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Battery Adapter for DeWALT 20v Max 18v Dock Power Wheels Adaptor with Wires for Ride on Cars Modify DIY Cordless Light Robotics

Battery Adapter for DeWALT 20v Max 18v Dock Power Wheels Adaptor with Wires for Ride on Cars Modify DIY Cordless Light Robotics


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Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on (110-120) volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • Perfect Fit: 100% compatible with dewalt 18v 20 Max 60V max battery. Slide on your battery easily and lock on like the tools.
  • Creative & Full of fun: 2 heat-resistance wires gives you access to the electrical terminals for electrical projects. Enjoy yourself in DIY.
  • Made of High Quality Plastics: durable and safety to use. Heavy duty for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Widely Used: Upgrade your power wheels/toys or Robotics DIY.
  • Portable design,convenient to carry and easy to use. Replacement available if any quality problem in 6months
Package Dimensions4.49 x 3.19 x 2.05 inches (11.4 x 8.1 x 5.2 cm)
Item Weight2.47 ounces (70.02 grams)
Compatible DevicesDeWALT 20v battery, Power wheels, Cordless led light, Go-carts for lights, Ride on toy tractor, DeWALT 18v battery See more
Special FeaturePower wheels upgrade power source, Power source adapter for dewalt battery
Power SourceDc


Battery Adapter for DeWALT 20v Max 18v Dock Power Wheels Adaptor with Wires for Ride on Cars Modify DIY Cordless Light Robotics

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Does this work with dcb-205

    Answer: It should work...it works on all my 20v max dewalt batteries and equivalent replacement batteries.
  • Question: If i'm planning on using this to upgrade a power wheels, will i need a 30amp inline fuse to go with it as well?

    Answer: I would always put a fuse inline but beware mine did not fit dewalt 20volt battery I had to drimle it out and still doesn’t fit that good
  • Question: Could I use my craftsman battery the v20?

    Answer: No. This adapter works with the DeWalt 20v batteries.
  • Question: Work with DCB207?

    Answer: yes, it works with all dewalt 20v xr slide style lithium-ion batteries.
  • Question: I am trying to upgrade power wheel atv. don't think motor will handle much more than 20v. If I use the flexvolt battery. How much volt will i get?

    Answer: Output voltage is 20volt
  • Question: Has any one ever tried wiring 2 adapters in for 2 batteries

    Answer: I’ve seen it done on YouTube. Depending on how you wire it it would make 40v.
  • Question: Looking to use this to run a 12 volt aerator for a minnow bucket will this work

    Answer: No, it can not run. The output voltage is the same as the battery, you may need a regulator.
  • Question: Is this so you can wire your batteries for other things ? For example can i hook TV hose leads up to my kids power wheel car?

    Answer: you can use it for powerwheel upgrading. there are videos on YouTube for your referenc
  • Question: Will the battery die if it is not removed after use?

    Answer: This is not good for the battery, suggest you remove the battery after use.

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ti•• ••m

September 17, 2021

Feels low quality but works with 20v and/or 60v dewalt batttery

Worth it

Ma•• ••an

September 8, 2021

Nice way to convert a corded to a cordless

Works as it should

Am•• ••er

August 26, 2021

Destroyer of dewalt batteries

In theory this would have been awesome! In reality dose it work? Yeah…. It works! It’s like putting a nitrous fueled supercharger on my kids power wheel!!!!! But it literally burned up a $149 dewalt battery. Like fried to a crisp. So if your like me and we’re looking for a cheaper way to replace your power wheels battery and don’t mind destroying your power tools batteries than this is the hack for you!!!!

Bu•• ••et

August 25, 2021

Must have for Powerwheels

I've done 3 so far. Kids have played on the power wheels all summer. Add the 30 amp fuse so you don't cook the motor!

Jo•• ••hn

August 24, 2021

Superpower power wheels!

