December 2015 horoscope virgo

December 2015 horoscope virgo DEFAULT

In our monthly horoscopes, we provide a more in depth look at what's happening in the sky. You can read the rest of our monthly horoscopes here.

November was confusing and filled with pressure, but it's over now. December is full of surprises— let's take a look at your month ahead:

On December 1 Mercury (your ruling planet!) trines Uranus. This is both awesome and energizing, Virgo! Mercury is all about logic and communication, while Uranus is the planet of genius and innovation. When these two planets are interacting in a positive and easy way (like a trine), conversation flows, problems are easy to solve, and unexpected breakthroughs go down. Mercury is currently in Sagittarius, highlighting the sector of your chart that rules your home, roots, and family, while Uranus in Aries is shaking things up in a very sensitive and psychic area of the sky, encouraging you to try new things, embrace change, and explore relationships on a more intimate level. It would be super surprising, Virgo, if you don't find some kind of epiphany around your deep relationships, your home, or around security today. Under this cosmic influence, doing something shocking or surprising will come easily to you, and you'll find it easy to present your reasons for making whatever changes you need to make.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is in your sign for the next few months; this is so major around you becoming a bigger, badder version of yourself!

This is fortunate, because you're going to need to make some dramatic moves early in the month—especially when Mercury squares Jupiter on December 4. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is in your sign for the next few months; this is so major and wonderful around you becoming a bigger, badder version of yourself! However, squares are a tough energy to work with. Squares are challenging aspects, and detail oriented Mercury will be relentless around forcing you to make some decisions and draw some lines when it squares Jupiter on December 4. Again, Mercury is in the home and safety section of your chart—what decisions, actions, or changes will you need to make concerning your home (or your general sense of "groundedness" or security) in order for you to get the most out of life?

I really want to you to consider how you are limiting yourself on December 4— and consider what limits or boundaries would be beneficial for you to implement. Some bitchy bickering and exaggerated, overblown fights could go down on December 4, so be super mindful about the tense energy. Avoid people who love drama, and seek out people who could help you see things in a new light. In addition, Venus, the planet of love and harmony, enters Scorpio on December 4, which will activate the part of your chart that rules over logic and the mind. You're going to be super smart about all things Venusian, Virgo—love and money being two of the most obvious and typical Venusian themes we work with regularly. Scorpio is an intense and emotional Water sign, but it's also the sign of transformation. It's ruled by warrior Mars, it takes no shit, and it's an awesome investigator. Scorpio is often called the detective of the zodiac. Venus is a seductive energy, and in Scorpio, you'll get all information you need to make the best choices.

With Venus in Scorpio, you'll no longer feel immobile or powerless in relationships. If feelings of confinement or stagnation were brewing in your partnerships, you'll start working your way out of any bad dynamics. Venus had been in Libra over the past few weeks, inspiring you assess what's valuable to you. Now that you know what's important to you, it's time to think about how you can change things so they'll work better for you.

Things will work out in surprising ways for you this month, especially on December 8 when the Sun trines Uranus. Again, these two planets are highlighting that same sector of your chart that was triggered on the 1st of the month: home, security, intimacy and change. Expect the unexpected on this day!

If feelings of confinement or stagnation were brewing in your partnerships, you'll start working your way out of any bad dynamics this month.

You're a Mutable sign, Virgo. Mutable signs are the last sign in a season (Sagittarius ends fall, Pisces ends winter, Gemini ends spring, and you end summer). This means you're a sign that works with transformation and change on the regular. But that doesn't mean you like it— you're still an Earth sign, and when we think of "earth" we think of solid, sturdy structures: mountains, crystals, soil… the changes that the earth goes through often takes decades or centuries. A wind-beaten cliff didn't take its shape overnight; as such, while you may be all about change and growth, you don't necessarily find it comfortable to become someone new so quickly. But fast changes and surprises are coming for you this month— how will you deal?

Mercury enters fellow Earth sign Capricorn on December 9, which will get you thinking about new ways to bring some fun and creativity to your life—not to mention flirtation. The next day brings some drama, especially around finances or material matters, when Mars in Libra opposes Uranus on December 10. This is an important day to try to reach compromises and to remember that you can't control every situation (which is totally your dream in life, you control freak)!

December 11 is dreamy and brings a fresh start. Lovely Venus trines Neptune in sweet and psychic Pisces. This combination will bless your partnerships with major positive energy around communication, understanding, and empathy. This day's New Moon in Sagittarius will bring the fresh start around home, family, and safe spaces you've been craving. The first bit of this month brought so much action to this part of your chart, and it will be a relief to finally have a new beginning. You'll still have some growing pains to face—like when the Sun squares Jupiter on December 14, but you can deal. Just continue to be realistic about what you can accomplish and how much you can offer. Don't make promises you can't keep.

