Freightliner rear leaf spring

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  1. I had the rears completely out from under my truck and I put new bushings in and went over the brakes and did the whole thing with them.

    The front rear went right in everything bolted up everything was great.

    The back rear I had a really hard time lining it up. When I finally got it into position I could see that the Springs seem to be Bowed in to the front. I measured from the high point of the tire to the edge of the spring on both sides. On the front was two and a half inches. On the back spring when I measure that on the back rear it's about 3 in.

    So when I go to put the Springs up into the hangers on both sides the spring hits the inside of the hanger.

    What causes that? Are the u-bolts twisted? What what I need to do to make that right?

    The guys that had the truck before me let the bushings go for so long that when I took it apart there was no rubber. The bushings literally fell out.

    So I'm sure everything on that back end was bouncing around and jumping around Every Which Way.

    Anybody know what the problem would be?
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  3. If you tightened down the u-bolts before bolting the spring up to the hanger it could very well be just a simple case of misalignment.

    Whenever I re-bushinged the Airliner suspension, I'd support the frame and pull 1 spring at a time. Replace the bushing and re-install in the hanger first. Then use a jack to push the spring up into place on the axle. Then rattle up the u-bolts. Seemed to keep everything in decent alignment.
  4. Sounds like you should loosen all u bolts and pull rear of springs together. This will spread the fronts apart.I assume when you say hitting front hangers they are too close together.Keeping Old unbolts on but loose for movement. Once it’s all lined up replace u bolts. Torque good . You’ll need to play with height and use a jack and or come along to set torque rod. They probably just got spread out due to bad bushings. If u bolts are still in correct locations ( same measurements to axle ends. Spring alignment tits are probably still there since there’s only 1 alignment pin on spring they can twist. Alignment shop will probably add a shim or two to front hangers. I’ve seen some so bad the air bags are crooked.Usually causing/ due to bent brackets.Air bag top brackets also have a bit of leeway in bolt holes if needed to make them look as straight as possible. I know half of what I said was already stated the other half you probably already knew Lol. Good Luck
  5. I got to thinking about this today. Is there a chance you may have turned around one of the spring to axle blocks. If I remember right ( it’s been a while) they have a direction arrow maybe on the bottom?
    Actually I may be thinking of the bottom plate, the dowel hole in the middle isn’t centered and there is a direction to them.
    Either way I can remember the first time I ran accross it. Took me a while to figure out why the bushings wouldn’t line back up.

    Lots and lots of cussing that day....
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    1998 and Up Freightliner Rear Air Suspension Leaf Spring 46-1259

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    Freightliner Suspension Parts

    120 Series Conventional/COE, FLD112 Conventional Front SuspensionsKeyPart NumberDescriptionNo. ReqOEM ReferenceRemarks1327-490Spring Pin, Threaded; 1 1/4″-7 x 7.14″Lg x 5 3/8″ c/c616-12302-000For TB-73 Bushing1327-175Spring Pin; 1 1/4″OD x 6 3/8″Lg x 4 29/32″ c/c216-10509-000Use w/ 3 1/2″ Spring Eye & RNI or TNI Bushing1327-487Spring Pin; 1 1/4″OD x 6 7/8″Lg x 5 3/8″ c/c616-13470-000, 16-12373-000Used w/4″ Spring & RNK or TNK Bushing1327-176Spring Pin; 1 1/4″OD x 5 3/4″Lg x 4 1/2″ c/c216-10510-000Use w/RNI or TNI Bushing & H Shackle; 3 1/2″ Spring Eye1


    Spring Pin; 1 1/4″OD x 7 7/8″Lg x 5 3/8″ c/c26813220222Double Lock; w/3/8″ Drill Hole in End2


    Bushing; 1 1/2”OD x 3 1/2″Lg x 1 1/4”-8 Thread6<1975; Obsolete2


    Bushing; 1 5/8″OD x 3 1/2”Lg x 1 1/4”-8 Thread6<1984; Obsolete2TB-73Bushing; 1 1/2″OD x 4″Lg x 1 1/4″ Thread616-12301-000Current2


