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Heart-warming, but probably not for everyone

MartinHafer3 January 2008

I finally saw this film nearly a month after its debut. Because of this, there are oodles of other reviews and many of them encapsulated the plot very well, so I won't even try. Instead, from the standpoint of a middle-aged man, I loved the film. Some of this might also be because I took my teenager with me and since she got such a kick out of the film, I couldn't help but like the film. I thoroughly enjoyed ENCHANTED and am glad I saw it. However, after it was over I thought to myself how would others like the film? After all, I am a real softie and like romantic films--what about teenage boys, guys who only cry at John Wayne flicks or rabid feminists? I seriously doubt these audiences would have appreciated the film nearly as much, say, a group of young girls or people who just love the Disney cartoons it parodies. Still, for the right audience, this is a sweet and magical film that is sure to please.

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Sweet, funny and charming, one of the most pleasant surprises of 2007!

TheLittleSongbird22 June 2009

I loved Enchanted, by all means it isn't perfect, but it is a sweet, fun and charming film, that to me was a huge surprise. The animated sequences were lovely, with bright colourful backgrounds, and the live action ones are beautifully shot. The music, by surprise surprise Alan Menken was surprisingly good, taking inspiration from Disney classics like Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. I particularly loved the production number in the park. The script is fresh and funny, and the actors look as though they are having fun, making the film refreshingly irreverent, if perhaps a little silly. I also thought the performances were excellent, Amy Adams was beautiful and perfectly charming as Princess Giselle,(sounds like something out of a ballet), and James Marsden was actually tolerable here as Edward. Sure, he mayn't be the most likable of all the princes ever, but he was funny at times. Patrick Dempsey was also good as Robert, who Giselle meets in New York, and in some way he falls in love with her. Timothy Spall has his moments as Nathanial, and while I personally wouldn't associate Susan Sarandon with villainous roles, she was great as the villainous Narissa, who banishes Giselle to New York. Though, my favourite character has to be Pip the chipmunk, he was not only sweet but absolutely hilarious. The scene when he tries to tell Edward of Nathanial(and impersonating him), culminating in him swaying about singing the love theme, had my whole family in hysterics. I loved Enchanted with its quirky performances, fast pace and engaging dialogue, though I will say the film in't without a flaw. (yes almost every single film I've seen has at least one)The film's only flaw is that the CGI Dragon finale was slightly overblown. Other than that, a simply delightful film, that kids and adults will enjoy. 9/10 Bethany Cox.

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SnoopyStyle18 January 2015

In the animated land of Andalasia, the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) wants to keep his stepson Prince Edward (James Marsden) from marrying Giselle (Amy Adams). Narissa pushes her through a portal which sends her into the real world. She finds herself popping out of a manhole in the middle of Time Square. Divorce lawyer Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey) takes pity on the clueless princess and lets her stay with him and his daughter Morgan. He decides to marry Nancy Tremaine (Idina Menzel). Prince Edward and chipmunk Pip come through the portal to rescue Giselle. The Queen sends servant Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) over to poison Giselle with apples.

Amy Adams is perfect as Giselle. I am not so happy with Patrick Dempsey. He is way too whiny. He is no Prince Charming and they don't really develop the needed chemistry. I love some of funnier moments. Amy is fully committed and the curtains are hilarious. Marsden is just as committed to be completely clueless like Giselle and it is funny to see. They are great fish out of water.

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to tell a fairy tale

Kirpianuscus8 February 2017

all is well known. and all is original. not for the idea or for acting or for magic of technology. but for inspired translation of a state who defines generation by generation. it is a simple fairy tale. remembering Kate & Leopold. and the colorful books of childhood. and this is the small great virtue. to be an unconventional film for entire family. to use the classic fairy tall and the love story and the animation and an idea who was/will be tempting for children - if the princess/the prince/the frog/the witch are in near reality ? so, a beautiful film. not surprising from good actors, good script and not bad director.

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Delightful Fairytale with Happily Ever After

claudio_carvalho13 July 2010

Once upon a time in the magic kingdom of Andalasia, the evil Queen Narissa does not want to lose her position of queen and consequently that her stepson Prince Edward finds a girl. When Edward meets the dreamer Giselle, they immediately fall in love with each other and decide to get married on the next day. However, Narissa disguises in an old witch and lures Giselle, pushing her down in a magic wishing well that brings Giselle (Amy Adams) to the real world in Times Square in Manhattan. Giselle does not find anyone gentle and is completely lost in the cold and rainy New York trying to find the way back to Andalasia. However, the divorce lawyer Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey) and his daughter Morgan Philip (Rachel Covey) help Giselle and she spends the night in their apartment. Meanwhile Prince Edward (James Marsden) and his squirrel Pip jumps in the well and arrives in Times Square seeking out Giselle. But Queen Narissa sends his minion Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) yo New York with a poisoned apple to kill Giselle. Robert, who is engaged of Nancy (Idina Menzel), becomes fascinated with the naive and lovely Giselle that falls in love with him. But her prince charming is in the real world to bring Giselle back to Andalasia.

