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Cans are probably one of the best inventions ever made by the likes of Adolph Coors Company and Patent Durand. They have grown to be the best and more efficient ways to store food or drinks.

Studies show that cans are better than bottles because they weigh less and are easier to carry around and store. As time continues to pass people have continued to switch to using cans for storage at home.

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The only problem with using cans is that they may become messy if not stored well, which could cause an accident in your home. But if you are careful, you have plenty of benefits to enjoy from these products.

Here are some of the best can rack organisers for your pantry which will help you solve your can problems.

Best Can Rack Organisers

mDesign Kitchen Can Dispenser Storage

For anyone running out of space in their kitchen or their storage room here is an answer for you.

With this you need no longer to worry about where you are going to stock the food cans and the soda cans because the fridge is too full. It comes in two sets meaning more space for you.

It has a unique design that enables you to fix it in that small space that is too little to keep anything important.

The best part yet is that cleaning it will not be a worry. It does not just store one or two but seven cans which can probably last you a week. In it you do not just have a place to store your cans but you have a fancy dispenser. If you are trying to get your big dream into your small area here is the thing for.

mDesign Modern Plastic Stackable Water Bottle Holder Stand

Looking for something out of this world that is sturdy? With this product, you get to experience more of its amazing perks.

With it, you can store up to twelve cans and it’s durable because of bisphenol A giving you years of service. The design is shock resistant too.

It is one of the best designs in the market that makes your pantry look fancier than ever.

Cleaning is no longer going to be a problem for you with this. It has more layers than an onion making it the best option to store your future drinks and canned foods.

It is the right thing for you especially if you use bottles as well. You do not have to commit yourself to cans only.

Greenco Refrigerator and Freezer Drink Holder Storage Bin

Unlike most can racks, you are able to put this one in your fridge or even anywhere else in your kitchen.

You can rely on its durability owing to bisphenol-A construction. With this, you do not need a washing machine to clean since it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean up.

It can hold nine to twelve cans depending on the weight of your cans. The advantage of it is that it comes in two packs meaning more space for you.

Looking for something that you can fix in a matter of minutes? Are you tired of racks that take too much space and only store small numbers if cans?

Fifo Mini Can Tracker is the best deal for you. You no longer be your worry as this accommodates up to 30 cans of all kinds of sizes and weight. And you can always fix it yourself by just adding racks to it.

Store anything starting from vegetables to foods and even sodas. Having this just makes your pantry 10x better organised.

FIFO Can Rack

Fifty-four is a number you do not come to hear often in the can rack market. But this can rack will manage all this number of cans and still look neat. Unlike the others, it can be adjusted in the size you want it to be.

What is better than a rack with chromium plating? You all want something that will look like it was part of your plan when decorating your pantry and will never corrode and make the pantry look old and ugly. Well here is what you have been looking for.

It is easy to bring together and make a unique design. You can fit this in your fridge if needed or in your cabinets to however you like it.

The colour on the rack gives the room a unique look that does not fade away. It is stable and you never have to worry about it falling or your drinks falling off.

It can hold drinks food and vegetable cans. It can hold up to 12 cans depend the sizes and the weight.

With this you are guaranteed of a clean environment in your pantry because you will never come back to find your drinks spread on the ground.

No perfectionist should miss out on this opportunity

4 Tier Gray Country Rustic Chicken Wire Pantry

With this product, the size of the cans do not really matter since you can store big cans to small cans and not worry if the cans will be able to fit or if they are too big.

The rack has a colour that will most definitely make your kitchen look cooler and better.  You can store many cans in the rack without worrying about looking for more space.

The rack is easy to put together and fix yourself without needing much help. It has a unique design you will love.

Here you can stack to about thirty-six cans and not worry of running out of space.  The design of the rack will give an elegant look to your pantry.

You do not have to worry about your cans falling off because the rack is one of the most stable.

Chromium plaiting in this rack will give your house a civilised look which will make your pantry look more stylish. You no longer have to buy cans according to size anymore because with this you can always modify it in the size your cans are.

The rack can hold to up to thirty six cans. With this you can hold all kinds of cans starting from vegetable cans to soda cans and fruits.

With other racks you always worry if your rack will be able to hold the weight of all the cans but with this, that will no longer be your worry for it is stable and will never topple over. If the space you have is small you can always modify it in ways it will fit.

