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When you buy an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), it will come equipped with the manufacturer-approved ATV tires already mounted on the wheels. These ATV tires are known as original manufacturer (OEM) tires. While they are intended for use on your specific ATV model, they tend to be poorly structured, spin too much, and get worn out too soon. That’s why most people look for other ATV tires, not just to replace their existing ones, but also to improve the performance of their vehicle.

Enter the Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire, an excellent radial model with directional tread pattern. The lugs on the treads have little sips on them to provide great traction on all terrains. This tire will work well on different types of surface and in different weather conditions. Whatever it is that you’re using your ATV for, you can be sure that these ATV tires will deliver a smooth and stable driving experience at all times.

The Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 23” to 26” in height, and 7” to 11” in width. They are made for rim diameters of up to 12”, but the 26” supports a 14” rim. If you own a Polaris EFI , this is the only tire currently available that can fit your vehicle and replace the worn out OEM ATV tires your machine originally came with.


  • Radial tire with directional tread pattern
  • Height to width ratio ranges from 23/7 to 26/11
  • Mounts onto a wheel that’s 12” (23” to 25” models) or 14” (26” model) inches in diameter
  • Weighs a little over 17 lbs.
  • Speed rating C means it will support driving speeds of up to 37 miles per hour
  • Reinforced sidewalls for a more even ride
  • Sips are added on lugs for optimum traction and durability


  • You can use the tire on either the front or the rear wheels
  • This is the only model that fits Polaris ATVs
  • The tire operates very quietly because of the additional siping on the lugs
  • Unique sidewall design and gapped tread pattern provide stability across different surfaces
  • The tire is excellent at handling mud and trails
  • Works well in all weather conditions
  • Semi-aggressive design promotes good traction and steering control
  • Gaps between treads allow the tire to clean itself while on the go
  • Very lightweight compared to other ATV tires available


  • Fitting the tire can be a bit complicated if you’ve never done it before
  • No multi-pack options available
  • Prone to punctures if driven aggressively
  • Although very affordable, it’s a bit more expensive than other, cheap ATV tires


The Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire is a great, fairly inexpensive tire that promotes a smooth ride with great traction. Because of its dimensions, it is particularly great for Polaris vehicles, as it’s the only model on the market that will fit them. The tire works well in all weather conditions and on different terrains.

The small sips on the lugs of the treads ensure that your tires won’t produce too much noise while they’re moving. They will also be spinning a lot less than the OEM ATV tires, and will, therefore, last considerably longer. What’s more, if you follow the directional tread pattern, you can fit them either on the front or the back of your ATV.


When compared to similarly designed and priced ATV tires, like the SunF A ATV Tire and the Wanda P ATV/UTV Tire, the Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire fares rather well. It matches the other two in terms of the quality of the build, adaptability to different types of use, as well as optimum performance across all terrains in different weather conditions.

They all use 6-ply rated materials to deliver a smooth transition between two different surfaces and to sustain regular use. One area where the Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire really excels is the noise it produces during the ride; we’ve noticed that this tire is much quieter than all other ATV tires we’ve tried—and we’ve tried many.

Finally, the Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire is the only model out of this three that goes up to a 26” width. If you own a Polaris ATV, then this should be your go-to replacement tires for the OEM ones.


The Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire is an excellent choice among many different budget-friendly ATV tires. Its performance and durability are on par with those you’d find in only the best ATV and UTV tires. Because of its size, if you happen to own an ATV manufactured by Polaris, your search for new tires should end at the Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire. Having tested it, we can see why many ATV manufacturers choose Carlisle as their go-to supplier of high quality tires. You’ll love them, too.
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Carlisle ATXL ATV Tire &#; cheap Atv tires reviews

This tire has 6 available sizes, including this one. The Carlisle ATXL tires are one of those models that could literally shake you up. The geometrically engineered tread is a wonderful work of art. The Carlisle ATV tires are manufactured under strict quality guidance.
Aside from enjoying the position as one of the most sellable products of its class online, it also boasts of having the longest life despite heavy uses. Primarily designed to conquer various types of ATVs, it is also radially constructed which gives 12% more traction than conventional tires of its league.
Weighing lbs., the Carlisle XL does not wear easily. This tire does not deflate easily despite extensive use. Veteran users commented online that the average air-inflation takes place after weeks of use. That is quite a feat for a tire and added up to its low-maintenance characteristics.

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Worthwhile features

Really deep tread and near-perfect symmetry
The XL tire tread is designed with a highly defined pattern that is seamless and polished to perfection. This lbs. tire has an aspect ratio of “8” classified as large sidewall enhanced that entails wider surface area which the tire could occupy. The higher the aspect ratio begets a higher chance of grabbing large surface area where stable footing results. However, this ratio may affect steering ability, on this regards, the rider could be more alert.

Could be used in various ATVs
The Carlisle ATV tire is not only advisable for quad or three-wheeler ATVs, but also for fun karts, side by side vehicles, utility vehicles, 4X4s, Polaris ATVs and other similar types. The versatility of this tire (with 6-ply construction) makes it one of the most popular choices among gaming operators such as races and carnivals among other power sports.

Power banking is one its fortes
This clean-cut tire continues to amaze riders because of its tight grip on surfaces when banking especially at relatively high speed (commonly peg at mph). The tire don’t easily skid and slide, opposite banking side tire just levitate and clears the ground in minimal clearance and in only seconds.

