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{"adverts":{"h1_title":"Mares in foal","should_index":true,"should_follow":true,"page_title":"Mares in foal for sale | Horse Deals | Australia","meta_description":"Find Mares in foal for sale in Australia. Horse Deals have many quality Mares in foal for sale, with new horses added every day.","meta_keywords":"horses, horses for sale, horse deals, Mares in foal, Mares in foal for sale, horses and ponies, pony, free, classifieds, Australia, sell my horse, advertise, photos, results, gallery, buy, sell, sale, events, deals, horse classifieds","canonical_url":"https://www.horsedeals.com.au/ttps://www.horsedeals.com.au/search/horses-for-sale?q=Mares%20in%20foal","pagination":{"total_results_count":440,"total_pages_count":22,"current_page":1,"results_from":1,"results_to":20,"per_page":20},"results":[{"id":93197,"slug":"friendly-mare-infoal-72ad5ad2-0182-451d-b4ff-a6e093a04aec","title":"Friendly Mare In Foal","category":"Horse","flag":null,"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/342288/1629672367/card_centered/d68808.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/342288/1629672367/compressed/d68808.jpg?1634043134","images_count":3,"videos_count":0,"price":"$2,000 ","qualities":{"height":12.3,"age":"5yo","breed":"Brumby","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Project","disciplines":["Project","Breeding"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Very quiet and gentle natured. Easy keeper. Well socialised, comes when called. Currently in-foal...","location":{"city":"Mangrove Mountain","state":"NSW"}},{"id":93998,"slug":"paint-mare-in-foal-7e8ce735-0bb8-4a4f-96b5-94a6ebaaaaa8","title":"Paint Mare in Foal","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-new","message":"New"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/345578/1631868058/card_centered/622c74.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/345578/1631868058/compressed/622c74.jpg?1634043134","images_count":1,"videos_count":0,"price":"$5,000 ","qualities":{"height":14.2,"age":"17yo","breed":"Paints","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Breeding","disciplines":["Breeding","Pleasure"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Overo Paint mare in foal to Rips Lethal Levi for a guaranteed tobiano/tovero foal. Due mid October.","location":{"city":"Bilpin","state":"NSW"}},{"id":92551,"slug":"tb-broodmare-in-foal","title":"TB Broodmare in Foal","category":"Horse","flag":null,"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/339473/1627721949/card_centered/a4ab18.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/339473/1627721949/compressed/a4ab18.jpg?1634043134","images_count":3,"videos_count":0,"price":"$2,500 ","qualities":{"height":15.2,"age":"13yo","breed":"Thoroughbred","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Breeding","disciplines":["Breeding"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Scanned and confirmed in foal to grey Arabian stallion (Joda Al Alshal) for early December foal.\r...","location":{"city":"Toolamba West","state":"VIC"}},{"id":94721,"slug":"in-foal-to-gypsy-cob-ab86896a-ac19-4836-8d08-0094a804c2b3","title":"In foal to Gypsy cob","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-featured","message":"Featured"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":true,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/348564/1633662013/card_centered/458cb2.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/348564/1633662013/compressed/458cb2.jpg?1634043134","images_count":3,"videos_count":0,"price":"$2,700 ","qualities":{"height":10.2,"age":"15yo","breed":"Gypsy Cob","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Harness","disciplines":["Harness","Show"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Lovely mare in foal to purebred Gypsy cob stallion (good to catch float wash and have feet done ...","location":{"city":"Raglan","state":"VIC"}},{"id":92592,"slug":"imported-mare-in-foal-to-secret","title":"Imported Mare in Foal to Secret","category":"Horse","flag":null,"is_sold":false,"is_featured":false,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":false,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/339646/1627887686/card_centered/9bcadd.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/339646/1627887686/compressed/9bcadd.jpg?1634043134","images_count":3,"videos_count":1,"price":"$29,500 ","qualities":{"height":16.1,"age":"12yo","breed":"Warmbloods","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Breeding","disciplines":["Breeding"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Stunning black imported mare has produced 3 frozen semen foals. She is in foal to Secret due 7 No...","location":{"city":"Yering","state":"VIC"}},{"id":94903,"slug":"3-in-1-a49cc481-1f16-4a5e-9af3-ecd2fd381994","title":"3 in 1","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-new","message":"New"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/349367/1634017096/card_centered/7609ce.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/349367/1634017096/compressed/7609ce.jpg?1634043134","images_count":3,"videos_count":0,"price":"$3,500 ","qualities":{"height":14.2,"age":"6yo","breed":"Quarter Horses","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Breeding","disciplines":["Breeding","Barrel Racing"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Jessie From Nevada Q-83547 cremello mare with buckskin colt by Dinki Di Instant Image and running...","location":{"city":"Bajool","state":"QLD"}},{"id":94723,"slug":"in-the-red-zone","title":"In the Red Zone","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-new","message":"New"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/348569/1633663123/card_centered/20a2c0.