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My Hero Academia: Top 15 Fan-Favorite Characters, According To MyAnimeList

The cast of My Hero Academia is undoubtedly one of the series' strongest points. The relationship between the characters and their wild dynamics is an aspect fans never get tired of. The show, at first glance, seems as if it's strayed away from one of the most popular shonen tropes: the power of friendship. But, upon closer examination, the aforementioned friendship power is there all along. It's just implemented in a different form.

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Because My Hero Academia heavily relies on its characters to tell its story, there's plenty of characters who particularly stick out. The more screen time a character gets, the more likely they'll be favored by the community, and this applies to almost every character since so many of them are fantastic. Many users on MyAnimeList have already spoken up about who their personal favorites are.

Updated July 9th, 2021, by Brittanie Maldonado:My Hero Academia boasts a huge cast of characters for its continuing story. The anime is highly recommended on MyAnimeList, with the first season sporting an 8.03 rating based on over 1.5 million users' opinions. Since the anime and manga are still in progress, there's bound to be some changes in the character landscape since this article was first published.

15 Fumikage Tokoyami Has Grown Popular Over Time (2,095+ Favorites)

With his stylish and mysterious Quirk, Dark Shadow, it's no surprise that Tokoyami made it as a fan favorite. He's a serious-minded class 1-A student at U.A. Academy who's usually in the background but has had his fair share of the limelight in some of the series' arcs.

Notably, Tokoyami's Quirk has a mind of its own and it becomes more powerful and difficult to control in the darkness. Accordingly, Dark Shadow is easier to control and less powerful if there's too much light.

14 Tomura Shigaraki Is One Of The Few Villains To Get Widespread Fan Support (2,238+ Favorites)

Shigaraki is a key villain in this series and represents the will of All For One, and he is hell-bent on destroying society. His Quirk, Decay, allows him to disintegrate anything that makes full contact with his hands— a truly terrifying Quirk for a villain to possess.

On top of that, Shigaraki's physical appearance is rather unsettling, as he ordinarily wears the hands of deceased family members as part of his villain get-up. Fans might be so fond of him purely because he's such a great villain.

13 Keigo Takami Is The No. 2 Pro Hero, Hawks (2,317+ Favorites)

Keigo Takami's code name is the "Wing Hero: Hawks" due to his Quirk, Fierce Wings. As the name implies, Takami has a pair of large, red wings on his back that he can use to fly. He makes his debut in the fourth season of the anime as a supporting character.

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Notably, Takami is the No. 2 Pro Hero, which may be why fans have taken such a shine to him. He's a highly intelligent character, both mentally and strategically, and he uses this to his advantage when manipulating his Quirk.

12 Denki Kaminari Is A Loveable Comedy Relief Character (2,361+ Favorites)

Kaminari has managed to attract quite the following on MyAnimeList and it's not hard to see why. Not only is he a friendly, social, and energetic character, but he's also a comedy relief character. Outside of being generally goofy, Kaminari experiences a comical side-effect after using his Quirk, Electrification.

If he's not careful, Kaminari can exceed the safe wattage limit for his Quirk, leaving him in a vulnerable and airheaded state for up to one hour. He doesn't have great control of his Quirk, so this happens quite often.

11 Dabi Became The Surrogate For Hero Killer Stain's Philosophy (3,423+ Favorites)

It's difficult to discuss Dabi without spoiling too much of the story but suffice it to say that he is a character that had a massive fall from grace, which may be a factor in why he's one of the few villains to gather so much fan support.

Dabi's entrance into the series happens right after the defeat of Hero Killer Stain and he deeply believes in Stain's mission to destroy false heroes. Overall, Dabi is a broken man bent on getting vengeance for the unfairness of his youth— a typical villainous refrain.

10 Mirio Togata Quickly Garnered Thousands Of Fans (3,624+ Favorites)

Despite being introduced somewhat late to the series, Mirio garnered a surprising amount of support from fans. At the same time, however, it'd also be rather puzzling if he didn't make it as a fan favorite. A character of such depth is a valuable asset for any anime, even in a goldmine such as My Hero Academia.