Some hitches of this tire
The tire should not be inflated to maximum allowed by the manufacturer for any reason beyond 7 psi, especially when use for side by side vehicles or any vehicle that carries heavy load. You may read repeatedly the user’s manual of instructions for allowable load for this tire.


The tire industries, especially those that concern ATVs, produced some of the world’s best riders when they choose to utilize the best tires for their games, and this amusement industry is the product of the continuous enthusiasm of the people to keep the sports alive and kicking. This Carlisle ATV tire review may help everyone who is still reluctant about choosing the right product for them, whether for commercial or everyday use. The Carlisle tires might be the right choice for an aggressive enthusiast.

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Carlisle AT Tire Review &#; Rating

The AT from Carlisle combines dependable traction and stability with a smoother ride for driving in mud, sand, gravel, dirt and other terrains. A 3-ply casing provides excellent puncture resistance, while also protecting against bruises.

Traction is this tire&#;s strong point, and the deeper cleats do just that. The bar lugs are spaced proportionally to deliver unbeatable traction. Carlisle has built the AT with a rounder profile which provides added steering response and feel. It makes you feel in control at all times.

Carlisle AT ATV Tires

The tire sports a bigger contact surface that enhances tread grip and also increases overall ride comfort. Tread life on this model is very good, which is something many drivers have commented on in reviews of this tire. This can also save you money down the road.

A smoother ride is another characteristic of this model. It does a good job at shock absorption and reducing those bone jarring bumps often encountered in trail use and on rugged terrains.

The tire features a tubeless bias-ply design to go with a 50 mph speed rating. Overall, this Carlisle tire provides a good all-around balance of traction and stability on a variety of surfaces, while keeping you in better control.

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What ATV&#;s Will The AT Fit?

Fits these ATV&#;s and many others:

  • Arctic Cat , DVX
  • Bombardier DS, Rally
  • Can-Am
  • Cannondale
  • Honda TRX
  • Kasea Skyhawk
  • Kawasaki Bayou, Mule, KFX
  • Kymco MXU
  • Polaris Big Boss, Trailblazer, Outlaw, Scrambler, Predator
  • Suziki Quadsport
  • Yamaha Bear Tracker, Raptor, Warrior

Tire Sizes


AT22x10 B
AT23x7 B
AT23x8 B
AT23x10 B
AT22x11 B
AT24x11 B
AT25x11 B


AT23x8 B
AT24x8 B
AT24x9 B
AT24x10 B


AT22x7 B
AT22x10 B
AT23x8 B
AT23x10 B
AT24x8 B
AT24x9 B
AT24x11 B
AT25x8 B
AT25x10 B
AT25x11 B
AT25x11 B

Price Range

Prices on the AT range from approximately $69 and up.

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Review Date: Fri January 25, Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid (per item)?: None indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros:Good for all around riding
Cons:Not so great in the mud, but decent

I have a set of on my grizzly
and I am rather pleased with them. They do a a good job on hard surfaces, and decent in the mud. I would recommend them for a person looking for a good all terrain tire
Review Date: Wed July 9, Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid (per item)?: None indicated | Rating: 3 

Cons:Weak Sidewall

These tires are the stock rubber on my Polaris X2 With less than 25 hours on them I have 3 plugs in the Sidewall!!!! I dont expect much from stock tires but that's a bit much.
Review Date: Thu August 20, Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid (per item)?: None indicated | Rating: 3 

Pros:Smooth ride on blacktop
Cons:Take lots of plugs offroad

These tires were stock on my 07 Polaris X2. I have had to plug all 4 tires and replace one. I have since put a set of 6 ply Maxxis Mud Bugs on. It's a much better tire.The 's can't take serious trail riding, the 3 plys are weak.
Review Date: Wed November 3, Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid (per item)?: None indicated | Rating: 6 

Pros:Best sand tire on the market!
Cons:Not good on grass

You'll fly over sand dunes with these babys!

They float well too.
Review Date: Thu February 3, Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid (per item)?: None indicated | Rating: 5 

Pros:smooth ride, long lasting
Cons:not good in mud or snow

dont put on a 2 wheel drive unless dry trails, cant ever depend on a stock tire. own a polaris sportsman ho and a 01 trailboss
Review Date: Thu April 28, Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid (per item)?: None indicated | Rating: 4 

Pros:decent grip, good in loose sand
Cons:weak sidewall, 3 ply construction

Does OK on loose sand and general trail riding but easy to puncture. Came stock on my Polaris, will change asap
Review Date: Tue April 24, Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid (per item)?: None indicated | Rating: 1 

Cons:plugs plug plugs

these came stock on my can am. I have plugs in 2 of the tires, many plugs and a sidewall leak in another, All leak desite the plugs. I have to replace them within a year

Tires review atv carlisle

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out of 5 starsImpressed so far

Reviewed in the United States on August 4,

I bought this as a replacement tire for my Polaris Ranger XP in 26x11xR12 for the rear. This was to replace the Polaris PXT tire. I saved $70 buying this over what the Polaris dealer quoted me for a new replacement. Both tires made by Carlisle, in the USA. Same tread pattern, same everything except it does not say Polaris pxt. It does not bother me in the least. Most of the times my tires are covered in dirt or mud anyways. Arrived in 4 days as it was not eligible for prime but did have free shipping for prime members. No biggie and nice that shipping was free. I haven't mounted the tire up yet but am impressed so far. I've added some pics so you can see the sidewall and tread pattern. (ACT = all conditions tire) I hope this helps you out.

Update 7/ almost 3 years and tire still looks great. Zero issues and minimal wear.

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