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/348569/1633663123/compressed/20a2c0.jpg?1634043134","images_count":3,"videos_count":0,"price":"$8,800 ","qualities":{"height":15.1,"age":"2yo","breed":"Quarter Horses","sex":"Filly","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Western Performance","disciplines":["Western Performance","Western Show"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Sweet natured filly ready to start. Well handled, unbroken. Very quiet, nothing fazes her, great ...","location":{"city":"Coondoo","state":"QLD"}},{"id":93005,"slug":"drifting-in-time","title":"Drifting In Time","category":"Horse","flag":null,"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/341432/1629060109/card_centered/c0b58e.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/341432/1629060109/compressed/c0b58e.jpg?1634043134","images_count":2,"videos_count":0,"price":"$5,000 ","qualities":{"height":15.0,"age":"under 12 months","breed":"Coloured Breeds","sex":"Colt","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Challenge","disciplines":["Challenge","Cutting"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Curly is by Greenview Atouch Turbo out of Gimle Opera Time. This fella has all the looks, movemen...","location":{"city":"Gin Gin","state":"QLD"}},{"id":93552,"slug":"mare-and-filly-foal-65a1e68f-d133-4373-b054-8376fcbefff1","title":"Mare and Filly Foal","category":"Horse","flag":null,"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/343815/1630716939/card_centered/8c703f.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/343815/1630716939/compressed/8c703f.jpg?1634043134","images_count":3,"videos_count":0,"price":"$4,950 ","qualities":{"height":15.0,"age":"13yo","breed":"Quarter Horses","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Breeding","disciplines":["Breeding","Working Cow Horse"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Q-65126 Black mare (not started under saddle) with black Filly foaled 20/08/21 by PHAA stallion #...","location":{"city":"Cairns","state":"QLD"}},{"id":94599,"slug":"rare-palomino-tb-mare","title":"Rare Palomino TB Mare 2 in 1","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-new","message":"New"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/348114/1633397937/card_centered/392b13.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/348114/1633397937/compressed/392b13.jpg?1634043134","images_count":6,"videos_count":0,"price":"$15,000 ","qualities":{"height":15.0,"age":"6yo","breed":"Thoroughbred","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Show","disciplines":["Show","Performance"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Intermediate"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Very unique opportunity for breeders or competitors, Lovely quiet mare who is very easy to do eve...","location":{"city":"Dora Creek","state":"NSW"}},{"id":94144,"slug":"miniature-horses-downs","title":"Miniature Stallion","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-new","message":"New"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/346197/1632293227/card_centered/1920f3.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/346197/1632293227/compressed/1920f3.jpg?1634043134","images_count":2,"videos_count":0,"price":"$1,500 ","qualities":{"height":8.0,"age":"6yo","breed":"Miniatures","sex":"Stallion","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Companion","disciplines":["Companion","Breeding"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"1 Stallion Registered. \r\nWell educated, shown successfully in Vic. Pleasure and easy to have arou...","location":{"city":"Nebo","state":"QLD"}},{"id":94380,"slug":"heritage-bred-stallion","title":"HERITAGE BRED STALLION","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-new","message":"New"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/347184/1632874342/card_centered/20949e.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/347184/1632874342/compressed/20949e.jpg?1634043134","images_count":6,"videos_count":1,"price":"$20,000 ","qualities":{"height":15.1,"age":"13yo","breed":"Australian Stock Horses","sex":"Stallion","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Campdrafting","disciplines":["Campdrafting","Breeding"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Grandson to ELLIOTTS CREEK CADET and carries multiple open draft winners in his pedigree.\n\nAbsolu...","location":{"city":"Bowan Park","state":"NSW"}},{"id":84512,"slug":"warmblood-broodmare-6862c2c2-4765-49ef-b3f6-67d4f1a1a6d4","title":"Warmblood Broodmare","category":"Horse","flag":null,"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/305048/1607309470/card_centered/967bdc.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/305048/1607309470/compressed/967bdc.jpg?1634043134","images_count":3,"videos_count":0,"price":"$3,500 ","qualities":{"height":15.3,"age":"15yo","breed":"Warmbloods","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Breeding","disciplines":["Breeding","Dressage"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Intermediate"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Silver Hills Grandverness. A stunning jet black Warmblood mare. Ludendorf/Grannus lines. Beautifu...","location":{"city":"Blayney","state":"NSW"}},{"id":92022,"slug":"unbroken-filly-3899b957-b315-447e-957b-13c9825f7a7e","title":"Unbroken Filly","category":"Horse","flag":null,"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/336972/1627006460/card_centered/b9fcd4.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/336972/1627006460/compressed/b9fcd4.jpg?1634043134","images_count":1,"videos_count":0,"price":"$700 ","qualities":{"height":13.3,"age":"3yo","breed":"Ponies","sex":"Filly","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Allrounders","disciplines":["Allrounders","Show"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Unbroken filly. Is in foal to chestnut colt. Can't be registered. Clean legs. Very quiet filly.","location":{"city":"Inverell","state":"NSW"}},{"id":94902,"slug":"moon","title":"moon","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-new","message":"New"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/349364/1634015783/card_centered/a5d9f8.