    Bushing; 1 1/4″ID x 1 1/2″OD x 3 1/2″Lg4/616-01005-000Past Production2


    Bushing; 1 1/4″ID x 1 1/2″OD x 4″Lg416-12399-001Current2TNIBushing; 1 1/4″ID x 1 5/8″OD x 3 1/2″Lg.416-01005-001Spring Eyes Only; <19842322-141Bushing; w/Seals6A16-12399-001Replaces PB-182TNKBushing; 1 1/4″ID x 1 5/8″OD x 4″Lg2Powerliner3334-475Fitting, Straight Zerk; 1/8″-27 NPT61613B4334-1583Sleeve; 1 1/4″OD x 1″ID x 1″Lg616-09598-0005334-1584Shim; 1 7/8″OD x 1/32″Thk x 1 1/4″ HoleA/R23-09860-0126334-1585Shim; 2 1/4″OD x 5/32″Thk x 1 1/4″ HoleA/R23-11656-0187338-738Hanger, Shackle216-09906-000Use w/H Shackle8330-142“H” Shackle216-10241-000Use w/ 3 1/2″ Spring & 4″ Spring w/Cutdown Eye9334-551Assembly, Bolt; 3/8″-24 x 2 3/4″Lg8Incl. 334-537 Bolt & Hdwe.10334-804Shim; 1 3/8″ID x .046″Thk816-09040-001Shim for 3 1/2″ Wide Springs11339-272Kit, Service; Shackle Assembly & Hanger2Incl. 338-183811339-272AKit, Service; Shackle Assembly & Hanger2Incl. 338-758A12338-758AHanger, Shackle216-12355-001, 16-12297Aluminum12338-1838Hanger, Shackle2Iron Version of 338-758A12338-1878Hanger, Shackle216-12358-001TB-73 Threaded Bushing13330-219Kit, Shackle; Urethane2Incl. (2) 330-123, (2)327-487, (1) TNK, (1) RNK-BM & Hdwe.13330-219UKit, Shackle; Urethane213330-345Kit, Shackle2Incl. 330-344, 327-487, TNK, RNK-BM & Hdwe.13330-374Kit, Shackle2Incl. 330-123, 327-490 Bushings & Hdwe.14330-123Side Bar; 5 5/16″ c/c x 1″Thk, 1 1/4″ Pin Holes416-11890-000Used w/4″ Wide Springs14330-344Side Bar; 6 3/4″ Lg X 4 5/16″ c/c x 1″ Thk, 1 1/4″ Pin Holes416-13333-00015334-550Bolt Assembly; 1/2″-20 x 3″Lg8Incl. 334-538 Bolt & Hdwe.16

    See Chart

    Wedge, Camber2See Chart17361-186Kit, U-Bolt; Round Bend, Grade 8410-09075-1053/4″ x 3 9/16″ x 10 1/2″ R17361-188Kit, U-Bolt; Round Bend, Grade 8410-09075-1253/4″ x 3 9/16″ x 12 1/2″ R17361-190Kit, U-Bolt; Round Bend, Grade 8411-09363-1103/4″ x 4″ x 11 3/8″ R17361-192Kit, U-Bolt; Round Bend, Grade 8410-09424-1207/8″ x 3 9/16″ x 12 3/8″ R17361-194Kit, U-Bolt; Round Bend, Grade 8411-9624-1207/8″ x 4″ x 12 1/4″ R1865103Shock Absorber210-12030-0001866658Shock Absorber2681-323-09-001865139Shock Absorber210-13021-00018

    See Shocks

    Shock Absorber2VariousConsult Shock Catalog For Model Specific Applications19


    Bushing, Shock; 1″IDAR20

    Find Spring

    Assembly, Spring2See Leaf Spring Web Catalog For Details

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    Worried about sagging and load support issues with your freightliner, sprinter and/or cargo van? Start by replacing your old worn out leaf springs with new OEM quality springs that are built to fit and are offered for both the commercial and motorhome chassis.

    Leaf springs are one of the many key components to a suspension system. Normal wear and tear along with other loading factors cause stress onto the springs causing them to fatigue over time. It is important, especially when dealing with commercial trucks/motorhomes that need to travel long distances at a time to replace your leaf springs when the time draws near in order to preserve the safety of your Freightliner vehicle.

    Popular Products

    The most Popular replacement springs we offer for Freightliner would be model 46-1458. This spring works with up to the 2013 Freightliner M, V and X model and includes necessary spring bolts and berlin eyes.

    Freightliner Leaf Spring FAQ with SD Truck Springs

    Q: Can I replace the Leaf Springs on my Freightliner Commercial vehicle?
    A: Yes. We offer OEM replacement Freightliner leaf springs for both the commercial as well as motorhome chassis.

    Q: What is the average spring capacity for Freightliner Leaf Springs?
    A: Average Spring Capacity is around 5,000 lbs of load support.

    Q: Is replacing the leaf springs the only thing I need to do?
    A: We always recommend that you try and keep all hardware as up to date as possible. For Freightliner trucks and motorhomes it is very important to have your u-bolts and other hardware up to date. The best way to do this is by getting new bolts at the same time you will be replacing your leaf springs.

