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“Dawn of an Empire”


Berserk, Volume TBA, Episode 358 (21 pp.)


Elf Island Chapter


Young Animal #9-10 (2019)
26 April 2019

"Dawn of an Empire" is episode 358 of the Berserkmanga.


In Falconia, Griffith and a council discuss the various affairs of the city and its people, as well as land reclamation and plans for an expansive territory for humanity – a "second empire" succeeding Gaiseric's empire of yore. Later during a full moon night, after bedding Princess Charlotte, Griffith anticipates the recurrence of some phenomenon before suddenly disappearing.


In a meeting room, a council of Falconia officials has assembled to discuss various matters relating to the capital city and nation of Midland. Locus discloses a military report confirming the extermination of jötnar in the region west of Falconia, though he advises that they exercise caution and occupy northern mines as soon as possible to begin reclaiming surrounding territories. Next, General Owen makes known the policing and socio-economic issues of Falconia, noting the growing issues in the residence areas of migrants from distant lands, as well as the security risk of congregating heretical refugees. Laban assuages the council's fears, stating that the diverse citizenry of Falconia is nonetheless united in their shared admiration for Griffith's spectacles.

Minister Foss brings up the matter of the nation's orphans, and introduces Princess Charlotte's proposal to build an orphanage, which some present ministers contest, given the nation's current budget. Griffith counters, arguing that it should be done, and that Falconia should seek to prosper rather than cope. He particularly agrees with Charlotte's idea of empowering the people through education, and the teaching of values and solidarity, noting that the people are the backbone and future of the nation, and will support the nation so long as they are allowed to prosper. On the matter of refugees facing discrimination, Griffith proposes that they be allowed to join the army, to which Locus agrees, noting that military comradeship fosters stronger bonds between differing peoples. Locus proposes the construction of various military and security infrastructure around Falconia, which Griffith follows up by expressing his aim to establish a "second empire" for humanity succeeding Gaiseric's empire of yore. After the meeting concludes, ministers who participated begin eagerly discussing methods of helping to bring Griffith's grand plan to fruition. Foss reveals to them that such grandiose ambitions are necessary to lead a people who require fantasies to be intoxicated by.

Soon after, Griffith reconvenes with Charlotte, reassuring her of his support of and belief in her proposal. Sonia attempts to gain Griffith's attention, but does so in vain, and decides to go somewhere "far away". With no military plans for the afternoon, Griffith is invited by Charlotte for tea. Later at night, after having bedded Charlotte, a pensive Griffith sits in a window sill in a full moon's light, examining in-hand a tress of his hair. Some strands of his hair seemingly bear a darker hue. Anticipating the recurrence of some phenomenon particular to this night, Griffith vanishes into the night sky shortly afterward.


  1. Locus
  2. Foss
  3. Owen
  4. Laban
  5. Griffith
  6. Charlotte
  7. Mule
  8. Sonia
  9. Anna


  • This episode was released following an eight month hiatus.
  • This episode was released in the first ever merger issue of Young Animal (issue #9-10, 2019).




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It is a Griffith chapter as expected. I cannot say much since the chapter is in Japanese, but there seems to be some sort of council meeting. Lots and lots of dialogue. From the images, I can only guess that it's about what Griffith's current or future plans are for Falconia and its people.

EDIT: Tbh, I'm kinda surprised that Griffith would help Charlotte with the whole orphans thing. Either he's thinking long-term, as he said he was, or there must be some other reason I yet don't understand. All I'm gonna say is that Miura better not be building him up to be a not-so-bad ruler lol, not after what he did in the Eclipse.
I guess this chapter confirms that Griffith and Moonlight Boy are indeed connected. I'm very curious to see what will go on in the next chapter. It will be interesting in any way.

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"At some point, I stopped hoping."

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There are a couple of interesting things happening in this recent episode, so let’s take a look!

The first thing that comes to mind is that we do NOT see anything from Griffith’s demon army, or Irvine, Grunbeld or Zodd. Only Locus is there! according to him, it appears they are out on the battlefield.