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/349364/1634015783/compressed/a5d9f8.jpg?1634043134","images_count":3,"videos_count":0,"price":"$3,000 ","qualities":{"height":12.0,"age":"20yo","breed":"Welsh","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Breeding","disciplines":["Breeding","Breeding"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Reg part welsh and reg buckskin in foal due at end of December in foal to welsh c stallion sellin...","location":{"city":"Great Western","state":"VIC"}},{"id":94407,"slug":"wanted-blue-roan-clydesdale","title":"Wanted Blue Roan Clydesdale","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-new","message":"New"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"/assets/png/default-image-5ae513a2d7c3353e058da396cbddea2486408d9f95708b297f4b571061220e40.png","supersize_image":"/assets/png/default-image-5ae513a2d7c3353e058da396cbddea2486408d9f95708b297f4b571061220e40.png","images_count":0,"videos_count":0,"price":"","qualities":{"height":null,"age":null,"breed":"Clydesdale","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Harness","disciplines":["Harness","Breeding"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Blue Roan Clydesdale mare or filly, prefer registered.\r\n\r\nIn foal or empty.\r\n\r\nHappy to look at a...","location":{"city":null,"state":null}},{"id":94404,"slug":"langtree-devenir-f3df818b-47d8-4523-a8d8-106a05bce095","title":"Langtree Devenir","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-featured","message":"Featured"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":true,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/347276/1633577422/card_centered/0e4947.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/347276/1633577422/compressed/0e4947.jpg?1634043134","images_count":1,"videos_count":0,"price":"$3,000 ","qualities":{"height":13.0,"age":"11yo","breed":"Riding Pony","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Breeding","disciplines":["Breeding","Show"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Beautiful refined broodmare granddaughter of Cusop Diamond. In foal to Rosedale Lords. Very gent...","location":{"city":"Glen Innes","state":"NSW"}},{"id":93985,"slug":"tb-mare-ptif","title":"TB mare PTIF","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-new","message":"New"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/345544/1631850208/card_centered/5b73c6.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/345544/1631850208/compressed/5b73c6.jpg?1634043134","images_count":1,"videos_count":0,"price":"$3,300 ","qualities":{"height":15.0,"age":"4yo","breed":"Thoroughbred","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Breeding","disciplines":["Breeding"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Intermediate"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Tangueray Lady (Dash for Cash) sold in foal to dual registered Ash/QH stallion EV Idle Acres for ...","location":{"city":"Kilkivan","state":"QLD"}},{"id":94662,"slug":"cedargrove-lincoln-hsh","title":"CONMAN Stallion - Cedargrove Lincoln","category":"Horse","flag":{"class":"is-featured","message":"Featured"},"is_sold":false,"is_featured":true,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/348371/1633520927/card_centered/cd2988.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/348371/1633520927/compressed/cd2988.jpg?1634043134","images_count":6,"videos_count":0,"price":"POA","qualities":{"height":15.2,"age":"11yo","breed":"Australian Stock Horses","sex":"Stallion","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Campdrafting","disciplines":["Campdrafting","Performance"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Heritage Stockhorse Stallion by CONMAN, Dam: Vet School Lynette\nProven sire with only limited cam...","location":{"city":"Goomburra","state":"QLD"}},{"id":93520,"slug":"wb-x-clydie-x-tb","title":"WB x Clydie x TB","category":"Horse","flag":null,"is_sold":false,"is_featured":null,"is_urgent":null,"is_supersize":null,"card_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/343680/1630581290/card_centered/dd15c7.jpg?1634043134","supersize_image":"https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ffx-ags-application-horsedeals-production-main/listings/production/listings_base/images/files/343680/1630581290/compressed/dd15c7.jpg?1634043134","images_count":2,"videos_count":0,"price":"$4,000 ","qualities":{"height":16.2,"age":"13yo","breed":"Warmbloods","sex":"Mare","colour":null,"registrations":[],"main_discipline":"Breeding","disciplines":["Breeding","Performance"],"sire":null,"dam":null,"rider_level":"Not specified"},"is_favorited":false,"description":"Dressed in Style. Beautiful bay Clydie x mare with lots of bling. Not broken in. Absolute gem to ...0,"min":0.0},"height":{"min":216.0,"max":568.0}}},"price":{"max":100000.0,"min":0.0},"locality":{"country":{"AU (440)":"au"},"state":{"NSW (134)":"nsw","NT (5)":"nt","QLD (124)":"qld","SA (9)":"sa","TAS (2)":"tas","VIC (160)":"vic","WA (3)":"wa"}},"category":{"All":0,"Horse":440,"Products And Services":0,"Property":0,"Saddlery":0,"Stallion":0,"Transport":0}}}}

