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Martin &#;Custom&#; Guitar Center Performing Artist Model Acoustic

* This guitar is cracked and is being sold AS IS

Original Price: $2,
Regular Internet Selling Price: $
Our Clearance Price: $ As Is (Includes Original Hardshell Case)

This is a used USA Made Martin &#;Custom&#; Model that we took in on trade and has a crack in the top of the guitar running from just below the bridge to the lower bout. This is a model that was specifically made for Guitar Center and is most similar to the DCPA4 in the Martin Performing Artist Series. Because it was only made for Guitar Center stores it is stamped &#;Custom&#; where they normally put the model. Serial #

It is unfortunate that the guitar cracked because the rest of the guitar is in pristine condition. No scratches, dings, etc and still plays great and sounds awesome even with the crack. When you play it plugged in you would never even know it was cracked. Would make a great guitar for anyone that plays out and wants a great sounding guitar to perform with and not worry about beating it up on stage.

Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions at all

We want you to be happy with your purchase! Every guitar we sell gets a full tuning, setup and inspection before it leaves our doors. We also offer free maintenance on every guitar we sell for as long as you own it. If you ever have any problems with your guitar, we want you to bring it back so that we can help you with it. And of course, if you are unhappy with any of the items you purchase, let us know so we can make it right!

Martin Guitar vs Guitar Center Martin Guitars?

rcl wrote: That's what I'm afraid of.  I have a DCOGTE, which I bought at GC.  Nobody told me that it was part of a custom order exclusive to GC.  It's an amazing guitar, and happens to be one that sells now for more the the DCGTE, due to popularity and the crazy nice sound it puts out.  That was sheer luck though from what I hear, because I keep hearing that other GC special editions don't sell for as much as non-"special run" guitars.  I'm looking for a GPCPA4-Rosewood now, but I'm told that the "GC edition" is worth a lot less and I don't know what the differences are.  I don't want to get taken due to ignorance; hence, the research.

That was notpart of a GC custom run.  Those guitars do not have stamped model numbers, but instead are marked "Custom" on the neck block.  Yours is a model-marked guitar that was catalogued by Martin and sold by many dealers.  It was only in production for a short time, a few years possibly?  Original MSRP was around $2,  I'd expect it to sell used for $$1, now.
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Get that famous Martin sound for under $1, with this insane Guitar Center deal

It would be fair to say Martin make some of the most expensive acoustic guitars around – and with good reason. Established all the way back in , the company has an unrivalled legacy for creating beautiful instruments that have graced many a legendary performance and recording.

With that in mind, when a Martin guitar is available at a reduced price, it’s worth taking a closer look.

Much like the DM, this limited edition Custom D Classic Dreadnought is made with solid mahogany back and sides, which provides a woody depth, but it also has a solid sitka spruce top for crispy clarity and punch. The combination of tonewoods make for a lightweight yet highly responsive and dynamic full-bodied acoustic that delicately balances its rich warm low end against some truly exquisite sparkling highs.

Along with its tortoise binding, mortise-and-tenon joint and adjustable truss rod, the guitar also comes with a hardshell case. This epic acoustic guitar is currently on sale for less than the regular DM - though ultimately more versatile and equal across the tonal spectrum thanks to its sitka spruce top upgrade - making this limited run deal certainly worthy of consideration.

This deal could indicate a sign of things to come in the Guitar Center Black Friday sale. Keep your eyes on Guitar World for all the best Black Friday guitar deals this month.


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Martin custom center guitar

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