Conclusion on Can Rack Organisers

If you are looking for the best rack to hold your cans in your pantry, the rack should be something that adds elegance to your kitchen or pantry.

The rack should be stable and hold the number of cans that you desire and if possible create enough space for other stuff you need to store.

The recommendations above are ideal and fit people with different needs.

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Sours: https://ireallylikefood.com/10-best-can-rack-organizers-for-your-pantry/

Pantry Storage Ideas: 16 Top Canned Food Storage Hacks

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Have you noticed how much space canned foods take up in your pantry (or kitchen cabinets)? And it’s hard to find that one item you’re looking for because all the cans are in the way? I hate when you are looking for a specific can and it is sitting behind about a 100 other pantry food items!  It is like a serious game of pantry hide and seek.

Not anymore! Here are 16 genius can organizer tips that will take your canned food storage from exasperating to dreamy. 

16 canned food storage solutions collage with shelves, diy wood crate and a drawer with canned goods in it.

Top Canned Food Storage Ideas for a Well-Organized Pantry

Do you have canned food organizational problems? Every time I try to grab the mayo in the back, I’m knocking over the cans in front of it. There are very few things that frustrate me as much as that!  After the 150th time knocking down other cans to get to the one I needed in the back, I decided it was time to organize my can storage. Use these canned food storage ideas we’ve found to make grabbing that ONE can you need so much easier!

1. DIY Canned Food Organizer

Canned food can take up a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets and pantry – maybe even most of the room! Create a canned food organizer that slides between your refrigerator and the wall. What a great way to use (under-utilized) space for canned food storage! For about $100 or so, you can also have your own (custom) sliding canned food storage unit. How cool is that?

canned food organizer slide out next to a white fridge

2. Canned Food Storage in Drawers

There are terrific and effective pantry storage ideas for your canned foods no matter what type of kitchen you have. Do you have an extra kitchen drawer or maybe two? If you keep your canned goods in drawers, this tip will blow your mind…write the contents of the cans on top so you can grab what you need in just a second. Why didn’t I think of that? Pure genius!

canned goods stored in a drawer with the names written on the top with a black marker

give away image for 18 free chalk board labels for organization

3. The Container Store to the Rescue

These super cute, inexpensive bins (the medium size) from The Container Store, are perfect for storing canned foods. Also, they’re clear, so you can see how much you have at a glance. They even have handy labels for the front, to help your pantry stay organized. I think this is so clever! Also, have a look at these crazy Pringles can crafts, to organize your other storage as well!

clear container store upright shelves stacked side by side with canned goods in it

4. DIY Canned Food Storage Wall

There are many different canned food organizing options available from simple changes to more elaborate setups. Rather than wrap-around shelves in the pantry, this family opted for a single back wall of canned goods. This canned food storage wall is such a creative way to store your canned goods, don’t you think? It’s like the nail polish rack married the pantry closet and came up with this genius idea! Super cool!

canned food storage wall on the back wall of the pantry with canned goods on it

5. Closet Racks for the Win

Add closet racks to your cabinets to display your canned foods and see what you have at a simple glance. I must say, that’s an amazing (and frugal) can storage idea! Getting those canned foods organized will reap rewards by saving you a lot of frustration, time, and money. Plus, no more expired foods! What a clever way to repurpose closet racks and fix your canned food storage problem at the same time. 

closet racks inside a cabinet with canned goods stored in it

6. Pantry Lazy Susans

We’ve linked to thesepantry Lazy Susansagain and again because this pantry can organizer idea is so clever. Isn’t this the coolest idea? Fit more into corners and be able to see everything you have with the spin of the wheel. I love how it pretty much doubles the storage space in the corner of your pantry and makes everything easy to find. This is a great DIY project! 

diy lazy susan in the corner of the pantry holding canned goods

7. Use Dollar Store Bins for Cans

Shoe bins from the Dollar Store are an affordable way to group canned goods together. Go one step further by arranging the bins according to what’s in your cans for an ultra-organized pantry. This is a simple and affordable way to keep your canned food items neat and organized. See-through bins are a wonderful way to know what cans are there at a glance so no more searching frantically. What a cool organizational tool!

