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The meaningful and interesting part of Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 21, &#;The White Whale,&#; has nothing to do with Kelly&#;s investigation or the budding romance (?) between Casey and Brett. 

Instead, it&#;s the retirement celebration of a fellow firefighter, Russ LaPointe, and what&#;s going on with him beneath the surface.

He&#;s a beloved firefighter, aside from Mouch&#;s beef with him, and on the outside, he seems okay at first. That is until he laughs through the grim story of seeing a woman who had been skinned alive. It&#;s a reminder that this job takes an emotional toll. 

Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 21 - Christian Stolte as Randy "Mouch" McHolland

Then he surprises Mouch by apologizing to him and giving him the medal Mouch had hoped to win back in the day. 

The signs are subtle, but they&#;re there, and the first person to realize it is Ritter, who has seen them first hand. LaPointe is considering taking his own life. 

It&#;s a really worthwhile story to show, because it would be easy to forget the kinds of things our first responders deal with on a regular basis. In fact, I&#;d like to see more of this kind of thing on Chicago Fire. We still haven&#;t circled back to Otis&#;s PTSD, which Dr. Charles tried to help him with on the crossover earlier this season.

Heck, even Casey already seems to have moved on just fine now from having a gun pointed at him. All of these things could be connected with just a little more follow through. 

Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 21 - Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey

But, back to this episode in particular, the good news is that the firehouse family is just that &#; a family. It&#;s not just one or two people who show up to check on LaPointe and get him the help he needs. It&#;s a whole group, and it&#;s a really beautiful scene to watch. 

The trauma center is something I really do hope the show returns to.

Elsewhere on the episode is Kelly&#;s investigation, which gets dangerous pretty quickly. The details of this whole thing feel a bit messy if you ask me, but I do like that Kelly is having the chance to finish something his father started. It&#;s not over yet, but now they at least know who the arsonist is. 

There&#;s also a close call with her next target, which is a church full of people. It&#;s only put to a stop, and just in time, because Kelly figures out that&#;s what&#;s next on her list. 

Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 21 - Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Christian Stolte as Randy "Mouch" McHolland

As for Kelly himself, his focus on this makes perfect sense to me, and it&#;s fitting with his character. What&#;s not fitting is his outburst to the chief. That all falls away pretty quickly, but it&#;s one of those moments that feels like it comes out of nowhere &#; a problem Chicago Fire seems to be having a lot lately.

I won&#;t spend a lot of time on the romance that&#;s brewing between Casey and Brett, because I don&#;t have much new to say beyond what I mentioned in my review of Chicago FireSeason 7 Episode 20, &#;Try Like Hell.&#;

Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 21 - Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey

I still like the concept of these two together because their characters seem like they would fit together really well, but the lead up we&#;re getting feels awkward and forced.

I&#;m just not buying it, and I think it&#;s because it&#;s all starting to feel a bit heavy handed. Let it burn a little slower, and it might just work, but at the moment, it&#;s not.

What did you think of this episode of Chicago Fire? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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Chicago Fire Recap 05/15/ Season 7 Episode 21 &#;The White Whale&#;

Chicago Fire Recap 05/15/ Season 7 Episode 21 "The White Whale"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, May 15, , season 7 episode 21 called, “The White Whale,” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire as per the NBC synopsis, “A serial arsonist cold case is reopened when Lt. Severide finds a connection to a recent salon fire. Firehouse 51 celebrates a retirement party.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 7 episode 18 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

Tonight’s Chicago Fire recap begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

Chicago Fire begins tonight with Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) sitting in Chief Wallace Boden’s (Eamonn Walker) office, explaining to him and Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) about the hair salon fire and how his father, Benny was obsessed with an arsonist from back in the day that he called “White Whale” and someone who was responsible for at least 8 fires, killing 2 people and injured another 6. When Matt asks how he thinks it is the same guy and Boden shows him the timing device and how he always turns out the power just before the break-in. Severide knows it isn’t a copycat because most things were not publicized. Boden wants him to message the papers over as he has a job to do there. Once Severide leaves, Boden feels it will be interesting to see what Hubble says about it all.

