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Best Original Grain Watches Review (2021)

Original Grain Watches Review

If you are tired of searching for an unusual timepiece, then you should take a look at the devices made by Original Grain. It is a creator of the Cubs watch collection. The Original Grain watches review must be the one that will tell you everything about this company since the investigation took around 15 hours. So what you are going to read about is a successful start-up that specializes in the manufacturing of products that combine quality and style thanks to the special technology of inserting wood in a timekeeper. Curious? Then what are you waiting for?

Top 5 Original Grain Watches

Men’s All-Natural Hawaiian Koa Wood Watch (OG-11-1-SW)

Men's Koa Barrel 42mm

The exclusiveness of the Original Grain brand is its principle of operation and distinction of the watch’s appearance. The first model in the review is a men’s timepiece made of stainless steel and all-natural wood of Hawaiian Koa. In particular, the wood veneer is on the 42 mm display, its bezel, and on band links.

Regarding its functionality, this timekeeper is equipped with three hands with a glowing finish at the end of each and a date and day window. It’s highly likely that it’s a dress watch, but wearing it with a sports suit is not excluded.

By the way, for fans of the New York Yankees, there is a special watch line from Original Grain. It includes automatic models made of wood from 1923 Yankees Stadium seats. The devices from this unique collection are as good as the Koa Barrel timepiece, so they’re also worthy of your attention.

  • An unusual and posh design
  • The time is well seen in the dark
  • The case and band are made of durable materials
  • The dial size may seem too small for some users

Men’s Minimalist All-Natural Ebony Wood Watch (OG-V2-4020-EB-BLK-MNML)

Men's Minimalist OG-V2-4020-EB-BLK-MNML

The next Minimalist model is less loud than the previous one, but still, it will catch everyone’s eye with its design too. While its case is stainless steel, a bezel and a 40 mm dial background are made of ebony wood. In addition, the timepiece features gold-tone hands and hour markings that add elegance to the whole look.

Its main functions are showing accurate time and date and, of course, acting as zest of your everyday or official look.

  • A convenient-to-wear leather band
  • A stunning design
  • The 40 mm dial may seem too small for some users

Women’s Avalon Luxury Wood Watch (OG-AVALON)

Women's Avalon OG-AVALON

The ash wood veneer goes well with a grayish-blue leather band in the Avalon women’s model. By the way, at first glance, ash wood may resemble maple wood, but it’s not! The wooden insertions are on a 34 mm dial background and a bezel. The stainless steel parts, particularly a case, two hands, and hour markings, are silver-toned.

No doubt this device is a dress watch. Thus, rest assured that wearing it with a formal dress or office outfit will be a good solution.

Perhaps this model is not as good as you expect because of its relatively small dial. Thankfully, you can find more decent devices with displays larger than 37 mm in the Hugo Boss watches review.
  • A comfortable-to-wear leather band
  • An elegant timepiece
  • Some users may consider that this model lacks a second hand

Men’s Grainmaster Chrono Miyota VK63 Quartz Watch (OG-CH-GM)

Men's Grainmaster OG-CH-GM

For sure, having the Grainmaster watch will be really helpful if you need different types of measuring time. It features lots of functions including a stopwatch, a tachymeter, and a date calendar on the 45 mm display. At the same time, it is a decent addition to your casual apparel or even tuxedo.

A massive stainless steel case is a major part of this device. However, a brown leather band, which slightly resembles rosewood tone, and mahogany insertions accentuate its specialness as well.

  • There are many time measuring tools
  • It’s waterproof
  • A stylish yet convenient design
  • The leather band is impractical for underwater application

Men’s Whiskey Barrel 46mm 24hr Subdial Stainless Steel Watch (OG-12-003)

Men's Whiskey Barrel OG-12-003

The Whiskey Barrel model is a really nice device for people who value quality, style, and presentability. It comes with a 46 mm display that has one sub-dial and three hands. The latter ones have a glowing finish that helps read the time at night. However, the most intriguing detail of this timepiece is the used wood. In particular, it is reclaimed American oak bourbon barrel wood with its own history, which is absolutely unique. Thus, having this watch ensures lots of curiosity addressed to you that plays into the hands of successful people.

  • A really gorgeous design
  • A convenient sub-dial
  • Glowing hands
  • A large dial
  • It may be too heavy on the wrist
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If you are interested in this brand but have never heard about it, there may appear some obvious questions. The lack of the proper information may stop you from purchasing one of these timepieces. Thus, to prevent this from happening, here are the answers to the most common inquiries.