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It aims to facilitate professional punters by providing detailed stats — such as tissue prices, and dynamic speed/form ratings. It took five years to complete and was built using three and one-quarter million cubic yards of concrete. Joined Jun 10, 2010 · 616 Posts . Working with members HorseRaceBase supplies horse racing research, analytical and management facilities to stay one step ahead. Filly or Mare. 1300 086 489. horse , www. You can see one sire have dozens of foals in the sale, and the prices will vary drastically. WallsHeaven makes decorative wall murals in high quality printing. Beaver Lake covers about 31,700 acres and is about 50 miles long. Indicates any horse that is repeated more than once within five-generations of a pedigree. - August 24, 2021. Please contact the office to verify Sire & Dam Offspring status. While GPS technology allows us to pinpoint any location on the planet, mark the location, and share it with others, Waymarking is the toolset for categorizing and adding unique information for that location. Animal Name. Relax and enjoy the afternoon on the berm with wine, beer, and snacks available. . This is a critical period as the bond is being established between the dam and foal. Roller-Compacted Concrete Dams, ICOLD, Bulletin 126. The best way to find a horse for sale near you is to start with a zip code or location search. Sec. Want to see everything? A foal at about weaning age. An example of how inbreeding would be indicated on a report would be: Horse Name: 3S x 5D. com. The entire lake covered SRP engineers are in the process of finishing a project to replace the original turbine shut-off valves at Horse Mesa Dam at Apache Lake. 9005. The Yangtze River leads right into Vietnam from the 3 Gorges Dam, this peaked my interest and kept me digging for more dots to connect. (CNN) With so much pressure and expectation, being born to superstar parents mustn't be easy -- but Quick definitions from WordNet (dam) noun: female parent of an animal especially domestic livestock noun: a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea noun: a metric unit of length equal to ten meters verb: obstruct with, or as if with, a dam ("Dam the gorges of the Yangtse River") name: A surname (rare: 1 in 100000 families; popularity rank in the U. Make sure that your animal's name is in the "Title" section. org. Program. 162 subscribers. The Beaver Dam Mountains Wilderness now contains a total of 17,600 acres and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. 22 2 19. The satellite image below from June 10, 2018, shows what the dam area normally looks like. Stallion. 04. Aug 26, 2021 · Upcoming Events. Sire of the dam is Pierrot. 5384 Route 872. A sire is a term used to describe the father of a horse. -bred grand prix jumper and sport horse sire Judgement ISF has died at age 29, Iron Spring Farm announced today. Oxbow was born and raised at Burleson Farms in Midway, Ky. While spring and fall provide the best fishing opportunities, Baker Dam Recreation Area is open year-round. 0. Although it was built to empty water once every 50 years, severe weather has meant it's been used twice in the past two years, and four times About Horse and Trails Unlimited. NetJets founder Richard Santulli's Colts Neck Stables L. Due to the small size of farm holdings in Ireland at the time most farmers could not afford to keep more than one horse and as a result Irish breeders developed an adaptable draught horse capable of carrying out all of the work on the farm as well as being Elevation: "Remaining" refers to how many feet the water is below the maximum conservation storage level. At this stage the veterinarian is going to focus on congenital defectsOur service will help you find ssn and dob only knowing the name, usa database lookup by address and state. Top Sires by Earnings. And so in China, the army starts displacing villagers to begin what it calls a dam-building project. It's located about 4 miles south of Hungry Horse off of US-2. DOB 30 September 2011. Helm's Point Man FSShe has had 3 foals to date; 2 by Tailormade Temptation and one by Sezuan - all three have been awarded "Foal of Distinction" with the Oldenburg Verband, and the oldest 2 are proving themselves under saddle. 00 : One Generation Dams' Produce Record $ 10. DOB 11 August 2019. Endurance Sire and Dam of the Year Award. it went gray as well as check the box labeled gray to the right of your color selection. myhorseracing. Oracles of the Pink Universe. Register or Log-in to post a listing of your own. Free Dog Pedigree Chart Generator. Animal Disease Traceability and RFID tags: Dr. 78 86 10. 21st Century Conservation Service Corps Act. Keyword. Stewart Street Suite 5005 Carson City, Nevada 89701 (775) 684-2770 Jul 10, 2021 · Welcome. Uses real genetics! Horses 1 to 2 of 2SHOCKINGLY BRISC. Ewen Maddock Dam is home to more than 9km of multi-use trails that are shared between walkers, bike riders and horse riders. 95 Camera Canon 5D The Department of the Interior’s current COVID-19 policy incorporates CDC guidance. Please note: Dogs are not permitted in the picnic areas, the internal road, carparks, or the water at any time. Feb 01, 1999 · SEARCH. For a gray sire or dam, you must enter what color the horse was before . Year of Birth: Dam's Name: and : Click here to return to Horse Search page. a barrier built to hold back water and raise its level; block up; obstruct: The beaver's dam caused the field to flood. As a renowned pump manufacturer, Grundfos delivers efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions all over the globe. Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area Acadia National Park Adams National Historical Park African American Civil War Memorial African Burial Ground National Monument Agate Fossil Beds National Monument Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail Alagnak Wild River Information. for, fore, four. A physical examination can identify problems early. com Dam In-Foal Status : State Price Foal She is Carrying Bred Like Mitole! Half Sister to Defy! Kayla Li 2015 Liason Shy LIl Believed In-Foal Kentucky ,500 USD: Young producing Grand Slam mare in foal to Competitive Edge Share the Glory 2012 Grand Slam Silver Share Believed In-Foal Oklahoma ,000 USD Daybreak x Dederick. TRRN Query Search. Enter the horse name. 10. 