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Can weapons get better?

Don't mention the M word

You say:

I know that they could have magical effects to them (as stated in the Magical Item sections in the DMG) but that's not the situation I'm talking about. I'm talking about the same (or equal, I mean a really well crafted sword could still be better than a badly crafted greataxe) weapon (non-magical), just a way "cooler" one.

I completely understand where you're coming from; not everything needs to be magic. That said, the rules broadly list everything that isn't the standard version of an item, as a magic item, and this gives us a good framework to use for balance.

Take a standard +1 magic weapon for example. This is an Uncommon magic item that doesn't require attunement, and as such the DMG suggests it is suitable/balanced for PCs of 1st level and up.

Now what if your PCs found a masterwork (nonmagical) weapon that was so finely honed that it was easier to swing (+1 to hit) and cut a little deeper (+1 to damage) than normal? In terms of game balance, this is exactly the same* as a magic +1 weapon; but you get to flavour it as high-quality instead of magic.

I would certainly suggest using existing magic item rarities as a guideline for the numerical balance, then designing your own "well-crafted sword" effects that are numerically similar.

Alternatively: embrace fluff

Or, you can go in a completely separate direction, and add features that don't affect rolls at all.

Maybe the sword was historically wielded by the ruler of the nation, and gives the wielder some political clout/claim (if your players like that angle). Maybe the sword makes an unnaturally pleasing sound when drawn. Maybe it makes the wielder feel closer to a particular god/nature spirit. Maybe it just has a good history associated with it, and the player gets to continue that history (e.g. it has always been used in time of Dire Need to defend against attacking giants, in a campaign against giants).

A lot of these things are just "cool", and as a player I'd happily exchange my misc. starting weapon for something that feels cool and more meaningful; even if it doesn't give any numerical bonuses. For many players, D&D is primarily a story-telling device after all.

Or, somewhere between the two

Finally you could pitch your tent between the two options above, and offer concrete effects that don't directly affect attacks. For example:

  • The weapons sheds light that can be turned on and off at will
  • The weapon makes the hero's cape and hair flow magnificently when they pose
  • The weapon plays a theme tune when drawn rapidly (which may or may not give a small bonus to the party such as a bonus to wisdom saves)
  • The weapon does double damage to items (OK, it's a damage bonus, but not one that really comes up in combat)
  • The weapon slows your falls, as if Feather Fall were always cast on you
  • etc.

Most of these would be seen as a direct upgrade to a basic weapon (a greataxe that does 1d12 damage, or a greataxe that does 1d12 damage and makes my eyes glow red?), and you can likely have a great deal of fun coming up with options that would appear to your players' (or their characters') individual quirks.

Now arguably many of these would appear to be somewhat magic due to producing explicit effects. For me, the default high-magic setting of D&D means that a high-quality crafted item would likely have a little sub-cantrip-level enchantment/glamour in it. If that isn't to your tastes however, you can likely flavour these as purely mundane (e.g. the light comes from a glowing core at the base of the shaft, which can be covered or revealed by an opaque sheath; the music comes from violin-like strings inside the scabbard which are plucked by special notches on the blade...)

*as I've written it, there would still be the difference that it wouldn't pierce resistance/immunity to non-magical weapons. Depending on how you want things to play out, either you can say it's made of something like adamantium and so does pierce that immunity anyway; or you can leave it be, and use monsters with this feature when you wish to challenge these players in a particular way.