Where Are 👀 Original Grain Watches Made?

For sure, the first question about the Original Grain’s timekeepers is, Where are they made? Despite the fact that the wood for watches comes from various places such as the USA, Argentina, Africa, etc., the assembling process occurs in China. Since wood is used for manufacturing watches, each item receives a unique wood pattern that doesn’t appear in other devices of the same line, so the price for them is reasonable.

Are Original Grain Watches Quality 👍?

All the devices made by Original Grain are equipped with the Japanese Miyota movement. That is why it is safe to say that they are well made. Besides, the manufacturer supplies its products with a 2-year warranty sold via the official website, which also speaks volumes of their quality.

Of course, Original Grain is not the only company that uses the Japanese mechanism in its devices. For example, Seiko is a Japanese brand that makes timepieces using its own movements. Check the review of the best Seiko watches under 500 dollars to learn more about this company.

How Do I Set the Date on Original Grain Watch ⌚?

Believe it or not, the next most popular question is, How do I set the date on the Original Grain watch? In fact, not all the models are equipped with a date calendar. That is why the following recommendations are only for Classic, Barrel, and Chrono devices. In order to set the date, you need to set the time first by pulling the crown up to the second click. Once it’s there, you can twist the crown clockwise to set the time. Then, you need to push the crown slightly till you hear the “click” sound. Now you can twist it counterclockwise to set the date. Alternatively, you can change the date by changing the time.

Where to Buy 🛒 Best Original Grain Watches in the USA?

And of course, nearly everyone who is interested in the Original Grain watches encounters a problem of where to buy a particular device. In fact, you can find it for sale in any supermarket near to you. But the best places to visit are online platforms such as Amazon with lots of intriguing offers and eBay that has auctions where you can try to get the desired thing for a lower price. Besides, never forget about visiting the manufacturer’s official website where you can also find the nearest shop using its store locator.


The most important thing you should know about Original Grain is that having any watch from this brand, you’ll get more than just a timepiece: you will get a unique product with its own history. Besides, by buying one watch, you assist with planting a new tree in a region where it’s highly necessary. Thus, you kill two ducks in one shot without even leaving the place where you live.


Sours: https://watchmakernotes.com/original-grain-watches-review/

On this site, we’ve mostly covered watch materials such as stainless steel,titanium, leather, and plastic. This article will be a bit different—we’re going talk about a watch company that makes use of wood on its timepieces.

Original Grain, an American company, introduced its wood watches in 2013. This article will focus solely on the brand, from their design philosophy to the materials that they use on their watches.  Below, we take a closer look at this watch brand, its beginnings and current watch collections.

Original Grain watch


Original Grain’s History

Original Grain was started by brothers Ryan and Andrew Beltran in 2013. Their goal was to produce unique timepieces made of wood and steel. Making use of sustainable and reclaimed hardwood, the company one of the first of its kind, using materials like Yankee Stadium seats or Kentucky Bourbon barrels, which we’ll discuss further below.

What Are Wood Watches?

Original Grain logo

Original Grain is one of the many companies making wood watches more and more popular. Before we discuss its collections, let’s first take a closer look at wood watches in general—what are they, why should you buy them, and what makes them special?

A wood watch is a timepiece that makes use of wood materials—makers incorporate it on the straps or the case. The mechanism of the watch is still that of a conventional watch.

Most companies that sell watches made of wood promote sustainability. By using materials such as reclaimed wood, the wearer is using a renewable source that does not contribute to the destruction of forests.

Aside from being sustainable, a wood watch is also stylish. Unlike metal watches, each wood watch model is unique because of the natural wood grain. Like other quality wood products, these may also change appearances, looking more beautiful as they age.

These types of watches are also good for people who are allergic to material and plastic. Because wood is a natural material, it’s more friendly to these skin types. More often than not, wood watches are also more lightweight.

Original Grain’s Advocacy

One of the things that make Original Grain stand out is their effort to help the environment, and feed families. They partnered up with Trees for the Future, an organization in Senegal.

For every watch purchased, Original Grain customers are contributing to the African organization, which has three main goals: plant trees, alleviate hunger, and reduce poverty in Senegal. According to the brand’s website, this partnership is able to impact the lives of more than 12,000 people.