9006. Category:Supung Dam. The home has a 360 degree views. Foals being presented at the dam's side do not need to get DNA typed! Star Mares of 2020 online: 11/13/20: All mares that received a Star Award in 2019 and 2020 have been uploaded to the website. 75 ba. We have been removing snow and ice from homes and businesses for over twenty years. Top Sires is an independently owned semen company, built to supply only the elite genetics to the beef industry, especially the show steer and heifer market. cymbol, symbol. Subscribe and 🔔 to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube 👉 https://bit. Continued. Aug 06, 2020 · Seqwater is the Queensland Government Bulk Water Supply Authority responsible for providing a safe, reliable, resilient and affordable bulk drinking water supply for 3. Contact Dr. Neon lights wallpaper. Breeding and Breeding and Reproduction Horse breeding from planning through foal care; a chart might list four generations: sire and dam, the four grandparents, the eight Female (3096000) American Bulldog. Enable Javascript for Better Performance. It was sold to Yelp inExamination of the Foal. 2021. Sunday 8 pm to 11 pm. View 19 different lists of leading sires by a range of sales and criteria. com SOLD. Buchanan Dam, TX 78609. The last gelding out of this mare, went on to be a youth horse at 4 years of age. Q-12345) Name. Dealer Inquiries Welcome. Most Noticeable Horse racing. 13 a release from the Bureau of Reclamation says. Area Manager: Mark TreviñoPERFECT SPRING is a classy, smart filly with champion bloodlines in her immediate pedigree! By the promising young sire NOBLE MISSION, full brother to FRANKEL (undefeated 2-time European Horse of the Year) and sire of CODE OF HONOR (multiple Gr. Horses with the same sire but different dams are not considered half sisters or brothers. Gives the registration number, name, color, sex, month, day, year foaled and the state foaled of the horse requested. 503, the Saddle Dam area trails explore a ridge northwest of the lake and offer terrific riding opportunities. 3D. There's a reason why Kare 11, KSTP, Fox 9, WCCO and the Star Tribune call on us for our expertise and ice dam tips every Mining giants face homicide charges over Brazil dam disaster. 2021 - 09. Gebraucht oder Neu, Privat oder Gewerbe - Jetzt gratis inserieren auf Deutschlands meistbesuchtem Kleinanzeigen-Portal. Summer blooms wallpaper. Performance Horse Hotline. Aktuelle 3 x Akzent I. Show ALL approved stallions. My Account. 🥂🍇 We also have VIP tables available for 0 during hunter derby and grand prix classes. August 26, 2021 Volunteer Workday: Kankakee Sands Nature Preserve. Only the foals that are a direct result of a donated breeding to the Sire & Dam Program are eligible for reduced entry fees and later entry deadlines into the NRHA Futurity and NRHA Derby. 00 : Two Generation Dams' Produce Record $ 12. S. Dam Town Garage is a Montana Assumed Name filed On January 22, 1988. Eaton Dam IS my home. com for more information. Use the search form above to find a dog pedigree now. e. Sex. When we did, we found six of the seven World Champions in this time period have some form of returning the best blood in their pedigree. Your horse is a mare that is being bred and was foaled in 1989 or later. Headquarters 901 S. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 11, 2011. Roman has only Shelbourne , Victoria. Marshall Museum and Library. Thoroughbred action can be viewed on our LIVESTREAM or wager on the races at 1ST. 00. Rick Beck RNA ,000 Free to join, true to life horse genetics game. Horse Creek Damolition- Restoring Southern Steelhead with Dam Removal. Reservoir release: Refers to the amount of water being released from the reservoirs. Sire Hallowed Crown (AUS) 2011. Both sons of Claiborne Farm stallion Mr. due to elevated particulate concentrations from local and regional fires This alert Oklahoma-Texas Area Office. Day in the Life of an Idiot. Silhouette Sunrise Dam. Bureau of Reclamation Guy F. Cards, Reports, Analysis etc. Map: New Ad 8/23/2021 Pearl 2019 Quarterhorse-Cross Dunskin Filly Sire:none specified Dam:none specified Discipline(s): Gymkhana, Ranch Horse, Trail Horse, Working Cow Horse Location: Westlock, AB Horse Creek Damolition- Restoring Southern Steelhead with Dam Removal. To select a SINGLE skill level, select the same level for both Minimum and Maximum Skill Levels. 63 Foal born to dam Annie Power. The sire is its father and the dam is its mother. We always have great horses consigned to this sale and bring many buyers in to get you the best price for your horse in the current market. He was preceded in death by his parents, Charles Edwards and Dorothy Mattocks) Edwards, and his sister Janet Favorite. Name Dam Sire Second Dam. com is a way to mark unique locations on the planet and give them a voice. It is the best way to experience Hoover Dam - from the water. 'Paw Patrol' wallpaper. Horse Racing at Harrah's Hoosier Park Now Racing Every Wednesday - Sunday • First Post 6:30PM. Rick Beck RNA ,000Vegas Showgirl gave birth in the early morning Sept. Vintage 1964 2 1/2" Dam Things Troll Doll! New Fur Hair Glass Eyes! . Search. Stallions, geldings, broodmares, young stock, yearlings and foals are all listed together with their photo and video if available. Roe Deer Kitz Wild. Registration (i. Before I purchased Amber, a man came to the old barn one day to deliver a new lesson horse when I was out having my lesson. The most recent horse classified ads are shown below. For your safety and for the safety of others, please obey all signage on the trails including give way Horse Boarding Stables near Fontana Dam, NC 28733. Registration Center. We take consignments for all your horses. horse, pony, animal, ride, mane, horse mane, icelanders, iceland horse, iceland pony. Rediscovered in 2002 by Jim and Matt Stoecker while conducting a habitat assessment of the Sisquoc River for the Coastal Conservancy, the remote and obsolete Horse Creek Dam was found to be a migration barrier to southern steelhead and other species in this northern Santa If any questions or problems arise, call the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife at 1-800-858-1549. Horse Search is a vital tool for media outlets, bloodstock agents, studs, racing stables, owners PRINTED NAME OF OWNER/LESSEE OF DAM WHEN FOAL WAS BORN, OR OWNER OF DAM AT TIME OF BREEDING IF BY EMBRYO TRANSFER ADDRESS ADDRESS CITY, STATE PROVINCE, POSTAL CODE MONTH DAY YEAR MONTH DAY YEAR TO AQHA ID AQHA ID 9 FILL IN ALL THAT APPLY DNA TESTING FEE REQUIRED FOR PARENTAGE VERIFICATION 0 Foal produced by embryo transfer . 