dollar store bins storing canned coods

8. Use Photo Boxes for Canned Food Storage

With just a few slight tweaks, photo boxes make a perfect (and very affordable) canned food organizer. These boxes are (DIY assemble yourself), so they’re very easy to make into storage boxes. Plus, they are also easy to label! It can be as simple as writing on the label with a black permanent marker. Such a simple project. 

photo boxes on shelves storing canned goods

9. Behind the Door Organizer

If you have a modest amount of canned food and limited cabinet space, a behind-the-door organizer may be ideal for you. You can still fit quite a bit in there without cluttering up precious space elsewhere. This can be used for spices or for canned goods. Better yet, install one for spices and another (or two), for your canned food storage. What a great idea!

white rack inside a cabinet door holding spices and canned goods

10. Two-Tiered Canned Food Organizers

Build your own two-tiered canned food organizers. You can even add labels to the front of each section to make it faster to find what you’re looking for. They’re easier to make than you’d think! This quick DIY project will yield long-lasting results. I’ve always wanted something to hold my canned goods just like this! 

two tiered separator shelves storing canned goods

11. Wall-Mounted Canned Food Organizer

Want to free up shelf space? This wall-mounted canned food organizer will make a great addition to your pantry – or your garage. This is a genius way to organize your canned goods so you’re always using the oldest ones first and the cans are kept in a neat row. Keeping an inventory of what cans you have and what you need to buy will be a breeze too. What an excellent way to store canned goods. 

DIY wall mounted canned food organizer with canned goods stacked inside

12. Rotating Canned Food Rack

What do you do if you don’t have much space to work with? This rotating canned food rack can even fit in small kitchens. By creating a rotating can system, you make sure you’re using your oldest cans first so nothing ever expires. The wheels make this (very portable) as well so it’s easy to move from place to place. I love finding space-saving ideas for small kitchens!

diy rotating wood canned food rack with canned goods inside sitting on driveway

13. Maximize Your Pantry Space

Have you ever wondered why shelves are so far apart in most pantries? Measure and plan your pantry shelves to maximize space. Odds are, you can fit a few more shelves into your pantry and cabinet to make use of empty space that would otherwise go unused. It actually never occurred to me to add additional shelves to my pantry. This is such a great storage idea!

pantry shelves to maximize space with food items on it and how many inches apart they are written to the left of the shelves digitally

14. Magazine Holders

A magazine holder is an ideal size for smaller cans of food. You can stack them and maximize the space on your shelves. Isn’t this a handy way to store your canned food? Another idea is to buy more than one magazine holder and organize your cans by type. The cool thing is that magazine boxes are available almost anywhere and are not very expensive. Genius! 

white magazine holder on it's side in a cabinet holding canned food

15. Woven Baskets With Labels

Organize your canned food by type of ingredient and place them into baskets. Here, you see canned fruits, canned soups, etc. grouped together. This system sure makes it easy to grab and go – smart! This is a great way to keep your shelves nice and organized so you find what you’re looking for fast! You MAY even be able to turn the baskets the other way (and fit two per shelf) with the label on the end of the basket. 

wicker baskets on pantry shelves with labels on the front and food stored inside

16. DIY Pull Out Shelves

Have you ever needed to get creative on storage space? This pull-out cabinet solution is perfect for cans that you just have to keep in the cabinets (rather than your pantry). No more sitting on the floor to see what you have because (the drawer slides right) out so you can see everything. I love this convenient idea! Plus, if you like, you can dedicate that drawer (only) to your cans, to make it even more organized. 

pull out drawer in a cabinet with canned food stored and stacked on it

Which Canned Food Storage Idea do YOU Like?

Whatever your storage situation is, using one (or more!) of these pantry storage ideas is 100% worth your time. From DIY to store-bought and simple, to more complex, this list of storage ideas should take care of that canned food clutter problem. Now I’m rethinking the canned food storage in my kitchen and these ideas have me fired up! There are several that would work to free up space for me. Deciding which I want to go with is the only thing left. 

This list of pantry storage ideas has a can storage solution that will work for you! No matter what size kitchen you have, there’s usually a solution that will work to maximize the space, when it comes to storage. Which canned food organizer idea helps you the most?

Food is the most primitive form of comfort.