Randall “Mouch’ McHolland (Christian Stolte) puts up a retirement poster for Russ LaPointe someone he despises. Mouch talks about competitions and how LaPointe dusted him after he begged him to let him win in front of Trudy Platt (Amy Morton); Ritter (Daniel Kyri) can’t believe how bitter Mouch is being. In the meantime, Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Layo) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) bug Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) about being so tired, convincing her to join them Sylvie begins to cough when Matt walks in the room, but once he leaves they demand to know what is going on. She insists she just swallowed her spit wrong but finally admits that Olivia said her and Casey were meant for each other; Emily doesn’t think that is ridiculous and she should forget the Dawson stuff for a minute but Stella says the coughing fit does make her know how she really feels.

Everyone races off to a park, where a man tells them they were having a Roman Candle war and the one who was going to shoot off 5 can’t find his fingers; Sylvie peeling back the bandages and seeing only a couple there. The guys are looking around, told to watch their steps but 3 other men continue the game, making Matt tells Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) to tell them to stop before they get injured too. Stella is able to locate the fingers but not before the guys throw some of the candles towards the rescue crew. Sylvie tends to Matt, smiling as she makes him promise to take care of it.

Chaplain Kyle Sheffield (Teddy Sears) is at Firehouse 51 when they return; he apologizes for being away so long and thanks to Matt for setting him straight. He hasn’t seen Foster and Sylvie so he suggests catching them another time. Stella asks Matt if he thinks the salon arson is connected to the old Benny case.

Ritter and Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) come to see Russ, saying 51 sends their best except for Mouch who is still upset about the muster thing. Herrmann introduces him to Darin Ritter as Herrmann is told they need to ignore the flyer, as he doesn’t need a big event where someone writes a big check. He wants a barbecue at home, something Herrmann tells him to make sure he goes to. He shakes hands with Ritter, saying if Hermmann says he is a good guy than he is; he tightens his squeeze as he tells him it is the good ones that get hit the hardest on this job; advising him to take care of himself.

Severide finds Captain Hubble, giving her a copy of his dad’s notebook. She says she will check it out but Severide keeps pressing her, She says she will have a look but needs to go to the forensics lab, she is not saying he’s wrong but she isn’t betting any chips on Benny’s theory until she sees that these cases are connected. He warns her that the guy works in waves, but she tells him she doesn’t need a lecture.

Boden confronts Severide about going to see Hubble against his orders. He knows Severide has a lot to give to this case but his judgment gets clouded when it involves something about her father. He begins to shout at Boden who reminds him who he is talking to; Severide felt he was talking to a friend, not someone based on rank. Boden puts him on medical leave until he can do his job with a clear head. In the locker room, Matt says he will back him up and he isn’t the only one. Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) is acting squad lieutenant, but Matt is more concerned about what is happening with Kelly. Kelly says he sure isn’t going home to stare at the walls.

Herrmann tells Ritter the party is canceled as Otis says they should get Russ to Molly’s and raise a glass in celebration.

Severide finds Niya (Zenzi Williams) having several community members helping her cleaning up, but Severide spots Gavin Harkey (Peter Goldsmith) not helping and Niya says he is not very helpful. She tells Kelly that his apartment wasn’t touched by the damage as it is in the back of the building; she doesn’t know much as he just got out of prison for supposed vehicular manslaughter and served a pretty long stretch; Kelly asks if it was 15 years but she isn’t sure.

Kelly walks over to Gavin, who smirks as Kelly asks if he knows anything about the fire. Gavin says life is a real kick in the nuts, and Severide shoves him against the wall, saying he is definitely going to answer some questions. Fellow community people pull them apart as Niya asks Kelly what is going on?

