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Uber Promo Codes – Get $18 Off

No Uber promo codes currently available?

You could save significantly on your car hire costs with the help of Uber coupons to avail flat discounts, account credit, bonuses, new user offers and more. Usually the best offers are right here on this page for you to use 100% free 100% of the time. If you don’t see a current Uber promotion here however, this could be because there is no offer available at this time. It could also happen that you don’t see a current offer because we are busy collecting and trying out promo codes to ensure that there are no useless offers that end up here on this page.

Uber rides

Tips to tide you over

You will soon see new offers on this page if you don’t right now. In the meantime you could use one or both these ideas:

Tip 1 – Subscribe to our coupon alert so that you don’t have to keep checking back here for new deals. As soon as there is a new Uber promo code added, we’ll tell you about it so you can grab that offer

Tip 2 – If you need a ride today and not after a day or two, check our Transport offers right now. You will find reduced prices for airport transfers from SuperShuttle, up to half off children's tickets from Amtrak, exclusive deals for member sign-ups at Greyhound or free first rides from Lyft.

It's this easy to redeem an Uber coupon

Uber coupon

If you see a deal you like, go ahead and use it because deals are time bound and you don’t want to miss a great offer like this one.

  1. Click the GET COUPON button to see the promo code or click the SHOW DEAL button to go straight to the Uber website where you can register or book a ride.

  2. Sign up now or Click the RIDE WITH UBER tab to book a ride. Enter your email address, profile details and payment information and create an account.

  3. Enter other details about your ride such as the time of your ride, the route you're interested in traveling, destination, pickup point and so on. You can get an estimate on what your ride will cost.

  4. Depending upon where you are, you can use your Uber coupon before or after your ride when you make payment for your ride. You can use your promo code via your mobile app on your phone as well. As you see in the picture above, you can paste your code in the box provided

Code not working? Some workable solutions

As mentioned, we not only bring you great offers we also test them to make sure they work for you. The little seal that says “TESTED” means that the promo code has been used and found to be working. However there could be a few other problems that could be preventing you from getting your discount or other benefit:

Step 1 – Is the coupon valid?
Firstly check the expiration date of the coupon and ensure that you're not trying use an old code. Secondly you should check whether the deal is available in your city or general area. Some offers may be available only in some cities.

Step 2 – Check the terms of the offer
Now check whether the coupon is applicable to your ride – distance traveled, total fare amount etc. Is the fare already discounted? In some cases the offer may be available only on some car models or sizes. If so your promo code may not work.

Uber convenient rides

Step 3 – There is always Coupon Guru!
And who is the Coupon Guru? The one who will try and sort out your coupon issues if all else fails. So if you're still puzzled about a code not working, use the contact links in the side bar to get in touch and you will receive a response soon.

Keep track of your rides

Uber finds you a ride quickly and easily. It also lets you pay without cash while still giving you a receipt for your payment so that if you need to claim expenses, you can do this. The Uber mobile app is easy to use and can be downloaded on your Android or Apple device to book rides on the go, access new features and manage rides.

Sours: https://www.couponbox.com/coupons/uber

Uber Coupons

This is everything you need to know about Uber

Uber Driver

An amazing Uber promo code and how to use it

Applying a discount to your booking is as easy as getting an Uber, simply keep your code handy whilst you locate your driver. Then when you’ve selected your ride but no confirmed the booking, tap the promo code prompt beneath payment options to use your code and get the best rate on your ride.

Keep on top of the latest travel tips with the Uber blog

To find out if Uber is coming to a city near you, you can find out in a few quick seconds by browsing the latest entries on the company blog. Even better, the blog automatically tailors the articles and news reports to the city you’re currently living in, so you’re only getting information relevant to your area.

Give a friend a lift for free with an Uber gift card

Should you know someone who’s going to be travelling someday soon, make their day that little less expensive with your choice of email or physical gift card. Pick however much you want to give, then let your friend know that they’ve got a free journey up their sleeve.