6 wins-3 at 2-to H. RM. Below are some lake statistics: Length: 17 milesSearch For Battles There were more than 10,000 armed conflicts during the Civil War, so many that it can be hard to know which ones were the major encounters. Horse Search displays comprehensive full career form for any thoroughbred to have raced in Australia or New Zealand since 1982. Lovely step and great presence. Plan a visit to Crazy Horse Memorial. It's simply a must-watch show that promises to fester in your mind long after the credits roll. Horses, Horse Riding · Closed · 411 on TripAdvisor864 sqft. com - Claiborne Farm's star broodmare Praise, the dam of grade 1-producing sires Flatter and Congrats, died Aug. We parent verifiy to both parents, so both parents have to be DNA'd as well as the foal/offspring. Live odds, handicapping, picks, tips, & results. At first it was called "Boulder Dam", but the name was changed to honor Hoover, who was president when the idea of building the dam started. Since I board my horse I haven't seen if a stallion (particularly 4 years old and up) will mount and impregnate its dam if they are kept in the same pasture. Bids start at 60% of the advertised breeding fee (minimum 0). Home of the wild brumby and immortalised in Banjo Paterson’s 1890 poem The Man from Snowy River, the magnificent NSW Snowy Mountains offers horse riding tours for all levels of experience. Her dam Sky Lantern, pictured by @s_farnsworth1 in 2013, was bought by Ed Sackville at Goffs Orby from @HoStudHorse-Abilities, LLC is a Wisconsin Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed On March 17, 2015. *Stallions are still being added. Sporthorse-Data provide pedigrees and information on sporthorses and warmbloods from all over the world. Search by horse name for a free sire progeny or horse form and pedigree report, then follow the links to download detailed research reports for a small fee. The Sire's Dam. Everypixel aggregates free photos from more than 40 image sources. Monday-Friday 9 am to 11 pm. The main composite breeds of the Irish Sport Horse are the Irish Draught Horse and the Thoroughbred. Sired by super stud Galileo. Your horse was conceived by the use of frozen semen or cooled semen that was transported. 40 31 7. This is a placeholder text Group text. Search Horses here or View All Horses here. Supplies horse racing research, and analytical tools to subscribers. In 1878, an adventurous 23 year old Irishman named William Mulholland was hired as a "Zanjero" to dig wells in what is now Compton. Or use the online Reportable Disease Forms to report a case online. Topics. A foal is an equine up to one year old; this term is used mainly for horses, but can be used for donkeys. Search. Little Alchemy 2. LISTED PRICE. Born in the year. RUIDOSO SELECT FOALS-IN-UTERO Preliminary Results August 28, 2020 Guthrie, OK HIP HORSE YOB SIRE DAM CONSIGNOR BUYER PRICE RNA PRICE 346 Foal In Utero 2021 Tres Seis Last Shall Be First Zerlotti Genetics, Ltd. His dam is the full sister of the PSG dressage horse Four Motion. Prospector, both also had family histories closely associated with Claiborne: Forty Niner was bred and owned by Claiborne, while Seeking the Gold was bred and owned by Ogden Phipps, whose family has boarded its mares Located 9 miles northwest of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Beaver Dam was built with an initial cost of million. Online Dog Pedigrees Pedigree Online's dog database offers free pedigree reports for millions of dogs of all breeds and is completely open to the public. brisnet. Top Sires. Feb 27, 2019 · But what if the dam was unraced and/or none of her foals raced? Go back a generation and see how the dam’s siblings performed. Hungry Horse Dam is on the South Fork of the Flathead River, 15 miles south of the west entrance to Glacier National Park and 20 miles northeast of Kalispell, Montana. WATER IS BEING RELEASED TO MEET IRRIGATION DEMAND (1927) - Horse Mesa Dam, Salt River, 65 miles East of Phoenix, Phoenix, HAER ARIZ,7-PHEN. Denver Art Museum. A. Please note for the 2018 crop and beyond, Breeders' Cup eligibility will be printed on the official Jockey Club foal registration papers. Daybreak x Dederick. Wall Murals. When the foal is nursing from its dam (mother), it may also be called a "suckling". It has three conventional hydroelectric generating units rated at a total of 32,000 kW and one pumped storage hydroelectric unit added in 1972 and rated at 97,000 kW. Harrah’s Hoosier Park Racing & Casino offers world-class harness racing, simulcast wagering, an All-American steakhouse, and spacious indoor & outdoor family friendly seating. To pay for a subscription with a check, complete the order form at Outdoor California Magazine! BUY WARDEN STAMPS - Start your collection today. Fees Payment. The Hoover Dam is a large dam on the Colorado River. The Irish Horse Register contains Equine details, Equine Pedigree, Equine Progeny and Performance details Irish Horse Register - Horse Search. On 27th Dec 2008 at Ascot, Search Me was ridden by and scored its most significant win to date, getting the money in the ,000 3-Y The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has issued an air quality alert for Big Horn, Broadwater, Carbon, Glacier, Jefferson, Lake, Lewis and Clark, Mineral, Missoula, Rosebud, Sanders, Stillwater, and Yellowstone counties in effect until further notice. No shame advice and support given to any horse or pony carer. 