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Hopefully, he'll manage to recover his quirk sooner rather than later. Fans will be disappointed otherwise, and rightfully so. Notably, Mirio was one of the original candidates to inherit One For All from All Might before Deku came along.

9 Himiko Toga Is A Beloved Villain In The Franchise (4,197+ Favorites)

Himiko is, of course, everyone's favorite bad girl. She might have a few screws loose in the head, but that apparently doesn't stop her from winning fans' love. From the moment she debuted up to now, Himiko never failed to deliver with her over-the-top personality and villainous nature.

She's notably one of the few villains in the show who has garnered such overwhelming support from fans. Nevertheless, Himiko's personality is rather unhinged, and she's got questionable perceptions of love and friendship.

8 Tsuyu Asui Is A Consistently Rational Voice Amongst U.A. Students (4,527+ Favorites)

Very few students at U.A. Academy could be considered as well-balanced as Tsuyu. If they don't have self-esteem issues, then they have some serious anger management issues. Indeed, almost every U.A. student has some sort of characteristic that dominates their personality.

However, Tsuyu, or Tsu-chan as she prefers to be called, is one of the few with a rational attitude towards every situation she finds herself in. She can be overly blunt, but that just adds to her charm.

7 Eijirou Kirishima Is A Surprisingly Popular Supporting Character (5,383+ Favorites)

Although Kirishima stood out from day one of the series, he never properly showcased his brilliance until the Shie Hassaikai Arc. That's one thing fans love about My Hero Academia: almost any character who receives the screentime they deserve will shine.

Currently, Kirishima could be considered as a core figure in class 1-A. His fame is even higher than that of Momo Yaoyorozu. Kirishima has a very strong sense of what he considers "manly" and strives to live to that code.

6 Ochaco Uraraka Is One Of The Sweetest Girls In Class 1-A (5,181+ Favorites)

Ochaco might as well be the most prominent female character in My Hero Academia. She's had a front-row seat in almost every event relevant to the overall story. It can even be argued that, besides the big three of class 1-A, Ochaco is the class's shiniest star.

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Moreover, as Deku's potential love interest, Ochaco certainly deserves all the attention she gets, and more. Ochaco's Quirk notably utilizes gravity powers, a relatively rare power type in fiction, mostly due to its potential to be overpowered.

5 Shota Aizawa's Cool Factor Won Him Many Fan Votes (6,157+ Favorites)

If a character looks as cool as Aizawa, has a cool hero name— Eraser Head— like Aizawa, and has an overall low-intensity personality like Aizawa, then they are very much destined to stand out. Having said so, it's unfortunate that Aizawa often gets underrated by the community, despite him proving his capabilities multiple times.

Fans almost take his talents for granted and proceed to set the expectation bar higher and higher. Nevertheless, Aizawa has cemented his place as a fan-favorite character.

4 All Might Is Popular, But Not As Popular As Some Think He Should Be (8,514+ Favorites)

All Might has always been a sensation within the fandom, even prior to officially debuting. His quirky and unique character design easily makes him one of anime's most iconic figures. He is just that brilliant. With that being said, All Might's current status is awkward, to say the least.

Many fans think it's rather humiliating for a legend such as himself to be but a sideline character. Regardless, All Might manages to maintain his place within the top five fan-favorite My Hero Academia characters on MyAnimeList.

3 Katsuki Bakugo Ranks Surprisingly High As A Fan-Favorite Character (19,284+ Favorites)

As angry as he is, it's undoubtable that Bakugo won the hearts of the fanbase through his delinquent behavior. It's only natural for him to be in the spotlight, considering that he is Deku's primary rival. Currently, the state of his rivalry with Deku is rather fuzzy.

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We have no idea who would prevail if it came to another confrontation but suffice it to say that these two childhood friends fuel each other to become the best heroes they can be.