This was super easy to connect into wiring on my kids power wheels. Once wired I hooked up a dewalt battery and the difference was immediately noticeable! The power wheels went from puttering around the yard to zooming around it! My kids love it and so do I because now I don’t have to get them unstuck every few minutes!

gb•• ••an

August 19, 2021

Works well, no problems with battery fitting

Bought this instead of a new battery for the kids battery powered ATV. Even the 2Ah batteries last surprising long. Batteries do get fairly warm so I did place an inline fuse just for safety sake. In my opinion this is a way better value than buying a new battery at $20-100 that can only be used for the ride-on toys.

al•• ••oz

August 8, 2021

Js•• ••tw

July 30, 2021

Works as advertised

Bought this for my daughters 12v jeep to increase the speed and hooked right up and installed my 20v dewalt battery and of she went, increased the speed by a notable amount. I'll be buy a 2nd.

To•• ••JR

July 30, 2021

Light weight works good

Works good

Su•• ••ll

July 24, 2021

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Sours: https://www.u-buy.jp/en/product/ZGHVJAE-battery-adapter-for-dewalt-20v-max-18v-dock-power

Descrição do produto em inglês após português Compatível com Dewalt 20-Volt Lithium-Ionnbattery. Fácil de instalar, fechaduras em sua bateria muito bem. Adaptador possui 12 fio de gaúgio instalado; Corrente máxima admissível 55.6A. Indicado para aplicações de alta potência. Compatível com Dewalt 20-Volt e 60-Volt Lithium-Ionnbattery, como DCB612 DCB609-2 DCB609 DCB609 DCB606 DCB606-2 DCB208 DCB206 DCB206-2 DCB205 DCB205 DCB204 DCB203 DCB203 DCB203 DCB204-2 DCB204 DCB201 DCB200-2 DCB200-2 DCB230CB240CB240CB240CB240-2 DCB609 DCB203 DCB203 DCB204 O fio vermelho é conectado ao terminal da bateria positiva, e o fio preto está ligado ao terminal da bateria negativa. Peso do item: 90g Cor: preto Material:plástico Tamanho:80x70x25mm Conteúdo da Embalagem: 2 x Adaptador de AlimentaçãoApenas o conteúdo da embalagem acima, outros produtos não estão inclusos. Obs: Disparo leve e displays diferentes podem causar a cor do item no quadro um pouco diferente da coisa real. A medição erro permitido é +/- 1-3cm. ************************************************** Description: Compatible with Dewalt 20-Volt Lithium-Ionnbattery. Easy to install, locks on you battery very well. Adapter has 12 gauge wire installed; Maximum permissible current 55.6A. Suitable for high power applications. Compatible with Dewalt 20-Volt and 60-Volt Lithium-Ionnbattery, such as DCB612 DCB609-2 DCB609 DCB606 DCB606-2 DCB208 DCB206 DCB206-2 DCB205 DCB204 DCB203 DCB203-2 DCB 205-2 DCB204-2 DCB201 DCB200 DCB200-2 DCB230 DCB240 DCB240-2 The red wire is connected to the positive battery terminal, and the black wire is connected to the negative battery terminal. Item weight: 90g Colour:black Material:plastic Size:80x70x25mm Package Contents: 2 x Power AdapterOnly the above package content, other products are not included. Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

Sours: https://shopee.com.br/Power-Wheels-Battery-Adapter-for-20V-Dewalt-Battery-Adapter-i.430981121.10830515605
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Introduction: Converting Power Wheels to Run on 18v Lithium Tool Batteries

Today I'll be converting a Power Wheels battery-powered ride-on toy from 12v sealed lead power to 18v lithium ion power. This is a relatively simple mod that will add about 50% more speed to your kid's BPRO.

Here's an overview of the tool set you'll need to complete a project like this. I don't always use all of them, but some of the handiest stuff is:


Soldering Iron, Mini screwdriver set, Wire Strippers, Crimpers, Mini Pliers, magnetic parts dish, Multimeter


Fuse Holder (absolutely vital), 30A ATC Fuses, 10ga wire, Heat Sinks (optional, but help keep motors cooler for longer life), 18v Batteries (although you ideally have extras of these laying around if you're doing this mod), and either a broken tool or extra battery charger to salvage the battery socket from.

SUPER IMPORTANT: No matter what battery mods you do to a kids ride-on, you need an inline fuse. DO NOT SKIP THE FUSE. Any time you add an aftermarket battery to a BPRO, you NEED a fuse. Stock batteries have internal thermal fuses in them, so changing batteries necessitates adding an inline fuse holder. If you are unsure of any of this, DON'T DO IT.