Keep easy track of your Uber

Once you’ve picked your driver and selected ‘Confirm your booking’, you should receive a response the moment your driver confirms your ride. Once done, you’ll be able to track your driver from his/her current position right up to your front door.

Easily cancel your Uber booking

Anytime you’ve made a booking, there’ll be a quick cancellation button to call off your driver. Be quick however, as waiting too long could incur a cancellation fee between $5 and $10 depending on the situation. However, if your drive is late by more than 5 minutes, you can cancel without any worry of incurring a fee.

Stay connected with Uber and enjoy they their latest promo code

Should you need to contact the Uber support team, simply open your app and navigate to ‘Help’ and select ‘Call Support’. If you need to get a hold of your driver, his or her phone number will be stated on the tracking screen after you’ve booked.

Sours: https://www.groupon.com/coupons/uber
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Choose one of the promo codes below and get up to $25 off your first rides

Hero 2

Uber promo codes for 2021

  • Open the menu in your Uber app

  • Enter your promo code, and tap Add


Frequently asked questions

  • Is my first ride using the Uber app free?

    All new riders can get free or discounted rides by using an Uber promo code in the Uber app. Depending on which promo code you choose and the price of your first ride, your first ride could be free.

    For example, if you choose promo code NEWRIDER15, you will get up to $5 off each of your first 3 rides. If your first ride happens to be less than $5, your first ride would be free. But if the price is more than $5, we’ll cover the first $5 and then you are responsible for the rest.

  • How much does a ride requested through the Uber app cost?

    Pricing depends on several factors, including a base rate, the time and distance of your trip, ride demand during the time of your request, tolls, and more. The type of ride you choose (such as UberPool or UberXL) and the city you’re riding in also affect the price of your ride. Use our price estimator to get an estimate in your city.

  • How much should I tip my driver?

    If and how much you want to tip is entirely up to you. You can tip in the app after rating your ride or give a cash tip, if you prefer. Please note that the promo codes and any discounts do not apply to tips.

*Valid for new riders only in the US. There are 2 ways to apply the code in order to receive the discount: 1) Click on the “Sign up with this code” link, shared above on this page, or 2) Apply the promo code in the Payment section of the Uber app before requesting your first ride to redeem the discount. Expires 30 days after the promo code is applied to your Uber account. Only one of the 4 new-rider codes shared above can be redeemed per rider. Cannot be combined with other offers. The discount does not apply to tips. This offer and terms are subject to change.

Sours: https://www.uber.com/us/en/promo/

UBER Coupon Code: How to Get Your First Uber Ride FREE!

Last updated: August 14th, 2020

Are you planning on using Uber for the first time and interested in scoring a discount on your first Uber ride? Well, below you’ll find an Uber Coupon Code that you can plug into your app and you’ll be on your way to saving money on your first ride.


Uber Coupon Code: First Ride $5 to $10 OFF

Uber Coupon Code:R2VUCAYHUE

Ever wonder how all you friends and family are getting their first Uber ride for $5 off?

If this is your first time using Uber, today I’m not only going to show you how to get your first ride free but I’m also going to show you how you can get FREE Uber ride discounts over and over using your own personal Uber coupon code.

Uber is currently offering new users (1) complimentary ride of up to $5 to $10 USD depending on your location.

Generally speaking, most rides around town are more than $5-$10 but a discount is a discount. Be sure to use your first ride wisely.

Yeah, that’s it. It’s really that simple.

All you need to do to get your Uber first ride free is enter the Uber Promo Code: R2VUCAYHUE into your Uber app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have an Uber account?

If you’ve already signed up for and used Uber in the past, then this deal will not work for you.

You could potentially sign up for a new account with email address but it’s against Uber’s Terms of Service.

That being said, if you are traveling with a friend or family member who has yet to sign up for Uber, just have them sign up for a new account so that you can still take advantage of the Uber new user promo discount.

Where do I enter the Uber Coupon Code?