"Enchanted is a delightful fairytale and a wonderful family entertainment. I have just watched this film because of the name gorgeous of Amy Adams in the lead role and the advice of my daughter that told me how marvelous "Enchanted" is. I do not understand the bad reviews of this film and I really feel sorry for someone that is so bitter and cold-hearted that does not enjoy an adorable fairytale that ends with "happily ever after". My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Encantada" ("Enchanted")

Note: On 06 November 2010 I saw this adorable film again.

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Sappy fairy tale meets Cynical New York.

mark.waltz28 May 2016

Warning: Spoilers

I'll give this bloated ball of sugar one high five, making me laugh and gag at the same time. The animated opening had me checking the film's running time as a cloyingly sweet princess to be sings of "Happily Ever After" while the grating handsome prince prepares for his wedding day while a wicked queen plots to send her where there are no happily ever afters. That of course leads her to coming out of a manhole right in the middle of Times Square, causing me to become distracted by Broadway theater marquees (circa 2007), one ironically displaying "Wicked" which originally starred Idina Menzel who appears here in a non-singing role as the neurotic fiancée of the hero who happens to rescue princess Amy Adams after bumping into her during her struggle to figure out where the heck she is and what she is going to do.

Call me cynical, jaded, or even bitter, but I far more enjoyed the reactions of the New Yorkers as they responded to the strange characters all of a sudden wandering the streets. Of course, as New Yorkers are used to strange characters are roaming the streets but one thing we do not do unless it is on a Broadway stage or in a film like this, break out into song in the middle of the street. There is a slight gay sensibility to this that strives for camp, not always a good idea to do purposely. Some moments seem straight out of the West Village Halloween parade.

The songs themselves are rather mediocre, each sounding like the previous one and none of them really memorable. I am certainly praying that this is not in the lineup of Broadway musicals, because I certainly would like to see something fresh on stage not rehashed fairy tale stuff that has been done on stage over and over again. This also perpetuates the stereotype that women are princesses and must find their handsome prince in order to be happy, while the realism of the world is much stronger and creates much disappointment to the young girls who get used to this and find out that real life is not always happily ever after. In looking for handsome prince to sweep then way too, the girls obsessed with fairy tale like this find out the realism of the situation of what man and women are like in real life.

But there are some wonderful surprises, and I give the creators credit for trying something unique. I would have liked to have seen more of Susan Sarandon as the evil queen, joining in the ranks of Glenn Close, Sigourney Weaver and Anjelica Huston who have gone from serious dramatic roles to the deliciously campy. Sarandon get a glorious entrance and that I wouldn't mind seeing on stage, just not in a stage musical version of this.

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Let me explain...

lee_eisenberg10 April 2008

It was bound to come one day: a movie about a princess from fairy tale land who comes to the real world. And where can one get a better taste of reality than New York? As I understand it, some people found it a little inappropriate to show Giselle (Amy Adams) wearing only a towel in that one scene. Obviously these people didn't realize that "Enchanted" is partly a parody of these sorts of movies (and confidentially, if I'd seen her like that, I might have asked her if I could get slinky with her). Of course, a gorgeous babe like Giselle probably wouldn't have wanted to get sexually involved with a dork like Robert (Patrick Dempsey).

I should also say that Susan Sarandon, as evil Queen Narissa, also exudes eroticism. It takes one svelte gal to look that sexy while being totally wicked. In my opinion, Prince Edward (James Marsden) was best while watching TV, while Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) probably could be the star of his own movie.

And the songs? They probably won't stick in my mind (sorry, I'm just not a fan of that stuff). Whereas the official description of Giselle is no doubt supposed to be "beautiful", I prefer to say "hot"; seriously, what guy isn't gonna feel just a little aroused at the sight of her? The overall gist of the movie seems to be that if we were nicer to each other, then the world would be a better place (well, after everything that's happened in the world during the past few years, that's going to be a tough task).

Anyway, it's not a bad movie. Not my favorite, but worth seeing as long as we understand what it portrays.