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5e Martial Melee Weapons

Martial Melee WeaponsCost Damage Weight Properties Abendstern, Evening Star 100 gp 1d10 bludgeoning 15 lb. Heavy, Two-Handed, Special Anchor 90 gp 2d4 bludgeoning or piercing 60 lb. Heavy, two-handed, special Arm Blade 80 gp 1d6 slashing 5 lb. Special, light Arming Sword 20 gp 1d6 Piercing 3 lb. Finesse, Versatile (1d8) Assassin's Gauntlet 15 gp 1d4 bludgeoning 1.5 lbs. Light, Finesse, Glove, Special Ball & Chain 50 gp 2d6 Bludgeoning 15 lb. Heavy, Two-handed, Thrown (range 20/60), returning, special Ball and Chain 55 gp 1d8 bludgeoning 12 lb. Dire, heavy, versatile (1d10), thrown (range 20/60) Basket Hilted Broadsword 25 gp 2d4 slashing 3 lb. Finesse Bastard Sword, Variant 15 gp 1d6 slashing 3 lb. Finesse, Versatile (1d8) Bat'leth 45 gp 1d10 piercing 12 lb. Two-handed, Heavy, Special Battle Fan 20 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb. Light, finesse Battle Lash 30 gp 1d6 slashing 3.5 lbs Reach, Special Battle Wire 10 gp 1d3 slashing 1 lb. Finesse, Special, Versatile (1d4), DisarmingBec de Corbin 20 gp 2d4 piercing, bludgeoning, or slashing 6 lb. Heavy, reach, two-handed Berserker Blade 30 gp 2d4 slashing 7 lb. Heavy, Special Bi-Dent 25 gp 1d6 piercing 4 lb. Reach, Thrown (20/60) Billhook 15 gp 1d8 slashing or 1d8 piercing 5 lb. Heavy, reach, two-handed Blackjack 12 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 1 lb Finesse, Hidden, Light Blade Whip 35gp 2d4 slashing 3 lb. Reach Bladed Boomerang 5 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb. Finesse, Light, returning, thrown (range 30/120) Bladed Gauntlet 15 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb Light,GloveBladed Harp 15 gp 1d6 slashing 3 lb. Light Bladed Whip 50 gp 1d4 slashing 6 lb. Finesse, Reach, Special, Versatile(1d6) Bladed Yo-Yo 25 gp 2d4 slashing 1/2 lb. Thrown (Range 10), Finesse, Hidden, Special Bladed-Staff 30 gp 1d8 slashing 2 lb. Finesse, Two-Handed, Special Boar Spear 10 gp 1d8 piercing 5 lb. Heavy, two-handed, reach, special Boarding Sword 25 gp 1d8 piercing 3 lb. Special Boom Hammer 50gp 1d8 Bludgeoning 10 lb Trick, Versatile(1d10), Brawler Shield 25 gp 1d4 Slashing 15 lb. Special Breaker Blade 90 gp 2d4 slashing 30 lb. Heavy, two-handed, armor piercing (-1)Broadsword 20 gp 2d4 slashing 3 lb. — Buckler, Historical 10 gp 1d4 bludgeoning 2 lb. Finesse, light, special Caber 100 gp 1d10 bludgeoning 19 lb. Heavy, two-handed Cane Sword 15 gp 1d8 slashing 2 lbs Finesse, Special Cane-sword 100gp 1d8 piercing damage, 1d6 bludgeoning damage while concealed 5lb Finesse Cat O' Nine Tails 3 gp 1d8 slashing 2 lb. Censer-Flail 10 gp 1d8 bludgeoning 4 lb. Two handed, reach, special Chain Axe 30 gp 1d6 slashing 5 lb. Thrown (range 30/90), special Chain Battleaxe 50 gp 1d10 slashing 6 lb. Versatile (3d4 slashing), Thrown (30/90), Special Chain Knives 35 gp 1d6 piercing 5 lbs. Reach, Two-Handed, Special Chain Sickle 5 gp 1d4 slashing or bludgeoning 4 lb. Reach, versatile (1d6) Chain Sickle, Variant 30 gp 1d6 slashing or bludgeoning 4 lb. Reach, Versatile (1d8) Chain, Bladed 8 gp 1d6 slashing 10 lb. Finesse, heavy, reach, special, two-handed Chain, Spiked 25 gp 2d4 piercing 10 lb. Disarming, Finesse, Reach, Two-Handed Chain, Weighted 8-20 gp Varies 10-20 lbs. reach, special, versatile, finesse Chain-Dagger 35 gp 1d6 slashing 5 lb. Disarming, finesse, reach , two-handed Chained Anchor 100 gp 2d6 piercing 60 lb. Heavy, Two-Handed, Special Clawed Bracer 30 gp 1d6 piercing 2 lb. Glove, light Clawed Gauntlets 20 gp 1d4 slashing 3 lb. light, finesse, special. Clawed Whip 100 gp 1d6 slashing 3 lb. Reach, Special Claymore 50 gp 2d4 slashing 6 lb. Two-Handed Collapsible Sword 100 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lbs Finesse, Light, Special Combat Round Shield 75 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 5 Special Crescent Cleaver 25 gp 1d8 slashing or bludgeoning 5 lb. Special Crescent Pendulum 25 gp 1d8 slashing 2 lb. Finesse, two-handed, thrown (range 20/60) Crossblade 40 gp 1d6 slashing 3 lb. special Crow Quill 350 gp 1d8 piercing 3lb. finesse, light, special Dagger and Rope 5 gp 1d4 piercing 3 lb. light, thrown (20/30), special Dagger Whip 2 gp 1d4 slashing 2 lbs. Light, Reach, Hidden, Finesse Demilance 20 gp 1d8 piercing 7 lb. Special Demonic Gauntlet 250gp 1d8 bludgeoning 5 lb Heavy Dory Spear 100 gp 1d8 piercing 3 lb. Finesse, thrown (range 30/90) Double Axe 30 gp 1d6 slashing 10 lb. Double weapon (1d6), heavy, two-handed Double Flail 20 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 4 lb. Double weapon (1d6), two-handed Double Flail, Variant 15 gp 2d4 bludgeoning 3 lb. – Double Scythe 65 gp 1d10 slashing 12 lb. Two Handed, Heavy, Finesse Double Spear 5 gp 1d4 piercing 4 lb. Double weapon (1d6), thrown (20/60), two-handed Double Sword 50 gp 1d6 slashing 5 lb Double weapon (1d6 slashing), Heavy, Two-handed Dual Swords 30 gp 1d10 slashing 3 lb. Finesse, Special, Versatile(2 shortswords) Dueling Shield 15 gp 1d8 bludgeoning 10 lb. Heavy, special, two-handed Dueling Sword 100 gp 1d6 piercing or slashing 2 lb. Armor Piercing (-1), Disarming, Finesse, Versatile (1d8) Dwarven Battle Hammer 25 gp 2d4 + 1 Bludgeoning 15 lb. heavy, versatile (2d4 + 2) Dwarven Urgrosh 50 gp 1d8 slashing 12 lb. Double weapon (1d4 piercing), Heavy, Two-handed Elven Lightblade 50 gp 1d6 piercing 1 lb. Finesse, Light, Special Elven Shortsword 40 gp 1d8 slashing 2 lb. Finesse Elven sword-staff 50 gp 1d12 slashing 1 lb. Two-handed, reach, special Elven Thinblade 100 gp 1d8 piercing 1 lb. Finesse English Bill 15 gp 2d4 slashing or 1d6 piercing 5 lb. Heavy, reach, two-handed Epee 50 gp 1d3 piercing 1 lb. finesse, special Estoc 25 gp 1d6 piercing 3 lb. Versatile (1d8), Special Executioner's Greataxe 100 gp 1d12 slashing 40 lb. heavy, two-handed, special Executioner's Sword 50 gp 1d10 slashing 12 lb. Heavy, versatile (2d6), unwieldy, special