  1. Open your Uber app and click on the menu in the top left hand corner.
  2. Click on Promotions.
  3. Click Add Promo Code
  4. Enter R2VUCAYHUE and click Apply

How do I apply my Free Ride Credit to my first Uber Ride?

No worries. It’s all automated. Your Free Uber Ride discount (up to $5 to $10 or other value depending on the country you choose when creating your account) will automatically apply to your first Uber ride.

What if I’m signing up for an account from a country outside of the United States?

No problem. When you sign up using the Uber referral code: R2VUCAYHUE you’ll receive a free ride of up to a specific value that Uber has chosen for your country.

In other words, Uber gives free rides up to $5 to $10 USD to new users based in the United States but the value of the free ride depends on the country which you assign to your profile when you sign up for a new Uber account.

Here are some examples of what new users in countries outside of the U.S. receive when signing up for Uber:

  • Colombia: COP 20,000 off your first ride
  • India: 150 Rupee off your first ride
  • Italy: €10 off your first ride
  • Hungary: 2500 HUF off your first ride
  • Mexico: $150 MXN off your first three rides (50mxn/ride)
  • Thailand: $200 THB off your first ride

Uber Coupon Code:R2VUCAYHUE

For more information on earning and using Uber credits internationally, click here.

What is a Qualifying Uber Ride?

All rides qualify EXCEPT for UberTaxi rides.

Do Uber Coupon Codes have an expiration date?

No. Uber Coupon Codes are valid unless Uber changes its terms of service.

Can I earn more than $5-$10 in Uber Credits?

Yes, although you need to keep an eye out for special Uber free ride promotions in order to find the latest deals.

How can I earn more free Uber rides?

If you’re traveling with a friend or better yet, a group of friends who have never previously signed up for Uber, you’re in luck.

All you need to do to get free Uber rides is to have one of your friends (for example sake lets call him Friend #1) in the group signup and use your Uber invite code.

  • Your first ride with Friend #1 is free thanks to you.
  • Now have Friend #2 signup for an account using Friend #1’s code or your code. Again, another free ride.
  • And the list goes on. Realistically if you plan it right, you can continue to get free ride after free ride with Uber.
  • Tip: Don’t forget to share your Uber invite code with all your friends and family via Facebook, email, etc.

Note: Remember that you will not receive your free Uber ride until the person you referred completes their first ride.

Do free Uber rides expire?

Yes. All free Uber ride credits expire 3 months from the date of issue.

How do I Check Uber Credit?

  1. Login to the Uber app and click on the menu at the top left hand corner.
  2. Select Payment.
  3. There, you’ll find your current credit card payment method
  4. Below the credit card you’ll see where it tells you how many free rides that you’ve earned.

How much is an Uber Ride?

The best way to estimate how much your Uber ride will cost is to use this site.

How to use Uber promo code?

All Uber Promo codes that you earn are automatically applied to your future rides therefore you do not need to do anything other than to order your Uber and the price should reflect the discount.

How can I earn Free UberEats Credits?

Have you heard of UberEats yet? If you haven’t let me tell you about it (briefly).

Uber now has it’s own food delivery service called UberEats.

All you have to do is download the app and you can order food direct to your door after just a few simple clicks on the clean and easy to use interface of the UberEats app.

Learn more about how you can get your first meal FREE with this UberEats promo code.

Did you use my Uber free ride promo to get your first ride free? If so, leave a comment below.

Note: I receive free ride for referring new users to Uber (like yourself) but only after you complete your first ride. At the end of the day, you get up to $5-$10 off your first Uber and I get a free ride for referring you — it’s a win-win for everyone!

Sours: https://www.pausethemoment.com/uber-coupon-code-first-ride-free/

Code uber 2019 coupon

Uber Rider Coupons, Promo Codes & Discount Codes | October 2021

Uber Rider Best Deals Guide

The Ultimate Uber Rider's Guide

Never again do you have to find a parking space, fill up the gas tank or call a dingy, crusty-looking cab late at night. Welcome to Uber, an affordable, innovative and safe way to arrive on time without the hassle of driving yourself.