What I find most interesting in this episode is that Griffith is supporting Charlotte’s proposal of constructing an orphanage:

It’s very fitting to Griffith, as he technically is an orphan as well. Plus the Moonlight Boy which dwells inside of him, may also have the desire to give lost children a home. But how far the boy is affecting Griffith’s actions is covered in a different article.

What’s also noteworthy is that Griffith’s solutions to the growing social unrest in Falconia seem reasonable and agreeable. That’s also kind of creepy, knowing what he did to get here in the first place. Is this Griffith truly caring for his people, or is he doing this just as means to an end? Remember: He is NOT yet King of Midland! At some point he also HAS to do this if he still wants to have people to rule over (you can’t be ruling over anyone if everyone is dead).

At the same time, some of his suggestions also seem very imperial. Since there is literally no law and order, no countries or armies to resist because the land fell into chaos – it’s literally for the taking for the kingdom that survives. (I remember making these kind of decisions when playing Civilizations or similar games using imperialistic tactics…)

If Griffith and his kingdom should ever fall, mankind is probably going to get extinct, or on the verge of extinction. So if Guts (or Casca) decide to go after Griffith, he’s very very likely going to get painted as the bad guy for making this situation worse.

Now Lord (formerly Minister) Foss is making a couple of interesting comments about this situation too:

He notes that in the wake of a powerful enemy, ministers stop their petty in-fighting for power and status in order to fight towards a common goal (namely the survival of their country). The way Lord Foss is talking about and calling them “drunk on the illusion that man skillfully weaves” it seems like he is not 100% comfortable with this thought. Which only fits him, fully knowing what schemes Griffith is capable of.

Also consider that Miura mentioned in the recent interview with French Journal La Figaro that the next confrontation between Guts and Griffith is near. There is a chance that just like these nobles HAVE to reunite to survive, Guts and Griffith both have to join forces to survive, too, if they are facing an enemy mighty enough that it’s threatening the existence of both Guts’ party and Griffith’s Falconia. I mean something like this has already happened, when Guts and Zodd united their powers so they could defeat Ganishka.

At this point, Guts has accepted and healed from the trauma of the eclipse, and repeatedly picks the safety of his companions over revenge. What are the chances of him (or Casca) going after Griffith now to retaliate, with humans struggling to survive in a world infested with monsters and astral beings? The situation would worsen severely if they did.

Read more about different final battle scenario: Bringing Griffith down out of necessity

What also catches my attention is the fact that Griffith is low-key grooming Charlotte, calling her the mother of a nation, like a home-making mother. In return, Charlotte calls him the father of the nation, and asks him whether he wishes to become King (how convenient!). I find the use of “father” and “mother” most interesting, given they made love in Charlotte’s chamber after this. It’s to be expected they will have a child. That is if Griffith is actually fertile – only took them like 2 times to make a kid…

At this point I am also wondering whether Griffith truly wants a family – or only because he has to since it means the throne to Midland.

After this, we see Charlotte naked in their chambers. They did their deed and we can expect a little Griffiths or Charlottes coming soon.

The episode ends with Griffith vanishing into the full moon over Falconia. Griffith glances at his hair and notes how this night he will have to spend as the Moonlight Boy.

Some interesting observations could be made from this chapter and despite this not being the long-awaited reunion with Guts and Casca, the more information we have, the more interesting it gets. I cannot wait for more!

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The Schnoz Hand — Berserk 358 Rough Translation (2 pages...

There’s a first translation of the leaks out!

Apparently, Charlotte suggested the construction of an orphanage in Falconia. The ministers however objected to this as funds by the nation are low and they do not have the money for it.

But then Griffith is actually supporting that idea, explaining taking care of the children and their education is good for the kingdom in long term. There is also an interesting conversation about how educating people may create social unrest and revolutions (!!!!! inb4 Griffith’s fall).