Sylvie runs into Matt in the locker room, her saying she doesn’t have a cough. She gives him heck for keeping the same bandage on since yesterday and if it isn’t cleaned with a new dressing by the time she sees him in Molly’s he will be in trouble. He says he has one quick thing to do and then he will take care of it, appreciating her concern.

Matt goes to see Capt. Hubble, who has her entire staff working on the case. Matt reveals the story of Gavin Harkey. He admits Severide might have come by himself, but he’s worried she’d issue a restraining order. She feels that everyone in the building isn’t suspicious. Hubble reviews the case, but wants to know if he is the arsonist, why is he aiding in their investigation. When she says Severide was there, Matt tells her that maybe he is seeing something they are not and wonders if there is a chance he is right.

At Molly’s everyone gathers as Russ shows stories; Ritter seems especially affected. Russ is going to the bathroom but stops in front of Mouch, offering him his medal. Russ says he doesn’t need it anymore and lays it on the bar in front of Mouch before he walks away. Severide and Matt agree that Hubble should drag the guy off and interrogate him now; Severide opens his dad’s book repeating some of his words, saying if she bothered to read the notes she would know the similarities. Severide felt his whole life he has been trying to prove he is better than Benny, but with this stuff, he can’t even hold a candle to him.

Russ starts telling more stories, especially emotional about a woman who was skinned by an airplane but she was still alive. Ritter feels that should have been rough and Russ asks for another drink. Herrmann suggests he get into a cab but he stumbles to the floor, saying he is fine. He stands up saying they are firefighters and they are tough! Herrmann takes a broken down Russ and walks him out the bar, while everyone watches; Ritter saying they don’t prepare you for that at the academy and how the job gets inside your heads; Stella agrees as she watches Severide quietly leave too.

Stella comes to see Matt the following morning, as Matt tells her that he is trying to track down a witness from the original fires. Stella admits she tried to reach out to him, but Matt suggests she try again because he has a feeling that Stella is the one Severide needs right now. Mouch sits on the couch, holding the medal Russ gave him; knowing the medal meant the world to him. Ritter says someone needs to go check on Russ and Herrmann agrees.

They take the rig and arrive at the LaPointe’s home, his wife says he’s on shift but she reveals Russ doesn’t live there anymore; they split a few months ago. They shake her hand and Herrmann knows that Russ is in a bad way; Ritter tells him that his Uncle Anthony was a firefighter who took his own life two years ago, and he took this job to make things right somehow, wishing he has seen the signs and they are seeing them here and it isn’t too late for LaPointe.

Severide finds Carole Pierce, revealing that he is Benny’s son. Once inside, he reveals he is working on her case and he believes the arsonist is back. He asks Carole to walk him through that day. She says she will never forget what this man looks like so Kelly shows him a photo of Gavin. She thinks it could be him, but the harder she looks she is certain it is him. Kelly excuses himself, calling Captain Hubble. Carole begins to review the file Kelly has and he says that is privileged information and she apologizes asking if he would like some coffee. Kelly looks down and sees the electrical tape, timers, and wiring, but when he looks for Carole she has left the house and drives off before he can stop her.

Kelly calls Matt, sharing with Boden that Carole is the arsonist, not a victim. He believes she planted her next device as she plans to burn down a church.

The fire crews rush over to the church as Matt feels they are not too late, Boden says assuming they are in the right place. Boden tells everyone to proceed calmly and leaves the church, even though they are in the middle of a baptism ceremony. Matt is told where she would hide the device and heads to the basement. Matt doesn’t see anything but he smells gasoline, bringing him to a caged area where there is smoke rising and the timer going. Matt calls for a hose line and extinguisher right away.

The fire erupts as Matt and Herrmann call out for each other. Matt is able to rip the lock off and use the extinguisher to put it out. Matt does a silent prayer. Back at the firehouse, Stella praises Severide for putting out fires over the phone. Hubble arrives, calling Severide over. Matt finds Sylvie in the bunkroom, saying the bandage came loose on the call and he needs a new bandage before she yells at him. He comments that she is really good at this stuff and should consider a job in EMS, reminding her that it is exciting; they stare at each other for a few moments before Sylvie pulls way.