Executioner's Sword, Variant 50 gp 1d8 slashing 12 lb. Heavy, versatile (1d10), dire, special Falchion, Variant 75 gp 1d8 slashing 8 lb. Heavy, Versatile (2d4), Special Feathered Edge 450 rp 1d6 slashing 1/4 lb. Finesse, Special Feathered Spear 450 rp 1d6 piercing 1/2 lbs. Reach, Finesse, Special Fighting Shield 20 gp 1d4 slashing 2lbs Special, light Flail, Variant 10 gp 1d8 bludgeoning 2 lb. Focus (Divine)Flame Mace 75 gp 1d8 Bludgeoning 5 lb. Special Flindbar 15 gp 2d4 bludgeoning 2 lb. Entangle Folding Sword 50 gp 1d6 piercing 2 lb. Finesse, hidden, light Forearm Blade 35 gp 1d6 slashing 3 lb. Light, special Fūma Shuriken 5 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb Light, Thrown 20/60, Finesse Giant Boomerang 50 gp 1d10 bludgeoning 6 lb. Heavy, returning, thrown (range 20/80), two-handed Giant Door Shield 80 gp Special, see Blind Charge below 40 lb. Heavy, Two-Handed, Special Giant Shuriken 15 gp 1d6 slashing 5 finesse, special Gisarme 15 gp 1d10 piercing/slashing 3 lb. Heavy, Versatile (1d12) Gladiator Scissor 15 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb. light, special Gladius 60 gp 1d6 - 1 slashing or piercing(minimum of 1) 5 lb. Special, light Goedendag 19 gp 1d8 piercing/1d10 bludgeoning 10 lb. Two-Handed, Heavy, Dismounting, Special Great Chain 35 gp 1d10 bludgeoning 9 lb. Heavy, reach, unwieldyGreat Scythe, Variant 60 gp 2d4 slashing 10 lb. Heavy, two-handed, reach, special Great-Cleaver 23 gp 1d10 slashing 11 lb. Heavy, two-handed, special Greatscythe 60 gp 1d6 slashing 8 lb. Heavy, Reach, Versatile (1d8) Greatspear, Variant 40 gp 2d6 piercing 6 lb. Heavy, two-handed Guarder 50 gp 1d8 slashing 30 lb. Heavy, Special Guisarme 10 gp 1d8 piercing 5 lb. Heavy, dismounting, reach, two-handed Guitar Axe 30 gp 1d10 slashing 8 lb Heavy, Two Handed, Special Gythka 30gp(half for Kreen) 1d8 slashing 8 lb. Double weapon (1d4), Heavy, Two-Handed Halberd, Historical 100 gp 1d10 slashing or 1d6 piercing 7 lb. Heavy, reach, two-handed Harpoon 50 gp 1d8 piercing 10 lb Heavy, Thrown (range 15/30), Special Hatchet Halberd 4 gp 1d8 slashing 2 lb. Undersized, Special Head Axe 70 gp 1d10 slashing or piercing 5 lb. Armor Piercing (-1), two-handed Heavy Flail 20 gp 1d12 bludgeoning 7 lb. Heavy, two-handed Heavy Mace 8 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 8 lb. Heavy, Versatile (2d4) Heavy Pickaxe 50 gp 2d6 piercing 7 lb. Heavy, two-handed Hidden Blade 20 gp 1d6 piercing 1 lb. finesse, glove, hidden, special Hook and Chain 30 gp 1d4 piercing 3 lb. Special, Light, Thrown (range 10/20), Finesse Hook Sword 25 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb. Light, special Ifrit Claw 15 gp 1d6 piercing 1 lb. Light, Special, Thrown (range 20/60) Iron Claw 15 gp 1d4 piercing 2.5 lb. Finesse, glove, hidden, light Kanabo, Variant 35 gp 2d4 bludgeoning or slashing 5 lb. Heavy, Special, Two-handed Katana 15 gp 1d8 slashing 3 lb. Versatile (1d10) Kettenhund 10 gp 1d6 piercing 8 lb. Thrown (20/40), Returning, Special Khopesh 15 gp 1d8 slashing 3 lb. DisarmingKillling Edge 35 gp 1d8 slashing 4 lb. Special Kobold Tail Attachment 3 gp 1d6 Varies 3 lb. Light, Finesse Kodachi 15 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb. Finesse, Thrown (range 20/60) Kopesh 30 gp 1d8 slashing 3 lb. Light, Finesse Kor Hook 10gp 1d6 slashing 4 lb. Reach, Light, Special Kriegsmesser 50 gp 1d8 slashing 6 lb. Versatile (1d10), Heavy, Special Kunai 3 gp 1d4 Piercing 1/2 lb. Thrown (30/90), finesse, light, hidden, special Kusarigama 25 gp 1d4 bludgeoning or 1d4 slashing 4 lb. Reach, Finesse Lajav 50 gp(half for Kreen) 1d8 Bludgeoning 5 lb. Finesse, Heavy, Two-Handed, Special Lance, 2nd Variant 20 gp 1d10 piercing 4 lbs reach, heavy, versatile (1d12) Lance, Variant 10 gp 1d12 piercing 6 lb. Reach, special Legion Sestar 45 gp 1d10 slashing 7 lb. Special, Two-handed Lhang 60 gp 2d4 slashing 3 lb. Finesse, two-handed Light Glaive 20 gp 1d6 slashing 5 lb. Versatile (1d8), finesse Long Cane 5 gp 1d8 piercing 4 lb. Reach, two-handed Longblade 30 gp 1d10 slashing 6 lb. heavy Longspear 3 gp 1d6 piercing 6 lb. Heavy, reach, versatile (1d8) Longstaff 5 sp 1d8 bludgeoning 7 lb. Heavy, reach, special, two-handed Lucerne Hammer 100 gp 1d8 bludgeoning or piercing 16 lb. Heavy, Reach, Two-Handed, Special Mace Whip 75 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 7 lb. reach, special, and swift Macuahuitl 29 gp 1d8 slashing 9 lb. Versatile (1d10) Mambele 15 gp 1d6 piercing or slashing 2 lb. Light, thrown (range 20/60) Man Catcher 25 gp 1d4 bludgeoning 2 lb. Two-handed, reach, special Martial Kunai 1 gp 1d2 Piercing 1/2 lb. Light, Finesse, thrown (range 30/60) Medium Sword 12.5 gp 1d8 -1 slashing or piercing 2.5 lb. Finesse, Versatile (1d10 -1) Meteor Hammer 30 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 5 lb. Heavy, two-handed, special, double weapon (1d6 bludgeoning) Meteor Hammer - Variant 30 gp 1d4+1 bludgeoning 5 lb. Martial, two-handed, special, double weapon (1d4+1 bludgeoning) Morningstar, Variant 15 gp 1d8 piercing 4 lb. Focus (Divine)Naginata 60 gp 1d6 slashing 5 lb. Finesse, versatile (1d8), heavy, reach, special Nine-Section Whip 5 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb Light Ninjato 25 Gp 1d8 slashing 2 lb. Finesse Octobass 15 gp 1d8 bludgeoning 10 lb. Heavy, twohanded, Parasol 50 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 10 lb. Improvised, Finesse, Heavy, Special, Versatile (1d8) Parrying Dagger 5 gp 1d4 piercing 1 lb. Finesse, light, special. Partizan 10 gp 1d8 piercing 8 lb. Heavy, two-handed, special Partizan, Variant 10 gp 1d6 piercing 1 lb. Versatile (1d8), Finesse, Special Pata 100 gp 1d6 piercing 2 lb. Light, Special Piano Wire 15 gp 1d6 slashing 1 lb. Two-Handed, Finesse, double weapon (1d4) Pillar 50 gp 1d6 bludgeoning or piercing 40 lb. Heavy, versatile (1d8), special Poisoned Wooden Spear 7 gp 1d4 piercing + 1d4 poison damage 4 lb. Versatile (1d6 + 1d4), thrown (range 20/60) Poleaxe 20 gp 2d4 bludgeoning 6 lb. Heavy, reach, two-handed Poleaxe, Historical 200 gp 2d4 bludgeoning or slashing or piercing 8 lb. Heavy, reach, two-handed Polepick 80 gp 2d4 bludgeoning or piercing 8 lb. armor piercing (-1), heavy, two-handed, reach, Ring Blade 50 gp 1d10 slashing 6 lb. heavy, two-handed, thrown (range 15/30) Rope Dart 10 gp 1d6 piercing 2 lb. Finesse, reach, two-handed, special Saber 30 gp 1d8 slashing 4 lb. FinesseSaw Cleaver 25ngp 1d6 slashing 8 lbs Special, Versatile (1d8) Scimitar, Variant 15 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb. Finesse, Light Scissor Sword 300 gp 1d8 slashing 5 lb. Heavy, special, two-handed Scourge 20 gp 2d4 slashing 3 lbs. Seax 35 gp 1d8 slashing 4 to 8 lbs Light or Heavy, Finesse, versatile (1d10) Short Staff 20 gp 1d10 bludgeoning 8 lb. Two-handed, heavy, special Shotel 15 gp 1d6 slashing 3 lb Finesse, Special Side Sword 25 gp 1d6 Piercing 2 1/2 lb. Light, Special Siege Mace 50 gp 1d12 slashing or bludgeoning 15 lb. Heavy, Two-Handed, Special Slabsword 100 gp 2d8 slashing 35 lbs. Heavy, Stabilizing, two-handed, reach Slashspear 25 gp 1d8 slashing 4lb. Reach, Versatile (1d10) Spiked Gauntlet 8 gp 1d6 Piercing 2 lb. Light, Unarmed, GloveSpiked Gloves 50 gp 1d8 slashing 4 lb Finesse Spiked Greatclub 1 gp 1d10 bludgeoning 10 lb Heavy, two-handed Split Sword 80 gp 1d8 slashing, 2d4 slashing (when in dual wield form) 6 lb. Double weapon, Two-Handed, Heavy, Special Splitleaf Greatsword 25 gp 1d8 slashing 8 lb. Heavy, Reach, special, versatile (1d10) Staff, Bo 6 gp 2d4 bludgeoning 6 lb Heavy, Two-Handed, Reach Stake Driver 35 gp 1d6 Slashing/Bludgeoning 6 lb. Finesse, Trick (2d8) Steel Balls 20 gp 1d8 bludgeoning 10 lb. Heavy, Light, Thrown (20/100) Suruchin 5 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 2 lb. Two-handed, double weapon (1d4 bludgeoning), Reach Swhale 15 gp 1d6 slashing 3 lb. special Sword & Hook 100 gp 1d6 slashing 8 lb. Light, thrown (range 20/60), finesse Sword Breaker 15 gp 1d4 piercing 2 lb. Light, Special Sword Breaker, Variant 50 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb. Light, Special. Sword Whip 15 gp 1d8 slashing 3 lb. Two-handed, Reach, Thrown(20,60), Returning Swordbreaker, 2nd Variant 40 gp 1d6 piercing 2 lb. Light, Special Swordspear 20 gp 1d8 piercing or slashing damage 8 lb. Special, Versatile (1d10) Tachi 30 gp 1d8 slashing 3 lb. Finesse, Versatile (1d10), Special Tail Attatchment 15 gp 1d4 Slashing, Piercing or Bludgeoning (choose one). 10 lb Special (Must have a tail to use) Telescoping Spear 25 gp 1d6 piercing 8 lb. Versatile (1d8), Special, HiddenTetsubo 20 gp 1d10 bludgeoning 10 lb. Heavy, two-handed, special Threaded Cane 250 gp 1d6 Piercing/1d4 Slashing 2 lbs Finesse, Light, Reach Threaded Cane, Variant 60 gp 1d6 bludgeoning/1d8 slashing 2 lb Finesse, light, special Throwing Glaive 25 gp 1d4 slashing 3 lb. Finesse, light, returning, thrown (range 30/60) Throwing Hammer 15 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 4 lb. Thrown (60/120) Throwing Knives 10 gp 1d6 piercing 4 lb. Light, Thrown (30/90), Finesse, Special Throwing Sword 80 gp 1d8 piercing 3 lb. finesse, thrown (range 30/90) Tiger Hook Sword 30 gp 1d6 slashing or peircing 2 lb. light, finesse, special Tiger Hook Sword, Variant 25 gp 1d6 varies 2 lb. Light, Finesse, Disarming, Special Tiny Sword 5 gp 1d6 slashing 1/2 lb. Hidden, Special, UndersizedTrap 1 gp 1d8 slashing 10 lb. Thrown (10/25), Special Trident, Variant 5 gp 1d8 piercing 4 lb. Thrown (20/60) Triple Flail 75 gp 1d4 3 lb. Heavy, Special Truncheon 30 gp 1d4 Bludgeoning 1.5 lb. Hidden, Finesse, Special Twin-Spears 15 gp varies 16 lb. finesse, versatile, special Two-Handed Morningstar 25 gp 1d12 piercing 10 lb. Heavy, two-handed Ulfberht Sword 20 gp 1d8 slashing 3 lb. Finesse, Special Ultra-Greatsword 800 gp 3d8 Slashing 70 lb. Heavy, Two-Handed, Unwieldy, Special Umbrella of Pei 15 gp 1d8 slashing 3 lb. Two-handed, Special Urumi 100 gp 2d4 slashing 4 lb. Finesse Vins Dagger 50 gp 1d4 piercing 1 lb. light, thrown, finesse Voulge 25 gp 1d8 slashing 8 lb. heavy, two-handed, reach, special War Fan 15 gp 1d4 slashing or bludgeoning 3 lb. Light, Finesse, Thrown (20/40), ReturningWar Mattock 30 gp 1d8 slashing or piercing 5 lb. Versatile (1d10) War Pick, Variant 5 gp 1d8 piercing 2 lb. Versatile (1d10) War Saw 160gp 3d4 Slashing 9lb. Heavy, Loading, Two-Handed War Scythe 10 gp 2d4 slashing 12 lb. Heavy, two-handed, reach War Scythe, Variant 35 gp 1d10 slashing 5 lb. Heavy, Two-Handed, Special Wargloves 15 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 3 lb. Special Was 75 gp 1d8 slashing or 1d8 bludgeoning 2 lb. Two-handed, Reach, Finesse Washing Pole 200 gp 2d4 slashing 12 lb. Two-handed, heavy, finesse Weaponized Parasol 30 gp 1d6 piercing 5 lb. Special, Versatile (1d8) Weighted Gauntlet 10 gp 1d8 bludgeoning 6 lb. Heavy, glove, special Wheel 20 gp 3d4 bludgeoning 40 lb. Heavy, Two-handed, Thrown (10/20) Whip Blade 50 gp 1d6 slashing 3 lbs Special Winged Punching Blade 20 gp 1d4 piercing 3 lb. Finesse, light, special Wire Whip 5 gp 1d4 slashing 1/4 lb. Finesse, Reach, UndersizedYataghan 20 gp 1d8 slashing 3 lb. Yo-Yo 5 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 1/3 lb. Reach, Finesse, Hidden, Special Yo-Yo, Variant 3 sp 1d4 bludgeoning 1/4 lb Reach, finesse, special Zanbatō 50 gp 2d4 Slashing 9 lb. heavy, special, two-handed Zerka 8 gp(half for Kreen) 1d6 piercing 3 lb. Thrown, Special (range 40/160)
Sours: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/5e_Martial_Melee_Weapons
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Your class grants proficiency in certain weapons, reflecting both the class’s focus and the tools you are most likely to use. Whether you favor a longsword or a longbow, your weapon and your ability to wield it effectively can mean the difference between life and death while adventuring.