2 Izuku Midoriya Is A Refreshing Change From The Typical Shonen Protagonist (22,991+ Favorites)

Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia and the man aiming to be No. 1 Pro Hero. As a shonen protagonist, Deku's character build is very much different from his counterparts.

While other shonen protagonists tend to go bold and loud, Deku is on the calmer and smarter part of the spectrum. This is due to his original state of being Quirkless: Deku had to learn to work smarter and harder than his Quirk-blessed peers. Deku's level-headed approach to danger is a rarity amongst shonen protagonists.

1 Shoto Todoroki Effectively Stole The Show From Its Main Protagonist (23,565+ Favorites)

Shoto Todoroki is like the Sasuke of My Hero Academia... if Sasuke was a non-edgy teenager who received overwhelming support from the entirety of the fandom. Shoto pretty much dominated the spotlight from the moment he was introduced.

Moreover, with regards to character development, Shoto beats the competition (namely Deku and Bakugo) by a large margin. Todoroki's current state is nearly incomparable to his personality at the beginning of the series. His character growth is a huge factor in fans' appreciation for him.

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Top 10 Cutest Female Characters in My Hero Academia!

My Hero Academia is a series with many attractive and cute female characters. Many of them have distinct personalities and are popular within the fandom.

While many fans debate on who is the "best girl," I have made my own list ranking the top 10 cutest female characters.



Who is the cutest character in My Hero Academia?

No. 10 Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume is a student of U.A. High School's Class 1-H. She is from the department of support, and for better or worse, all Hatsume cares about is inventing things.

She has bright pink hair styled into dreadlocks, with a beautiful body. Mei is also brilliant, assertive, and blunt. She does not think twice about what comes out of her mouth and is an airhead at times. Mei can be shameless at times, but she is also mature when the situation calls for it.

Hatsume spends most of her time in the school's workshop and invents something every day. She also helps other students build their gadgets and is very helpful. At the time of the school festival, she had already made over 200 inventions. Mei is not afraid of failure, and her unconventional attitude makes her future very promising.

Mei behaves in a very adorable manner during the school festival when she uses Iida as a mouthpiece to showcase her inventions.

Her interactions with Deku are also hilarious, making Mei Hatsume a popular cute female character in My Hero Academia.

No. 9 Eri



Eri is a cute six-year-old girl with wavy white hair and horns sprouting from her forehead. She was used as a material for the "Quirk Destruction Bullet" by Overhaul. She suffered the pain of having her body chopped up many times and was traumatized because someone died every time she tried to escape. Eri was trapped in the idea that if she put her trust in someone, that person would die.

After being rescued by Mirio and Deku, Eri has gradually opened her heart. During the school festival, she was in high spirits and smiled a lot! She will definitely be appearing a lot more in the series in the future.

No. 8 Mt. Lady

Mt. Lady

Mt. Lady

Yu Takeyama, aka Mt. Lady, is a professional hero with a giant personality! She made a significant impact when she appeared in the first episode, and the audience can't help but like her.

Everything from her beautiful appearance to her vibrant personality is likable. Especially her hero costume. Consisting of a purple bodysuit, accented by orange stripes, Mt. Lady has a striking figure. She also is very selfless and does her best to protect the citizens. The scene where she reduced Bakugo at the risk of her own life was heartbreaking.

Mt. Lady’s actions and ambitions make us want to cheer for her. Her beautiful and cute looks are another plus point! 

No. 7 Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido is another popular female character from class 1-A. She has pink hair, purple skin, and likes to dance! She is very active, and being an extrovert, she is friendly with everyone.

Mina acts as the mood maker of the class but is a bit of a simpleton. Sometimes, she fails to read the mood, making the scene very funny. Ashido has good intentions, and her friendship with Momo and other girls is entertaining to watch. 

While she doesn't appear much in the main story, Mina has some scenes in the Hiroaka spin-off manga "Sumashu!" For example, in episode 89 of "Sumashu!" she looks like an angel (with horns).