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jboothmillard4 January 2011

Warning: Spoilers

I really liked the look of this Disney film because it was essentially sending up the traditions they themselves have created over the years, mainly in making fairytale based films, so I watched, from director Kevin Lima (A Goofy Movie, Tarzan, 102 Dalmatians). Basically, once upon a time in the animated fairytale kingdom of Andalasia, Giselle (Doubt's Golden Globe and National Movie Award nominated Amy Adams) is the beautiful maiden living in the forest cottage waiting for her prince charming to come along. Prince Edward (James Marsden) is the one who hears her singing, and when they meet they instantly fall in love and are to be married the next day and have a happily ever after. However her evil stepmother Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) has been watching over in displeasure and doesn't her son Edward marrying her, so she disguises herself as an old hag and lures her to the magical well where she is pushed in. She tumbles into a new world where she changes from animated into a real life character, and in this world apparently no-one can truly fall in love, there is no fairytale magic and there are no happy endings, it is present day New York. She soon meets hardened but friendly divorce lawyer Robert Philip (National Movie Award nominated Patrick Dempsey) and his little daughter Morgan (Rachel Covey), who insists he lets her stay with them until she can get back to where she belongs and her "true love". While Giselle keeps acting like she is still a fairytale, including getting the animals of the city to do the cleaning and dress making, such as pigeons, rats and cockroaches, Prince Edward has found his way into the city as well. The Queen wants to make sure that the "happy couple" won't find each other, so she sends henchman Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) into the real world with a poison apple to put Giselle into the deadly sleeping death. Giselle's chipmunk friend Pip (Lima himself) is also there, unable speak coherently like he could in Andalasia (voiced by Jeff Bennett), so he can't be understood properly, especially by the daft prince. Robert may be engaged to Nancy Tremaine (Idina Menzel), who is misreading the situation between him and Giselle, but they spend more time together, she discovers real life has many more complications, especially in finding true love, he is finding her optimism and idealism affectionate. Edward eventually finds Giselle in the apartment she is living in with Robert, and while he is eager to get back to Andalsia with his bride, she is not so much, learning how to really fall in love she says they should have a date. Robert with Nancy, and Giselle with Edward, they all see the advertisement for the King's and Queen's Ball, and there is the part where they swap partners and Giselle realise her true love is actually with Robert. They do not know that because Nathaniel failed three times to kill the princess, she has come to the real world herself, disguised herself as the old hag once again, and tempts Giselle with the poison apple. Confessing the evil plot and going against the Queen, who he has realised is truly evil, Nathaniel says that true love's kiss is what can save her before the strike of midnight, but it fails for Edward. Robert kisses her just in time, and the spell is broken, and that is when Narissa makes her way out, turns into a giant dragon and takes Robert hostage to the top off the roof. In the end, with the help of Pip, the Queen falls to her death, Giselle saves Robert, and meeting each other and being attracted Edward and Nancy go back to animated Andalasia to marry, while Giselle, Robert and Morgan are a happy family. Narrated by Dame Julie Andrews. Adams is enchanting as the naive but adorable fish out of water princess, Dempsey is likable, Sarandon looks like she is having fun, the animation at the beginning, end and in between is really good, the computer effects do their part, and the story is really fun viewing, with many great jokes about fairytale traditions, a must see family part-animated romantic comedy fantasy. It was nominated the Oscar for Best Song for "Happy Working Song", Best Song for "So Close" and Best Song for "That's How You Know" (it was also nominated the Golden Globe) (no wonder Take That's "Rule The World" in Stardust wasn't considered, three songs!), and it was nominated the National Movie Award for Best Musical. Very good!

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A great modern fairytale

Tweekums22 April 2011

Even though I'd heard good things about this film I wasn't sure what to expect as I haven't watched an animated Disney film in decades, aren't that keen on romcoms and dislike it when film characters break out in song... in the face of it I should have hated this film but as it turned out I loved it! Starting in a saccharine sweet animated kingdom we are introduced to Giselle; a princess attended on by a variety of overly cute forest creatures; one day she is attacked by a troll but luckily she is saved by Prince Edward. This being a fairy tale they fall in love and are due to be married but Edward's wicked step mother pushes her into a magical fountain and she finds herself in New York City. As she wanders round looking for her prince Robert, a divorce lawyer, and his young daughter help her. Edward follows through the fountain to find his beloved.

As I watched the opening scenes I was fairly sure I wasn't going to like the film but once the action moved to New York where everything became live action I really enjoyed it and laughed often even though I'm sure I'm not part of the target demographic. Amy Adams was an utter delight as Giselle; making the character a naïve innocent without being irritating. James Marsden hammed it up in an entertaining fashion and Timothy Spall was fun as his less than trustworthy sidekick. Also of note was Patrick Dempsey who played Robert; it can't have been easy playing the one normal main character amongst a group of fairytale characters. While this is a fairytale it is rather nice that for once the heroine wasn't just a damsel in distress; when there is danger Giselle is quick to get stuck in. This is a film that adults and children can enjoy equally and I heartily recommend it to both.

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Cracking family entertainment.

BA_Harrison29 March 2008

Disney's Enchanted is a wonderful film: not only does it have a brilliantly simple, yet completely ingenious concept, that is packed full of great jokes, romance, adventure, and hugely enjoyable musical numbers, but it also makes a star of the beautiful and talented Amy Adams, who, if there is any justice in this world, will have a long and successful career ahead of her.

As Giselle, the fairytale princess-to-be who is sent to New York by the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), Adams is absolutely perfect: heart-achingly attractive with an angel's voice. Who can really blame single father Robert Philip (played by Patrick Dempsey) for falling for her charms, even though he is about to propose to his long term girlfriend? Not I.