If you've never called an Uber before, you might not know what to expect, or how to get the most out of your experience. Try out these Uber expert rider tips to make your next trip easy and enjoyable. Who knows — you just might have the ride of your life!

Get a Ride Where You Want it, When You Want it!

When you schedule an Uber, you can get transportation within minutes, exactly when and where you need it. With locations in over 200 cities nationwide, you'll never have to feel worried about finding a ride home, getting around in a strange city or spending a fortune on a cab.

Feel Secure and Worry Free

If you're new to Uber, you might feel nervous about what to expect and who will be picking you up. No worries! At Uber, you can feel secure in the fact that they screen all of their drivers every year to ensure a safe ride, every time.

Update Family and Friends

Take advantage of Uber's status update feature, which allows you to keep your family and friends in the know throughout your ride. Uber takes the guess work out of party planning by enabling your loved ones to check on your progress and find out when they can expect you to arrive.

Always Get a Discount Uber Ride

You'll never have to pay full price for transportation when you use the unique Uber coupon and promo codes you find at MyCoupons. Simply apply the Uber coupon codes during checkout for an instant price reduction on your next ride.

Budget-Friendly Uber Options

The Uber Fare Estimate option enables you to check out the price of your ride before you order. When you schedule an Uber ride, you'll get a chance to find the best rates and pay for your ride beforehand, including tip, which can really help you avoid overspending on your ride.

Refer a Friend and Ride For Free!

Who wouldn't want a free Uber ride? Sign up for a referral code on Uber.com and share your code with friends and family. You can earn free rides worth up to $15 when your loved ones schedule an Uber ride using the code.

Use Your Friends Referral Code

Did you hear about Uber through a friend? Ask if they have an Uber referral code and you could save up to 20% off your first ride.

Keep Your Money in Your Pocket

When you schedule an Uber ride, all transactions are completed through the Uber App. Your entire trip cost is paid for during checkout, including the 20% tip, so you won't need to exchange of cash whatsoever with your driver.

Become an Uber Visa Card Holder

Save money and pay for your rides the easy way by applying for the Uber Visa Card. As a cardholder, you'll earn cash back on all dining, shopping and hotels.

Sours: https://www.mycoupons.com/coupons/uber.com
How to get Uber Promo Code - March 2019

Uber Promo Codes, Coupons | October 2021 Deals

Uber is an innovative service that allows people to make transportation arrangements by using a smartphone application that books metered rides provided by drivers of private cars, taxis, and rideshares. Currently available in more than 200 select cities (and expanding on a global basis throughout Europe, Asia and South America), customers use the Uber app to locate a ride in a matter of minutes, view fares for specific locations, request rides, and also track the location of their reserved vehicle. The Uber app can be downloaded from the Windows Store, Apple App Store, and Google Play. Use Uber as a travel convenience and as a way to expand your overall transportation options. No more getting lost in unfamiliar territory; having to choose a designated sober driver for a night out on the town; or worrying about the hassle of finding a parking space – all of which is especially helpful while in busy metropolitan cities, like New York City. There is absolutely no exchange of cash, as all transactions are made through the Uber app. Since 20% gratuity is automatically added for taxi rides (by default), there is no need to physically tip your driver. Uber transportation offers a variety of options to match a range of styles and budgets, including the following: uberX (Honda Accord or similar), uberXL (Toyota Sienna or similar), UberBLACK (like Lincoln Town Cars and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class), and UberSUV (Ford Explorer or similar). You can also use Uber to request and pay for a taxi; being charged the standard taxi meter rates plus a $1 booking fee. As Uber continues to expand markets and grow, they have started to gradually offer benefits and perks, including Momentum, a rewards program available exclusively for Uber driver partners. Also, consumers with an eligible American Express Card (who are enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program and possess the latest version of the Uber app for iPhone or Android) can earn 2x points on eligible Uber rides, as well as use points to pay for eligible Uber rides.

Sours: https://givingassistant.org/coupon-codes/uber.com

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