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Canada Post Shipping

Canada Post is the popular shipping API of Canada providing shipping services to Canada and around the world. With over 6,200 post offices offering convenient and reliable parcel services, you can save time and money by getting them to pick up parcels and setting up a return policy that keeps your customers coming back. Canada Post has a flat parcel pickup rate of $3.50 per pickup, which can help you save time sending the customers' parcels to their doorstep.

Canada Post Shipping for Magento 2 by Meetanshi integrates this shipping API with Magento 2 to add a new and most preferred shipping method in stores for online Canadian shoppers. It auto-calculates and charges live shipping rates based on the shipping origin and the customers' delivery destination. Whether shipping to Canadian addresses, US addresses, or internationally, the Canada Post Shipping extension calculates and delivers the correct live rates directly to your customers. The admin can enable multiple methods offered by Canada post shipping for shipping the product and enables the customers to choose their preferable Canada Post shipping method on the checkout page.

Account & Pricing

Canada Post Shipping is a FREE service. However, to commence using the extension, you need to Register for FREE with Canada Post to get the user ID, password, and client number. To see the Pricing Plans, you need to contact the Canada Post team. 


  • Offer customers with the Canada Post Shipping method to ship products to Canada and other countries.
  • The admin can set custom title for the Canada Post shipping method
  • The admin can also configure estimated delivery time to be displayed in the storefront
  • Option to add the delivery time offset to add X number of days to the Canada Post delivery estimate.
  • Enable the sandbox mode for testing purpose if required
  • Option to configure rate type as commercial or counter
  • Backend option to set language
  • The admin can integrate Canada Post shipping with Magento 2 using the details like API user ID, password, and client number obtained while registration.
  • Backend option to configure the unit of weight to collect rates from the Canada Post API.
  • Option to configure the length, width, and height of the package in centimeters to calculate the shipping rates
  • Option to add a handling fee
  • Select the methods from the backend to allow using Canada Post Shipping
  • The admin can enable minimum order amount for free shipping and set the amount for the same
  • The admin can select a free method for Canada, the US, and the international. 
  • Backend option to configure error message for the shipping unavailability.
  • Select the countries allowed to use Canada Post Shipping
  • Option to show method if not applicable
  • Enable shipping method for admin only.
  • Option to configure the product-specific length, width, and height of the package in centimeters to calculate the shipping rates.
  • Facilitates displaying all allowed multiple shipping methods from Canada post at cart page and checkout page for customers to choose.
  • Facilitates customers to check their Canada Post shipping method details in their "My Account" section on the frontend
  • Facilitates the admin to check the customers' Canada Post shipping method details in the sales order view backend.
  • The admin can use the Canada Post Shipping method while creating a new order from the backend.

How Does The Extension Work?

The admin can integrate Canada Post Shipping API with Magento 2 to offer Canada post shipping to the customers. For that, he can enable the extension, set title, enable the display of estimated delivery time, set delivery time offset, enable sandbox mode if required, set the rate type and locale, use API user ID, password, and client number to integrate Canada post shipping API with Magento 2, set unit of weight, set length, width, and height of the package in centimeters, set handling fee, select the allowed methods for Canada Post Shipping, enable minimum order amount for free shipping and set the amount for the same, select free method for Canada, US, and international, configure error message for shipping unavailability, select allowed countries, enable to show method if not applicable, and enable shipping method for admin only.

The admin can also configure the product-specific length, width, and height of the package in centimeters to calculate the shipping rates.

Once configured, the customer can view the Canada Post Shipping methods on the cart page and checkout page.

The customer can check their Canada Post shipping method details in their "My Account" section on the frontend.

The admin can check the customers' Canada Post shipping method details in the sales order view backend.

The admin can also use the Canada Post Shipping method while creating a new order from the backend.

Use Case of Canada Post Shipping:

The extension helps the store merchant to improve the performance of the business. With Canada Post for Magento 2, the admin is allowed to select multiple countries to ship the products to particular countries as per the choice. This facilitates the admin to deliver the products to global locations. Moreover, the admin can select more than one method for shipping the product. Customers can select the convenient Canada Post shipping method at the checkout for shipping via Canada Post. Additionally, the extension is the best solution to get the shipping rates from Canada Post's API.

