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The IDF does use our stuff. There is a pinned thread in our industry forumwith photos of Israeli soldiers with our equipment. There are a couple things to keep in mind though:

1. The IDF does not throw anything usable away. The standard issue stock for the IDF is our GLR-16. That does not mean that they go through all of their old carbines and junk the usable CAR or M4 stocks and install GLR-16s. They put them on new carbines, they replace some old stocks, but they phase them in instead of just replacing all of the old equipment. The emphasis is strongly on training over equipment, and they would rather keep the economy of using the working gear they already have and spend more money to train with it.

This is why you will see tons of beat-up old carbines and rifles with carry handles and no brass deflectors, cut down barrels to make carbines, old CAR stocks, rails added to standard polymer handguards, etc. This is why the PEC ejection port cover was built - so worn uppers that will not hold an ejection port cover closed anymore can still be used by adjusting the height of the PEC's detent. This was also the reason that the UGC noise and movement eliminator was developed. It is not really needed on many weapons, but those beat-up old M16s in Israel were getting pretty sloppy.

Even in the special ops units that tend to have the best gear, you will still see a mixture of older and newer stuff. Like i said, they are just more worried about their ability to use the weapon.

They generally don't buy their own gear and are not allowed to. Fortunately for them, they do not need to as Israel led the world in developing and issuing modern weapon accessories when the US issued nothing but a cleaning kit and nylon sling with the M16. In fact, if you talk to a some of older US SEALs from the 80s and early 90s and before, they all know our stuff and many used it as well as they worked closely with Israel at that time and a lot of this type of equipment was not yet available anywhere else.

2. Most of the images that can easily be found of the IDF soldiers tend to be a bit dated and there are not many current photos of soldiers in some of the special forces units. There are a lot more photos out there of soldiers in support-type units. Keep in mind that these guys are operating in an ongoing war that takes place in their own communities. These guy's families live where they operate and they are a target 24/7, so they tend to avoid publishing a lot of current photos.

Some of our equipment that is in widespread use in Israel include:

GLR-16 Stock - standard issue for IDF and other security forces.

AG-43 Grip - standard issue pistol grip for IDF and security forces.

Mepro M21 reflex sight - standard issue optic for IDF and many security forces.

AG-44 Forward Grip - You will see a lot of these in photos.

UPR16/4 and DRP16/4 Rails for standard polymer handguards - why buy a new handguard when all you need to do is mount a light or foregrip?

HG-S - Standard polymer carbine handguards - built of a tougher polymer than most.

Safety Rods - always used in dry-fire training

Light mounts - these things can be seen in a lot of photos.

Foregrips - FGG-S, T-Grip, REG, FFA-T4 can be seen in a lot of photos.

Magazine carriers - you will see many of these - both the new style and the older one that is now discontinued, but still in use. Others just use an elastic band around the magwell to hold a magazine.

Most of the above equipment is also used widely around the world by foreign militaries, especially the Meprolight optics.

Some of our stuff is more expensive (or not) or very specialized, and the use is more limited or mostly limited to specific types of units:

NFR rail system mentioned in previous posts - used by special forces units like Mat'kal, Duvedevan, Yamam.

TAL-4 Foregrip - used by Special Forces, some other Israeli units, US DEA (it was designed and built for the US DEA)

T-POD foregrip Bipod - used by Israeli special forces (we sell a LOT of these to US units and LE agencies as well).

AK Accessories (Folding stocks, pistol grips, rail systems, barrel mount rails) - These are used by the IDF on Russian AK rifles. The AK has very limited use by the IDF, so use of the AK accessories is limited to these few rifles. Most of the AK accessory production goes to foreign militaries.

Mepro MOR tri-powered reflex sight with visible and IR lasers - very high-end optic, used by special forces soldiers.

There is a ton of other stuff like Galil and Micro Galil accessories, Uzi rails and light mounts, etc. Our Sa vz.58 Accessories are approved for issue by the Czech Republic and can be seen in photos of Czech special forces soldiers operating in the middle east. The above list covers some of the most common things that you can see in photos of IDF soldiers, though.

Oh, and the Front Line holsters, which have led the way worldwide in holster design and innovation since 1962, are used by the IDF and Israeli police and security forces. Most people in the US are unaware of the high quality of Front Line holsters, having only been exposed to another brand of holsters from Israel that are more of a budget-type holster than the Front Line holsters which are considered the high-end holsters in Israel. In Israel, many troops have some flexibility in their choice of holsters, and often are issued one holster for duty and another for off-duty carry, or one for use with their combat gear and another type for operating under cover, so you will see a wide variety of front line holsters in use by the IDF, including a lot of concealment-type holsters, like the Yamam IWB holster which is one of the issue holsters of the Yamam counter-terror/HRT unit.