The Weapons table shows the most common weapons used in the fantasy gaming worlds, their price and weight, the damage they deal when they hit, and any special properties they possess. Every weapon is classified as either melee or ranged. A melee weapon is used to attack a target within 5 feet of you, whereas a ranged weapon is used to attack a target at a distance.

Weapon Proficiency

Your race, class, and feats can grant you proficiency with certain weapons or categories of weapons. The two categories are simple and martial. Most people can use simple weapons with proficiency. These weapons include clubs, maces, and other weapons often found in the hands of commoners. Martial weapons, including swords, axes, and polearms, require more specialized training to use effectively. Most warriors use martial weapons because these weapons put their fighting style and training to best use.

Proficiency with a weapon allows you to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll for any attack you make with that weapon. If you make an attack roll using a weapon with which you lack proficiency, you do not add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll.

Weapon Properties

Many weapons have special properties related to their use, as shown in the Weapons table.

Ammunition. You can use a weapon that has the ammunition property to make a ranged attack only if you have ammunition to fire from the weapon. Each time you attack with the weapon, you expend one piece of ammunition. Drawing the ammunition from a quiver, case, or other container is part of the attack (you need a free hand to load a one-handed weapon). At the end of the battle, you can recover half your expended ammunition by taking a minute to search the battlefield.

If you use a weapon that has the ammunition property to make a melee attack, you treat the weapon as an improvised weapon (see “Improvised Weapons” later in the section). A sling must be loaded to deal any damage when used in this way.

Finesse. When making an attack with a finesse weapon, you use your choice of your Strength or Dexterity modifier for the attack and damage rolls. You must use the same modifier for both rolls.

Heavy. Small creatures have disadvantage on attack rolls with heavy weapons. A heavy weapon’s size and bulk make it too large for a Small creature to use effectively.

Light. A light weapon is small and easy to handle, making it ideal for use when fighting with two weapons.

Loading. Because of the time required to load this weapon, you can fire only one piece of ammunition from it when you use an action, bonus action, or reaction to fire it, regardless of the number of attacks you can normally make.

Range. A weapon that can be used to make a ranged attack has a range in parentheses after the ammunition or thrown property. The range lists two numbers. The first is the weapon’s normal range in feet, and the second indicates the weapon’s long range. When attacking a target beyond normal range, you have disadvantage on the attack roll. You can’t attack a target beyond the weapon’s long range.

Reach. This weapon adds 5 feet to your reach when you attack with it, as well as when determining your reach for opportunity attacks with it.

Special. A weapon with the special property has unusual rules governing its use, explained in the weapon’s description (see “Special Weapons” later in this section).

Thrown. If a weapon has the thrown property, you can throw the weapon to make a ranged attack. If the weapon is a melee weapon, you use the same ability modifier for that attack roll and damage roll that you would use for a melee attack with the weapon. For example, if you throw a handaxe, you use your Strength, but if you throw a dagger, you can use either your Strength or your Dexterity, since the dagger has the finesse property.

Two-Handed. This weapon requires two hands when you attack with it.

Versatile. This weapon can be used with one or two hands. A damage value in parentheses appears with the property—the damage when the weapon is used with two hands to make a melee attack.