~Sheilah Graham Westbrook

canned food collage with bins, baskets, drawers, shelves in back of pantry, rotating shelves

Check out More Clever Organization Ideas Here: 

Sours: https://www.onecrazyhouse.com/17-canned-food-storage-ideas/
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The 12 Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers of 2021

Final Verdict

While the right option for your home depends on your unique needs and available space, the best kitchen cabinet organizer overall is the SimpleHouseware Stackable 2 Tier Sliding Basket Drawer (view at Amazon). We appreciate the reasonable price tag, stackable design, versatility, and durability. Having said that, Salt's Cabinet Shelf (view at Amazon) is our top budget-friendly option. It's easy to clean, doesn't require any assembly, and particularly great if you need a storage solution for your wall cabinets.


When shopping around for a kitchen cabinet organizer, the first thing you'll want to consider is its primary purpose. Do you need a solution for your cookware, wine glasses, plates, spices, or pantry snacks? How much room do these items need, and how much do they weigh? By answering these questions, and taking a deeper dive into the recurring problems you have, you can figure out what type and size of cabinet organizer you need. You can also start crafting a storage plan that's both sustainable and within your budget.


The type of kitchen cabinet organizer you purchase is directly related to the purpose you defined. If you decided you need a solution for the cleaning products under your sink, for instance, you should reach for a clear bin or pull-out drawer. If you need to store dry food in your pantry, then an air-tight container is in the cards for you. "When I am organizing a kitchen, my top three products to use are shelf risers, clear bins with built-in handles, and turntables," explains Sanchez. "You'll never have to search through your condiments and spices again with a turntable."

Other popular types of kitchen cabinet organizers include: sliding baskets (either freestanding ones or installed ones), under-sink units, corner shelf dividers, and bins that attach to doors. In addition, there are vertical dish dividers, tiered shelves, and heavy-duty racks for pots and pans. Find a type that feels comfortable to use, and serves the correct purpose for you.


Before adding a kitchen cabinet organizer to your space, you want to measure the space it's going to live in, so you know it'll fit and do its job well. Base cabinets (under the counters) are typically 24 inches deep, and wall cabinets are about 12 inches deep. However, some modern wall cabinets are a little deeper. In any case, Bowers recommends measuring before you go shopping. In addition to the kitchen cabinet dimensions, you should also check the weight capacity to confirm the cabinet can hold what you need it to.


The material of your cabinet organizer isn't as essential to consider when shopping, but can help you create storage solutions instead of problems in your space. For example, a metal rack can be easier to maintain and typically support heavier objects. It can be a quality option if you're hoping to store cleaning supplies under your sink. On the other hand, a wooden turntable can match the style of your space, or help create a consistent aesthetic. You'll want to consider your purpose as well as your personal preferences when it comes to material.


  • According to Stewart, cabinet organizers are all about three things: containment, easy accessibility, and knowing where everything is. By adding them to your space, you're creating a long-lasting storage system that'll give you some peace-of-mind and streamline your mealtimes.

    Bowers agrees, saying, "If a home has been created [for an item], the chances of it going back to its designated spot is so much higher!" You are much less likely to create clutter if you have a sustainable system in place.

  • The first step in organizing your kitchen cabinets is to give everything a home, or a designated spot. When deciding where each item goes, start sorting everything by category.

    Then, you can place things based on how frequently you use them, whether they should be near the dishwasher (such as glassware), and what needs to be easily accessible or used in a timely manner. Additionally, Bowers says, "You want to make sure to label the containers, so the whole family is on board as to where things belong."

  • To make the inside of your kitchen cabinets as aesthetically pleasing as possible, you should consider getting matching organizers. Whether it's powder-coated wire mesh, chrome-finished steel, bamboo, or clear acrylic, using the same color and material will make everything look more cohesive.

    Luckily, most organizers come in various shapes and sizes, so you should be able to get a collection that works for your space. Shelf liners can also help protect the material and enhance the look of your cabinets.

Theresa Holland is a commerce writer specializing in interior design and home improvement, and has been writing for The Spruce since 2019, where she covers organizational solutions, furniture, and cleaning products. For this piece, she interviewed six professional organizers and researched the various types of units. She looked at dozens of products from a wide range of brands, combed through user reviews, and carefully considered the specifications and key features before making her final selections.

Recently, she also completed similar research while looking for pantry and bathroom organizers for her new home. Theresa ordered a few Elfa Easy Gliders from The Container Store, which she loves.

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/best-kitchen-cabinet-organizers-4154816

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Can organizer tiered

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Home Made Can Organizer

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