937-393-3456. Homes & Land® offers in-depth property details on home listings in Buchanan Dam. Born June 2020. Saturday 9 am to 4 pm. It's the 10th tallest dam in the United States and we didn't even know it was there. 10 Day Upset Period In Effect- NCDOT Asset 6399133 & 63991331 - Two Lots . History and Impact. After it has been weaned from its dam, it may be called a "weanling". 23. We are good people for good horses, and everyone who loves horses has ownership in this movement. Created by PumpkinHeadK9s. Newest Classified Ads: New Ad 8/26/2021 My Playgirls A Star 2018 AQHA Sorel Mare Sire:Diamond J Star Dam:Badges Destiny Discipline(s): Cutting, Ranch Beautiful lake views enhance the appeal of Rough River Dam Lodge. Aquaculture, Alternative LIvestock, and Wildlife: Wayne East 720-668-6279. H:\XML\FY22\MINI1MINI1RCPV2. It's then north to the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, one of America's finest achievements in conservation. 13 23 64. Jump to navigation Jump to search. com is a leading online accommodation site. Colour. This place is not apt for hiking as it is too sandy and the terrain can be difficult and full of horse manure but it looks like the ideal place for horse riding . The Colorado Horse Park. The site isn't always complete, but the exploring handicapper can use Only the foals that are a direct result of a donated breeding to the Sire & Dam Program are eligible for reduced entry fees and later entry deadlines into the NRHA Futurity and NRHA Derby. V. As CDC science-based guidance changes, our policy will adapt. Follow us. Year of birth. Properties matching your search have an average property price of 4,900 and a price per acre of ,079. 4201 Versailles Road Lexington, Kentucky 40510 (859) 254 - 3412 Year of birth. AERA have suggested that all rides greater than 80km be included. Registraton Rules. ly/2IXqEInStream original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer 👉 https://bbc. 8 reviews of Hansen Dam Horse Park "I do NOT ride horses but I came here looking for nice views and hiking trails overlooking Hansen Dam. My horse has been happily living at Eaton Dam Stables for almost two years. TC STOLI MY BRISCO. Show Advanced search. Stocked with trout on a regular basis by the Utah State Division of Wildlife Resources, the reservoir is a popular fishing site. PHOTOS. Smith, Ty ,000 347 Foal In Utero 2021 Good Reason Sa First Class Lacy B Dr. View all approved stallions via the button below. Search Me has managed to win 1 race in its career so far. floe, flow. City of Gold Coast. bloodhorse. C. This report ranks the best crosses based on offspring earnings. For additional reports or unique request please contact Equi-Stat at 817. I offer her in foal now for ,000. Pedigree Information - AAP MegaForm - Australian Horse Racing And Sports. Kentucky. For more information on horseback riding in your area, check out our list of horseback riding and training facilities. 00including horse, rider, owner, show events, placings and earnings by year. The Search. . Whether you are looking for boy, girl, or famous The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an enormous open-world game on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Beautiful, sweet 15. All content is subject to copyright. Change My Password. Offering timely pedigrees, race records, broodmare produce and stallion An 18-year-old Kalispell man died in a Tuesday morning crash in Flathead County. 4 lbs. He saw Amber and recognized her and he talked for a minute about her, and told us she'd had a foal. The all-in-one search interface allows easy searching in 22 search-tools per category. We’re passionate about travel. Ship Shipping Water. com, your official source for horse racing results, mobile racing data, statistics as well as all other horse racing and thoroughbred racing information. So when it comes to booking the perfect hotel, vacation rental, resort, apartment, guest house, or tree house, we’ve got you covered. For example, if you wish to see a profile for a horse whose name starts with the letter "A" please click on the "A" above or below. 00 : Four Generation Dams' Produce Record $ 16. 5% LEFT - STUNNING HALLOWED CROWN FILLY RELATED TO NORTHERN METEOR AND SMART MISSILE TRAINED BY NATHAN DOYLE. Find available domain names to register or view WHOIS iformation for registeredDirectory of top Internet search-tools and search engines. 4pm. Roman boasts a friendly, inquisitive nature and showing great willingness. If you're traveling with a large group, you can find rental homes on Vrbo that give you theSpecial Offers for best products direct from China at cheap wholesale price: computers, cell phones, electronics, wedding dresses, fashion and clothing, toys, home and garden and much more onTranslate. L. Horse Reality is a free-to-play realistic horse management game where you can manage your own horse breeding estate on one of our 6 continents. Addeddate 2009-02-10 17:30:11 Biblevel monograph Call number 333. The Montana Highway Patrol reports that the crash occurred on Tuesday morning at 6:30 AM at mile marker 2 of Hungry Horse Dam Road, when a northbound Honda HRV left the roadway at a high rate of speed, went over an embankment and rolled several times. In The USA: 800-514-9672 Phone: 850-386-1145 The Australian Stud Book website is updated daily. 