Improvised Weapons

Sometimes characters don’t have their weapons and have to attack with whatever is at hand. An improvised weapon includes any object you can wield in one or two hands, such as broken glass, a table leg, a frying pan, a wagon wheel, or a dead goblin.

Often, an improvised weapon is similar to an actual weapon and can be treated as such. For example, a table leg is akin to a club. At the GM’s option, a character proficient with a weapon can use a similar object as if it were that weapon and use his or her proficiency bonus.

An object that bears no resemblance to a weapon deals 1d4 damage (the GM assigns a damage type appropriate to the object). If a character uses a ranged weapon to make a melee attack, or throws a melee weapon that does not have the thrown property, it also deals 1d4 damage. An improvised thrown weapon has a normal range of 20 feet and a long range of 60 feet.

Silvered Weapons

Some monsters that have immunity or resistance to nonmagical weapons are susceptible to silver weapons, so cautious adventurers invest extra coin to plate their weapons with silver. You can silver a single weapon or ten pieces of ammunition for 100 gp. This cost represents not only the price of the silver, but the time and expertise needed to add silver to the weapon without making it less effective.

Special Weapons

Weapons with special rules are described here.

Lance. You have disadvantage when you use a lance to attack a target within 5 feet of you. Also, a lance requires two hands to wield when you aren’t mounted.

Net. A Large or smaller creature hit by a net is restrained until it is freed. A net has no effect on creatures that are formless, or creatures that are Huge or larger. A creature can use its action to make a DC 10 Strength check, freeing itself or another creature within its reach on a success. Dealing 5 slashing damage to the net (AC 10) also frees the creature without harming it, ending the effect and destroying the net.

When you use an action, bonus action, or reaction to attack with a net, you can make only one attack regardless of the number of attacks you can normally make.


Simple Melee Weapons
Club1 sp1d4 bludgeoning2 lb.Light
Dagger2 gp1d4 piercing1 lb.Finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60)
Greatclub2 sp1d8 bludgeoning10 lb.Two-handed
Handaxe5 gp1d6 slashing2 lb.Light, thrown (range 20/60)
Javelin5 sp1d6 piercing2 lb.Thrown (range 30/120)
Light hammer2 gp1d4 bludgeoning2 lb.Light, thrown (range 20/60)
Mace5 gp1d6 bludgeoning4 lb.
Quarterstaff2 sp1d6 bludgeoning4 lb.Versatile (1d8)
Sickle1 gp1d4 slashing2 lb.Light
Spear1 gp1d6 piercing3 lb.Thrown (range 20/60), versatile (1d8)
Simple Ranged Weapons
Crossbow, light25 gp1d8 piercing5 lb.Ammunition (range 80/320), loading, two-handed
Dart5 cp1d4 piercing1/4 lb.Finesse, thrown (range 20/60)
Shortbow25 gp1d6 piercing2 lb.Ammunition (range 80/320), two-handed
Sling1 sp1d4 bludgeoningAmmunition (range 30/120)
Martial Melee Weapons
Battleaxe10 gp1d8 slashing4 lb.Versatile (1d10)
Flail10 gp1d8 bludgeoning2 lb.
Glaive20 gp1d10 slashing6 lb.Heavy, reach, two-handed
Greataxe30 gp1d12 slashing7 lb.Heavy, two-handed
Greatsword50 gp2d6 slashing6 lb.Heavy, two-handed
Halberd20 gp1d10 slashing6 lb.Heavy, reach, two-handed
Lance10 gp1d12 piercing6 lb.Reach, special
Longsword15 gp1d8 slashing3 lb.Versatile (1d10)
Maul10 gp2d6 bludgeoning10 lb.Heavy, two-handed
Morningstar15 gp1d8 piercing4 lb.
Pike5 gp1d10 piercing18 lb.Heavy, reach, two-handed
Rapier25 gp1d8 piercing2 lb.Finesse
Scimitar25 gp1d6 slashing3 lb.Finesse, light
Shortsword10 gp1d6 piercing2 lb.Finesse, light
Trident5 gp1d6 piercing4 lb.Thrown (range 20/60), versatile (1d8)
War pick5 gp1d8 piercing2 lb.
Warhammer15 gp1d8 bludgeoning2 lb.Versatile (1d10)
Whip2 gp1d4 slashing3 lb.Finesse, reach
Martial Ranged Weapons
Blowgun10 gp1 piercing1 lb.Ammunition (range 25/100), loading
Crossbow, hand75 gp1d6 piercing3 lb.Ammunition (range 30/120), light, loading
Crossbow, heavy50 gp1d10 piercing18 lb.Ammunition (range 100/400), heavy, loading, two-handed
Longbow50 gp1d8 piercing2 lb.Ammunition (range 150/600), heavy, two-handed
Net1 gp3 lb.Special, thrown (range 5/15)

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Sours: https://dnd5e.info/equipment/weapons/