Robert, an attorney, meets Giselle as she wanders the streets of the 'Big Apple', struggling to cope with the harsh reality of the city. After taking the confused young woman back to his apartment (which he shares with his six-year-old daughter), his life becomes completely turned upside-down: his girlfriend leaves him (fair enough—she sees Giselle laying on top of him in nothing but a towel!), and his career looks decidedly shaky (once again, Giselle does not seem to help the situation).

Also throwing a spanner in the works are several others characters from the fairy tale realm, who have followed Giselle to New York: Prince Edward, who wishes to marry the pretty maiden, having spent a whole day in her company; Giselle's best friend Pip (who happens to be a chipmunk!); and the loathsome Nathaniel (Timothey Spall), Queen Narissa's right hand man, who is determined that Edward will not find his true love.

With Enchanted, director Kevin Lima proves himself to be a name to watch, providing his audience with brilliant wall-to-wall family fun, and delivering a couple of scenes that are instant Disney classics: Giselle summoning the vermin of New York to help her tidy Robert's apartment; and the song and dance routine in which everyone joins in, having obviously been affected by a little of Giselle's fairytale magic.

Of course, despite the villains' best attempts, everything ends happily ever after (as do all great fairy tales), but not before Giselle learns that falling in love means getting to know someone properly first, Robert learns to trust his feelings, Nathaniel realises the error of his ways, the nasty Narissa is defeated by a brave rodent, and Edward finds someone who is truly grateful to be whisked off their feet by a handsome prince.

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Enjoyable fairy tale frolic, if you're not too cynical or damning...

moonspinner556 February 2011

New York City divorce lawyer and single dad Patrick Dempsey chances to meet distressed storybook princess Amy Adams, a once-animated maiden who has become mortal after being pushed into the real world by a wicked queen. Instead of a fish-out-of-water fairy tale from Walt Disney Pictures, we get a cartoon character turned three-dimensional...add songs, homages to Disney classics, plus a computer-generated squirrel (for slapstick value) and you've got the makings of a pleasant, if top-heavy, romantic comedy for eleven-year-old girls. Some of the humor is a bit too outrageous (I could have done without the bathtub-scrubbing cockroaches), but Dempsey and Adams really put their hearts into this sugar-coated scenario and give us an attractive, appealing couple worth swooning over. The animated prologue is fun, and Susan Sarandon is a perfect villainess, although Bill Kelly's screenplay is a little short on genuine supporting characters: the entire picture seems to take place in a vacuum, with the Big Apple residents (minus one ticked-off bus driver) under some sort of catatonic spell. **1/2 from ****

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Very entertaining fantasy romantic comedy.

TxMike28 March 2008

Warning: Spoilers

This movie starts with traditional, old-fashioned Disney animation, and continues this way for about 10 minutes. Julie Andrews is the Narrator. It is about a fictional kingdom where mean Queen Narissa wants to keep her stepson, Prince Edward, from the throne. She especially wants to keep him from falling in love. When it appears that he has found his true love, Giselle, she is lured and thrown into a magical well, and she emerges from a sewer in the middle of a busy Manhattan street.

Amy Adams is perfect as naive Giselle, lost in this bewildering land. She catches the attention of a New York divorce lawyer, Patrick Dempsey as Robert Philip, who was in a cab with his young daughter Rachel Covey as Morgan Philip. They come to her aid and a friendship begins.

Meanwhile, Prince Edward finds out what happened and he jumps into the well to find his true love and bring her back. James Marsden is good as the not-too-bright Prince Edward. They are eventually joined by Timothy Spall as Nathaniel, and much later Susan Sarandon as the mean Queen Narissa.

What else can I say, it is a fantasy, an animated Disney movie come to life with real actors. Amy Adams does her own singing and reveals a nice, stage musical type of voice. There is nothing much new here that hasn't been done before, but the actors create a nice entertaining movie.

SPOILERS: As all the characters encounter each other in New York, Giselle finds that she doesn't really love Prince Edward, instead is falling for nice guy Robert and his small daughter. They end up staying together in New York. Meanwhile Prince Edward is falling for Robert's girlfriend, and they go back through the magic well and get married as cartoon characters back in the fantasy land after the mean Queen Narissa is disposed of in New York.