As far as quality, all of our products meet or exceed MIL-SPEC requirements and most have a lifetime warranty. (certain optics/night sights have item-specific warranties). Materials are of the highest quality and are chosen for the specific application. For example, different polymer products use different types of polymer based on what will be strongest for that particular application. This increases production costs, but results in a superior product. When people say, I saw X company's product and it wasn't as good as Y company's product, you can generally discount that person's claims unless he works for a test lab or something and has the expertise to actually do a scientific comparison. For example, the polymer used in our Gen 2 T-PODs is visibly different than other polymers, and has led people to claim that it is an inferior polymer because it looks different than the polymer used in a stock or grip. The reality is that it is a much more advanced polymer that is quite a bit more expensive, but is the strongest available polymer for that application. A stock, on the other hand, may be best built with another type of polymer.


Cap with Self Defense Tool Mako GOTCHA Tan Fab Defense

Cap with Self Defense Tool Mako GOTCHA Tan Fab Defense

Cap with Self Defense Tool Mako GOTCHA Tan Fab Defense
Cap with Self Defense Tool Mako GOTCHA Tan Fab Defense
Cap with Self Defense Tool Mako GOTCHA Tan Fab Defense

Cap with Self Defense Tool Mako GOTCHA Tan Fab Defense

Fab Defense / Mako GOTCHA Tan - Cap with Self Defense Tool 7290105941886. Compatibility:This accessory fits a variety of different platforms..

Cap with Self Defense Tool Mako GOTCHA Tan Fab Defense

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FAB DEFENSE SNAP-ON MAKO Skin for Glock 17 22 Gen 1 2 3

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FAB DEFENSE SNAP-ON MAKO Skin for Glock 17 22 Gen 1 2 3

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. . . and saw how cheap/plain the Mako ones were (First Samco, CAA, etc. - all the same thing, basically, and I have had all of them).

Our products are plain for a reason, and I will try to describe it here.

In the US, many different companies are competing for military and government contracts, and for civilian and individual soldier/officer sales. The pattern is that each company tries to make a better product with more features than the others, and then convince both the government and individual users that their product has merit. the result tends to be products that are ever more complicated, with all the bells and whistles, adjustable, configurable, etc. No one stops to wonder if that is really necessary. A good advantage is tactical scopes. There are only limited contracts for sniping scopes, and the onese that have these contracts build simple, high-quality optics. Everyone else has to court the police departments, individual soldiers and officers, and civilian shooters. The result is that scopes become more complicated. Adjustments become more precise, to the point the there are now "sniper scopes" out there with with 1/16th and even 1/32 MOA adjustments, because it makes them "better than the competition." If they are really better, than why do professional military snipers generally prefer 1 MOA or 1/2 MOA elevation adjustments?

Another example, to keep Mako out of the picture, would be a comparison of Magpul's PRS stock with CAA's sniper stock. The Magpul stock is very simple and plain. It has an adjustable cheek riser, and adjustable LOP. It has a rail for a monopod. That's all. it is very plain. The CAA ARS stock, in contrast, is the absolute opposite of plain. It looks very space-age with lots of complicated controls and moving parts. It definitely has all the bells and whistles. Which stock do you think would be chosen by an experienced sniper? Which one would appeal to an inexperienced buyer?

The Magpul stock has all you need - why complicate it? This is the philosophy behind the design of our products as well.

In Israel, products are designed in a different way. The IDF approaches FAB Defense with a specific need or problem. FAB Defense then designs a product to solve the need. The product is then tested and used in combat by IDF soldiers, or the particular unit that needed the product. The IDF then returns with criticisms or recommendations for improvements, and the process continues until the product is refined to best fit the need. The result is simple, streamlined equipment that do not have any unnecessary features.

"The Mako flashlight mounts that drop the light down by the VFG are still nice enough to use though, and they're priced right.

I don't like the idea of pulling a trigger to get the flashlight to illuminate - get used to doing that and then wait until a high-stress situation where you pull the trigger on the right hand when you meant to pull the left one. "

The T-Gripis designed to be operated by wrapping the entire hand around the grip and moving the hand up and squeezing the grip to activate the light. The grip is thin at the top to cause the shooter to do this, rather than to use the switch with the tip of the finger like a trigger. For those concerned with sympathetic trigger squeeze, the T-GripR has a rear activation switch instead.

Finally Mako/FAB, First Samco, CAA, and EMA are not all the same. CAA made products that look the same as ours. They are not - they are copies. They are not made of the same grade of polymer, and they were made for export to consumer markets. FAB Defense products were designed for military end users and are of the highest quality materials. FAB Defense and The Mako Group are not, and never have been, associated in any way with CAA or EMA or any of their other names. If you have had CAA/First Samco/EMA products, they were not FAB or Mako products. First Samco name and assets were sold at auction to MFT, which is also not associated with CAA or EMA, or with us.



Defense mako/fab

Mako AG-43 Grip. Fab Defense-Black

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