    Q: Do Freightliner Motorhome and Freightliner Commercial leaf springs differ?
    A: It depends of the year make and model of your Freightliner. For example, the model 46-1239 is a Rear Leaf Spring with 8 leaves that fits up to the 2013 Freightliner Commercial AND motorhome Chassis. For the most part this will be the case but if the springs differ the title and description of the product itself will let you know.

    Need Help?

    Choosing the right leaf spring for your Freightliner truck, van, or motorhome is not always an easy process. Unlike other online shops, our customer support representatives are actual mechanics who are seasoned in fitting, installing, and maintaining truck and SUV leaf springs.

    Call Toll Free
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    Spring freightliner rear leaf

    Freightliner Truck Leaf Springs



    (84-00)FLA,FLB,FLT (COE),FLL(LCF)
    (84-06)FLC(Except FLC112),FLD Classic & Classic XL (Conv)
    Models with Springs using Bronze (RNK) Bushings
    Front Leaf Spring OEM#A16-11812-000


    4(W)x26-3/16(S.E.)x28-7/8(L.E.) 2PD Lvs.  2PD/323 3/660 Full Taper 6,000 Lbs Capacity  

    OEM# A16-12582-000, A16-12582-001, A16-12582-002  Hendrickson# 37721, 37721000, 71030, 71030000 Rear Leaf Spring

    46-1514(W)x3Lvs  19,000 Lbs Capacity USES 5/8 GRADE 8 Spring Eye Bolt Front#1 Plate-UP  Front #2 Plate-DOWN Rear#1 Plate-UP

    OEM# A16-12583-000  Hendrickson# 51012, 71031 Rear Leaf Spring

    46-155 4(W)x3Lvs (2/1) 19,000 Lbs Capacity  Front#1 Plate-UP  Front#2 Plate-DOWN  Rear#1 Plate-UP

    (84-00)FLA,FLB,FLT (COE),FLL(LCF)
    (84-06)FLC(Except FLC112),FLD Classic & Classic XL (Conv)
    Models with Springs using Bronze (RNK) Bushings
    Front Leaf Spring OEM#A16-12612-000

    46-2204(W)x26-3/16(S.E.)x28-7/8(L.E.) PD/3 Lvs. PD/401 3/625 Full Taper 6,000 Lbs. Capacity Business Class Including FL106 (Conv),Rear Single Axle,Main Springs
    (96-04)FS65,Schoolbus chassis
    (91-02)MB50,MB60,MB70,MB80 Cargo,Cab over engine,(COE) Rear Single Axle
    Main Springs
    (98-06)FC70,FC80 Main Springs
    Rear Leaf Springs OEM#680320000546-11893(W)x29-1/2(S.E.)x29-1/2(L.E.) 10/3 Lvs. 8/590 2/473 RR 1/360 1/447 1/360  23,000 Lbs. Capacity 46-1189HD3(W)x29-1/2(S.E.)x29-1/2(L.E.) 10/2 Lvs. 10/662 RR 2/499  26,000 Lbs. Capacity
    "Wrapper on Eye Leaf"HELPER SPRING, USE WITH 46-1189
    OEM#680324004046-11973(W)x19-1/4(S.E.)x19-1/4(L.E.) 1 Leaf  1/770 Full Taper  2,500 Lbs. Capacity
    Includes Wear Pads B.E. OEM# A1613999-002  Air Beam Spring 2nd Design LEFT SIDE Rear 46-12533(W)x2 Lvs  20,000 Lbs Capacity LEFT SIDEOEM# A16-13999-002  Freightliner# 52158  Air Beam Spring Design RIGHT SIDE Rear46-12553(W)x2 Lvs  20,000 Lbs Capacity RIGHT SIDEOEM#A16-14260-000, A16-14260-002, A16-14862-000 Hendrickson# 51560, 51591, 51610, 52100, 52110 FAS Airliner II LEFT SIDE Rear Leaf Spring46-12573(W)x1 Leaf 20,000 Lbs Capacity LEFT SIDEOEM# A16-14260-001, A16-14260-003, A16-14862-001, Hendrickson# 51357, 51611, 5211 FAS Airliner II RIGHT SIDE  Rear Leaf Spring46-12593(W)x1 Leaf 20,000 Lbs Capacity RIGHT SIDEOEM# A16-14862-002  Hendrickson# 51612, 52112 FAS Airliner II  LEFT SIDE  Rear Leaf Spring46-12613(W)x1 Leaf  20,000 Lbs Capacity LEFT SIDEOEM# A16-14862-003  Hendrickson# 51613, 52113 FAS Airliner II RIGHT SIDE Rear Leaf Spring46-12633(W)x1 Leaf  20,000 Lbs Capacity RIGHT SIDE(84-00)FLA,FLB,FLT(COE),FLL(LCF)
    (84-06)FLC,(Except FLC112),FLD Classic & Classic XL(Conv.)
    Models with Springs using Bronze (RNK) Bushings
    Front Leaf Spring OEM#A16-13412-00146-1280 4(W)x26-1/4(S.E.)x28-7/8(L.E.) 2PD/2/PD Lvs.  2PD/558 PD/323 Full Taper  6,000 Lbs. Capacity (84-00)FLA,FLB,FLT(COE),FLL(LCF)
    (84-06)FLC (Except FLC112),FLD Classic & Classic XL (Conv.)
    Models with Springs using Threaded (TB-73) Bushings
    Front Leaf Springs OEM#A16-13412-00246-1282 4(W)x26-1/4(S.E.)x28-7/8(L.E.) 2PD/2/PD Lvs.  2PD/558 2/788 PD/323 Full Taper  6,000 Lbs. Capacity 