1625 OLD SPANISH TRL. com Report options. Mississippi State University is an equal opportunity institution. The software also features provision to show foals from the same dam over a number of years. Mistus Beltino Hit Sire: Belissimo M Dam’s Sire: Royal Hit Roman is a 2016 chestnut gelding standing approximately 17hh. According to the dam removal database maintained by American Rivers, 1,605 dams have been removed in the U. Public Domain. Kentucky State Parks are now pet friendly. Search stallions. Enter horse names into the racehorse search bar to find the horse you are Freedonia (GB) (Selkirk), the dam of G1 Qatar Prix Marcel Boussac winner Albigna (Ire) (Zoffany {Ire}), has been scanned in foal to new Coolmore stallion Circus Maximus (Ire). Plan a Trip. " It empties water from the Monticello Dam in Lake Berryessa to prevent flooding. It was a fun adventure, but we missed Eaton Dam, the people, the more. 21 following a report of a disturbance with a weapon and a possible shot fired. The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System simplifies the research with brief but informative histories of the nearly 400 battles deemed most significant by the National Park Service's After an extraordinary career on the track her first foal, Gentile Bellini, made 2,000,000gns when bought in partnership by Coolmore. A foal's sire then is the stallion who was bred to the mare to produce that foal. YouTube. Search For: Sales Racing Events & Hospitality Visiting Keeneland News & Media. DressageIsToDance · Registered. Extreme vd Baarlevelde. It has four generators with a combined capacity of over 285 thousand K. Produce of Dam Record All Foals: This report lists all the foals of the horse requested. Buyer: Hong Kong Jockey Club. 7 116th CONGRESS 1st Session S. Sell or buy your next Horse Property, Equestrian Property or Horse Stud on www. Aug 22, 2021 · MAINTENANCE: Due to a scheduled maintenance, between 11:00pm Saturday 28th August and 1:30am Sunday 29th August the following Racing Australia services will be unavailable; www. Search forMakelove. For more information on the program, including how to purchase a breeding or enroll your stallion, visit the Sire & Dam page or contact Haley Carmen at [email protected] Wall mural . One-Stop, Affordable Research Access and Manage Your Literature All In One Place. Buyer: Passed $ 170,000 / Reserve $ 200,000. Stakes placed, Brown AQHA stallion. Kostenlose Anzeigen aufgeben mit eBay Kleinanzeigen. Standing At Stud. Stakes results listed in order by the grade of the race and then by purse amount. Date Aug 27, 2021 - (VDL Stud) Quel Heart G&O (Harley) most expensive foal sold in Trigon Auctions Aug 27, 2021 - (VDL Stud) Plenty of VDL offspring in the top 5 KNHS jumping championships Aug 27, 2021 - (VDL Stud) Beau Balou (Bubalu VDL) reserve champion HLP performance test in Austria Aug 26, 2021 - FEI Entry System open for Baborówko Autumn Show 2021 Aug 24, 2021 - Baborówko Horse Auctions: Foals & embryos with olympic genes Jul 29, 2021 - Plenty of Olympic influences in collection KWPN jumping foal auction RUIDOSO SELECT FOALS-IN-UTERO Preliminary Results August 28, 2020 Guthrie, OK HIP HORSE YOB SIRE DAM CONSIGNOR BUYER PRICE RNA PRICE 346 Foal In Utero 2021 Tres Seis Last Shall Be First Zerlotti Genetics, Ltd. Follow Tommy to a dead end, then go back a bit to where a trail leads off of the main road. At the entry for the horse click on the horse name to see the profile. The Sire's Indicates any horse that is repeated more than once within five-generations of a pedigree. 4 million horses from around the world cover all breeds of horses. 2016 BAY STALLION. horseproperty. An aerial image taken by a drone shows the Edenville dam breach on Wednesday. >. Build a giant stable with horses of every color. MAN OF MYSTERY gave Shafiq first Kranji win after three and a half years away. Compare (of 5 selected)Search for Hypothetical Foal To select the sire of the hypothetical foal: Enter either a sire's name; sire's name & YOB; or YOB and dam of the sire. au and the Single National System (Including StableAssist). Crystal D. Breeding direction Select Riding horse / Gelderlander Harness horse. com - Dedicated to Thoroughbred owners, breeders, trainers, fans and those researching Thoroughbred bloodlines. Bureau of Reclamation said the Hungry Horse Dam visitor center will be open from 8:30 a. July 30th Upset Deadline. I can remember the case so well. Learn more. Specialties: Red Horse Estate Sales & Elmore Auctioneers is a family owned and locally operated business specializing in estate sales in Central Virginia. 23. Krack C). Containing any of the words. Bargo is a country town on the outskirts of Sydney, again like many of the stories here it close to the area where I grew up. 00 : Produce of Dam All Foals $ 4. Since the bypass bridge was finished in October 2010, the Hoover Dam has become even more amazing. Breeding and Breeding and Reproduction Horse breeding from planning through foal care; a chart might list four generations: sire and dam, the four grandparents, the eight Larry Dean Edwards, age 82, of Dayton, Ohio passed away March 1, 2020 at home. The pedigree that follows is the horse's sire and dam. Colt or Horse. His sire is More Than Ready and he is out of the dam Waterwise. August 26, 2021 Hummingbird Banding Live! August 27, 2021 Food Truck Friday at Messenger Marsh. 3. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Kentucky Humane Society Equine C. View Auction Details. The company's mailing address is 8934 Hwy 2 E, Hungry Horse, MT 59919. Scenario 2 : You purchase a foal, but do not own the dam. APHA is working harder than ever to foster trust among its members. Or Click here to start overProduce of Dam Record Gives the sire, dam, breeder, current recorded owner, a performance summary and awards for the dam. 27. The visitor center is located at the dam where guided tours begin. On this certificate of "Jetterbug Jewell" The sire is Catcha Blue Jet the As the dam owner at time of foaling, you are considered the original owner of the foal

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