, #, #, #, #, # 5. Thread size M5 x mm, small and light, easy to install, can bring you more convenience. Specification: Conditon: % Brand New Item Type: Carburetor Main Jets Material: Steel Color: As Pictures ShownJets Size: #88, #90, #95, #98, #, #, #, #, #, #Thread Size: M5 x mm/inTotal Length: Approx. 9mm/inFitment: Fit for Mikuni VM22, VM24, VM26, VM30 Carburetor cc cc cc cc Engine Dirt Pit Bike Package List: 10 x Carburetor Main Jets #CarburetorMainJets #MainJetKit #RoundCarbMainJet #MainJetforMikuniCarburetor #CarburetorMainNozzle #EngineParts

Sours: https://shopee.co.id/10pcs-Karburator-Utama-Jet-Kit-Untuk-Mikuni-Vmcccccccc-i

VM30 Carburetor Parts

1VM26/46Rubber Cap, Throttle CableView Part2M18F/43ACable AdjusterView Part3B30/Lock Nut, Cable AdjusterView Part4VM26/56VM26, 28  Top, Mixing ChamberView Part4VM34/27VM30, 32, 34  Top, Mixing ChamberView Part4VM36/09VM36, 38  Top, Mixing ChamberView Part4VM44/05VM40, 44  Top, Mixing ChamberView Part5VM26/57VM26, 28  Top Gasket, Mixing ChamberView Part5VM34/29VM30, 32, 34  Top Gasket, Mixing ChamberView Part5VM36/06VM36, 38 ,40, 44  Top Gasket, Mixing ChamberView Part6VM28/VM26, 28  Spring, Throttle ValveView Part6VM34/50VM30  Spring, Throttle ValveView Part6VM34/55VM32, 34, 36, 38  Spring, Throttle ValveView Part6VM44/13VM40, 44  Spring, Throttle ValveView Part7VM28/VM26, 28  Plate, Spring SeatView Part7VM34/31  VM30, 32, 34  Plate, Spring SeatView Part7VM35/09VM36, 38  Plate, Spring SeatView Part7VM44/09VM40, 44  Plate, Spring SeatView Part8VM20/VM26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38  C-Clip, NeedleView Part8BS32/VM40, 44  C-Clip, Needle PositionView Part95 SeriesVM26, 28  NeedleView Part96 SeriesVM30, 32, 34, 36, 38  NeedleView Part97 SeriesVM40, 44  NeedleView Part10VM28/56VM26, 28  Throttle Valve (slide)View Part10VM34/VM30, 32, 34 LH  Throttle Valve (slide)View Part10VM36/36VM36  Throttle Valve (slide)View Part10VM38/24VM38  Throttle Valve (slide)View Part10VM40/02VM40, 44  Throttle Valve (slide)View Part11 SeriesVM26  Needle JetView Part11 SeriesVM28  Needle JetView Part11 SeriesVM30, 32, 34, 36  Needle JetView Part11 Series  VM38  Needle JetView Part11 SeriesVM40, 44  Needle JetView Part12VM20/Rubber CapView Part13VM26/VM26, 28  Fitting, Starter PlungerView Part13VM20/VM30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 44  Fitting, StarterView Part14VM28/VM26  Lever, StarterView Part14VM28/VM28  Lever, StarterView Part14VM28/VM30, 32, 34  Lever, StarterView Part14VM32/53VM36, 38  Lever, StarterView Part14VM36/58VM40, 44  Lever, StarterView Part15VM26/09VM26, 28  Spring Plate, Lever StarterView Part15VM32/17VM30 thru 44  Spring Plate, Lever StarterView Part16VM16/42Spring, Starter PlungerView Part17VM18/Plunger, StarterView Part18VMBODYVM  BodyView Part18VM28BODYVM28  BodyView Part18VMBODY  VM30  BodyView Part18VMBODYVM  BodyView Part18VMBODYVM  BodyView Part18VMBODYVM  BodyView Part18VMBODYVM  BodyView Part18VMBODYVM  BodyView Part18VMBODYVM  BodyView Part18VMBODYVM  BodyView Part19VM28/VM26, 28  Gasket, Float BowlView Part19VM30, 32, 34  Gasket, Float BowlView Part19VM36/20VM36, 38, 40, 44  Gasket, Float BowlView Part20VM34/72VM30, 32 , 34  Baffle PlateView Part20VM36/40VM36, 38  Baffle Plate20VM44/12VM36, 38  Baffle Plate21VM22/Pilot JetView Part22BV26/22Pin, Float Arm HingeView Part23VM28/  VM26, 28  Arm, FloatView Part23VM34/73VM30, 32, 34  Arm, FloatView Part23VM36/15VM36, 38, 40, 44  Arm, FloatView Part24VM28/VM26, 28  FloatView Part24VM34/61VM30, 32, 34  FloatView Part24VM24/VM36, 38, 40, 44  FloatView Part25VM26/28BOWLVM26  Float BowlView Part25VM34/68VM30, 32, 34  Float BowlView Part25VM36/07VM36, 38  Float BowlView Part25VM44/VM40, 44  Float BowlView Part26VM28/VM26, 28, 40, 44  O-Ring (Alloy Plug)View Part264/VM30, 32 , 34, 36, 38  Washer Fibre, Brass PlugView Part26VM28/VM30, 32 , 34, 36, 38  O-Ring (Alloy Plug)View Part27VM28/VM30, 32, 34, 36, 38  Drain Plug, AlloyView Part27VM28/VM26, 28, 40, 44  Drain Plug, AlloyView Part27VM34/42VM30, 32, 34  Drain Plug, Brass TypeView Part27VM38/08VM36, 38  Drain Plug, Deeper Brass TypeView Part28BS30/97Air JetView Part29VM20/Air Mixture Adjusting ScrewView Part30M12F/46ASpring, Air Mixture Adjusting ScrewView Part31M20/11Spring, Idle Adjusting ScrewView Part32VM24/VM26, 28   Idle Adjusting ScrewView Part32VM28/VM30   Idle Adjusting ScrewView Part32VM24/VM32, 34, 40, 44   Idle Adjusting ScrewView Part32VM22/VM36, 38   Idle Adjusting ScrewView Part33VM26/25VM26, 28  Washer Fibre, Needle ValveView Part33B34/52VM30 thru 44  Washer Fibre, Needle ValveView Part34VM26/26VM26, 28   Needle Valve AssemblyView Part34VM34/39VM30 thru 44  Needle Valve AssemblyView Part35VM28/VM26, 28, 40, 44  Ring, Main JetView Part35VM36/17VM30, 32, 34, 36, 38  Ring, Main JetView Part364/ Main JetView Part37VM15/VM26, 28   Plate, Vent Tube AnchorView Part37VM34/VM30 thru 44   Plate, Vent Tube AnchorView Part38CW2=VM26, 28   Screw, Float BowlView Part38CW2=VM30, 32, 34   Screw, Float BowlView Part38CW2=VM36   Screw, Float BowlView Part38CW2=VM38, 40, 44   Screw, Float BowlView Part39VM14/49Vent HoseView Part40VM38/09VM38  Jet Extender, Hex Main JetView Part
Sours: https://mikunioz.com/vm-round-slide-carbs/vmcarb-parts/
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Parts Canada Snow