Also Comes With:

  • Free 90 Days Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • 25 Days Marketplace Return Policy
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • 100% Open Source

Visit Live Demo:

  • Back-end | Just select "Canada Post Shipping" from the Username drop-down to log in 
  • Front-end  | Configure the extension from back-end first as per your requirements to see it in action.

If you have any questions about this extension, you can Contact Us, and we will reply you back within a few hours.



Canada Post Shipping extension by CedCommerce for Magento 2 allows the admin of the website to select Canada Post shipping method for every product. For this the admin has to make it enable from the admin panel. It provides the shipping facility from Canada to all over the world. It is an API based shipping method & it gives live response on the basis of destination country, weight & price of the package. In order to show shipping methods of Canada Post shipping, admin of the website has to enter his customer number and API credentials in the shipping method section of Magento 2 admin panel which he received after registration on Canada Post developer program. After the products have been added to cart, the customer can choose from the available shipping methods according to the origin and destination address. Shipping cost will be calculated using admin address as origin address.


Canada Post Shipping provides shipping facility from Canada to all over the world.

It calculates shipping cost by using the admin address as origin address and destination address as the address of the customer.

Admin of the website can set specific countries for shipping and can enable or disable this shipping method.

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Canada Post Shipping

Your Canada based operation needs to ship with Canada Post, and Mageside has fully implemented the Canada Post web API for Magento 2. With Canada Post Shipping you can display live rates to customers before and during checkout, print shipping labels, register parcels with Canada Post prior to drop-off, create manifests for all shipping labels, and track previously shipped parcels. 

Whether shipping to Canada addresses, US addresses, or Internationally, Canada Post Shipping will deliver the correct live rates directly to your customer. All shipping options including Regular Post, Xpresspost, and Priority are fully supported for parcels and envelopes. With Mageside, best in class code, ease of use, and customer support are guaranteed. Thanks for your trust and a shared commitment to excellence!

Mageside is selected as an official Canada Post partner and we are proved as Canada Post E-commerce platform provider. Canada Post Shipping extension has been reviewed and verified by Canada Post team to be compliant with all requirements of the integration with Canada Post API.


Account & Pricing

A free Canada Post account is required to use this extension. The account is not created during extension installation. To create an account please visit the signup page.


Key Features

Instant live prices by weight and destination

Our extension features live integration with the Canada Post API which allows rates to be queried and displayed instantly once your customer has specified shipping destination information. All shipping options that you use are displayed, and all rates calculated live from Canada Post.


Register your shipment with Canada Post

Once a purchase is made, the calculated shipping price and the parcel is registered with Canada Post. At this point, a tracking number and shipping label is generated. You can print the shipping label for use on the packed parcel, and your customer can immediately retrieve the tracking number.


Track shipped parcels using tracking number

Lookup any shipment and click through to its tracking information.


Small Business and Commercial Customers

During this process, the tracking number and shipping label is being generated that one can print it and use it while parcel packing.


Delivery to Post Office in the nearest area

On the stage of selecting shipping methods, a customer has an option to deliver order items to the post office instead of a personal shipping address.


Create shipping manifests as payment records

The transmit shipments feature sends shipment data for billing and tracking to Canada Post and provides you with shipping manifests for record-keeping. Our Canada Post Shipping module allows you to select which shipments should go on a manifest. It then allows you to print each manifest as you create the transmit calls.


All shipment options available

Canada Post allows the options of Signature, Coverage, Notification, Reason For Export, Non-delivery handling options and others. All can be configured from the module admin.


Multiple parcels and shipping labels per order

Sometimes merchants need to split an order into more than one parcel. This module allows the admin to choose which products should be placed in which boxes, and to create separate labels for each.


On-demand Pickup 

Allows to create a one-time pickup request right from Magento admin panel.


Fully manageable from admin panel

All parts of the module are manageable from the admin panel.


