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MyDigi Mobile App

Introducing the new MyDigi app, launched by Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia for a streamlined, all-in-one experience for Digi users. MyDigi is a smarter way to manage your Digi mobile account for prepaid and postpaid phone plans. You can pay and monitor your phone bills, check your data quota, top-up Internet data, claim exclusive rewards and deals on food, drinks and more with navigation ease by accessing the quick link buttons.

Check & Pay Bills and Top-Up Phone Credit

Pay your mobile bills easily through the MyDigi app without making a trip to the Digi store. With just a few clicks, you can settle your bills wherever you are. You can also check and keep track of your mobile bills by downloading past and current billing statements. Low on prepaid credits? Is your prepaid plan about to expire? Simply reload your phone credit through MyDigi app to continue connecting with your loved ones. You’ll receive extra Internet data, call time, and credits based on the amount of online prepaid reload chosen. Save time and money with MyDigi!

Monitor Mobile Data Quota & Switch Internet Package

Monitor your mobile data usage, located under the “Internet” section, as displayed on the homescreen. The data quota and data usage are placed side by side for a clean overview of how much Internet data you use and how much you need. Digi users can also see the number of days left before the data quota expires or renews for the next usage cycle. If you want to check the mobile data usage of your other numbers, just click on the side menu, choose your mobile number, and the usage information of that number will be displayed. You can also switch to a different Internet package via the app when your current one expires!

Internet Top-Up and International Roaming Passes

Not enough mobile data? You can buy Internet add-ons that suit your type of usage and budget. The add-ons range from casual Internet usage, to heavier entertainment use (games, music, videos), and bigger data purchase offers for overall use. The add-on purchases can be done by clicking on the ‘Buy Add-Ons’ tab on the homescreen, or the ‘Box of Surprise’ page in the app. If you are travelling outside Malaysia, pre-book an international roaming pass to equip your journey ahead with secure and adequate Internet connection. Just choose the country that you will be travelling to before subscribing to a roaming Internet plan – easy as pie!

MyDigi Rewards & Promotions

Enjoy exclusive rewards & promotions for MyDigi users through the app. Rewards are calculated through different tiers of membership – Yellow, Gold and Platinum. For each RM1 spent on your Digi prepaid reload or postpaid bill, you will earn 1 Digi point. The higher your tier rank, the more rewards and deals you can unlock! Gain access to a wide variety of deals and promotions in food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, travel, beauty and wellness from a list of different merchants nationwide. Simply click on the ‘Rewards’ page on the app to start browsing and redeeming! To redeem a reward, go to the ‘MyRewards’ tab and press ‘Redeem’ next to your selected rewards. Experience the new MyDigi app, a mobile app of many surprises!

Live Chat

Having trouble with your Digi account? Communicate with our representatives through a live chat. Our live chat service is available from 10 am to 9 pm daily. You can also lodge your case with us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To learn more about the MyDigi app, simply log on to https://www.digi.com.my/mydigi-app or https://www.digi.com.my/support/help-center/mydigi-app/box-surprise to access specific topics on the MyDigi app. Enjoy an all-new app experience on MyDigi today!

Sours: https://play.google.com/


There are many different ways to top up your Digi Mobil number. Find out more and choose the one that suits your needs.

• Top up online

Access the section Top up online, type in the required information and choose the amount of the top-up. Quick and easy!

Already registered to My Digi Account?

With My Digi Account you can check your balance, your active offers and top up whenever you want, even from your mobile phone. Moreover, you will always receive our latest news by e-mail. Sign up now, it's easy and free!

• Ricarica Automatica

With Ricarica Automatica you will never run out of credit again!

Ricarica Automatica is our free service that allows you to automatically top up your credit and fully enjoy your offer.  You can activate it directly through Top Up Online and associate a payment method to your SIM card. Then you can manage it from Mio Conto Digi. Every month we will top you up automatically the chosen amount.

Ricarica Automatica is the simplest and easiest way to safely top up your credit.

• Digi Resellers

You can find our Digi Mobil resellers on the whole Italian territory to activate our services and top up. Go to your usual reseller or find your nearest one on our webpage, under Resellers.

• Top up at the store

Thanks to our new service, Top up at the store, you will be able to top up your Digi Mobil number even when you are shopping! This service is available in Penny Market in the amounts of 5 and 10 euros, Esselunga in the amounts of 5 and 10 eurosand Unieuro stores in the amounts of 10 and 15 euros.

How it works

Choose the voucher of the amount you prefer and bring it at the cashier's desk: on the receipt you will find the PIN code you need to top up. You can top up whenever you want (the expiration date is written on the receipt) by calling *146# then choose Top up and enter the PIN code. Please wait for the confirmation message before throwing away the receipt; call for free our Customer Service at 4077 for any information.