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Enchanted is a nice parody/tribute to fairy tales from Walt Disney Pictures

tavm27 December 2007

Walt Disney Pictures' original animated/live-action musical comedy Enchanted is a mostly wonderful tribute/parody of various fairy tale films that made the company the most enchanting for family entertainment. Amy Adams is simply luminous as Giselle, the maiden who finds herself caught between James Marsden's Prince Edward from her animated life and Patrick Dempsey's Robert Phillip in the real New York one. Also featuring Susan Sarandon as the evil Queen Narissa and Timothy Spall as Nathaniel, her henchman. Then there's the chipmunk Pip, voiced by Jeff Bennett in Andalasia and the director Kevin Lima in New York when Pip can only communicate in chipmunk sounds. Finally, there's Idina Menzel as Robert's fiancée, Nancy, and six-year-old Rachel Covey as his daughter, Morgan. All players I've mentioned contribute wonderfully to this movie that lives up to its title. My favorite sequences, however, both involve Giselle when she sings her heart out in New York. The first involves when she calls to some animals to help clean Robert's apartment when he's gone and many of them are rats and roaches! Then at Central Park when she starts singing to Robert about finding true love, he at first tells her to just keep walking then she encounters some Calypso musicians and they start joining in and then just everyone within walking distance do the same. Well, except Robert who insists he can't sing or dance! The songs by Disney veterans Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz move along at a breezy pace. Also nice to see previous animated Disney princesses Jodi Benson (Ariel), Paige O'Hara (Belle), and Judy Kuhn (Pocohantas) make cameo appearances and to hear Julie Andrews herself narrate. All in all, Enchanted is another Disney movie that should be entertaining enough for all ages who want that feel-good happy ending with some clever satire that makes, in the words of Andrews' Mary Poppins character from that Disney picture, "the medicine go down".

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Enchanted is Everything and More ****

edwagreen17 August 2008

This is a heartwarming tale. It's Cinderella revisited or better yet, Cinderella comes to modern day New York.

Of course, we have a wonderfully wicked stepmother (Susan Sarandon) who can't take that her step son will marry a girl prettier than her. Enraged when he finds the love of his dreams, she dresses up as the old witch and throws the unsuspecting girl down a river leading her to Manhattan.

It really becomes a riot when the prince, a queen's subordinate, a chipmunk and the Queen herself all follow her to New York.

In N.Y. the animated characters come alive as our girl meets widower Patrick Dempsey with a 6 year old girl. He is ready to marry again to the lovely Idina Menzel.

The merriment caused by the singing and dancing are wonderful. Everyone in the cast does so well. The ending where the wicked Queen gets her is just fabulous. You wonder why Menzel's part wasn't larger, but you come away with such a positive feeling after seeing this film for the young and adults as well.

A truly wonderful imaginative idea in motion picture making. Cinderella and Snow White, you've gone modern. Congratulations.

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Delightfully romantic fantasy tale

Gordon-1130 June 2010

This film is about a young girl who is about to become a princess in a fantasy land, only to be transported to a modern day strange land by an evil queen.

Amy Adams is cute and adorable in her role as a princess-to-be, who is hopelessly lost in the modern day world. Her ways of talking, walking and doing are all fairytale like, making her so convincing as a fantasy character. The cultural clashes of fairytale land and the modern day world are interesting and entertaining to watch. All the costumes and sets are so thoughtful and beautiful. I also like the way that it has come musical elements, which enhances the happy atmosphere. I enjoyed watching "Enchanted", as it is such a delightful film.

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A Modern-Day Fairy Tale

sunwarrior1315 October 2011

Warning: Spoilers

Enchanted is one movie that presented a fairy tale in a realistic manner at present in modern-day New York.It stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Idina Menzel, Rachel Covey, and Susan Sarandon. The film was produced by Disney,written by Bill Kelly and directed by Kevin Lima.

The movie revolves around a story of Giselle, an archetypal Disney Princess, who is forced from her traditional animated world of Andalasia into the live-action world of New York City.Giselle (Amy Adams) lives in Andalasia, an animated fairy tale world with talking animals, characters breaking into song and "happily ever after" a foregone conclusion. Prince Edward (James Marsden), her designated true love, saves her from a troll and they plan to get married the next day. Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), Edward's evil stepmother, schemes to protect her throne, which she will lose once Prince Edward is married. She throws Giselle into a portal that transports her to a world where there are no "happy ever afters", also known as New York City.

Giselle emerges in the middle of Times Square. After a number of misadventures, including causing a minor car accident, accidentally being caught in a crowd and getting on the subway, and having her tiara stolen by a homeless man in the Bowery, she meets Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey), a hardened, yet friendly divorce lawyer. At his daughter Morgan's (Rachel Covey) insistence, Robert lets Giselle stay at their apartment. Following the ways of her fairy-tale world, Giselle recruits urban animals (of the breeds generally believed to be household pests) – pigeons, cockroaches and rats – to clean his apartment while she fashions a dress out of his curtains. Robert's girlfriend whom he was going to propose to, a fashion designer named Nancy (Idina Menzel), misunderstands the situation and runs off after arguing with Robert. At Robert's law firm, his secretary Sam (Jodi Benson) tries to find Giselle transportation home, but cannot locate Andalasia. Deciding he must part with Giselle in Central Park, Robert offers her some money. However, Giselle almost immediately gives it to an old woman who remembers Edward stabbing an MTA bus in Times Square (while under the delusion that the bus was a giant steel beast). Deciding that Giselle needs his protection, Robert rejoins her. While walking through the park, Giselle questions Robert on how he displays his affection for Nancy, before launching into a big song-and-dance number that gets the whole city singing and dancing. Giselle eventually helps Robert reconcile with Nancy by sending flowers to her, along with tickets to the King's and Queen's Ball.