Demo & Support


How to integrate Canada Post shipping into Magento 2

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Have you ever thought about outsourcing your shipping service? Actually, third parties doing deliver is very popular nowadays because of the many benefits for all the participants. In this blog, you will be introduced to Canada Post delivery service, a well-known company in Canada and American.

If you are wondering why you should choose Canada Post for Magento 2 and how can you integrate this shipping method into your Magento stores, keep reading with us!

Table of Contents

Canada Post services and advantages of use

Canada Post is a Crown corporation that functions as Canada’s primary postal operator from 1867. They are focusing on three services:

  • Courier express services
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Logistics services

Canada Post services

There are some outstanding advantages of using Canada Post as the third party to deliver your products to the user’s hands:

  • Outsource shipping means less time and less cost

  • Well prepare for products stocks thanks to the estimated shipping date

  • Offer an online tracking system so that both merchants and shoppers can check their shipments with ease

  • Shipping area is very large and suitable for almost stores

Advanced features of Magento 2 Canada Post extension

Show shipping rate lively by Canada Post API

Understanding that the high cart abandonment rate results from the unnoticed extra fee at the checkout process, this module allows Magento 2 stores to show estimated shipping fee right at the shopping cart page.

This estimated shipping rate is shown based on the customers’ shipping destination info, which can be customers’ addresses. Thanks to this, shoppers are able to know their total order value including shipping fees. Hence the buying decisions are made more quickly.

shipping rate lively by Canada Post API

Multiple ways to calculate shipping cost

This module is supported with three ways to calculate shipping fees. Admins can flexibly choose the method that is suitable for the typical shipping situations.

For example:

  • Shipping fee based on Shipping destination: In case your store allows shipping in a large area, even shipping abroad.
  • Size/weight of the shipping package: The shipping fee is depending on how big or heavy your shipping packages are.
  • Handling fee: The shipping fee is affected by the handing fee of Canada Post office.

Multiple ways to calculate shipping cost

Backend order using Canada Post shipping

Not only customers can choose to ship by Canada Post, but at the backend, Magento admin can also create order and assign shipping using this method. This helps both parties shopping and place orders more conveniently.

Backend order using Canada Post shipping

Flexible estimated shipping time

Worrying your stores cannot send the order on the estimated delivery date? It is no problem with this module since admins can now set up the time offset for the delivery date. More clearly, the time offset is an amount to be deducted or added to the estimated time so that the time range for shipping is extended. This will create more flexible and improve store credibility in serving customers at the right time.

Flexible estimated shipping time

Create shipping packages with labels

Shipping packages can be generated by Magento admins at backend easily. Also, they can choose which products to add on. Then all packages are sent to shippers at Canada Post.

Especially, for a large number of orders, it is necessary to realize and distinguish different packages. Thus, this extension allow admin to label their orders. All the labels are able to be printed in PDF file as well.

Create shipping packages with labels

Full Features of Magento 2 Canada Post extension

  • Turn on/off the extension
  • Set the title for Canada Post carrier
  • Choose the extension working mode: Sandbox or Production
  • Provide integrate credentials: API Username, API Password, Customer Number
  • Choose agreement type: Contract or Non-contract
  • Fill in the contract ID
  • Choose the language for shipping method name and error message
  • Allow displaying the estimated delivery time
  • Configure the delivery time offset
  • Choose shipping methods to be applied
  • Allow/Disallow free shipping
  • Define the lowest order value eligible for free shipping
  • Choose free shipping ways for Canada, the US, and International
  • Define quote type: commercial or counter
  • Select the print output format
  • Select the reason for export
  • Set the max package weight
  • Allow handling fee calculated as fixed amount or percent
  • Choose to apply the handling fee for package or per order
  • Choose the countries able to use Canada Post shipping
  • Display error message if the Canada Post is not available
  • Debug mode to check the failed transactions
  • Prioritize displaying position for the shipping method at frontend

In conclusion

At the end of the blog, I would love to say thank you for your attention. It is highly recommended that you should take a look at our shipping solution: Magento 2 Canada Post Shipping, which helps integrate Canada Post API to your Magento 2 so that your stores’ products can reach worldwide customers, especially Canadian shoppers.

Download Canada Post Extension


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Canada Post Shipping for Magento 2

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