Herrmann knocks at Russ’ door, who finally opens and sees the whole fire crew there. They are there to help him, Christopher saying he is in crisis and they are not going to leave him behind no matter what. Kyle tells him about a trauma retreat. Mouch gives him back his medal, asking Russ if they can take him there. Russ cries and hugs them.

Captain Hubble reveals what is going on with Carole Spears, asking Lt. Severide to explain to everyone what they are up against. Kelly literally takes the place of his father, explaining that they better move fast. Everyone stares at Carole’s photo.


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Chicago Fire season 6, episode 21 recap: The Unrivaled Standard

Chicago Fire brought back Kelly Severide&#;s past this week, but what about his future? Here&#;s what happened in Chicago Fire season 6, episode

This week&#;s Chicago Fire once again pulled a character&#;s romantic history into their present, so how did it go for Severide? And what did all this mean for the future?

Thursday&#;s episode is called &#;The Unrivaled Standard&#; and it picks up not long last week left off, as Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) is leaving the hotel where his ex-girlfriend was staying. This certainly implies he slept with her.

While we shake our heads at that, Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) is trying to catch his kid&#;s basketball team and he&#;s not doing well with the backseat coaches in the stands. Like he ever does well with people&#;s unsolicited opinions.

When everyone meets up at the firehouse later, Cruz lies and says he was at his brother&#;s house while Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) is still getting Stella Kidd&#;s (Miranda Rae Mayo) junk mail, and agrees to her suggestion that they should go out on a proper date.

More from One Chicago Center

But then the alarm goes off, as usual. The team helps another ambulance that&#;s stuck, with a patient who&#;s seizing inside.

This creates a precarious scenario for Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), who&#;ve got to save the guy themselves. Do they get a thank you? Of course not. They get told that the Chicago Fire Department&#;s commissioner might be leaving and being replaced by a guy who can&#;t tell an ambulance from a purchase order.

While we stew on that, Cruz&#;s ex Delia pops up at the firehouse and somehow doesn&#;t get slapped by Brett. She does, however, call Cruz out on his lie from earlier.

Brett: It&#;s not complicated at all. You lied to me.

You probably thought that was the worst of it, but literally just minutes later, Severide&#;s ex Renee Royce (Sarah Shahi) strolls up too. What is this, Have Your Ex Show Up To Work Day? Needless to say, Stella does not want.

Renee tells Severide that she and her son have moved back to Chicago, and that she&#;s handling a case for the CFD about an oil refinery fire. So naturally she wants his help, but she makes sure to compliment his &#;rugged good looks&#; and tell him that it&#;s just her and her son.

He gives her the &#;are you serious?&#; look, while Stella runs off to get the scoop on Renee from Dawson, including the fact that she lied about her kid&#;s paternity. Dawson assures Stella that Kelly has &#;never looked back&#; on his breakup with Renee, but will she believe her? Especially with Renee out there throwing gas on the proverbial fire?

But wait. Mouch (Christian Stolte) runs in and tells everyone he just saw the fire commissioner outside. Welcome the third unexpected visitor Chicago Fire has had in ten minutes. He confirms the rumor that he&#;s leaving the CFD, which makes Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) think Boden (Eamonn Walker) should try for the job. He asks Severide to help him get Boden&#;s name on the short list, and the two start campaigning immediately.

Watch One Chicago on fuboTV: Watch over 67 live sports and entertainment channels with a 7-day FREE trial!