Not gonna lie, the moonlight boy being inside of Griffith is like an inverse beast of darkness… I’m getting the impression because of the boy, Griffith, as a powerful demi-god, is retaining a shred of is humanity - which is the inverse for Guts, who is mostly human, but retains a shred of monster with immense power inside of him (manifested through the beast of darkness and the berserker armor).

I’m gonna say it again: Miura’s a genius

Looks like my question about Griffith’s and the Moonlight Boy’s desires merging in this post I did earlier is indeed a justified question!!!!


Yeah Im gonna comment like this because this is the second time today Tumblr closed the comment popup on me when replying to a comment effectively deleting my wall of text.



I’m pretty sure this is part of the reason. But another part of the reason might be this:

There is this other post written by bthumb I recently came across where Femto spared Guts’ life during the eclipse.

Femto hesitated killing him when he had the chance.


WHICH IS INTERESTING because FEMTO wanted to HURT GUTS (by raping Casca) BUT NOT KILL HIM (inb4 Guts isn’t going to be able to kill Femto for similar reasons… BUT thats for a different post tbh lmao) 

So based on that, it seems a bit like the old Golden Age Griffith still dwells inside of Femto. That was even before he was reborn and thus with the moonlight boy inside of the vessel with him.

Now with the moonlight boy merged together with him, he actively saved Casca on the hill of swords, as you mentioned.

So there definitely IS something human inside of our demi-god Griffith, which has taken the form of the moonlight boy. It’s funny (and genius) how Guts’ beast of darkness is the complete opposite of that.

And just like the BoD is capable of altering Guts’ actions (remember he choked and later sexually assaulted Casca), the moonlight boy is possibly also low-key influencing Griffith’s actions now - e.g. by standing up for Charlotte’s proposal to create an orphanage. Which might be a hidden desire of the moonlight boy, to let other children have a home, something he could not have. Or perhaps even, to soothe Griffith’s consciousness and guilt, fully knowing he destroyed Guts and Casca’s family and literally stole their sole child?!  

It’s like a desire deep inside your sub-consciousness, that bubbles up from deep within you to come to the surface and affects your actions.

Of course, Griffith is still trying to turn this into a tool to get his hands on that castle in the sky, instead of taking for what it (potentially) is. I mean I know he’s rationalizing it by arguing taking care of a nation’s children is good of the kingdom in the long run but… this is Griffith. He never was really self-aware of his own hidden urges or feelings. 

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New Berserk chapter is absolutely incredible. I am 100% fine with Berserk ending on this because it is just this wholesome and amazing, even if the story didn’t find its conclusion.

I find it deeply ironic how Guts having no idea how to proceed from now on may have how Miura felt about finishing his own story; and ironically, he didn’t get to do it either. Almost like the journey itself has always been the destination, for both Miura and the protagonist he created. Life imitates art

I will post a more indepth analysis once I collected my thoughts! Im currently creating some berserk content on my whim on twitter in the meantime

Casca is finding herself a purpose!!

Guts, thinking swinging the sword feels natural to him:


Meanwhile Casca discovering meaning being together with the moonboy, while she doesn’t know he is her son


if we could read minds I still don't think we'd understand them.

like I've spoken to people who think in images, who have to translate each thought into words before they communicate. and I think entirely in words, laid out across the void inside my head. my father's thinking is 3d, concepts structured in ways that are incredibly difficult to translate into words. and how would that look to me, if I could see into it? how do I perceive a thought that my mind cannot contain by the nature of their construction?

we all speak a private language to ourselves and we are always translating so we can speak to each other...don't touch me I'm emotional

my internal language is mostly words, images and another third way that can be best described as “sensing meaning”/”telepathic”

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Reseña Berserk 358-359

Vlad slowly walked along the paths and paths, thinking where Lena went. At the far end of the boarding house, the vegetation was especially dense. Vlad was about to turn back, when suddenly he heard quiet voices and laughter. He stopped, listening, and it seemed to him that the laughter belonged to Lena.

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