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Holy Trash Panda sound test - Rama m60-a by alexotos

Modded GMMK Compact YOK Trash Panda Sound Test by MF Keys

YOK Panda SWITCH 🔎 - [Capítulo 7] | Serie Switch&Keys by Canary RAM

holy trash panda sound test - 512 60% WKL by alexotos

Head to head: Holy YOK vs. Holy GSUS by Walker's Keyboard Science

YOK Purple Trash Pandas vs Holy Trash Pandas - Sound Test by Mikkel Schmidt

Holy Panda Switches lubed vs unlubed by Portmann

Leopold FC660M with YOK Pandas/Clears typing sound by sebastiantomas

Let's Build: Chiwi60 (Yok Mint Holy Panda switches) | Custom 60% Keyboard by 001anthony

Unboxing: Maroon Holy Pandas (YOK Red Panda Switches, Halo True Switches) by 001anthony

Build your own Holy Panda Mechanical Keyboard Switches by uploadTwashe

GMMK with lubed Holy Pandas (Typing sound test) by Faou

Tofu with Lubed Holy Pandas (Sound Test) by Nordsworth

Building YMDK96 With Holy Trash Pandas by Michael Chen

Tofu 60% | Holy Trash Pandas | Brass Plate by playsbymd

Comparing Massdrop Holy Pandas with Holy Red Pandas by sebastiantomas

Holy Trash Pandas & MiTo SA Lasers by Spookie Outrider

Fjell with lubed Holy YOK Pandas sound test by bespoke.keyboards

Kepler YOK Red Panda typing test by Vietnam Keyboard Group

Dang60 Lubed Yok Panda by Henry Choo

Sours: https://switches.mx/yok-panda

YOK Mint Pandas are essentially BSUN GSUS switch clones. They have the same housing (minus the name), stem, leaf, and spring. 
YOK Mint Pandas are a great switch for making Holy Panda switches - the stem of a Halo switch in the housing of a BSUN GSUS, Invyr Panda, and now the YOK Mint Panda housing.
The switches are a linear switch that come with the black stem as pictured. The spring weight is 60g bottom out with a 50g actuation.

Product TypeSwitches
Price (incl. tax)€5.49
AvailabilityOut of stock
Actuation ForceThe spring weight is 60g bottom out with a 50g actuation
Mount methodplate
Number of reviews1
  1. Nice color and good performance

    It is one of the nicest colors of holy pandas you can get. Though wouldn't recommend to use these springs to make holy pandas because they are quite light - you need a bit more weighty spring for tactile switches as hp

    Reviewed by Domantas Bronušas on 4 Sep 2020, 6:07 p.m. | Permalink

    This review has no votes.

Sours: https://mykeyboard.eu/catalogue/yok-mint-pandas_986/
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Well, without further delay I’m glad to finally get back to posting a full and proper article of some fashion. Before I start, though, I want to apologize for having taken this long to have posted something again on the main website, even though it was mostly out of my hands. Aside moving, starting a new job, and a bit more personal stuff going on, I’ve been struggling a bit recently with ‘writer’s block’ if you will. While it’s not specifically anyone’s fault within the community, I’ve found that as I’ve begun to see more and more success lately that I’ve been ramping up the pressure more on myself to produce higher and higher quality content. This, in turn, has led to very many rewrites of articles I wouldn’t otherwise have had an issue with in the past, and has contributed in large part to this delay. Hopefully with the publishing of this (long overdue) update to one of my previous articles, the juices will begin flowing again and I will get back to pumping out content on a normal routine. I just hope that you all know that this pressure is simply to produce the quality of content that you all deserve for supporting me this far along.

Climbing off of my personal soapbox, this article that I am ‘redoing’ now is actually a call back to one of my first documents I produced, which was an Excel sheet detailing all of the different Panda switches that had been known up until that point. Obviously, in those days I was still simply uploading to a Google Drive and didn’t have a website nor PDF style to try and cater to. To continue with the updating of this document for the future, as well as update it to where the Pandaverse is now, this is my complete redoing of the article with new writing, new details, new photographs, and hopefully a much more sustainable format. Each of the Panda switches below will feature pictures from my personal collection (so long as I have them) as well as brief telling of their history and short links to pertinent readings elsewhere.

The Pandaverse

Invyr Panda V1

Figure 1: Invyr Panda V1s with both Holy Panda variants.