That night, Stella chases down Severide and he calls Renee&#;s return &#;nothing&#; while Herrmann meets Lieutenant Colannino (guest star Andy John Kalkounos) at Molly&#;s to tell him to relax before any more parents complain about his yelling during the basketball games. And just as Cruz tells Delia it&#;s over between them, her husband decks him. We&#;re just gonna leave this here:

The next day, Brett is there to put frozen food on Cruz&#;s new shiner and accept his apology. Boden also confronts Casey and Severide about their idea that he should run for fire commissioner; he&#;s not thrilled and calls it &#;an absolute breach of trust.&#;

You&#;d think he&#;d be happier about this, but Casey makes his sales pitch about it being for the better of everyone, which seems to both placate their boss and strike some kind of chord. Once he leaves the office, we find out that Severide agreed to look at Renee&#;s case while she continues to grin at him like a teenage girl. Plus, she just happens to have brought the kid that she once tried to tell him was his. Stella still does not want.

But Chicago Fire interrupts all of this to bring us an auto body shop going up in flames. Herrmann&#;s new friend Colannino is also on the scene, and the two team up as everyone searches for the one man who didn&#;t make it out. While they find the mechanic, Herrmann is separated from the other firefighter and by the time they&#;re able to get back into the building, Colannino is dead. That breaks Herrmann&#;s heart for more than one reason.

Herrmann: He was facing the wrong way, Mouch. When we found him, he was headed back in, looking for me. I don&#;t know how we missed each other.

In the final few minutes of &#;The Unrivaled Standard,&#; everyone shows up to Colannino&#;s wake with heavy hearts. Losing another man has convinced Boden to run for fire commissioner. But for some weird reason, Grissom (guest star Gary Cole) thinks this is the appropriate time to say that he also wants that job. Dude, get out of the way already. We&#;ve got Colannino&#;s wife and his son to worry about.

&#;The Unrivaled Standard&#; proves that sometimes Chicago Fire can lean too heavily on its personal subplots. It&#;s only the last fire scene that has a ton of tension in it; that&#;s as good as it gets, but it winds up being just one portion of an episode that is otherwise mostly about people&#;s exes and a lot of bad choices.

No matter what you thought about Renee Royce before she went to Madrid, her appearance here feels a little over the top. If she were seriously just there looking for Severide&#;s help, that would be interesting because we&#;d have to decide whether or not to trust Stella&#;s instincts (especially since we know Stella overreacted last time).

But instead, even though she says she&#;s just there for work, she has to talk about Severide&#;s &#;good looks&#; and she can&#;t keep a serious face for more than 30 seconds. She&#;s about one notch less obvious than Hope, and it doesn&#;t do the character any favors when it comes to being accepted by the audience.

Plus, the Cruz and Delia storyline plays out just as everybody expected it would, which puts us all right there with Brett in wondering how he could be that stupid. The only thing that rings true is Herrmann&#;s unexpected friendship with Colannino as they wind up bonding over fatherhood, and the poor guy dies. It&#;s a great chance for David Eigenberg to flex his acting muscles, at least.

Stories like that and like Boden&#;s run for fire commissioner are great because they have meaning and they have heart. We can understand why Casey and Severide would push for him, and why he would make that leap. We care about him, but also what he&#;s trying to do.

And it also shows what Chicago Fire&#;s strengths are. This show is aces at creating these great fire scenes, and showing the emotional toll it takes to be a firefighter or any kind of first responder. It could use to do more of that, and leave people&#;s exes in the past. Let&#;s look toward the future and as Mouch would say, just keep moving.

Next: Look back at all of Kelly Severide's love interests

What did you think of this week&#;s Chicago Fire episode? Leave your reaction to &#;The Unrivaled Standard&#; in the comments.

Chicago Fire airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.


The Strongest Among Us is the twenty-first episode of the sixth season and the th overall episode of Chicago Fire.

One for the Ages.jpg


Lt. Severide is shocked when Renee Royce resurfaces at the firehouse. Casey comes up with a plan to help Chief Boden in his latest pursuit. Kidd regrets a decision she made regarding Severide. Herrmann doesn't see eye-to-eye with Lt. Colannino over coaching their son's basketball team.

