Stardew growing enough grass

Stardew growing enough grass DEFAULT

How much grass is enough for the animals in Stardew Valley?

The planner you found will probably be the best tool for working this out but to answer the question Each animal will consume roughly the equivilant of one patch of grass a day, but that will often be from several patches in small amounts, so a single chicken in a field of grass wouldn't eat enough for you to even notice some of the taller grass is now a little shorter.

For larger numbers of animals the measurement is always how much more grass will grow, rather than how much you have and that is all about how much blank space there is for it to grow into. Each individual patch of grass tries to spread in at least one direction each day, but if that tile is occupied by anything it will fail, and not spread. This is a mechanic used for a lot of things in stardew valley.

If you had enough grass that it had a little over 24 open spaces around it most of the time, then it would be enough to consistently feed all your animals, but if you just had 24 patches of grass in one block it would be eaten up very quickly. Try to avoid small fenced in area's of grass for this reason.

Lots of small patches works well without using up much room, or one large patch, even if it is a bit further away, as long as the animals have a clear patch to it.

Source: Buying far to many grass starters without realising how to use them myself, before working out that they all want ample room around them to spread into.

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I’m having trouble keeping up with the hay demand. I’ve got the whole farm cleared other than my crop plots, crafting areas, and stable. The rest of the farm (like 70% of the total area) is cleared with grass growing in like 5 separate patches. I farm the grass when I need it but only get a few days worth of hay- certainly not enough to stock up for winter.

I had to resort to selling two 5-heart chickens and two 5-heart cows to lower hay need. I now have a big coop and a big barn with 2 chickens, 2 ducks, 3 cows, 2 goats.

How does everyone else feed animals? Is there a more efficient way? I feel like I can’t keep up!

Three things you can do.

  • Make a grass field that’s large enough to sustain itself. If you’ve got 70% of your farm area free, that’s plenty.
  • Make a grass feeder (a patch of grass we prevent animals from eating – if they can’t stand on it, they can’t eat it). Grass spreads on its own provided it isn’t eaten first. Lay down grass starters & put fences on top of them. The grass underneath will remain unharmed, making new grass around it that the animals will eat.
  • Buy hay from Marnie. You only ever need to do this in emergencies/if you’ve got an excess of money and want to use the space on the farm for something else.

I also have a patch on the farm where I grow grass away from animals exclusively to reload the silo with. Just do a quick calculation with the number of animals you have and you’ll be good.

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Grass doesn't grow fast enough
I literally buy like grass starters but I have max barn and coop animals, they eat it all so fast, it's all gone in a week or two. Is anyone else having similar problems?

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Growing grass stardew enough

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