Releasing publicly in late October of 2016, these Invyr Pandas are the first to kick off what has now become one of the most drama-filled and convoluted family trees of switches. Starting as a collaboration between two designers, Invyr (Zisb) and Mech27, the aim of these switches were to “create the smoothest possible factory linear switch.” Anyone that was active in the community at this time, though, will tell you that this simply didn’t end up being reality. Being universally panned as ‘not great’ linear switches, these faded into near obscurity until the incredibly famous ‘Holy Panda’ was discovered. Discovered and named by Quakemz of TopClack fame, these frankenswitches were formed by taking the stems of either a Halo True or Halo Clear switch and placing them into the Invyr housing and using a spring of the users’ desired weight. Pictured above you will see the original Invyr Panda V1 front and centered flanked on both sides by an original ‘Holy Panda’ and ‘Clear Minded’ Panda, which is my personal favorite name for Holy Pandas with clear stems.

Invyr Panda V2

Figure 2: Invyr Panda V2 switch. (Courtesy of Invyr/Zisb)

Riding the newfound wave of success and interest in Invyr Pandas after the community-wide acceptance of Holy Pandas, 27 and Invyr chose to try and go about a release of an ‘Invyr Panda V2’. Originally partnering with 1UpKeyboards, and one of their owners u/skiwithpete, samples were made and shipped to 1Up, though ultimately rejected to mold issues. In order to try and improve upon the mold design issues with respect to stem wobble and top housing tolerances, the V2 switches were then going to become opaque, BSUN Brown tops with retooled Invyr Panda bottom housings and the original Invyr stems. In fact, the attempt at converting the otherwise unusable samples into ‘Invyr V2’ switches was successful and saw 1Up invest heavily into BSUN Brown switches as can be seen from their sales page today. However, at some point after this investment, the retooled bottom housing molds were either destroyed or damaged and the plan for these switches were scrapped altogether.

Thus, in the grand scheme of this situation, only a handful of Invyr V2 switches were ever made for the sample set and it is highly unlikely that this plan will ever be revisited again. I’d also like to give a big shout out to both 1Up as well as Invyr for having the conversations with me that not only allowed me to secure some of these remaining sample switches but also for explaining this convoluted history.

Invyr Panda V3

Figure 3: Invyr Panda V3s, otherwise known as ‘Drop Pandas’, with both Holy Panda variants.

Contrary to the mold destruction/damage comments in the previous paragraphs, at some point along the way in the production of either Invyr V1 or Invyr V2 switches, not all of the molds were destroyed. (In fact, to this day this is still a hotly contested and little understood topic.) The newest iteration of Invyr Panda switches is relatively recent compared to the first two iterations and aren’t even in fact referred to by ‘Invyr Panda V2s or V3s.’ Referred to, instead, as ‘Drop Pandas’, these are Drop’s attempt at cashing in on the “original Invyr molds” that they supposedly had bought from someone. According to conversations with Invyr, these switches feature a retooling compared to that of Invyr Panda V1s, though don’t feature a different material nor stem. Starting their initial sale around Christmas of 2019, the first batches of these switches shipped around late January to early February of 2020 with future iterations being scattered throughout 2020 to current day.

GSUS Pandas

Figure 4: GSUS Pandas with both Holy Panda variants.

In all transparency, while these switches are only one fragment of the maybe four entire feature-length articles I could write regarding Pandaverse drama, these are by far some of my favorite drama-heavy Pandas. With the initial Geekhack thread for these switches starting in December of 2018, these “new Panda” switches were aimed at being the first attempt to recreate the legendary Panda switch in order to topple the insane aftermarket demand for Holy Pandas, which had driven prices up to nearly $5 per switch. Taking help from neither Invyr nor 27, a user by the name of SuperVan set out to do this project on his own and even committed to buying MOQ amounts of switches before having even run the groupbuy because he had believed in them that much. This, along with an initial pricing of $1.00 per switch, set the release Geekhack thread (as well as the community) on fire for a few days until he ultimately decided to lower the price to $0.60 per switch.

Aside all of the drama surrounding these switches, these ended up becoming wildly successful Invyr Panda alternatives and helped kick off the ‘Modern Panda Rush’ which inspired the YOK line and broadened the outreach of the ‘Holy Panda’ name to an infinitely wider audience.

YOK Red Pandas

Figure 5: YOK Red Pandas with both Holy Panda variants.