In the fire at the tire shop, Lt. Colannino rescues the injured tire worker from harm and is injured after the building that is in fire explodes. Herrman tries to save him, but is held back by Chief Boden. The fire is extinguished with water by firefighters, who find Colannino, but are unable to save him. Colannino dies in the line of duty, surrounded by Casey and the other firefighters.


Severide returns Stella's mail to her as 'punishment' for moving out on him. He tells her that he misses her and she tells him to ask her out on a real date. He tells her they're going out tomorrow night and that the reservation will be under Stell Stellakidd, a misspell of her name on her mail.

On a call, a paramedic has injured her wrist inside the ambulance with a patient. The patient starts convulsing so they use tools to open the back of the ambo. The paramedic is unable to help him, so Dawson and Brett intervene. The private paramedics warn Stella and Gabby that there's going to be a new person in charge and soon their rules won't be too different.

Cruz lies about hanging out with his brother Leon and building furniture the previous night when talking to his roommates. He seems to have lost his money clip. Later, Delia comes by the firehouse while Cruz is out, so Brett offers to take a message for him. Delia asks her to tell him that she came by and that he left his money clip last night, handing it to Brett. Brett avoids Cruz and he notices. He asks her what's up and she is upset that he lied to her.

Renee Royce returns to the firehouse. She wants Severide to help her with a case she's working on involving two firefighters who got injured. Gabby updates Stella on who Renee is and what she did to Severide -- breaking up with him and then lying to him about carrying his baby.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Sarah Shahi as Renee Royce
  • Andy John Kalkounos as Engine Lieutenant Colannino

Episode 21 fire chicago

Chicago Fire season 7, episode 21 recap: The White Whale

Chicago Fire continued to chase an arsonist and new romance in The White Whale. Find out what happened in our Chicago Fire season 7, episode 21 recap.

This week&#;s Chicago Fire continued the storylines set up in last week&#;s episode, preparing One Chicago fans for another of the show&#;s crazy finales.

Wednesday&#;s episode &#;The White Whale&#; continued Kelly Severide&#;s (Taylor Kinney) hunt for the arsonist who had eluded his father, allowing him to identify the person and come much closer to them than he probably ever expected.

Meanwhile, Ritter (recurring guest star Daniel Kyri) got his biggest storyline yet, as Chicago Fire told a story about a retiring firefighter whose departure from the Chicago Fire Department was hiding a much darker truth.

Click through this slideshow to find out what happened in the latest Chicago Fire episode for each of your favorite characters, starting with:

Chicago Fire

CHICAGO FIRE &#; &#;The White Whale&#; Episode &#; Pictured: Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey &#; (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris)

Sparks, literally and metaphorically

Severide presented the evidence he&#;d found at his father&#;s cabin to Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker), sure that the person his dad had been chasing was also responsible for the salon fire they were still investigating. They were understanding, but Boden told Severide to messenger the material over to the Office of Fire Investigation and let them handle the case going forward.

Meanwhile, a fireman from Firehouse 77 named Russ LaPointe was retiring, and Russ seemed to be beloved by everyone but Mouch (Christian Stolte). Mouch&#;s grudge semeed to stem from getting his behind kicked in a hose-roll competition while then-girlfriend Trudy Platt (an unseen Amy Morton) was watching.

Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) developed an awkward cough when she saw Casey walk into the bunk room, and told Emily Foster and Stella Kidd (Annie Ilonzeh and Miranda Rae Mayo) what her friend had said about her and Casey being meant for each other. But Stella seemed to agree, and when Foster asked how Brett felt about him, she only managed, &#;I don&#;t know.&#; Well, everyone else does, including Chicago Fire fans.

The first call of the week was an idiot who&#;d been playing with fireworks and was now missing a few fingers. That&#;s why you don&#;t play with fireworks, kids. The best part is that despite the maiming, some of the guy&#;s idiot friends were still shooting off fireworks—and one of them hit Casey in the neck. Brett came to the rescue, complete with semi-romantic underscore.

Next: Severide gets busted

Casey Says Good Bye - Chicago Fire

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