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Martial Melee WeaponsCostDamageWeightPropertiesArming Sword20 gp1d6 Piercing3 lb.Light, Finesse, Versatile (1d8)Back Sword10 gp1d6 piercing3 lb.Bec de Corbin20 gp2d4 piercing6 lb.Heavy, reach, two-handedBoar Spear10 gp2d6 piercing5 lb.Heavy, two-handedBroadsword20 gp2d4 Piercing3 lb.—Captain’s swordNever Sold1d10 Slashing3 lb.Light, Finesse, Versatile (2d8)Chain, Bladed8 gp1d6 slashing10 lb.Finesse, heavy, reach, special, two-handedChain, Spiked8 gp1d6 piercing10 lb.Finesse, heavy, reach, special, two-handedChain, Weighted8 gp1d6 bludgeoning10 lb.Finesse, heavy, reach, special, two-handedCutlass10 gp1d8 slashing2 lb.LightDouble Axe90gp1d6 Slashing10lbHeavy, Two-Handed, SpecialDouble Flail20 gp1d8 bludgeoning4 lb.Two-handedDueling Shield15 gp1d8 bludgeoning10 lb.Heavy, special, two-handedDwarven Urgrosh50 gp1d10 slashing9 lb.Heavy, Two-handedElven Lightblade50 gp1d6 piercing1 lb.Finesse, Light, SpecialElven Thinblade100 gp1d8 piercing1 lb.Finesse, SpecialEpee50 gp1d2 Piercing1 lb.Special, FinesseEstoc25 gp1d8 piercing3 lb.Versatile (1d10)Falchion10 gp1d8 slashing3 lb.—Great Maul150 gp3d6 bludgeoning145 lb.Oversized, Two-handed, SpecialGuisarme15 gp2d4 slashing6 lb.Heavy, reach, two-handedGythka20 gp1d8 slashing9 lb.Heavy, Two-HandedHeavy Flail20 gp1d12 bludgeoning7 lb.Heavy, two-handedHidden Blade100 gp1d4 Piercing/Slashing1/2 lb.Light, Finesse, Special.Katana50 gp1d8 slashing3 lb.Versatile (1d10)Katana (variant)50 gp1d6 slashing3 lb.Finesse, light, versatile (1d8)Lajav30 gp1d8 Bludgeoning5 lb.Finesse, Heavy, Two-Handed, Special*Longspear3 gp1d6 piercing4 lb.Heavy, reach, versatile (1d8)Longstaff5 sp1d8 bludgeoning7 lb.Heavy, reach, special, two-handedMain Gauche5 gp1d4 piercing1 lb.Finesse, light, special, thrown (range 20/60)Man Catcher25 gp1d4 bludgeoning2 lb.Two-handed, reach, specialMeteor Hammer30 gp1d8 bludgeoning5 lb.Two-handed, SpecialMonk’s Spade10 gp1d6 slashing4 lb.Reach, Versatile (1d8)Parrying Dagger5 gp1d4 Piercing2 lb.Light, SpecialPollaxe20 gp2d4 bludgeoning6 lb.Heavy, reach, two-handedSaber35 gp1d8 Slashing3 lb.Light, FinesseSai2 gp1d4 piercing1 lb.Light, Finesse, SpecialSide Sword25 gp1d6 Piercing2 1/2 lb.Light, SpecialSmall Sword10 gp1d6 piercing1 1/2 lb.Light, FinesseSpear Tipped Chain Whip2d4 Piercing/Slashing or 1d4 Non-Lethal Restraining4 lb.Reach, Disarming, Dismount, Restraining, AttackSword Breaker15 gp1d4 Piercing2 lb.Light, SpecialTalwar30 gp1d8 slashing3 lb.FinesseTwo-Handed Morningstar25 gp1d12 piercing10 lb.Heavy, two-handedWarcleaver100 gp1d8 slashing or bludgeoning10 lb.Versatile (1d10)Winged Punching Blade20 gp1d6 Piercing/Slashing3 lb.FinesseZweihaander100 gp2d8 Slashing9 lb.Two Handed, Reach, Heavy, Special
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Weapon 5e 2d8

DM DavePosted in Player Options

This is one that I’ve gotten requests for a few times in comments and direct messaging on Instagram. I thought it’d be a pretty quick build since I got the idea on what I need to do to create it while I was driving to pick DM Jack up from school today.

What is a buster weapon?

Supposedly, buster weapons–specifically the buster sword–got its origins from Final Fantasy VII. It’s the big ass broadsword that Cloud Strife used in the game. Its appeared in every Final Fantasy game since and become something of a staple in anime.

A buster weapon can be any larger-than-normal weapon. However, in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, the available weapons are either Medium or Small. And there’s no scaling up. Yet.

Playtest Content

The material here is presented for playtesting and to spark your imagination. These game mechanics are in draft form, usable in your campaign but not refined by
final game design and editing. They aren’t officially part of the game.

Constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated in either comments or social media. If you can give me a valid reason with examples why something is off, 9/10 I’m likely to make changes to the content and credit you for doing so. Otherwise, feedback without anything to back it up gets ignored (or at most a smile emoji like this 🙂 ) Thanks!

Design Notes

Here are my notes for this build.

Before the Build

In order to create these weapons, they need to be able to be big. Big usually means more damage. The problem with more damage, of course, is that more damage breaks the game, especially in the first tier.

The weapons in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition are typically balanced by the fact that they are Heavy (meaning little dudes can’t use ’em effectively) or require two-hands.

Of course, we know larger weapons exist. The ogre greatclub deals 2d8 damage instead of the normal 1d8 damage for the weapon. Half-ogre battleaxes can deal 2d8 damage or 2d10 if wielded with two hands. The oni glaive deals 2d10 slashing damage when it is in its Large form. Another interesting entry is the fire giant’s greatsword. It deals 6d6 damage, four more dice than the regular greatsword. That tells me that the damage increases by a factor of two for each size category that it goes up.

Now, I don’t want to cheapen the rules. We want the buster sword to accomplish a few things here:

  • The buster sword should be modeled after a greatsword. Go big or go home.
  • It should be able to deal 4d6 damage in one swing. If it adds a +3 Strength modifier to the attack, that’s an average of 17 damage and a maximum of 27 with a lucky hit (or double that with a crit). If a great weapon fighting fighter wields it, that average damage goes up even more.
  • It has to be in line with what a 1st-level character is capable of doing. For example, a Barbarian with 16 Strength swinging a greatsword deals 10 damage on average and a maximum of 15. However, if the barbarian takes the Great Weapon Master feat, it can reduce its attack roll by -5 to add +10 to its damage bonus. So now we’re getting closer. That would make the average damage 20 and the maximum 25. Now it’s suddenly better than the 4d6 greatsword on average. So I think we can probably find something in the middle there using math.

According to Mike Mearls, a character has, on average, a 60% chance of hitting a monster with an attack, or a 40% chance to miss. With advantage, that turns into an 84% chance to hit and 16% chance to miss. And with disadvantage, it’s only a 36% chance to hit or 64% chance to miss.

If we multiply those numbers by 20 (the d20), we can determine that the virtual bonus and penalty for each is as follows:

  • Advantage gives a virtual 4.8 bonus on attack rolls.
  • Disadvantage gives a virtual 4.8 penalty on attack rolls.