Shortly after the drama filled groupbuy and positive reception of the GSUS Pandas, Mike and the crew at Novelkeys followed suit with their own ‘Invyr Panda clone’ in the form of YOK Red Pandas. Originally going on sale in mid-January 2019, these switches featured a new ‘YOK’ nameplate and were to be produced at an, at the time, unknown factory. While we now know that these were produced in the same factory as BSUN switches and original Invyr Pandas, the biggest pull for these clone switches came in the deep red housing color that would be much more suitable for build themes that white housings previously seen in GSUS and Invyr Pandas would not suit. Over their fairly long lifetime at Novelkeys, YOK Red Pandas were restocked a couple of times though as of the time of writing this update, the only western facing sources to buy these are small time vendors running sporadic, limited groupbuys.

YOK Mint Pandas

Figure 6: YOK Mint Pandas with both Holy Panda variants.

Unremarkably different than the YOK Red Pandas that were released only a short time before this, Novelkeys doubled up on the frenzy for Panda switches with these mint green colored clones that were functionally identical to the red versions. These switches followed a rather similar trajectory in terms of sales on Novelkeys, and were even featured on the same sale page for a brief stint before their removal from the site. The only interesting piece of associated historical notes to these switches is that this was the point in which u/Winthea began to break into the scene a bit with her beautifully drawn switches themed to match their names. While she had done a few switch drawings prior to this point, this really kicked off her community excitement for these drawings, with myself being a big fan.

YOK Trash Pandas

Figure 7: YOK Trash Pandas with both Holy Panda variants.

Making their debut in March of 2019, the third YOK branded Panda ‘clone’ featured a dark grey housing in order to offer a ‘more neutral’ base color than the other YOK Pandas sold up to this point in time. Being sold only on Novelkeys, these switches stayed stocked until sometime in mid-2020 and, subjectively, had a much lesser interest surrounding them than the YOK Red and Mint Pandas sold before them. As well, these were the first Panda switches up to this point to be named for something other than either the nameplate or the color of the switch, though this is really their only defining characteristic amidst the rest of the Panda switches.

YOK Polar Pandas

Figure 8: YOK Polar Pandas with both Holy Panda variants.

Debuting as the fourth (and not technically final) YOK Panda switch to be made in the ‘Modern Panda Era’, these switches were announced on Reddit at the start of August, 2019. Selling for the same price as the other YOK Pandas up to this point, they went the exact same route of hanging around for a short while until ultimately fading off into the distance.

BSUN Clear Pandas

Figure 9: BSUN Clear Pandas with both Holy Panda variants.

Among all of the Panda switches in this exhaustive list, I know the least about these purely due to my severe (and in fact, almost nonexistent) proficiency in any Chinese dialect. Run exclusively in a private Chinese groupbuy, these clear-housing BSUN switches were aimed at being an extremely secretive and low key Panda clone switch. These have briefly made appearances in the west, though, in the form of a giveaway on Geekhack tied to another groupbuy by user oldcat. Even though these are known about in the west as a result of this giveaway as well as the first version of this article, no attempt has been made at re-running these switches in some fashion.

Massdrop x Invyr Holy Pandas

Figure 10: Massdrop x Invyr Holy Panda.

Being announced roughly around the start time of the GSUS Panda groupbuy in December of 2018, these switches were not only the first factory assembled Holy Panda switch to be sold to consumers, but also the first community-made frankenswitches to receive a factory-made release in their original format. The most interesting advertising note surrounding the initial release of these switches was in regards to Massdrop claiming that they had obtained “original Panda tooling”, which as discussed above, has been rumored to be destroyed and/or damaged beyond usage long ago in the past. Pushing this controversy aside under the ‘potentially conflated advertising’ tent that Massdrop likes to camp in quite often, the release details took the community by storm given that the initial price point was lower than the cost of any Panda switch and Halo switch needed to make Holy Pandas at that time. Ultimately, this price was only an initial release price, with future iterations jumping up to roughly equivalent in cost to the two switches required in making Holy Pandas. As well worth noting, this decreased initial pricing was believed by many in the community to be an attempt by Massdrop to combat SuperVan’s GSUS Panda groupbuy which would be competitive to their monopoly on Panda switches.