Secondary Warning: Overvolting is hard on stock drivetrain components. Expect to wear out gearboxes and motors more quickly when you apply extra voltage. Mitigate this by keeping total rider weight as low as possible (don't sit three kids on this thing), do not rapidly shift directions while in motion, allow cooling periods between battery changes, just take it easy and it'll last longer.

Step 1: Gather the Components

Here's the vehicle I'm modifying today. $17 yard sale snag. Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX. 12v pedal with a twist grip turbo throttle. Kids love the turbo feature, which works by running the motors in series for normal speed, parallel for turbo.

Also pictured are the donor bits you need. A sacrificial power tool that fits your brand of batteries( in my case, a broken milwaukee flashlight, but an old charger base would have worked as well). You'll also need an under-used 18v lithium tool battery or three. This 9ah battery will run the KFX for about 40-50minutes of throttle time. Most standard packs are 2-4ah, so you'll have to swap batteries more often.

Because I use them heavily every day, I like Milwaukee M18 tools. But Ryobi, DeWalt, Rigid, etc will also work. Anything 18v and Lithium will be a substantial upgrade. Use the largest capacity (ah) batteries you can spare.

Smaller components you'll need are the fuse holder, wire, solder, crimp-on terminals.

Step 2: Disassemble the Tool With the Donor Socket

First, I split the tool in half by removing the screws in the case. They were Torx T10 screws. The case just pops open easily once the screws are out.

I aligned the socket terminals and the battery to double check the polarity. Yellow is hot, black is neutral. Standard 12v coloring would be red hot, black neutral, but this was wired in yellow for whatever reason.

Then use your soldering iron and pliers to remove the stock wiring from the terminals. 16ga wire was okay for a flashlight, but will just melt and cause major issues if you try to run beefy motors on it.

Step 3: Cut, Drill and Modify the Battery Socket

Getting ready to cut the donor flashlight. I picked my spot right above a screw joint. Going to cut it with the chop saw.

Chop saw cuts very smooth if you go slowly. Emphasis on slowly. Cut too fast and it'll mangle the workpiece at best, mangle you at worst.

Drill a hole through the case to fit the new wires. I ended up using a 5/16 bit and cutting/snapping more interior bits off with mini pliers to make room for all the new wiring.

Step 4: Solder New Leads to the Battery Socket Terminals

I noted the polarity of the wires when I de-soldered the original connections. I then connected my 12ga 30a fuse holder lead to the positive side and my 10ga stranded copper lead to the negative. I'd have prefered to run it all in 10ga, but 12ga were the best I could find locally. Ordered a 10 pack of 10ga fuse holders off Amazon for the same price as one fuse holder from the auto parts store. I'll re-do the positive lead with 10ga when my Amazon order gets here.

I used vise grips to hold the work piece steady as I did the soldering. 10ga stranded copper wire is pretty thick stuff to solder, so I used my bigger iron and started by pre-tinning the wire. Then I carefully lined up the direction the wires need to run before soldering, as 10ga wire doesn't bend very easily.

After it cooled for a bit, I started fitting it into the modified flashlight handle.

Step 5: Reassemble and Test

I reassembled the battery socket by tucking the new wires inside and screwing the case back together.

Then, I crimped some male spade quick connect fittings on the donor flashlight socket to mate with the factory wiring. Now the KFX can run on this 18v lithium pack or the stock 12v with the same vehicle wiring. I can also move this battery to other vehicles that have female spade quick connect fittings.

All that's left now is to put the battery into the battery compartment, hook up the wires and test the function. Everything seems to be working just fine on this build.

Step 6: Play!

Got my little test pilot ready and let him have at it. He had a blast standing up, leaning forward and trying to twist the rear end around. He just started to get it breaking sideways on grass, it would probably drift like crazy on pavement. He was thrilled with it, much better than stock!

Thanks for looking through our project and best of luck with yours!

If you'd like to see more, Follow us here for completed projects and on www.instagram.com/poppafixit to see sneak peeks of our upcoming projects!