The story ends when Edward finds Giselle's discarded shoe and places it on Nancy's foot àla Cinderella. They happily leave for Andalasia to be married. Giselle uses her magical dress-making talents to run a successful boutique shop, assisted by both humans and animals. Both Nathaniel (in New York) and Pip (in Andalasia) become successful authors, writing self-help books based on their experiences. The last scene shows Giselle, Robert,and Morgan playing and living together happily ever after.

The movie is one original and refreshing movie that still in the Disney tradition that both kids and adults will appreciate alike.It contains witty lines and great animation.Aside from that,the character of Giselle and her story will make people from all ages appreciate and relate to her.For adults it will bring out the memories of their youth into them.I attribute that to Amy Adams' excellent portrayal of Giselle.She is one hell of an actress as she is realistic as a live- action fairy.In terms of the other performances,special mention also goes to Patrick Dempsey as the lawyer and James Mardsen as the prince.Also,the music,the direction and the story also makes this film highly-recommended for everyone.In summary,everything works in all level for this movie.

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A tribute to all things Disney

studioAT27 May 2011

Enchanted manages to be a lovely tribute to Disney films of the past while setting the bench mark for Disney films to come. For a Disney fan such as myself there are so many references to previous films for us to enjoy while watching the film.

From great storytelling to great songs Enchanted is well deserving of the praise it received. It is an old fashioned family film that you don't see very often in this day and age of fancy 3D.

Amy Adams is a fantastic actress and does this type of film so well as she has since shown in Night at the museum 2 and has all the charm, warmth and beauty to carry of the role of Giselle.

This is by far one of Disney's best films of the last decade and is well worth searching out if you are a fan of Disney films or just a fan of good storytelling.

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Inner Love

tedg4 December 2007

What is a film studio to do? Romance movies make money, so you've got to keep making them. This and the beat-up genre are the foundation of the industry, and the product has to keep flowing.

But at the same time, the audience is not only becoming more and more hardened, they like to see this represented in their film product which is the one place in their lives where most do sophisticated abstract reasoning. What do you do? Well, if you are the world's most mature studio in terms of narrative engineering, you'll try something like this.

Its a romance movie that first tells you what the formula is, shows it to be a cartoon of life. Then it layers "real life" — what I call folding — on it. There's a character that is told by our fantasy girl about movie love and expresses shock that such love is expressed "without irony." The idea is that somehow this fantasy world of movie love penetrates into our real world of rude New Yorkers and bad marriages. The roughness of the real world isn't all that rough though, and our visitor from a pure land does in the end change those around her. There's a child involved but her agency in the business is downplayed; she's less important than the curtains.

So the formula is to first make fun of the formula by putting it in the first movie, the one within, and then let it seep into the outer movie, the one we are presumed to inhabit. At the end, we more consciously buy into the notion of movie romance.

It didn't work so well for me because the "real" world was presented in an inadequately real way. There were construction workers, a rough bus driver, a homeless thief, rude passersby. But none of them had enough edge to count as real. The real world, in fact, was nearly as pretend as the cartoon world. So this breaks Ted's law which states that in order for these nested constructions to work, the distance between us and the outer world has to be the same as that between the outer world and the inner one, here, Andelasia.

In keeping with best character engineering tradition, the girl here is redheaded. There's only one funny bit, a pantomime chipmunk.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.

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Enchanted - indeed!

hitchcockthelegend20 June 2020

Disney blends live action and animation for a tale that subverts all their own big fairytale hits of old for heart warming results. Basically it's a fish out of water tale as a princess (the heart achingly yummy Amy Adams) is thrust into modern day New York and proceeds to change the life of everyone she comes into contact with. While of course nefarious baddies have followed her from "animation fairytale land" to attempt assassination for crown grabbing purpose. The ending is a joy, as is the big theatrical musical number in Central Park. 8/10

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Probably the year's most enchanting romantic comedy...

Doylenf28 November 2007

What the world really needs in 2007 are more films with the ageless charm and wit of ENCHANTED. It's priceless entertainment from the Disney studios, providing plenty of chuckles and downright laughter as PATRICK DEMPSEY, AMY ADAMS, JAMES MARSDEN and SUSAN SARANDON go through the paces of their fairy-tale roles. What helps immeasurably is that the witty script has been given a sumptuous look in both the animated and real-life scenes and the musical score is fresh and appropriate, if not a bit familiar in that it seems to be borrowing heavily from other Disney films--most of the time intentionally so.