Continuing in the drama laden fashion of Massdrop, future iterations of this switch featured even more drama with a release in September of 2020 claiming to have housing made of “100% POM” as opposed to the normal Polycarbonate top housings / Nylon bottom housings of previous releases. Experiments conducted by the community at large quickly determined this to be a lie and caused an uproar that coincided nearly perfectly with the Glorious Panda switches, discussed below.

YOK Purple Trash Pandas

Figure 11: YOK Purple Trash Panda.

While certainly not the most convoluted in terms of background drama or mold technicalities, the YOK Purple Trash Pandas certainly are among the most confusing with respect to naming scheme. This latest release of YOK switches to date are not truly “Pandas” in the original sense of the word, featuring a purple tactile stem in YOK Trash Panda housings. This ultimately makes this technically the first tactile Panda switch, making it quite difficult for me to include within this list. As can now be seen from the release of Novelkeys Blueberry switches, which feature a unique, blue tactile stem in a Novelkeys Cream housing, these switches appear to have been created to push these tactile purple stems that Kailh and/or Novelkeys decided not to sell alone. Not being all that well received by the community at large, these did not stay on Novelkeys long and slowly faded off of the website entirely sometime in mid to late 2020.

Invyr Unholy Pandas (Frankenswitch)

Figure 12: Invyr Unholy Panda switch.

While not commercially released nor sold at any point along their history, these frankenswitches have long served as the (in)famous remains of the Holy Panda switches. Prior to the all-in-one Holy Panda sales via the way of Massdrop x Invyr Holy Pandas, the leftover Halo housings and Invyr Panda stems were recombined to form what are referred to as “Unholy Pandas”. While almost certainly never used in normal builds, or at least any that I am aware of, these are often seen being sold at $0.20 per switch or less on mechmarket as a way to recoup costs in the making of original Holy Pandas.

YOK Unholy Pandas (Frankenswitch)

Figure 13: YOK Unholy Panda switch.

While not functionally any different, nor any better than Invyr Unholy Pandas, I draw the distinction between these two Unholy Pandas due to the fact that the YOK Panda stems were made from different molds than that of the original Invyr stems. Unlike their similarities in functionality, and in complete contrary to my points I made in the Invyr Unholy Pandas section, I was able to find a typing test of someone who made a build with YOK Unholy Pandas, which can be found below in further reading.

‘3RMB’ Holy Pandas

Figure 14: Zfrontier forum photo of supposed ‘3RMB’ Holy Panda.

Of all the switches on this list, this is the one that I am missing and have not the slightest clue as to how to go about obtaining. Briefly before the drama surrounding Drop’s claim of 100% POM Pandas as well as the Glorious Panda release, these ‘3RMB’ fake Holy Panda switches were circulating through Chinese facing forums a fair bit. While very little is known about these switches, there were several sets of photos that rose to the surface showing differences in mold shapes and injection mold locations on the bottom housings as well as stems of these switches compared to authentic Holy Panda switches. As well, the switches featured ‘BSUN’ nameplates rather than ‘INVYR’ ones. The name ‘3RMB’ comes from the cost of these switches, which due to being significantly lower than the normal cost of Holy Panda switches in the east began drawing the suspicion of the community at large.

Glorious Pandas

Figure 15: Glorious Panda switch.

This easily could be one of the longest entries on this list of Pandas due to the sheer volume of the drama, history, and interesting quirks related to this switch’s brief history thus far along. Announced in July and run in August of 2020, these all-in-one tactile Pandas were originally sold under the name of ‘Glorious Holy Pandas’ though quickly changed after severe backlash from the community at large. While already only barely Pandas due to the housings supposedly being made with the same ‘original Invyr’ tooling that supposedly still exists, the backlash from the community started when it was discovered that these switches actually contain GPCGR’s own proprietary tactile stem rather than the Halo True or Clear stems normally used to designate a Panda as ‘Holy’.

Due to this being an abbreviated historical list, I highly recommend checking out Glorious Panda Switch Review as it covers the history and drama of these switches much more in depth, as the naming scheme was only a brief part of that.

BSUN Red Pandas

Figure 16: BSUN Red Pandas in 3 and 5 Pin variants.

While seemingly very similar to YOK Pandas, given that BSUN and YOK are produced in the same factory together, BSUN nameplates had not been used on any of the ‘Colorful Pandas’ with the exception of the Chinese exclusive Clear Pandas up until late 2020. In addition to the changing of nameplates, another interesting point of note about these switches is that they also come in 3 and 5 pin variants which actually have different molds used entirely in making them. The 3 Pin variants use the same set of molds as the old YOK Pandas whereas the 5 Pin variants are made using BSUN’s new Panda switch molds. To date, very few GBs of either of these switches have been run, with the majority being Chinese based or from small western vendors.