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/Converting-Power-Wheels-to-Run-on-18v-Lithium-Tool/

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Power Wheels DIY drill conversion saves money by using the 18v or 20v battery & charger from broken power tools. Simply cut the connector off the stock battery, add a 30 amp inline fuse between the red wire and connect it to the 3D printed adapter. Plug the new battery in and the speed will greatly increase.

This DIY Power Wheels battery alternative is a great way to recycle old power tool batteries. These lithium-ion batteries are one of the most toxic battery types in the world!

The battery can emit lead, mercury, and cadmium that pollute our landfills and cause hazardous waste for future generations.

This conversion gives the 18V or 20V power tool battery second life. We turn it into an 18V Power Wheels battery pack that will fit right inside your kid’s favorite toy car, truck, or jeep!


Battery Adapter for DeWALT 20V Max 18v Dock Power Connector...

HUIQIAODS ATC/ATO 30A In-Line Fuse Holder 16 Gauge Wiring...

DEWALT 20V MAX Battery, Compact 1.5Ah (DCB201)

DeWALT DCB107 12V/20V MAX Lithium Ion Charger (Bulk Packed)

Audiopipe 10 Gauge Wire Red & Black Power Ground 100 FT Each...

3D Printed Adapter
Battery Adapter for DeWALT 20V Max 18v Dock Power Connector...


Battery Adapter for DeWALT 20V Max 18v Dock Power Connector...

Fuse 30 amp
HUIQIAODS ATC/ATO 30A In-Line Fuse Holder 16 Gauge Wiring...


HUIQIAODS ATC/ATO 30A In-Line Fuse Holder 16 Gauge Wiring...

DeWALT DCB107 12V/20V MAX Lithium Ion Charger (Bulk Packed)


DeWALT DCB107 12V/20V MAX Lithium Ion Charger (Bulk Packed)

10ga Wire
Audiopipe 10 Gauge Wire Red & Black Power Ground 100 FT Each...


Audiopipe 10 Gauge Wire Red & Black Power Ground 100 FT Each...

How to Perform a Power Wheels Drill Battery Conversion

Products needed will be listed above if needed. Parts and tools that will be needed to perform this are:

Parts (Amazon Links)


  • Wire crimper
  • Electrical Tape
  • Soldering Iron / 10ga Wire
  • Wire Strippers
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Locate the Stock Battery

First, you want to locate the battery in your Power Wheels. It can be in the trunk, under the hood, or seat.

Once you locate it remove it from the car, you will have to unhook it from the wire harness, and there may be a bar holding it in place.

Step 2: Modify the Stock and Drill Battery

What we want to do next is cut the two wires that are attached to the stock battery as we need the connector plug.

Keep in mind this will make it so you can’t use the stock battery anymore.

We want to take the stock battery connector plug and attach it to the 3D Printed DeWalt battery adapter. To do this we will connect the negative (black) wire with the other black wire, to start we can just twist the wires together and use electrical tape.

You can go back over this part with crimpers later. For the positive wires (red) we want to connect these as well except we want to put a 30 amp inline fuse between them.

This will protect your motor from too much power coming through, if it happens the fuse will break and stop it.

Power Wheels Drill Conversion

Step 3: Connecting the Drill Battery

Now we have the wires done it’s time to connect everything up. Make sure the fuse is in between the red wires.

You can use Velcro on the back of the battery adapter holder to mount it inside the vehicle. It is recommended that you also install an electrical speed controller kit that way you can control the amount of power going to the wheels and the child can ease into the newly found power.

I know from personal experience they can really fly once you set up the 18v battery.

Step 4: Test the Power Wheels

Once the battery is connected you want to test out them and the motors by pressing down on the gas pedal and watching the rear wheels spin. You will notice a huge difference over the stock batteries right away.

The lithium tool battery pack is also a lot lighter increasing the speed of the ride even more than the 12v or 6v battery you started with.

Step 5: Finish Up

If all goes well the test will have been successful and it works great. Next, go over the wires and make sure they are secure it is recommended to solder the wires together if you are skilled in that area.

You can use a multi-meter to check the voltage.

Close everything up and don’t forget to clean up and put everything back away or you will be like me and never be able to find what I need.

If this process is not for you, you can also purchase the replacement ride-on battery or charger here. I have it broken down by the manufacturer to make it easy to find the one you need.

