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Quilting for Applique Quilts

I think that every quilter is familiar with this experience - the quilt top is finished, but how in the world should I quilt it? Feeling stumped about quilting is especially common when it comes to applique quilts. All that lovely, detailed work! Should you quilt over the applique or around the applique? What will look best? Are your skills up to the challenge?

Sometimes these quilt tops end up lost to the cupboard, which is such a shame. Here are three approaches to quilting applique quilts.

no. 1 Quilt Around the Applique

This seems to be the traditional approach, as well as the one requiring the most time and skill. Quilting around the appliqué via free motion quilting yields lovely results, but it is definitely an advanced skill. If you’re not already a confident free motion quilter, consider hand quilting instead. Yes, it will be a slow process, but you’ll almost certainly be happy with the results!


Some blocks in my Cathedral Windows Penny Sampler were applique blocks, such as the round peach flower here. It is embellished with echo quilting around the applique.

Advantages: Emphasizes the applique, allows the applique to have a puffy, raised appearance.

Considerations: Skill-intensive and/or time-intensive. If hand quilting, watch out that you still provide enough quilting to yield a durable quilt. If you opt for longarm quilting, this is pricey custom work.

no. 2. Quilt Over the Applique

Yep, it’s true - you can also quilt right over the applique! A regular, all-over quilting texture can fade into the background visually, even though it goes over the applique. Not only is this easier to implement on your home machine, it’s also much cheaper than custom quilting if you go with longarm quilting. Plus, your applique is reinforced by the quilting, protecting your hard work.

Allover quilting on applique. Stitched in Color.jpg

Recently a customer brought me a rather large quilt top with elegant applique blocks. She prefers unfussy, all-over quilting, so I suggested the Bread Basket pattern.

Applique with edge to edge quilting. Stitched in Color.jpg

With its gentle curves and open style, this pattern allows her applique to breath and the quilt to remain soft. The subtle floral pattern suits the applique, without commanding attention.

Bread basket longarm quilting. Stitched in Color.jpg

I used a cream thread for the edge-to-edge quilting. Even up close, it really doesn’t show much over the applique. Jeannette is thrilled with the results!

Advantages: Durable, easier and faster than quilting around the applique, most affordable if using a longarm quilting service.

Considerations: The applique will not have a raised appearance. You must choose a quilting pattern that will not distract from the applique.

No. 3. Quilt Before the Applique

For a large-scale applique work, also consider the option of quilting the background in advance. You can quilt the background fabric as if it were a whole-cloth quilt, with batting and backing fabric as usual. Then, add your hand stitched or machine stitched applique over the top of the already-quilted work. Your applique will definitely stand out!

Allison Richter of Campbell Soup Diary designs beautiful modern applique quilts. Her quilts tend to be large scale with lots of negative space, ripe for quilting. Quilting is not her favorite part, but custom longarm quilting around the finished applique is rather expensive. Recently she sent me the background for her latest Fly High, Dragonfly quilt, so that I could longarm quilt it prior to the main applique.

Prequilting Dragonfly quilt. Stitched in Color.jpg

Here you see the base for her quilt. She had sewn in the patchwork element - the dragonfly tail - which I quilted around. Otherwise the rest of the quilt is edge-to-edge quilting with batting and backing as usual.

Back at her home, Allison appliquéd the prepared elements to the quilted background. These appliqué stitches will be visible on the quilt back, but unlikely to draw much attention given the fun quilting texture.

04 Stitch Lower Wings.jpg
06 Blind Stitch Close Up.jpg

If you enjoy applique, you may already know Allison, who is known for her starch applique method which has the look of hand applique, even though it’s sewn by machine. If you don’t know her, you’re in for a treat!

I think the finished quilt is perfectly delightful!

01 Finished Quilt.jpg

Advantages: Emphasizes the applique since the applique floats on top. More affordable if using a longarm quilting service. Requires less skill than quilting around the applique, if quilting by machine at home.

Considerations: With machine applique, the stitches will show on the back. The appliqué stage may be less enjoyable because you are working on a bulkier background.

Interested in a more detailed look at the pros and cons of quilting before applique? Allison has shared a super-informative post today on the topic. She also offers detailed how-to’s for applique after quilting, covering everything from stitch length, type and thread. Check it out!

p.s. The Fly High, Dragonfly quilt pattern is available as a Digital download in Allison’s pattern shop!