BSUN ‘Translucent’ Pandas

Figure 17: BSUN ‘Translucent’ Pandas in 3 Pin variant.

Much in the same vein as the BSUN Red Pandas, these switches were produced in a 3 and 5 pin variant with a completely clear colorway reminiscent of the Chinese-exclusive run. However, unlike the milky bottoms of the Chinese exclusive run, these feature entirely clear housings and were run in November of 2020 by Bolsa Keyboard Supply in 62g and 67g 5-Pin varieties. The only 3 pin variants that were created were for prototyping purposes only and distributed to a select few reviewers/personalities.

The Extended Pandaverse

Originally unseparated in the first version of this document, this section is dedicated to some of the interesting Panda related prototypes, pieces, etc. that I have picked up throughout my time collecting or have found pertinent enough to mention. While only one of these are widely available, the rest are either extremely limited in quantity or were never run due to various reasons.

Massdrop x Invyr Holy Panda Prototype

Figure 18: Massdrop x Invyr Holy Panda Prototype (Courtesy of Jae)

While many of you know by now that I have a penchant for collecting prototypes or sample switches prior to their release, these were actually one of the first prototypes that I was lucky to obtain. Not being functionally any different from the release version of these switches, these pre-production prototypes would have been from the first batch of switches produced and distributed to reviewers, which Jae and Brian of TopClack were able to review at the time.

Invyr V1 Prototype

FIgure 19: Invyr V1 Prototype. (Courtesy of Invyr (again))

In much the same fashion as Massdrop x Invyr Holy Panda Prototype from Jae, I obtained these purely out of collector’s interest from the man behind the start of all of this drama, Invyr. While the switch is quite neat to have in its own right, the much more interesting aspect of obtaining this was the long conversation I was able to have with Invyr regarding the Panda switch from his end. This conversation is directly responsible for a lot of the knowledge about the initial release of these switches, since I wasn’t around at that time, as well as an explanation of what happened to the Invyr Panda V2s that never were.

‘Invyr Panda’ Factory Samples

Figure 20: Tecsee Tactile (left) and Linear (right) Panda samples.

While at the time of writing of the first version of this document these didn’t quite mean all that much, the recent explosion of groupbuy switches claiming to come from the ‘factory that made Pandas’ makes these much more interesting. Coming with a ‘Tecsee’ branded nameplate in two different stem variations, these Panda switches have a black stemmed linear and light-brown stemmed tactile version and came as part of the factory sample set from ‘Tecsee’ which u/Christokal so wonderfully helped me obtain. While Tecsee is only one of the brands that operates under this factory, it is rumored by several different sources that BSUN, YOK, and a few other manufacturing labels all come from this same factory, making the Pandaverse significantly closer than previously imagined. Other switches believed to have come from this factory include KK Lightwaves, Naevies, Glorious Pandas, and even Arctos switches.


Figure 21: UHMWPE release stems (clear) and prototype stems (black).

Introduced to the community in January of 2020, these aftermarket linear stems made of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene were marketed as an incredibly smooth alternative for frankenswitch builders. After seeing a fair amount of successful sales across many different vendors, the availability of these shrunk in mid to late 2020 with an exclusivity deal, of sorts, being pushed through between Invyr and Drop. While many would imagine that these were developed as a reattempt at a new Invyr Panda switch by Invyr, these were in fact his first deviation from the Panda line and came as a direct result of the failure to launch of the Invyr Panda V2 line. 

Invyr Panda 3D Print Attempt

Figure 22: 3D Print attempt of Invyr Panda housings. (Courtesy of Invyr)

Included alongside the UHMWPE stems, Invyr Panda V1 Prototypes, and Invyr V2 switches, Invyr went well above and beyond and included these interesting pieces into my package as well. While obviously not much came of this attempt, pictured above are a 3D printing attempt of Invyr Panda housings that were completed sometime between Invyr V1 and Invyr V2 switch runs.