The brand supports the organization’s Forest Garden Program, which is a “simple, replicable and scalable approach” that allows them to plant specific types of crops and trees every year in a systematic manner. This is done in a span of four years and would change the families’ lives for the better, as the program is able to provide sustainable food sources and products that can be sold, as well as a 400% increase in the families’ annual income. To know more about the project, the statistics, and accomplishments, you can visit this page.

People in gardening gloves planting a tree sapling

Original Grain Watch Collections

Below, we’ll introduce Original Grain’s collections. We’ll zero in on the types of wood used, the styles, and the movements. We’ll also provide some links that will allow you to do some further reading.

The brand makes sure that they stick to top-notch craftsmanship, choosing traditional methods over shortcuts, and focusing on classic woodworking techniques.

Customers who want to know where the watch materials come from will also be able to read more about the types of wood used on the watches. You’ll find a comprehensive listhere, where you can read further about the sources of materials used.

Whiskey Barrel – Alterra Chrono collection

Original Grain Whiskey Barrel Wood Watch

See on Original Grain | See on eBay

The Alterra Chrono is a collection of Japanese quartz chronographs with more than a dozen styles to choose from—42mm and 44mm watches, each with a distinct look and natural materials. 

The Whisky Barrel model makes use of reclaimed American Oak Bourbon barrel with a brushed espresso stainless steel. One great thing about the brand is they tell their customers where the wood is from—in this case, it’s Kentucky USA, home of American’s spirit bourbon. This watch used to be an oak barrel that was once used to store the spirit. Some of the main features include a Japanese Miyota Citizen Quartz movement, a mineral crystal glass, and a double-locking fold-over clasp. 

This is also the collection of the limited edition 1923 Yankees Championship Chrono, which only has 27 units. The wood material that Original Grain used on this is off the authentic Yankee Stadium wooden seats.

Sapele Black – Barrel collection

Original Grain Barrel Sapele Black

See on Original Grain | See on eBay

This collection, as the name suggests, have watches that are made from oak barrels. The Barrel collection has a wide array of styles and special editions, such as the baseball-themed wood watches.

One of the most popular models in this collection is the Sapele Black, which is made from natural and sustainably sourced Sapele wood from Central Africa. This one has a matte black stainless steel, a Japanese Miyota Citizen Quartz movement, and a water-resistant casing (we’ll discuss water resistance further below). 

Aside from classic designs like the Whiskey Barrel and Brewmaster (which is made from reclaimed German oak beer barrels), this collection also features US baseball watches like Yankees, Red Sox, Giants, and Mets with different case colors (blue, red, and black), which are perfect presents for baseball fans. 

Blackwood Classic – Classic collection

Original Grain Classic Blackwood

See on Original Grain | See on eBay

The Classic collection has watches made from materials that come from different sources: reclaimed ammo wood crates, natural rosewood, Hawaiian Koa wood, Kentucky bourbon barrels, and ebony wood.

All of the watches off this collection are 43mm, which makes it look excellent on big wrists. The Blackwood Classic, one of the new models, have wood materials from South Africa. These woods are known for their durability, sleek black colors, and moisture-repellent qualities. Other notable features include natural African Blackwood and a matte black stainless steel, as well as a steel band with an African Blackwood inlay. The movement is a Miyota 2115 Quartz. 

Blackwood Minimalist – Minimalist collection

Original Grain Minimalist Blackwood

See on Original Grain | See on eBay

If you’re looking for a simple, clean wood watch design, this collection is for you. The minimalist collection has seven types of watches to choose from and is relatively more affordable than the models we’ve featured so far. 

Described as “simple yet extravagant,” this collection has a classic silhouette, thin but legible indexes, and features different types of wood material, from blackwood to koa, from ebony to zebrawood.

One of the latest releases is the Blackwood Minimalist, which makes use of natural African blackwood and matte stainless steel. This is a bit smaller at 40mm and has a sleek black metal dial with wood inlay, a steel band with an African Blackwood inlay, and a Miyota GL20 Quartz. 

Koa Stonewashed – Koa collection

Original Grain Koa Stonewashed

See on Original Grain | See on eBay

The Koa Stonewashed model, which has a Japanese Miyota Citizen Quartz movement, is one of the brand’s best sellers. The wood used on this watch is from the largest native tree in Hawaii, and famous for its sheen and variety of colors and grains patterns with shades of red and brown. 

According to the brand’s website, every watch in the collection is protected by a stonewashed metal finish.

The watches have different sizes, so it will look great on all types of wrists—the 34mm Koa Lani, and the Koa Stonewashed, which is available in 40, 42, 44, and 47mm sizes. See all of them here.