Can I Add Two Battery Packs?

Yes, you can add two batteries instead of one. This will increase the amount of run time for the Power Wheels, basically doubling it.

If you have 20v 1.5Ah you are looking at 15 minutes for one battery and 30 minutes for two batteries. It has been reported that this will also give it even more speed but you have to make sure you do this correctly.

You will want to run the batteries in parallel. If you don’t you will be providing the motors with 36v-40v of power.

While this sounds nice not only will you rip up the lawn but you will push the electric parts of the Power Wheels too far. Not only your motors but your gearbox is made of plastic parts when stock, it will simply rip this apart.

That is why you should run the batteries in parallel, we have a guide on how to do it but here is a simple photo to give you an idea of what we mean but instead of 6V batteries, it would be 18V batteries.

How to Wire 2 Batteries for Power Wheels

Benefits of Power Wheels Drill Battery Conversion

  • DIY install of the battery is not too difficult and you don’t need to be an expert, however; you do need to have a general knowledge of electrical work and use the fuse.
  • The battery weight is a lot less, making the car even lighter as the stock battery is usually around 10 pounds these will just be ounces.
  • Lithium batteries charge much faster, you can have extra batteries and when using one put another on the charger.
  • The vehicle will have so much power it can even do power slides when stopping (skidding out).

Disadvantages of Power Wheels Drill Battery Conversion

  • Adding more powerful batteries will work the motor more and it can burn out. Recommended to upgrade the motor.
  • Not only the motor but the gearbox can get grinded down if you don’t upgrade the gearbox.
  • The wheels may spin if you don’t add traction simply because of all the power.
  • With the boost of power and speed, it’s time to get out the helmet for the kids.
  • If you have a low Ah battery the run time won’t be as long as the 12V or 6V battery. For example, you can expect 15 minutes of run time with every 1.5Ah. You can combat this by looking for the higher Ah batteries or run batteries in parallel.

Battery Conversion Safety (Important)

Now that the toys have been supercharged it is important to protect the kids. The new charged-up ride can really fly and possibly flip over.

It’s highly recommended at least getting helmets for the children and also higher the lower age limit.

If you did install an ESC then you can adjust the speed for each rider separately but if you didn’t then only allow the older children to ride in a location that is safe and free from hazards.

Power Wheels Battery DIY Tips

  • To stretch out the length of a stock motor and gearbox make sure to not just insert new batteries when the first one dies. Give it some time for the parts to cool off.
  • Upgrade the other parts like the motors and gearboxes or they will fail.
  • Adding a distribution block is a great way to keep the wires organized.
  • This article talks about using the adapter that works with DeWalt and Hercules batteries. You can however make them with other brands like Ryobi and Milwaukee but would need a different adapter.
  • Some people use flashlights and DIY the wires into the flashlight itself instead of purchasing an adapter, this will save money on the overall price as the flashlight is the holder itself.

Power Wheels Battery Alternatives

There are lots of battery alternatives like taking a lawnmower battery and putting it into your Power Wheels. This is a fun DIY project but it is not as good as doing a drill battery conversion.

What is a drill battery conversion? It’s just that!

It’s taking a battery from an old drill or flashlight and making it power your ride-on vehicle.

This can be one of the best conversions if you have some broken power tools that no longer work but you still have the batteries and charger.

The above shows you how to transform a lithium-ion 18 volts battery pack into an upgraded 18v battery. This saves a lot of money compared to just purchasing an 18v or 24v Power Wheels.


There you have it! You saved money on the 18v batteries and the kids get really fast Power Wheels.

This is such a great DIY project to do on stock Power Wheels, however; make sure you are aware this will wear down your motors and gearboxes much faster. If you don’t have an ESC kit you won’t be able to control the voltage going to the wheels so the vehicle will always be moving fast.

Please be careful and use at your own risk
None of the authors, contributors, administrators, or anyone else connected with RCRideOnCars.com, in any way whatsoever, can be responsible for your use of the information contained in or linked from these web pages.

Sours: https://rcrideoncars.com/power-wheels-drill-conversion/

Wheels 20v dewalt power

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40 Volt Power Wheels Mustang! Simple Mod - Much Faster!

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