Ashido is popular in general because of her athleticism and bubbly personality. She is ranked 8th on this list! I hope to see more of her in the future.

No. 6 Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado is a student of class 3-A and is part of The Big 3. She is very popular in the My Hero Academia fandom because of her unique looks and cute personality. Nejire's quirk is Wave Motion, and it grants her the ability to convert her vitality into blast waves. She is very proficient in using her quirk and is one of the top students.

Hado has long, twisted sky blue hair and large, curious eyes, making her very pleasing to the eye. She is also naturally a very kind and talkative person who catches everyone's attention. Nejire can also behave rather foolishly by asking blunt questions, but it is part of her charm. She is labeled as a "free spirit" and an airhead, but with a good heart!

What makes Nejire very likable and interesting is that despite her cheery personality, she is very fierce when facing an enemy. She is powerful and knows how to act in any situation. Hado captivates everyone who sees her and deserves a place on this list!

No. 5 Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro, a student of class 1-A, is the cool type among all the female characters in My Hero Academia. She loves music, especially punk and rock. 

She also looks really cute, with short purple hair and a petite appearance. However, beneath this look hides a tomboyish teasing personality that is on full display in front of close friends like Denki Kaminari. She behaves nicely with everyone else but can also be quite aggressive when provoked. Jiro is also really smart but is concerned about matters like breast size. This side of her personality is charming and funny.

Kyoka Jiro gained our love in the episode where she smiled and gave her all during the live performance. It warmed our hearts and raised her position to 5th place on this list.

No. 4 Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui is a girl with big round eyes, a crooked mouth, and a frog-like face. Both her character design and personality are excellent and likable.

She is a student from class 1-A and has a quirk that gives her a frog's characteristics.

Tsuyu has a very cheerful personality and cares a lot about her friends. One of the most charming parts of Asui is when she reveals her feelings about the Kamino incident to Deku and the others. Her kindness for her friends and her frustration at not being able to stop the incident make her feel more human. When she cries and expresses her feelings, we can't help but feel warmth for her.

Tsuyu is like an elder sister who is kind and takes care of her family. This personality of Asui and her cute red cheeks make her one of the best female characters in My Hero Academia.

No. 3 Yaoyorozu Momo

Yaoyorozu Momo

Yaoyorozu Momo

Yaoyorozu Momo is one of the most mature female characters in My Hero Academia, both looks and personality-wise!

She is the vice-chairperson of Class A and has a somber scholar-like personality. However, Momo knows when to loosen up and have some fun!

Yaoyorozu also has a lovely body and is considered one of the most beautiful female characters in My Hero Academia. She is also talented enough to be recommended for admission in the U.A High School, along with Todoroki.

Despite being rich, Momo is not stuck up and always helps everyone study during exams. She has a powerful and determined personality and always strives to become a good Pro-Hero. Her relationship with Todoroki, Toga, and others is also really cute.

Yaoyorozu Momo's attractive looks, creative mind, and kind personality rank her third place on this list!

No. 2 Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga is one of the most popular female characters in My Hero Academia. She is part of the villain coalition and the commander of the Vanguard Action Intelligence Regiment: Carmine.

Toga plays the part of an active high school girl with dangerous powers such as transforming into another individual. She can do so by ingesting their blood. What is appealing about Himiko is that she is a bit insane, which contradicts her cute appearance.

Her crazed manner of talking about love, with fangs and blood-stained clothes, makes her different from other females in the show. What is more interesting is that she is fierce while just being a 17-year-old high school girl. Simultaneously, she can also act extremely cutesy; for example, when Toga meets Deku, she hilariously acts as a damsel in love.

Toga feels different from other female characters, and her "quirky" personality makes her very appealing to the viewers. She is both crazy and cute and deserves 2nd place on this list.

No. 1 Ochako Uraraka

Ochako Uraraka

Ochako Uraraka

Ochako Uraraka is the cutest female character in My Hero Academia.