Avalon collection

Original Grain Avalon Vino

See on Original Grain | See on eBay

Last but not least is the Avalon, Original Grain’s collection of women’s watches. Available in different straps (leather, mesh), case colors (black, white, rose gold, ash, etc.), and materials (ash wood, zebrawood, wine barrel wood, etc.), these timepieces are all sized 34mm.

One of the best selling watches from the Avalon collection is the Vino, which is made from reclaimed wine barrel wood and brushed rose gold stainless steel. The strap is a striking burgundy red leather, and the movement is a Japanese Miyota Quartz.

See all the modelshere. You can also pair these watches with some of the brand’s accessories, which we will talk about below.

Original Grain’s water resistance

In terms of water resistance, the company says that most of their watches are splash proof, which means that having “slight water exposure such as rain or washing your hands will have no effect” on the timepiece.

Three of Original Grain’s models have a higher water resistance (up to 100m). These three are the Koa Stonewashed Chrono, the Redline Chrono, and the Marc Chrono. For instructions on how to make these watches waterproof, visit this page that has detailed instructions.

If you’re purchasing any of their watches, keep in mind that they make use of untreated and all-natural wood and that they do not recommend long periods of exposure or submersion in water. The brand makes it clear on its website that its warranty coverage does not cover water damage.

Original Grain accessories

Original Grain also sells accessories like watch straps and bracelets. Like the wood watches, their straps are also made with reclaimed materials. See the choices here.

Under the Women’s accessories category are simple bracelets made from materials such as natural palm, ebony, and rosewood. These charms can be worn with Original Grain watches (see the options here, and you can also choose from an array of Men’s versions here.

Those who would like to have cases for their watches can also purchase watch cases. Right now, there are two choices, a black leather watch case, and a waxed canvas roll, both of which can house multiple watches. 

Where to buy Original Grain watches

All Original Grain watches and accessories can be purchased through the brand’s website. You can also see the models and order via their Instagram account.

Navigating the website is simple and easy, as the watches are divided into two main categories (Men and Women). Customers can also choose to shop by style and material—you can pick the type of wood that you would like on your timepiece.

Original Grain is also available on Amazon or find new and used Original Grain watches on eBay. Take note that the warranty policy on these websites may be different from that of the watches purchased on the official website.

Is Original Grain a good brand?

Aficionados and collectors can be particularly harsh on brands like Original Grain that make wooden watches.

While serious watch snobs may write the brand off as a fashion watch or claim that wood watches are just a fad, the brand’s use of sustainable materials (such as it’s watches made from reclaimed oak whiskey barrels) and it’s advocacy (planting trees in collaboration with Trees for the Future in Senegal), there’s no doubt that Original Grain is a respectable company. They also have some very unique collaborations and product lines, such as their MLB Series that offers very unique watches for baseball fans – something that sets them apart from other watch brands.

Like any brand, with a wide range of choices, there are mixed reviews on Amazon and other online reviews and much comes down to personal preference and taste as well as budget.

Popular Original Grain watches like the Alterra Chrono receives both positive and negative reviews. Some customers praise the craftsmanship and quality of materials used, while others have given some negative feedback like the case fogging up and a broken clasp on a brand new model.

If you’re intrigued by wooden watches and want a modern watch with a very unique story (where else can a beer lover find a watch made from German beer barrels?) then Original Grain is definitely worth a closer look. Watch snobs that put horological heritage and mechanical movements, of course, would not give the brand a second look  – although that’s obviously not the audience this brand is marketing to.

Original Grain’s warranty policy

The Original Grain manufacturer’s warranty policy is divided into two categories: the two-year manufacturer’s warranty and the one-year manufacturer warranty.

The two-year warranty covers the following: The Founder’s 6 Year collection, 1923 New York Yankees collector’s watches, and the Red Sox World Series / Red Sox .406 collector’s editions. The ones under the one-year warranty, on the other hand, includes all the MLB Reclaimed Barrel series, and the rest of the watches on the site that are not on sale or fall under the collector’s series watches.

The manufacturer’s warranty covers free repair or replacement if the watch “proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use.” Both warranties also cover hands, dial, date box, movement, and battery. To learn more about these warranties (as well as the things that are not covered), visit this page, where you can also easily file a warranty claim for your watch.  

Original Grain also offers customers a return for a refund of a brand new item within 14 days of delivery. Those who would like to return for an exchange or store credit may do so for free within 30 days. Check this page for more information on the return/exchange policy.

