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22 Closet Organizers So Clever, You'll Never Be Able to Live Without Them Again

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There's nothing worse than having a messy or too-small closet. I just moved into a new apartment, and my closet is far from perfect. It is much tinier than I am used to and not nearly enough space. In order to create my dream closet, I knew I needed to enlist the help of useful organizers. As I began my search, I turned to Walmart because the store carries all the smart organizers you could ever dream of.

To make shopping easier, I curated a list of 22 genius finds that totally blew me away. From shoe storage compartments to organizers for your handbags, no doubt these will help you stay more tidy than ever. Plus, did I mention, they're super affordable?! Keep reading to shop them all and get your closet in order today.


Take the stress out of closet organization with these storage solutions

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I always joke that my passion for clothes first ignited during my school days, when I only had the option of wearing a uniform. Since I could never decide what I was going to wear to school, I desperately wanted to show off my sense of style in my downtime. So after graduating, I began collecting clothing that truly represents who I am. Although I’ve edited my wardrobe many times since then, I still have way more clothes than I actually need. And keeping them organized is a nightmare.

Since I recently did a massive spring cleaning of the rest of my house, I decided it was finally time to tackle the more disorderly areas of my home that cause me stress every time I look at them: my closet and dresser. I had such good luck using Walmart’s subscription service, Walmart+, last month that I was excited to peruse the website again to find some closet organization products that could help whip my space into shape.

Walmart Plus Membership

What are the benefits of Walmart Plus?

When I get the motivation to clean — a feeling that doesn’t often last long — I like to strike while the iron’s hot. Luckily, Walmart+ can help me get what I need quickly with free next-day and two-day shipping all for just $ per month or $98 per year. There’s also no order minimum required, so you can get items shipped as often as you need without paying extra — a perk that comes in handy if you ever forget to add an item to your original order.

As an added bonus, members also have access to the Mobile scan & go benefit, which lets you shop and scan items with your phone in-store. So if you’re undertaking a massive organization project like I did and can’t wait for your items to ship, you can run into your local Walmart and check out in a snap.


Walmart Plus storage and organization

As Seen on TV Wonder Hanger MAX Closet Storage Organizer

My tightly packed closet is crowded with dresses, frilly frocks and the loads of hangers I put them on, so it’s sometimes hard to find what I’m looking for. When I saw that the Wonder Hanger Max could help separate my clothing and triple my closet space, I knew it was worth a try.

The space-saving solution has slots for five hangers, so you can easily group clothing by color, season or any other category you prefer. You can keep the Wonder Hanger Max horizontal and let your items stand side by side or drop one side of the hanger into a cascading position to make more room for additional garments.

This storage organizer comes with 10 Wonder Hangers that can hold up to 30 lbs. each without bending or snapping. I’ve always been rather skeptical of these types of hangers, but after using them to hang everything from lightweight summer dresses to heavier leather jackets, I’m officially a believer.

Honey-Can-Do Mainstays Modular Cubby Plastic Drawer Organizer

I’ve attempted to keep my underwear drawer under control for years, but somehow, it always turns into a total mess. Even after trying a Marie Kondo folding method last year, my pursuit for organization still evolved into chaos. Fortunately, I found exactly what I needed to transform my drawer with this cubby organizer.

The interlocking pieces are super easy to assemble, and you can add or remove them depending on the size of your space. The little boxes fit 2 to 3 pairs of folded underwear and help keep everything nice and contained. Thanks to its modular design, I can even separate my undies by color or material and instantly see what I’m looking for! This organizer exceeded my expectations, and now I can’t help but smile when I see the perfectly neat setup.

Whitmor Drawer Organizer Combo Pack

Similar to my underwear situation, my bra drawer has always looked a little bit disheveled. It’s a small space that I also use to store my underwear overflow, so it’s always super packed. When I stumbled across Whitmor’s six-piece drawer organizer, I figured it could be the perfect solution to all my clutter problems.

The set comes with six organizers — one large, two medium and three small — that are great for containing a number of items like socks, underwear, bras or jewelry. I used one small and one medium organizer in my bra drawer, and the before and after transformation was pretty amazing. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the end results, happy that I could finally separate my bras from my underwear. Plus, I was able to use the leftover organizers to tidy up my camisole and tights drawer.

ZB Brand Hanging Purse Organizer

I live in a pretty small house, so closet space is limited. Mine is a bit of a catch-all and is filled with everything from clothes to accessories to handbags. I use a few shelves at the top of my closet to store purses, but it always looks messy, so I was instantly intrigued when I came across this hanging organizer.

Once it arrived, I happily took my bags off the shelves and placed them into the eight clear vinyl pockets. I love how the organizer is double sided and the slots are big enough to fit one larger purse or a few smaller ones. My favorite part? I can hide this hanging organizer in the back of my closet on those handy hooks that I otherwise never use.

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The 8 Best Closet Organizers of

Final Verdict

If you have a walk-in or reach-in closet, you can't go wrong with the Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit (view at Amazon). The basic set includes shelves and hanging rods, and you can opt to customize the kit further with add-ons like baskets and shoe storage. Those tight on space should check out the Umbra Enfold Over the Door Organizer, which includes four gusseted mesh pockets and a hamper.

When researching picks to include in this roundup, we took into account the useful features and real-world scenarios when recommending the best options on the market. For background, we consulted with organizing expert Ellen Karas, who has over two decades of experience helping people organize and refresh their homes. She's also the co-founder of Creative Organization Solutions, a Chicago-based organizing company.

Erica Puisis writes about cleaning, interior design, and home organization for The Spruce, and is always looking for new storage solutions to better organize her home. For this list, she considered the practicality and design of each type of closet organizer, as well as which type of closet it's best suited for. She consulted dozens of customer and third-party reviews, along with insight from our product testers.


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