Glorious Holy Panda Prototypes

Figure 23: Glorious Holy Panda Prototype switches. (Courtesy of Shazim of GPCGR)

Interestingly enough, when I received my Glorious Panda switches for review from GPCGR, the CEO had included these switches with my order and a brief note detailing that he was not only aware of my work up to this point but a fan as well. These pair of switches, one lubed by the factory and one unlubed, were actually first mold attempts of the Glorious Panda switches and had a slightly different sound as well as a fair amount more stem wobble in them than the release switches. While many people in the community still feel wary regarding GPCGR’s move to produce these switches shortly after Drop’s failed claim at ‘100% POM’ Panda housings, these prototypes at least provide a brief glimpse into the design of these switches and showed that they definitely made attempts to improve the switch’s performance before release.

ThicThock Clear BSUN Switch

Figure 24: ThicThock Clear BSUN switch sample.
Sours: https://www.theremingoat.com/blog/the-pandaverse

Pandas, Pandas, and more Pandas

In Order of Appearance:

Invyr Pandas V1

- Debuting in October of 2016, these are the original Panda linear switch to hit the market. These started as a collaboration between zisb and 27, also known as Invyr and Mech27, respectively. The original aim of this project, as per the original groupbuy thread on GeekHack was to "create the smoothest possible factory linear switch." However, these switches were nearly universally panned as not being nearly as good as they were advertised. Sometime later, though, these switches rose in popularity to near astronimcal levels with the creation of the 'Holy Panda', which is a frankenswitch that consists of taking the stem from either a Halo True or Halo Clear switch and placing it into the Invyr Panda housing. The Halo Clear stemmed version, pictured left, is often referred to as a 'Clear Minded' Panda while the Halo True stemmed version, pictured right, is referred to as a 'Holy Panda'.

Original Invyr Panda V1 Sales Page


Invyr Pandas V2

- Due to the realtive success of the Invyr Pandas out of the gate as well as the advent of the Holy Panda, there was a decently high demand for further Invyr Pandas in the future. Originally partnering with 1upkeyboards in order to do this sale, 27 and Invyr had samples sent to u/skiwithpete and 1up though they were rejected due to mold issues. In order to improve upon the Invyr V1 pieces, the tops were originally going to be opaque, BSUN brown tops with the bottoms retooled. This does explain why 1up has so many BSUN browns to the day. However, the mold was ultimately destroyed for some unknown reason during prototyping and the plan for these switches were scrapped. (This knowledge has been garnered through conversations with both u/skiwithpete as well as Invyr. )
** Only a handful of people have these so there is near certainty that if you are reading this, you do not have these.

Reddit Page Hinting at Invyr Panda V2


Invyr Pandas V3

- Contrary to what is led to be believed by the Invyr V2 paragraph, not all pieces of the molds for the original Invyr Pandas were supposedly destroyed. The newest iteration of the Invyr Pandas, Invyr Panda V3s are Drop's attempt to cash in on the molds they bought from Invyr and 27 and the fame of these switches. According to conversations with Invyr, these switches feature a retooling as compared to the Invyr Panda V1s, but do not feature different material. These went on sale roughly around the Christmas 2019 season and shipped around late January to early February 2020.

Original Drop Sales Page


GSUS Pandas

- In all transparency, I truly need to conduct a write-up regarding the drama surrounding SuperVan and the GSUS Pandas as there is a very solid writeup worth of drama surrounding when these switches initially went on sale. With the initial GeekHack thread starting on December 1st of 2018, these "New Panda" Linear Switches were aimed at being the first reattempt to create Invyr Pandas since the failed Invyr Panda V2, though without the help of Invyr nor 27. That being said, this mixed with the initial cost of $1 a piece, which was eventually lowered to $0.60 a piece due to market pressure from Massdrop as well as the community, definitely stirred up a lot of interest and drama in the community. Considered wildly successful as emulating the Invyr Panda V1 switches, this kicked off the 'Modern Panda Rush'.

Original GSUS Panda Geekhack Groupbuy Thread


YOK Red Pandas

- Riding off of the wave of success (and hype from drama) surroudning the GSUS Panda groupbuy, Novelkeys definitely got the right idea in mind and kicked off the "Modern Panda Era" in which YOK would be used to manufacture all sorts of 'Invyr Panda/BSUN' clones in differing colors. Many people have since chosen these and the other YOK Pandas as bases for Holy Panda/Clear Minded Panda builds as they are more readily available, cheap, and asthetically matching to keycap sets than GSUS or Invyr Pandas are. These originally went on sale around January of 2019, though the exact date is hard to pin down as of the writing of this document. While they were restocked a few times over, as of the time of this document, they are no longer being stocked on Novelkeys' website.