Thanks for reading!

We hope this article was helpful! Original Grain is a fast-growing company that’s surely not going to stop soon. Its materials and advocacy are refreshing—these things are not often found in most watch companies.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the brand and wood watches in general! If you’d like to learn about other wood watch companies, you can also check out our article about some of today’s best wood watches.



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Amazon.com: original grain watches for men

4 hours ago HUAFIY Compatible for apple Watch Band 42mm 44mm men,Top Grain Leather Band Replacement Strap iWatch Series 6/5/ 4 3 2 1,Sport, Edition. New Retro Leather (Retro coffee+Black Buckle, 42mm 44mm-ML) 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,538

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Amazon.com: wood grain watches

4 hours ago DOO UC Silicone Floral Bands Compatible with Apple Watch 42mm/44mm for Women Girls, Retro wood grain Fadeless Pattern Printed Sport Strap Replacement for iWatch SE & Series 6 & Series 5 4 3 2 1 M/L 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,150

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Original Grain Watches, Parts & Accessories for sale eBay

2 hours agoOriginal Grain Pilot Zulu, Stainless Steel/Maple, New In Box, Warranty, 45% OFF! $175.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer. NICE! Original Grain EARLY EDITION Men's …

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Original Grain Watch Review Founders Edition Kickstarter

3 hours agoOriginal Grain Watch Review Founders Edition - Kickstarter Watch: I was lucky enough to come across this Original Grain Founders Edition watch to review on M

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FullService Watch Repair & Professional Battery Replacement

2 hours ago Step 2 – Pack your watch with the watch repair form, in a box with good packaging, and drop it in the mail. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your watch from our watch repair center. The moment we have completed your free estimate, we will reach out to you again with details about your watch repair for approval.

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Vincero Watches Review [8 Styles]: Are They Any Good? (2021)

5 hours ago Dimensionally, the watch is 43mm in diameter, 11mm thick, and features a 22mm wide strap Italian leather strap. The case is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel and the case back is Italian marble showcase. It has 5 ATM water resistance, Citizen Miyota Quartz movement, and scratch-resistant sapphire coated crystal glass.

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Original Grain Watch Battery Replacement YouTube

3 hours ago Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChLmvwbXUwBvV5LTMTamHeAVisit https://www.timesticking.com/original-grain-watch-repairhttp://facebook.com/timestic

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6 hours ago Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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Original Grain Watches: Time and Story Tellers • Cigars

1 hours ago Even though Original Grain has exploded in popularity and size of operation, the brothers still stay very involved in the entire process of the design and development of the watches. “ At the end of the day, we are only as great as our product, and we don’t want that to …

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2 hours ago With a two-tone stainless steel bracelet featuring a lay-flat clasp and a sleek black face, the Stiletto Tank from Citizen is a unisex watch that always looks its best. The 5.06 mm (+/- 0.25 mm) thick design showcases Citizen’s decades

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Shutterfly: Photo Books, Cards, Prints, Wall Art, Gifts

7 hours ago Create photo books, personalize photo cards & stationery, and share photos with family and friends at Shutterfly.com.

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Prime Time Shop

6 hours ago Prime Time Shop. This seller went the extra mile to get this item here by Christmas! I ordered it too late and it wasn't expected to arrive until two days after Christmas, but without my even requesting, Prime Time Shop got the item in the mail with fast enough shipping for it to arrive the day BEFORE Christmas!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of watches do original grain make?

Original Grain Men’s Watches Review 1 Whiskey Espresso Barrel Watch. This Original Grain Whiskey Barrel Watch is distinct in its quality and craftsmanship. ... 2 Rosewood Black Classic Watch. ... 3 Koa Stonewashed Minimalist Watch. ... 4 Brewmaster Alterra Chrono Watch. ...

What makes original grain timepieces so special?

With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, innovation, and next-level craftsmanship, Original Grain is a world-class creator of watches and accessories, advancing the limits of what wood and steel can achieve. Painstakingly preserving the character and patterns ingrained in each piece of timber, means every timepiece is a one of its kind.

What makes original grain a world class brand?

With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, innovation, and next-level craftsmanship, Original Grain is a world-class creator of watches and accessories, advancing the limits of what wood and steel can achieve.

Sours: https://www.webcontactus.com/original-grain-watches-customer-service/

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Watch original repair grain

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Original Grain-How It's Made

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