With her short brown bob and adorable smile, she is the main heroine of the series. Uraraka also has excellent chemistry with Deku and has a strong chance of ending up with him.

I personally really like Ochako a lot because she gives off a good vibe. Not only is she extremely cute and pretty, but also very powerful. Uraraka is not a damsel in distress and can instead protect herself and others well.

Another plus point is that it is amusing seeing her on-screen as a girl in love. Ochako's blushing face and attempts to hide her feelings towards Deku appeal to a lot of people. It is relatable when she gets jealous of other girls flirting with Deku, and fans can't help but laugh.

Ochako Uraraka has excellent potential to become a powerful hero and Deku's love interest as the series progresses. She is the cutest and best girl in My Hero Academia, for sure.


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This article is going to contain a list of the 20 cutest My Hero Academia characters. The characters are going to be ranked based on their cuteness, from 20th to 1st.

We have decided to include a variety of different characters, from male to female, from younger to older, from heroes to villains. The goal was to produce the most diverse and best list possible.

20 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters

20. Ken Ishiyama

Modern Japanese teacher and the hero Cementoss. His Quirk Cement allows him to control concrete or cement-based substances at will by contact and solidify it, which gives him an incredible advantage in urban environments.

19. Nejire Hado

A third-year student and one of the three strongest students in the school (the Big 3); she took Ochaco and Tsuyu under her protection during the internships, taking the two with her to Pro Hero Ryukyu, of which Nejire is her assistant.

As a hero alias, she simply goes by the name of Nejire-chan. Her Quirk is called Wave and allows her to transform her life energy into shock waves (made yellow-gold in the cardboard), which for some reason move in a spiral motion, making them powerful, but relatively slow.

18. Kyoka Jiro

A girl of class 1-A, she is rather reserved and a lover of rock music who sometimes reveals a cold and sometimes rude character, however showing a more cordial personality towards her friends.

She often makes fun of Kaminari good-naturedly and is ashamed to show or reveal to others about her passions or anything else that concerns her interests, especially with regard to music, the passion of her most unbridled and shared by the family.

17. Setsuna Tokage

A sharp-toothed, talkative 1-B student. She is one of four students who entered the Yuei by recommendation. Her Quirk is called Lizard Tail Splitter and it allows her to divide her body into multiple parts that she can remotely control; the latter, however, become unarmed after a certain period of time, decomposing and being subsequently regenerated.

At the moment you can divide it into fifty parts at the most. Her superheroine name is Lizardy.

16. Yuyu Haya

Yuyu has short, cropped salmon hair and auburn eyes with long lower lashes; She also has several ear piercings, all with gray studs. She wears a U.A. slightly disheveled. School uniform with a twisted collar, loose tie, and rolled up sleeves.

She wears tights under her skirt and has two pink bracelets on her right wrist. At one point, Yuyu Nejire Hado’s best friend and classmate at U.A. Secondary school.

During her freshman year in the UAE, Yuyu Nejire suggested entering the Miss Con beauty pageant at the school festival, but Nejire lost to Bibimi Kenranzaki two years in a row. Since then, Yuyu has helped Nejire prepare for the beauty pageant every year.

15. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya, also known by his heroic name Deku, is the main protagonist in Kōhei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia series. A nerdy and ambitious high school underdog, he is the ninth (and current) holder of “One For All,” a superpower that combines six different individual superpowers (or “quirks”) to create powerful blasts of energy, and also has the ability unique to be passed on to other people.

14. Geten

A mysterious individual belonging to the Liberation Army; although he is not one of its leaders, he is one of its most powerful members. Virtually nothing is known about his past. He has long light hair and his face has gentle features, but he usually conceals his face with the hood of his parka, leaving only a pair of bright eyes to glimpse.

His Quirk is a kind of cryokinesis, which allows him to control the ice and its temperature, by levitating it and using it to attack, or by freezing the water around him with it, in order to generate more that he can control.