• Top up with PayPal Carica

PayPal Carica is the newest online way to top-up your mobile phone, wherever and whenever you want! The application is available on Google Play and App Store with no additional costs.

How to:

  • Download the application for free and register a PayPal account
  • Log in with your PayPal account to the interactive menu from your mobile phone
  • Choose the voice Richieste, enter the amount you prefer and the phone number to top up and press Invio. You can also top-up friends and family members and receive one.
  • Wait for the confirmation message of successful recharging
  • For assistance call our Customer Service at the free number 4077

• Authorised top up points

Top up in our more than 200.000 authorised points that use Sisal, Snai, Rapicom and E-pay platforms, PUNTOLIS points of sale, newsstands or authorized bars.

Sours: https://www.digimobil.it/
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The best way to control your monthly spending what do we do with our mobile phone is using a prepaid card, although sometimes it can be a problem, if we use a rate with limited calls and with a number of GB of data also a bit fair, when we are faced with a situation that requires excessive use of our telephone.

The number of virtual operators (without our own network) that we have available in Spain (as in other countries) is very high. Only in Spain we have Euskaltel, HablaFacil, Happy Movil, Lebara, Llamaya, Lyca, Yoigo, Vodafone, Tuenti, Movistar, Hits, Digi Mobil ... If your operator is the latter, below we show you the steps to follow to top up your Digi Mobil mobile number.

Digi Mobil is a operator based in Romania which in recent years has expanded to many European countries and is currently available in Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, France and, of course, in Romania.

Table of Contents

Where to recharge a Digi Mobil mobile

As a good operator worth its salt, the Digi Mobil guys put at our disposal different methods to recharge our telephone number of this operator: website, in more than 12000 tobacconists and press kiosks, El Corte Inglés, Superpor, Telecor, BodyBell, Juteco, Workcenter, in all post offices in Spain, gas stations, La Caixa ATMs and even calling the operator itself.

Mobile top-up at Digi Mobil through its website

  • The first thing we should do is visit your online website to recharge.
  • Next, we enter our Digi Mobil phone number. We must carry out this process twice to avoid recharging another phone number, if we make a mistake when entering it.
  • Next, we enter our email address along with the name. In this email address we will receive the confirmation of the recharge once it has been made.
  • Finally, we enter the amount we want to recharge and select the payment method.

Regarding payment methods, Digi Mobil only accepts VISA and MasterCard credit cards as long as the phone number is in Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, France or Romania.

In order to install this application on our smartphone managed by iOS, it must be managed at least by iOS 13.7 or later, very high requirements for a simple application that allows us to perform the same functions as through a web page.

In the case of the version of this application for Android, we can install it on any device that has at least Android 4.x or higher.

Mobile top-up at Digi Mobil through Customer Area

If we not only want to recharge our phone number, we want to see what we have invested in our data rate, change the rate, know the accumulated MB or contract other products, we can do it through the Digi Mobil Customer Area.

  • To access the customer area, we must enter our phone number along with the password that we have associated with our Digi Mobil account.
  • Once we are inside the Customer Area section, we go to the Refills section.
  • Finally, we only have to select the amount of the recharge that we want to make together with the payment method.

The application stores our latest payment method, so it will not be necessary to enter it again to recharge if we have already entered it previously.

Mobile top-up at Digi Mobil through the mobile app

Another option, just as valid the previous ones, is found in the application for iOS and Android mobile devices, an application that offers us a interface very similar to the web version, so the steps to be taken to recharge a Digi Mobil number are practically the same.

With this application, not only can we recharge our phone number, but we can also check our bills, know the minutes and MB consumption that we have until the renewal of the contracted voucher as well as knowing new rates and / or products that can be adapted to our needs.

  • Once we have downloaded and installed the application on our mobile device, we enter our phone number and password.
  • Once we are inside the Customer Area section, we go to the Refills section.
  • Now we just have to select the amount of the recharge that we want to make together with the payment method.

Mobile top-up at Digi Mobil over the phone

Another quite interesting option that this operator offers us is the possibility of recharging our phone number without having to visit any web page or use an application, since it offers us the possibility of recharge with a simple call phone number 1215.

The number 1215 is only available to all Digi Mobil customers and is Free subscription. To recharge, we just have to follow the steps indicated by the machine such as phone number, payment method, amount ... and seconds later we will receive the recharged amount on our smartphone.

Through this number, we can also change the rate, take advantage of special offers, send the balance of our Digi number to another Digi mobile, divert calls ...

Sours: https://movilforum.com/en/recarga-en-digi-mobil/

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