Now, what you’ll notice right away is that those numbers are pretty darn close to the -5 penalty that Great Weapon Fighter gives in exchange for +10 in damage. So I think that if we give the user of a buster weapon a permanent disadvantage on their attacks using the feat, that will help balance out the weapon.

Let’s compare the two weapons’ damage output. I’ve multiplied the average damage of the weapon by the hit probability.

  • Greatsword (2d6 + 3) with no disadvantage deals an average of 6 damage per turn (10 x 0.60).
  • Buster sword (4d6 + 3) with disadvantage deals an average of 6.12 damage per turn (17 x 0.36).

Boom, pretty close!

After the Build

Looking at the heavy weapon property, it pretty much knocks it out of the park in terms of what I need buster weapons to do. Basically, a buster weapon gives a constant disadvantage to the attack. That means I don’t need to offer a feat for a creature to gain proficiency in it. They can just learn it as a martial weapon. The weapon property will supply the disadvantage.

For weight and cost of the weapons, I multiplied everything by 4. I’m not totally sure that’s right (some physics major will surely correct me), but if it’s good enough for barding, it’s good enough for me.

So then I just used the feat to reverse the method of the Great Weapon Mastery feat: you give up damage output the weapon normally does in order to not have disadvantage when making an attack with the weapon. Plus, it gives you a bonus against shields.


Optional Weapon Rules

At your GM’s discretion, your campaign may use the following optional rules and weapons.

New Weapon Property: Buster Weapon

Small creatures cannot use buster weapons. And Medium creatures have disadvantage on attack rolls with buster weapons. A buster weapon’s size and bulk makes it too large for a Medium creature to use effectively.

New Weapons

Martial Melee Weapons
Buster Axe120 gp2d12 slashing28 lbsBuster, two-handed
Buster Club1 gp2d8 bludgeoning40 lbsBuster, two-handed
Buster Hammer60 gp4d6 bludgeoning40 lbsBuster, two-handed
Buster Sword200 gp4d6 slashing24 lbsBuster, two-handed


New Feat: Buster Weapon Master

Prerequisite: Strength 16 or higher

You have practiced extensively with extremely large weapons, gaining the following benefits:

  • You gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with a buster weapon against any Medium or smaller target using a shield. Your large weapon easily overcomes the defense provided by shields.
  • Before you make a melee attack with a buster weapon that you are proficient with, you can choose to make the attack without the normal disadvantage imposed for handling a buster weapon. If the attack hits, you take a -10 penalty to the damage roll (minimum of 1 + your Strength modifier).


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See you soon!

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Art by Square Enix.

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Sours: https://dmdave.com/buster-weapons/
Top 10 Magic Item Weapons in DnD 5E

This article is a stub. You can help D&D4 Wiki by expanding it.

The weapon die or dice (abbreviated [W]) of a weapon determines the damage of attacks using that weapon.

For example, a longsword's damage die is 1d8, meaning you roll one 8-sided die for attacks that deal 1[W] damage, or three 8-sided dice (3d8) for attacks that deal 3[W] damage.

Weapons with multiple dice are multiplied in a similar way. For example, a falchion's damage dice are 2d4, so roll 6d4 for attacks that deal 3[W].

The weapon dice are intended to be used for weapons used by small or normal characters. Large, Huge and Gargantuan creatures need to use weapons specially sized for them, with the larger weapons having their dice increased by one step each time.

If it is necessary to adjust the weapon die due to size or for other reasons, it is adjusted as below:

  • One-handed: 1d4 -> 1d6 -> 1d8 -> 1d10 -> 1d12 -> 2d6 -> 2d8 -> 2d10
  • Two-handed: 1d8 -> 2d4 -> 1d10 -> 1d12 -> 2d6 -> 2d8 -> 2d10
Sours: https://dnd4.fandom.com/wiki/Weapon_die

You will also like:

D&D 5E New weapons damage table. Hopefully little more balanced.

Little about weapons traits:

One handed melee weapons: versatile is "free", but can only be on non-light, non-finesse weapons and it fits weapons flavor.
Thrown 20/60 is "free" if it fits weapons flavor.
light reduces damage by one die,
finesse reduces damage by one die,
reach 10ft reduces damage by one die,
heavy increases die by one step,
twohanded adds two damage dice,

simple melee weapons,
base damage is 1d8,
dagger1d4Light, finesse, thrown 20/60
mace1d8versatile 1d10
half spear1d8versatile 1d10, thrown 20/60
javelin1d8thrown 30/120
spear1d6reach 10ft, versatile 1d8
quarterstaff1d8versatile 1d10
warmace2d6twohanded, heavy
longspear1d10twohanded, reach 10ft

martial melee weapons,
base damage 1d10,
Longsword1d10versatile 1d12
Scimitar1d6light, finesse,
Hand axe1d6light, finesse, thrown 20/60
Greataxe2d8twohanded, heavy,
Halberd2d6twohanded, heavy, reach 10ft
Whip1d6finesse,reach 10ft
Warspear1d8versatile 1d10, reach 10ft,
Trident1d12twohanded, reach 10ft

Simple ranged weapons;
Crossbow, light2d6ammunition 60/240, loading;action
Crossbow, heavy2d8ammunition 80/320, loading;action, heavy
Dart1d6finesse, thrown 20/60
Sling1d4ammunition 30/120

Martial ranged weapons;
Hand crossbow1d6ammunition 30/120,light, loading;bonus a.
Shortbow1d6ammunition 100/400, twohanded
Longbow1d8ammunition 150/600, twohanded,heavy

This are not all possible named weapons:
Great axe has damage and traits of Maul and Greatsword for example,
Longswords is the same as warhammer and battleaxe,

halberd is the same as pike, guisarme, pole-ax, etc...

Crossbows now can shoot only every other round, but hit very hard with shorter range.

Crossbow master feat reduces loading time form light and heavy crossbow to bonus action and hand crossbow to free action(still need two hands to load a hand crossbow).

This will give more damage to melee weapons and more damage to strength users vs dexterity users.


Sours: https://www.enworld.org/threads/new-weapons-damage-table-hopefully-little-more-balanced.501016/

600 601 602 603 604