The script has the animated Giselle, a princess, being banished from the palace when her beauty surpasses that of Queen Narissa (SUSAN SARANDON). She exiles her to an existence in hell--make that New York City. Once in the city, after climbing out of a manhole cover in full princess regalia, the lovely princess (AMY ADAMS in a cheerfully over the top performance), runs into all sorts of predicaments because she acts like someone who "just escaped from a Hallmark card", according to the lawyer (PATRICK DEMPSEY) who gives her shelter for the night but soon finds himself forming a romantic attachment to her.

It moves along at a brisk pace, is stunning to watch because the hand drawn animation is so beautifully rendered, and is fun all the way, with everyone giving their own brand of exuberance to the acting.

SUSAN SARANDON is extremely effective as The Wicked Queen and her make-up as the old hag deserves an Oscar. JAMES MARSDEN has all the physical requirements for his role as Prince Edward and tops that with a performance modeled after the vain Gaston from "Beauty and the Beast".

There's no shortage of romantic chemistry between PATRICK DEMPSEY and AMY ADAMS in the leads, evident from their first awkward encounter to the final fadeout.

Too bad Hollywood isn't capable of churning out more films like this one, as solid a romantic fantasy as anyone could wish for with lots of sly fun at the expense of other Disney classics and enough old-fashioned charm to satisfy adults and children.

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Didn't really work for me

preppy-314 December 2007

Warning: Spoilers

The first 20 minutes or so of this are fantastic. It's a cartoon where Gisella meets handsome Prince Edward and wants to marry him. However, his evil mother Queen Narissa doesn't want her to become queen. So she sends Gisella to the real world (New York City). She is followed by Prince Edward, a spy named Nathaniel and Pip--a chipmunk. Will Edward find Gisella there? The idea is a good one and this has a lot of things going for it: the opening cartoon is wonderful--it's like a whole Disney film running at top speeds and going WAY over the top in an amusing way. Amy Adams is just wonderful as Gisella. She doesn't overplay her character's naivety too much and avoids becoming too goody-goody. Also Pip is a CGI animated chipmunk here and he's just hysterical. His facial expressions and body movements had me laughing. Also the movie looks great--tons of bright color and great special effects. But that's it for the good things.

The bad: James Marsden overplays Prince Edward to a degree that it becomes annoying. Susan Saradon is badly underused as Queen Narissa (her role is little more than a glorified cameo). Patrick Dempsey looks miserable (and acts it). But, most of all, the story has leaps of logic that are just impossible to ignore. There are so many of them that I don't have enough space to list them. A few: how does Gisella get on a subway-with no money? Why is Nathaniel in a kitchen to contact Narissa? Where does he get the various costumes and disguises he wears? How does Gisella get back into Robert's apartment after she left? That's just a few of the problems.

So I really wanted to like this but the story inconsistencies kept annoying me. I might be being too cynical about this so use your own judgment. Kids will probably love it but, be warned, there is a somewhat scary sequence at the end.

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Lots of fun-more so if you know all the Disney fairy tale cartoons

dbborroughs5 January 2008

Warning: Spoilers

Disney pokes fun at itself and makes a glossy fairytale in the process. Animated princess is banished to the real world by a wicked queen, where its hoped she will stay forever. However the not too bright price follows suit as does a wicked henchmen. As the characters try to find each other and their way back romance blooms and the wicked queen fumes. I liked this movie. It helps that I've seen most if not all of the Disney fairy tales that are being sent up so the jokes played a little funnier. For example I loved the princess calling for help from her furry friends to clean the apartment and having rats, cockroaches and pigeons show up. The cast is mostly good, with only Idina Menzel, Tony winner for Wicked, being not really up to the material. She plays Patrick Dempsey's fiancé and seems off (as she often does on film and TV). Definitely worth a look, especially if you've seen all the Disney fairy tales, mores o if you've seen them more than once.

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Twelve O'Clock High

writers_reign15 December 2007

Warning: Spoilers

Any movie that can quote King Kong and The Sound Of Music without stretching has to be doing something right. It's the ideal film for this time of year, a perfect blend of live action and animation welded together seamlessly and chock-full of references from Alice In Wonderland to Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and more. Amy Adams was denied the big award for Junebug and she'll probably lose out again yet she is magical in a part that requires the kind of naivety of Leslie Caron in Lili, or the two Audreys, Hepburn and Tautou and she does it effortlessly. The score is tuneful and how often do you find an interior rhyme in a lyric today. It builds up to a stroke-of-midnight kiss and it really is a twelve o'clock high.

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How true

neil-47626 February 2010

Warning: Spoilers

The title says "Enchanted", and I was.

The joy of this movie is how cleverly it blends together pastiche and tribute. It is utterly faithful to the films it gently ribs while it is ribbing them. It has its cake and eats it like few other movies do. Even the songs are ever-so-gently over the top.

The performances are all fantastic, with Adam's charming fish-out-of-water princess never losing her belief in fairy tale happy endings taking the honours by a short head. Marsden's happily clueless and asinine prince is not far behind, though.