Novelkeys’ YOK Red Pandas Sales Page


YOK Mint Pandas

- The second of the YOK/Modern Panda era, these mint green colored YOK Pandas made their debut shortly after the YOK Red Pandas made their debut. Currently being listed on the same page as the YOK Red Pandas, these are simply a recolor of the YOK Red Panda switches and are no longer currently being stocked at the time of this writeup. As an additional side note, u/Winthea may be recognized by many in the community for drawing very pretty 'switch representation' stickers, and the YOK Mint Pandas most certainly are among the funniest of her pieces. Her instagram is linked below:

Novelkeys’ YOK Mint Panda Sales Page


Winthea’s YOK Mint Panda Stickers


YOK Trash Pandas

- Making their debut in March of 2019, these were the third of the YOK/Modern Panda switch era. Featuring a dark grey housing in order to have a 'more neutral' base color, these switches were introduced and are currently still sold by Novelkeys. In complete subjectivity, these switches do not appear to have made as big of a splash in the market as the YOK Red Pandas and YOK Mint Pandas and is likely the rationale for them being still stocked by Novelkeys.

Novelkeys’ Reddit Announcement


Novelkeys’ YOK Trash Panda Sales Page


YOK Polar Pandas

- The fourth of the YOK/Modern Panda switch era made its debut, according to the Novelkeys Reddit announcement, around August of 2019. Worth noting and not mentioned in the previous paragraph about YOK Trash Pandas, these are the second YOK Panda to move away from being named solely based on color and instead being given a 'matching' theme or animal. ('Trash Pandas' being slang for Racoons and 'Polar' either referring to the Arctic and/or being short for Polar Bear.)

Novelkeys’ YOK Polar Panda Sales Page


Clear Pandas

- Honestly, I barely know a damn thing about these switches. What little I do know is that these 'Clear Pandas' are BSUN-like clones that appear to be exactly the same as the Novelkeys YOK Panda rainbow, though in a clear housing instead. These were run exclusively in a private Chinese groupbuy format, and thus I can't actually link any sourcing due to the fact that most Chinese groupbuys are run through private chat applications such as QQ. I was lucky to obtain these pieces as a result of several trades among fellow collectors and am currently receiving my third such that I can make a Clear Minded Clear Panda. While I have no force curve generator to prove such, I also do believe that the springs are 60g bottom out like the other YOK Pandas.

Massdrop x Invyr Holy Pandas

- Debuting on Massdrop around the time of the GSUS Panda groupbuy, these were not only the first factory assembled Holy Panda to be sold to consumers, but also represents the first community-made frankenswitch which eventually received a factory-made release. Not only did these switches boast "original Panda tooling", which we now know to be a slight exaggeration from Massdrop's marketing team, they also featured an initial price point that was lower than the cost of other YOK Pandas and Halo switches which were required to make Holy Pandas. However, in future iterations of the sales, the price jumped, leading to the suspicison at the time that these were aimed at combating the interest surrounding SuperVan's GSUS Panda groupbuy.

Massdrop Holy Panda Sales Page


YOK Purple Pandas

- I'll be among the first in line to sing praises about Novelkeys, as from the very beginning of my time in this hobby to even last week, I've spent hundreds of dollars on their website and have had literally not a single issue over the years. And while they, like every other vendor, have their occasional issue - this is truly one that pisses me off for lack of better phrasing. The latest of the YOK/Modern Panda Era, these "Panda" switches are not truly pandas at all - and feature purple, tactile stems in the same color and style housings as YOK Trash Pandas. So not only are these first colored "panda" switch to feature a housing of the color in their name, but it is also the first not to be a linear switch. While I am including these on this list due to the fact that they share the panda name and YOK manufacturer, I refuse to mentally lump these together with other panda switches.

Novelkeys’ Purple Trash Panda Sales Page


Invyr Unholy Pandas (Frankenswitch)

- While not a piece that is seen in commercial sales, 'Unholy Pandas' are adjacent to the most famous frankenswitches of all times - The Holy Pandas. Being that Holy Pandas are made by taking the Black POM stem out of an Invyr housing, and replacing it with a Halo True or Halo Clear stem, the Unholy Panda is the frankenswitch that can be made out of the of the remaining leftovers from a Holy Panda creation - a Halo housing and the Black POM Invyr stem. To put it frankly, these feel like utter trash and are rarely, if ever seen in usage. Most of the time that these are sold on mechmarket, they are sold extremely cheaply in an attempt to recoup some costs rather than make real money.