13. Soramitsu Tabe

One of the Eight Bullets. His Quirk is known as Food and allows him to bite, chew and digest all kinds of materials. Because of this Quirk, he is always hungry and therefore obsessed with eating.

His Quirk and his personality made it difficult for him to conform to society. He fights alongside Toya and Yu against Suneater, by which he is defeated after a hard fight.

12. Reiko Yanagi

A 1-B student; silent and impassive, she maintains a particular posture that refers to that of the ghosts in mass culture (back slightly curved, arms bent with forearms forward and hands left dangling).

Her Quirk is called Poltergeist and allows her to telekinetically move anything close to her as long as it is less heavy than a person.

11. Mina Ashido

A class 1-A student with pink hair and lilac skin, she was considered by all to be a future heroine from an early age. She is sociable, cheerful, and enthusiastic, having a smile on her face most of the time, but she is also an emotional girl and therefore can easily become sad or restless.

Taking inspiration from Eijiro, Mina also began using her own acid as armor with both defensive and offensive functions. She initially chose her Alien Queen as her name from her heroine but, on Midnight’s advice, she later opted for Pinky.

She and Kirishima went to the same middle school. After the battle against the Liberation Front, she finds together with Ejiro and Momo the lifeless body of their Midnight teacher, bursting into tears. She will try to bring Izuku back to the Academy like the others.

10. Taishiro Toyomitsu

A hero much loved by children who takes the name of Fat Gum, whose appearance resembles that of a matryoshka doll. His Quirk Fat Adsorption allows him to achieve an obese body whose fat can engulf objects and people, and absorb the force of any blow it receives (including swords and bullets).

However, absorbing the energy of the blows aimed at him is a double-edged sword as it allows him on the one hand to unleash devastating counterattacks but at the cost of burning fat to absorb, thus weakening his defenses. Once his fat is depleted it shows what he really looks like.

Taishiro uses the defensive abilities of his body fat both to capture enemies by subduing them and to transport his allies safely.

9. Chiyo Shuzenji

The school nurse, an elderly lady renowned as a Recovery Girl. Her Healing Quirk allows her to indescribably accelerate people’s regenerating factor through a kiss, albeit with a considerable effort of energy on their part (an effort which, in the case of extremely serious damage, could even prove lethal).

She is one of the few people who know the All Might secret.

8. Susugu Mitarai

The current Hero nº 8, known as Wash, has a Quirk that allows him to generate a powerful whirlwind of water from his head and create bubbles with which to incorporate people and even large objects.

His costume resembles a washing machine and leaves only his big eyes visible. He hires Koji and Manga for their internship.

Susugu is primarily suitable for children. Despite this, Susugu takes his job very seriously and doesn’t hesitate to worry about how he decided to disinfect the wounds of angry civilians, even after being criticized for arriving late in the process.

7. Kinoko Komori

A 1-B student; she wears her hair in a bob with a long fringe that covers her face leaving her mouth uncovered. Her Quirk is called Mushroom, and it allows her to emit spores from her body that can make different species of fungi grow everywhere, even on people, and including pathogenic fungi; the mushrooms detach within a couple of hours and are not harmful to the people they grew on.

The superheroine name she chose is Shemage. During the U.A. Sports Festival, she has her eyes hidden by her front bangs and wears a sullen expression, suggesting that she is very shy.

However, she possesses a kind side as seen when she apologized to Fumikage Tokoyami for using too much of her Quirk on him and telling him to take necessary medicine to better himself.

6. Pony Tsunotori

A 1-B student from the United States; she is a petite girl with antelope horns, a “wad” tail and horse legs complete with hooves. Her Quirk is called Horn Cannon, which gives her the power to throw and control multiple copies of her horns, using them to both attack and support her allies; at the moment, she can control at most two pairs of horns.

Pony is a shy girl. As a foreigner, she has virtually no language knowledge of Japanese. She turns out to be quite naive and innocent in her personality and learns nasty phrases from Neito Monoma without knowing what those words mean, as shown by Neito Pony asking nasty phrases to say to Class 1-A.