    (96-06)Century Class, C112, C120, CST112, CST120 Conventional
    (97-04)FL112 Conventional
    (99-06)Argosy (COE)
    (00-06)Columbia 120 Conventional
    (03-06)FLD, Classic and Classic XL w/56" Springs 
    Front Leaf Spring,OEM#A16-14463-000 

    46-13024(W)x26-1/16(S.E.)x30(L.E.) 2 Lvs.  2/.788  Full Taper 6,000 Lbs. Capacity OEM# A16-16415-000  Hendrickson# 51982, 52342  Ford# XC455889BA LEFT SIDE  Rear Leaf Spring\t46-13073(W)x2 Lvs 20,000 Lbs Capacity  LEFT SIDEOEM# A16-16415-001 Hendrickson# 51983, 52343 Ford# XC455889CA  RIGHT SIDE  Rear Leaf Spring46-13093(W)x2 Lvs 20,000 Lbs Capacity  RIGHT SIDE(03-06)M2 100,M2 106,M2 112
    (05-06)FS65 School Bus chassis Multi Leaf Suspension
    Eye by Slipper Type Springs
    Rear Leaf Springs OEM#A16-16215-00046-13173(W)x26-1/8(S.E.)x30-3/8(L.E.) 3/4PD Lvs.  2/660 1/625 2ND 2/625 2/590 PD/291  18,000 Lbs. Capacity(03-06)M2 100,MS 106,M2 112
    (05-06)FS65 School Bus chassis Multi-Leaf Suspension
    Eye by Slipper Type Springs
    Rear Leaf Spring OEM#A16-16338-00046-1319 3(W)x26-1/8(S.E.)x30-3/8(L.E.) 3/4 Lvs.  1/702 2/660 2ND 4/702  23,000 Lbs. Capacity OEM# A16-15863-000, A16-19430-000 Business Class M2 Rear Leaf Spring46-13313(W)x30-1/16x30-1/16 3Lvs. (2/1) Double Eye  18,000 Lbs Capacity Uses 3/4" GRADE 8 Spring Eye Bolts BOTH EYES  Bushings IncludedOEM#A16-16413-000 Hendrickson# 51922, 51988, 52358LEFT SIDE  Rear Leaf Spring\t46-13453(W)x1 Leaf  20,000 Lbs Capacity LEFT SIDE OEM# A16-16413-001 Hendrickson# 51923, 51989, 52359  RIGHT SIDE  Rear Leaf Spring46-13473(W)x1 Leaf  20,0000 Lbs Capacity RIGHT SIDE(84-00)FLA,FLB,FLT,FLL( COE andLCF)
    (84-06)FLC120,FLD & Classic (Conv)
    Models with Springs using RB Rubber Encased Bushings, Front and Rear.  20mm Spring Eye Bolt, Front and Rear
    Front Leaf Spring OEM#A16-14695-000 46-1406

    4(W)x26-3/16(S.E.)x28-3/4(L.E.) 2PD/2/PD Lvs.  2PD/401 2/788 PD/323  Full Taper 6,000 Lbs Capacity  


    FL112 Conventional, FLD Classic and Classic XL, Argosy, Century Class, C112,C120,CST112,CST120 Conventional, Coronado Conventional, Condor (LCF) OEM#A16-14898-000, Hendrickson#51603,52163, Mack#400051603,MAK400051603 

     46-14324(W)X26-1/16(S.E.)X30-1/16(L.E.) 1-1/2 Lvs. 1/1.085 1/.812 6,000 Lbs Capacity. Uses 20mm Spring Eye Bolt BOTH EYES.  Bushings Included.
    Repairing Suspension system and fitting with small tools

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