One of the most powerful days of the month for you is December 19, when your ruling planet, Mercury, conjuncts Pluto. Pluto is the planet of domination—you can't fuck with Pluto. Having Mercury (the planet of logic and information) sit with Pluto in one of the most driven signs in the zodiac, Capricorn, is such a potent time for you to get what you want. If you know that you have to have a hard conversation sometime this month, this could be a great day to do it, because you will feel so totally unfuckwithable.

One of the most powerful days of the month for you is December 19. This is a great day to have a hard conversation, because you will feel so totally unfuckwithable.

Do be honest and clear in your communication: On a bad day, Pluto is known to be manipulative and controlling, while Mercury is famously the trickster of the zodiac. If you need to manipulate something to make it work, it's not worth it, Virgo. Plus, you'll likely get busted anyway when some surprise information surfaces on December 20, when Mercury squares Uranus. Take the high road: Stand in your power, be the bad bitch you are, but be real. That way, when the Mercury/Uranus square comes along, even if it does bring an unexpected argument or two, you can focus your efforts and use this electric energy to push forward on some stagnant issues (especially concerning intimacy, creativity, and romance).

A realization will come during the Full Moon in psychic Water sign Cancer on December 25. You've been deeply concerned with personal issues, but during the Full Moon you'll feel inspired to detach a little bit. Cancer is known to be moody energy. Its association with the ever growing and shrinking Moon reminds us that we can't stay focused on one part of our life too long—we need variety. Your creative and romantic pursuits have been weighing heavily on your mind, and this Full Moon asks you to loosen up a bit. Put your art project aside and go to a lecture about something new and interesting instead. Tell your lover you'll see them later, and enjoy a completely platonic date with some people with whom you don't need to worry about being sexy or cute or romantic.

Uranus, the planet of innovation, genius, and surprise, has been messing with you all month. On December 25, it finally goes direct after a long retrograde. Things will start to feel like they are moving forward, particularly around intimacy. The month closes with Venus entering Sagittarius on December 30, sending blessings to your home life (I know, you need it)! Last month was confusing, and this month things will get majorly shaken up. The best way to enjoy a sense of security during this hectic month is to create a strong sense of home or family for yourself— and if you don't have that, this is the month to push forward around building it in your life!


December 2015 Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo December 2015 Horoscope

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The Virgo December 2015 Horoscope predicts that collaboration and social interaction are necessary to accomplish your goals this month. You should not be adamant and stick to your way, as that is not the best way.

Most of the planets are in the Southern sector of your chart towards your nadir sign. Family and emotional issues will dominate over career and personal ambitions. Emotional happiness will naturally help your career growth in December 2015. Planets are moving forward and progress in life will be quite rapid for the Virgins this month.

Virgo Career December 2015 Horoscope:

The career astrology predictions for December 2015 foretell that you should be relaxed while working. Do not have a hectic schedule at the work place. You should not get into stressful situations and maintain your emotional balance. Sufficient breaks are advised while working for the Virgo zodiac sign.

Virgo December 2015 Astrology Forecasts For Finance:

Fiscal situation is excellent in December 2015 for the Virgo. And this comes without much exertion till 21st. You earn money through your work, business ventures or your spouse. There will be speculative returns and windfalls. You can be creative while finding new methods to make money.

The Virgo December 2015 Horoscope predicts that collaboration and social interaction are necessary to accomplish your goals this month

Virgo December 2015 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts:

Love life will be turbulent for the next few months for the Virgins. Present relationships will become more serious or will fold up.

Singles will be able to find true love in social parties or while dating. People who have just been through a divorce will be successful in getting married again. Pregnancy is better avoided in December 2015.

2015 December Health Astrology Predictions For The Virgin:

The December 2015 Virgo horoscope predicts that you have to take it easy and relax. Health will improve radically after 16th. Learning yoga and other alternative healing techniques can help reduce your stress.

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Who wants to play house? With your domestic zone lit up in December, you could be copying your apartment keys for a special someone — or even moving in together. You’re the type who’s both naughty and nice, Virgo, which can confuse people who don’t have as much range as you need from a partner. Steer clear of anyone who tries to put you in a box. Single? The new moon on the 11th could bring someone who makes you swoon — hard. Involved? This is the month to meet each other’s families or get rolling on your own family planning. Coupled Virgos will need to talk budget, too. Avert disaster with open dialogue. Romance really heats up after the 21st, when the sun heads into your festive, flamboyant fifth house for a month. Bring on the dress-up dates, PDA, and sexy adventures!

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Horoscope december virgo 2015

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Resolutions and Progress - Virgo December 2015 Monthly Astrology Horoscopes

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