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ION Sound XP™

Enhance your Sound Experiences™ with the ION Sound XP™ app. Quickly access the functionality of your compatible* ION speaker from anywhere up to 100 feet away to adjust volume, lighting, equalizer settings, change input sources, check your battery status, dial in your favorite radio stations, save radio presets, and more!
*Note: Please refer to list below for compatible product. Some features in the app may not be available for all products. This app controls music that streams from other apps on your device. You must first connect your device to speaker via Bluetooth® before connecting with the app to control your streaming music remotely.
Compatible Product:
• Total PA™ Live
• Explorer™ XL
• Total PA™ Prime
• Total PA™ Glow Max
• Tahiti™ Speaker
• Glow Rocker™
• Pathfinder™ 280˚
• Trailblazer™
• Bright Max™
• Meeting Mate™
• Power Glow™ 300
• Sport™
• Sport™ XL
• Solar Rock™ Multi-Sync
• Acadia™
• Total PA™ Glow 3
• Total PA™ Premier
• Total PA™ Supreme
• Explorer™ FX
• Pathfinder™ 4
• Game Day Party™
• Adventurer™
• Party Boom™ FX
• Triumph™
• Party Boat™


ION Audio Recalls Portable Speakers Due to Explosion Hazard

This recall involves the Sport Express, Cornerstone, Cornerstone Glow, and Keystone ION Audio portable speakers. The Sport Express speaker is black in color and has two knobs on the front with a neon blue lit clock. It is about 9 inches wide and 9 inches tall. The Cornerstone and Cornerstone Glow speakers are triangular in shape, have a white outer casing, and are 14 inches wide and 10 inches tall. The Keystone speaker is square with a white casing and gray center. It is about 8 inches wide and 9 inches tall. The UPC number is located on the bottom of the speakers.

Model Name UPC Number
Cornerstone/Cornerstone Glow 0812715018078




Keystone 0812715018139
Sport Express 0812715010911
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ION Speakers

ION Audio Party Rocker Plus | Rechargeable Speaker with Spinning Party Lights & Karaoke Effects (50W)

Regular Price: $179.99SPECIAL PRICE: $129.99Add To Cart

Quick Overview

The Party Rocker Plus has everything you need to transform any get-together into a special occasion. With its powerful 6.5-inch 2-way speaker backed by a 50- watt dynamic amplifier, the sound is rich, vibrant and lifelike. Also feel free to DJ your events without feeling like you need to be right by the Party Rocker Plus at all times with the Bluetooth connectivity. The rechargeable battery also lasts for several hours, so your good times keep going. The spinning light dome fills your room with six dazzling colors - Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Orange and White. The lights change pattern and pulsate in time to the music. A high-quality microphone and cable are also included, and with the Party Rocker Plus’s unique Echo Effect, your Karaoke competitions will sound like big-budget productions. With the Party Rocker Plus, you don’t have to be an audio expert to be in charge of the music at your parties and events. As long as you bring the music, the Party Rocker Plus will bring the fun. 50 watts of dynamic power to energize your parties; Powerful 6.5” woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter deliver sparkling sound Streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device; also has ⅛-inch (3.5mm) aux input for non-Bluetooth devices Light dome fills the room with 6 colors: Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Orange, White Echo Effect for professional-sounding Karaoke; High-quality microphone and cable included Built-in rechargeable battery provides hours of uninterrupted fun

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Bluetooth ion speaker

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Total PA Premier 500 Watt Speaker Unboxing - What's Inside - Should You Buy This Product - Exposed

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