YOK Unholy Pandas (Frankenswitch)

- The reason that I draw a distinction between YOK Unholy Pandas and Invyr Unholy Pandas is because the YOK stems were made using different tooling and likely at a different manufacturing facility than the original Invyr Pandas. Thus, this means that the stems, while maybe not being functionally different, have some difference worth discriminating by. Funny enough, I was actually able to find a type test of someone who made a YOK Unholy Panda board and it is linked below. (Someone had to do it.)

YOK Unholy Typing Test

Massdrop x Invyr Holy Panda Prototype

- While not functionally different in any noticeable way, I was lucky to receive this pre-production prototype of the Massdrop Holy Pandas from Jae of TopClack several months before the actual pieces were shipped out from their original groupbuy. This would have been among the original lot that Jae and Brian would have shown and talked about on TopClack and did their initial reviews on. Jae has been, and continues to be, a strong supporter of some of the more interesting pieces of my collection and for that I owe him sincere gratitude.

TopClack Massdrop Holy Panda Review


Invyr V1 Prototype

- Both this switch as well as my Invyr V2 Prototype directly came from Invyr/zisb after having tracked him down to where he was hiding out before the new UHMWPE stems came out that he released. During our conversation we discussed the history of the pandas a bit, which as led to a lot of the information surrouding the V2 Prototype piece that I had originally discussed wth u/skiwithpete of 1up before finding Invyr. Much like Jae in this instance, I owe him dearly for helping provide these interesting pieces to my collection as well as a few other interesting ones in time to come.

‘Invyr Panda’ Factory Samples

- I've mentioned prior in my Durock writeup about my buddy u/Christokal who has been instrumental in expanding my Chinese collection as well as tracking down super hard to find factory samples and interesting pieces even though he knows no Chinese, himself. (He knows Greek, however, which is equally as confusing to me nonetheless.) These are another pair of interesting pieces he has helped find through a factory sample set from a company known as 'Tecsee'. While not confirmed, it is believed that this is the factory that is producing 'Drop Pandas' for Massdrop. The black stemmed sample, pictured left, is a linear, panda-like switch while the light-brown stemmed piece on the right is a tactile alternate panda that has not been sold on the market. Both of these pieces appear to have the same weight and bare 'Tecsee' branding after the factory where they were manufactured.


- Introduced to market at the very beginning of 2020, these Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethlene Stems were designed and brought to the community by Invyr who is the creator of the original panda switch. (I have talked about these to some previous extent in my Laseron and UHMWPE Stems review in the same folder as this document.) While this is included in this list due to the association with Invyr, I have discovered through conversations with him that these were not aimed at being developed for a new panda switch design and were always aimed at being a standalone project. That being said, though, this project is still under development and Invyr has dropped hints at the possibility of a tactile version of the UHMWPE stems in future iterations, though they are not currently on the market at the time of this being written.

UHMWPE Stems Sales Page


Invyr Panda 3D Print Attempt

- Alongside the UHMWPE stems and Invyr Panda V1 and V2 prototypes that I received from Invyr, this is the final interesting piece that was included in the package that I have not discussed in public all that much. This top and bottom housing was actually an attempt at 3D printing Invyr Panda housings for future iterations, but as it is likely able to be seen in the picture, the resolution of the attempt did not make these pieces or the use of 3D printing feasible for these pieces. Nonetheless, they stand as interesting pieces to stir up conversations about 'what-ifs'.

ThicThock Clear BSUN Switch

- Prior to the rise of ThicThock and their 'Marshmallow' switches, this company's first attempted switch sale was a Clear BSUN switch which would have been linear. While this sale ultimately never came to fruition, as I discussed in my Marshmallow swithc review, there were rumors on their original announcements that these were actually going to be another attempt at creating panda switches, given that they share BSUN branding like the failed Invyr V2 switches. Not much information remains of these due to their being cancelled long before ThicThock became so popular.

Original Reddit Announcement


Picture from Original Sales Page


Sours: https://www.theremingoat.com/blog/pandas

Switches yok panda

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How to Clean Pre-lubed Switches like the Drop Holy Panda and Yok Panda

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