5. Ochaco Uraraka

A rather frank and lively girl, a 1-A student like Midoriya and Bakugo. Despite her usually sunny appearance and character, she is very determined to become a great heroine.

She has a Quirk called Zero Gravity, which allows her to cancel the effect of gravitational force on whatever object she touches; she can also release herself from gravity by placing her hands in a particular position.

Although her Quirk is not purely offensive, Uraraka has shown on several occasions that she knows how to exploit it to her advantage by compensating for the lack of attack power thanks to her strategy, also transforming floating debris into a shower of free-falling bullets. Her hero’s name is Uravity.

4. Katsuma Shimano

Katsuma is a shy and calm child who constantly follows his older sister Mahoro. Unlike his sister, he has a hero bond and openly wears an Edgeshot enamel pin on the front of his pocket and constantly mentions his dream of becoming a hero.

Despite this preference, Katsuma can still easily be influenced by her sister and bothers students in class 1-A in completing their homework.

Unlike Mahoro, however, Katsuma understands his wrongdoing and even takes the initiative to apologize to Izuku Midoriya after mistakenly reporting that a villain has been sighted.

3. Mr. Principal / Nezu

The principal of the school is a strange animal with characteristics reminiscent of those of a large anthropomorphic mouse and is one of the few animals in the world where a Quirk has manifested itself.

High Spec grants him immeasurable intelligence and human characteristics such as upright posture and the ability to speak. Furthermore, he is one of the few characters who knows the secret of All Might.

He is an eccentric, polite, and persistent educator. He is quite aware of his weird aspects and shows up pointing it out. As a young man he underwent atrocious experiments by humans, of which he still bears the scar on his right eye.

2. Minoru Mineta

A class 1-A student, short in stature, quite intelligent, but extremely perverted and obsessed with the female body. His obsession is such that he is frowned upon even by his classmates and often leads to twists and comic moments. He gets scared easily and just as easily loses hope in difficult situations, traits of himself that he himself hates.

Mineta possesses the Quirk Super Sticky, a power that makes removable balls of an extremely sticky substance grow from his head, the sticky effect of which varies from less than an hour to up to a day depending on the mood of Mineta. As a hero name he chose Grape Juice and (at least initially) decided to become a hero also to become popular with the fairer sex.

1. Eri

She is a girl who is the granddaughter of the former leader of the Eight Precepts of Death (Yakuzas) and was the main piece of Overhaul’s plan to destroy Quirks; she was rescued thanks to the operation of several professional heroes among these Deku, Lemillion, and Sir Nighteye.

Her Quirk allows her to rewind only living beings and it is unknown how she can activate it but she has been seen with it in action. After being saved, she not only continued with the trauma that Overhaul left her, but she also said that she did not know how to smile, which broke Izuku’s heart.


My Hero Academia has some of the sweetest girls in its story. Some of them are from our favorite class 1-A, while others are from the underdog class 1-B. Today, we are going to put together a list of the cutestMHA girl characters and see who comes out on top.

We are going to exclude thepro-heroes and teachers from this list. It will be restricted to our dear students who are currently undergoing training to become heroes in the future. On that note, let us begin the ranking.

Top 10 Cutest MHA Girl Characters: My Hero Academia-

Top 10 Cutest MHA Girl Characters My Hero Academia

Ibara is a spiritual girl and is a part of class 1-B in UA High. Her most distinctive feature is her green vines in place of her hair due to her Quirk.

She wears a simple robe with boots giving her a godly appearance. Her modesty knows no bounds, and she always stands for justice. Due to being highly religious, she speaks softly and is devoted to anything she does.

Top 10 Cutest MHA Girl Characters My Hero Academia

Asui is a simple and cute girl who is also very emotional on the inside. She cares for her friends a lot and is known to remain calm in dangerous situations. She loves the color green, which is depicted in her skintight bodysuit. 