FUEL/AIR SYSTEMS www.partscanada.com PARTS CANADA SNOWMOBILE BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for DESCRIPTION PART # Cap for Mikuni VM34/27 carb CAP FOR MIKUNI VM34/27 CARB • For aftermarket and OEM spec applications 30MMMM SPIGOT MIKUNI # PART # A B D-1 D-2 D-3 D-4 D-5 D-6 JDH02 6DH2 JDH03 6DH3 JDH04 6DH4 JDH07 6DH7 MIKUNI # PART # A B D-1 D-2 D-3 D-4 D-5 D-6 JDH08 6DH8 JDP01 6DP1 JDP17 6DP17 JF09 6F9 40MMMM SPIGOT MIKUNI # PART # A B D-1 D-2 D-3 D-4 D-5 D-6 D-7 JDH02 7DH2 MIKUNI # PART # JDP07 5DP7 JFP17 5FP17 MIKUNI # PART # JDH02 6DH2 JDH03 6DH3 MIKUNI # PART # JDH07 6DH7 JDH08 6DH8 MIKUNI # PART # JDP01 6DP1 JDP17 6DP17 MIKUNI # PART # JEJ 6EJ JF09 6F9 MIKUNI # PART # JFJ40 6FJ40 JFJ41 6FJ41 GENUINE MIKUNI JET NEEDLES • Jet needles control the fuel mixture in the mid-range throttle position • Use charting to verify dimensions in millimeters • Some jet needles don’t have measurements provided by Mikuni • Fitments include several Mikuni VM model and some OE Mikuni carburetors • Sold each • Made in Japan PART # A B C D E F G H I FITS CARB SIZE M-VM 60 10 60 31 35 VM M-VM 60 10 60 37 25 15 40 VM M-VM 70 10 60 25 15 43 VM M-VM (HD) 10 60 38 38 28 15 43 VM M-VM (HD) 10 68 47 46 32 15 52 VM GENUINE MIKUNI CARBURETOR MOUNTING FLANGES • Great replacement flanges • Use chart for sizing and application information • Sold each • Made in Japan DESCRIPTION PART # Kit for DF rectangular pumps MKR Kit for all DF double or triple pumps MK GENUINE MIKUNI FUEL PUMP REPAIR KITS • Genuine Mikuni fuel pump kits contain all gaskets, diaphragms, etc.

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Sours: https://www.partscanada.com/catalogue//snow/en//

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Kit jet mikuni vm30

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MIKUNI VM26 carburetor ミクニVM26キャブレター分解

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