Every aspect of the script works, from story to dialogue (and there is such fun to be had in trying to spot references to previous Disney movies).


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It's Nice to See That Disney Can Make Fun of Itself

evanston_dad14 December 2007

A cute and diverting Disney film that pokes fun at other Disney films.

Amy Adams does fine work as a cartoon princess named Giselle who is banished to that frightening, sinister world otherwise known as New York City by an evil queen (Susan Sarandon) who doesn't want her marrying her dashing stepson, Prince Edward (James Marsden), and stealing her crown away from her. Giselle winds up in the care of Patrick Dempsey (who's come a long way since his days as a gigolo pizza delivery guy in "Loverboy"), an uptight divorce attorney who doesn't believe in true love. Giselle of course, in true Disney princess fashion, believes in nothing else, and the two fall predictably in love, much to the dismay of Edward, who has followed Giselle to New York.

Much of the humor in "Enchanted" revolves around contrasting fairytale mannerisms and beliefs to the, shall we say slightly more jaded, attitudes of modern-day New York. Giselle and Edward are both completely lacking in irony or sarcasm, and don't understand feelings like anger or scorn. They both also have a habit of breaking out into big production numbers at the most inopportune times, which provides the film with its highlights. When Giselle wants to clean up a messy apartment, she enlists the help of God's creatures, just like Snow White did so many years ago, but the ones that show up here are pigeons, rats, roaches and an army of flies. It would be easy to dismiss Adams' performance as unchallenging, but I think it would take a lot of skill to carry a movie like this, and she does it well. Marsden is also quite funny as the pompous prince with gleaming white teeth. Demspey is kind of droopy, while Susan Sarandon hams things up as the wicked stepmother. The film grows rather tiresome by its conclusion; the filmmakers can't resist a CGI showdown between the queen (in the guise of a giant purple dragon) and our lovers. But overall it left me entertained.

Grade: B+

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In the animated kingdom of Andalusia, Narisa (Susan Sarandon) is the queen of all the kingdom. She is a sorceress. She refuses to have anybody else take her thrown, so when she learned that her step-son Prince Edward (James Marsden) proposed to marry Giselle (Amy Adams), she vanished her to a no happily ever after place called New York City. When Prince Edward found out, he followed her, so did Pip (Kevin Lima) to rescue and Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) to kill her. In New York, Giselle found herself alone, lost, confused and homeless. Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and daughter Morgan (Rachel Covey) accidentally found her while on their way home, and offered for her to rest for the night at their apartment, and she did. Morning came, Giselle found the apartment to be messy, so she cleaned it up with the help of her animal friends.
Pip failed in his attempts. Nathaniel failed too. Queen Narisa decided to come to New York and do the “getting rid of Giselle” herself. Prince Edward looked for her all over, but failed too. However, with the help of television and media reports, he found her in Robert’s place. Giselle wants him to date her first, something she learned from Robert about courtship, love and marriage in the real world. During these dates, Prince Edward noticed her to be different. Finally, she agreed to return to Andalusia after the costume ball in town. They met Robert and Nancy (Idina Menzel), Roberts' fiancée there. Introduction followed. At the ball, they were made to dance with the other’s date. The dance closeness with Robert made Giselle uneasy and awkward. Queen Narisa arrived at the ball disguised as a witch, saw Giselle's anguish and lured her to take a bite on the apple to make her dreams come true. SHE TOOK A BITE AND COLLAPSED. The queen cursed Giselle and said, she will only wake-up and recover if she is kissed by the man she loves at midnight. Prince Edward kissed her, and nothing happened. Robert kissed her, and she woke-up. However, the queen/witch snatched Robert away to a New York tower to kill him, but Giselle followed to save him. SHE DID AND THEY KISSED. Robert & Giselle got married, lived happily in New York City with his daughter. While Prince Edward & Nancy got married and lived in a castle in animated Andalusia. HAPPY ENDING for all the characters, except for the evil queen Narisa. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Enchanted-Amy-Adams/dp/B003QSE26Q
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The beautiful princess Giselle is banished by an evil queen from her magical, musical animated land and finds herself in the gritty reality of the streets of modern-day Manhattan. Shocked by this strange new environment that doesn’t operate on a “happily ever after” basis, Giselle is now adrift in a chaotic world badly in need of enchantment. But when Giselle begins to fall in love with a charmingly flawed divorce lawyer who has come to her aid – even though she is already promised to a perfect fairy tale prince back home – she has to wonder: Can a storybook view of romance survive in the real world?

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance

Director: Kevin Lima, Mick De Falco

Actors: Amy Adams, Emma Rose Lima, Idina Menzel, James Marsden, Jeff Bennett, Julie Andrews, Kevin Lima, Patrick Dempsey, Rachel Covey, Susan Sarandon, Timothy Spall


Release: 2007

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