Her hair color is also the same that is tied into a ribbon-like knot at its end. Asui is comparatively shorter than the other MHA girl characters, which gives her decent mobility during fights. 

My Hero Academia Sexiest Female Characters Ranked

Himiko Toga is one of the MHA girl characters who has made her mark with her quirky activities. Her schoolgirl appearance makes her look extremely cute, combined with her blushing cheeks. She has large yellow eyes and behaves playfully with others.

 Her obsession with Deku has even led to her taking the appearance of others to get closer to him. She ties up her blonde hair like a school student with two buns, and her charismatic personality draws everyone close to her.

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Top 10 Cutest MHA Girl Characters My Hero Academia

The cutest thing about Pony Tsunotori is her American accent mixed with Japanese. Being a transfer student, she is quite different from the other My Hero Academia female characters.

Her short height with her bubbly nature is loved by the fans as she runs about and strikes people with her horns.

Her floating blonde hair complements her orange suit perfectly. She also sports orange boots and a pair of gloves. Her personality is very timid and innocent as she tends to believe other people easily.

Top 10 Cutest MHA Girl Characters My Hero Academia

Our electrifying girl from class 1-B finally makes her appearance on this list. Since her introduction, Jiro has been shown to be a serious girl whose sole focus is on her work. Coming from a family of musicians, she is extremely talented in that field.

 Her attire also relates to her musical taste as she wears a leather jacket with a long skirt. She has two earphone jacks sprouting from her earlobe, which is her most distinguishing feature. 

She is also usually enthusiastic about most things but also loves to lead from the front if the situation calls for it.

My Hero Academia Sexiest Female Characters Ranked

The last female mha character from class 1-B to make her appearance in this ranking is Itsuka Kendo. She is the most popular girl from their class as she stands out among the rest due to her leadership capabilities and cute looks.

She has been shown to keep her class under control and not lose her nerve in scary situations. She is also very cute and almost won the fashion competition during the school festival of UA.

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My Hero Academia Sexiest Female Characters Ranked

Mina Ashido is one of those My Hero Academia girl characters who easily gel with others and is quick to make friends. She has a charming and teasing personality as was shown by the number of times she teased Uravity with the name of Deku.

Her colorful nature is shown in her colorful hero costume, which is a tight bodysuit. She is also very courageous and stands up directly against the face of grave danger if that involves protecting her friends.

My Hero Academia Sexiest Female Characters Ranked

Mei is a technical genius who is a part of the support group in UA High. She is a sweet and charming girl who gets so engrossed in her work that she becomes completely oblivious to her surroundings.

Her simple casual outfit with a tank top and goggles is the perfect attire for her while creating new support devices. Her goggles keep her messy hair in place with few strands sticking out of them. 

My Hero Academia Sexiest Female Characters Ranked

Momo is considered the best girl in MHA by many fans. However, she just misses out on that top spot to her classmate. Momo hails from a sophisticated family, which can be seen clearly in her manners and body language.

 She has great height with a sweet smile on her face. Her authoritative personality, combined with her concern for others, makes her trustworthy and easy to follow. Her slick black hair is usually kept tied in a big bunch that lets her beautiful eyes glow in turn.

My Hero Academia Sexiest Female Characters Ranked

Ochako Uraraka is the cutest girl character in My Hero Academia. She is a simple, innocent girl who will do anything to help out her friends. We saw the biggest example of this during the examination when she helped out Deku at the cost of her own points.

She has medium height with a bright smile on her face. She spreads positivity everywhere she goes with her bubbly and energetic self. Moreover, the way she blushes every time on hearing Deku’s name is extremely adorable.

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This takes us to the conclusion of our top 10 cutest MHA girl characters. The girls from class 1-A dominated this list, with the class 1-B girls not far behind. Both Ochako and Momo were top contenders for that first position, with Ochako winning just by some distance. 

We will make sure to keep on bringing such new and unique articles. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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