Do you have a quilt that needs quilting? If you live in the Europe, I can help you with that.

I provide longarm quilting services by mail to the European Union, the United Kingdom and countries nearby. Email me at Rachel AT Stitched in Color DOT com and share a photo of your quilt top. I’ll be happy to brainstorm ideas with you!


Applique Quilt Patterns

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Basket of Flowers
Shadow applique results in a soft, smooth look in this basket of fabric flowers. Framed size of wall quilt is 14" x 14".

Skill Level: Beginner
Gardening Bill Wall Quilt
Start stitching this free wall quilt pattern today to bring the joy of gardening into your home, no matter what time of year it is. This would make a great gift for the gardener in your life! Quilt Size: 24" x 24".

Skill level: Intermediate
Gardening Sue Wall Quilt
Quilt Size: 24" x 24"; Sunbonnet Sue applique design.

Skill level: Intermediate
Going in Circles
This coaster set includes curved pieces and some simple machine applique for a fun set. Finished Coaster Size: 5" diameter. Block Size: 4 1/2" diameter.
Designed by
Ruth M. Swasey
Posies &#;Round the Cabin
Scrappy Log Cabin blocks set in the Barn Raising pattern with appliqued posies make up this summery-looking quilt. Finished Quilt Size: 33" x 33". Block Size: 7" x 7".

Skill Level: Beginner
The Flute Player Quilt
Quilt Size: 38" x 42"; pieced with templates; appliqued flute player.

Skill level: Intermediate
American Pride II
Show your love of country with this scrap quilt. Red, white and blue fabrics combine to make this free quilting pattern patriotic -- and perfect for your wall. Make this applique quilt for yourself or for a friend with a family member in the military. They'll love it!

Quilt Size: 34" x 38".
Apples & Pears Candle Mat
Add a bumper crop of apples & pears to this candle mat for an appealing natural theme.

Size: 19" x 13 1/2".

Skill Level: Beginner
Appliqued Chenille Tree Skirt
Decorate for the Christmas holiday in your own handmade style. This free quilting pattern features an appliqued tree skirt. Extra layers of batting give this skirt a heavier chenille look.

Finished tree-skirt is 44" in diameter.
Designed by
Michele Crawford
Appliqued Chick and Easter Egg Projects
Eat with the Easter Bunny using your coordinated kitchen set. Machine-applique the hatching chick on bright seasonal fabrics and have some fun. Finished Sizes: Place Mat Size: 12 1/2" x 18 1/2"; Bun Warmer Size: Approximately 15" x 15".
Designed by
Michele Crawford for VIP Fabrics
Autumn Apples Wall Quilt
The apples in this wall quilt are pieced, not appliqued. Paper-piecing makes this project easy to stitch. Finished Project Size: 21 1/4" x 21 1/4". Block Size: 3 3/4" x 3 3/4".

Skill Level: Intermediate
Designed by
Christine A. Schultz
Bountiful Harvest Quilt
Quilt Size: 31" x 35"; Appliqued Thanksgiving design.

Skill level: Intermediate
Butterflies in My Stained-Glass
Quilt a springtime scene that will make you smile year-round. This free quilting pattern for a wall quilt features flowers and butterflies in a design that's reminiscent of a stained glass window. Combine piecing and applique techniques to complete this happy, handmade piece of art!

Quilt Size: 21" x 36".

Skill Level: Intermediate
Choir of Angels Tree Skirt and Mantel Cover
Make a coordinating tree skirt and mantel cover using simple machine-applique techniques. Tree Skirt size: 42" diameter, Mantel cover: size varies.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Christmas Garland and Quilt
Stitch an adorable Christmas garland and wall quilt featuring gingerbread men with this free quilting pattern. Whimsical and playful, these pretty DIY Christmas decorations will look great on a wall, above a mantel or draped around a tree.

The Gang's All Here Gingerbread Garland Size: 8 3/4" x 55"; Noel Greetings Wall Quilt Size: 24" x 32"; pieced and applique designs.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Designed by
Michele Crawford
Crazy-Patch Mittens
Download this free quilting pattern and start stitching these cute mittens featuring snowmen. These whimsical gloves are sure to keep your hands warm.

Mitten Size: 6" x 11 3/4", buttonhole stitched applique on crazy quilted background.

Skill Level: Easy
Curved Hearts
A free quilting pattern featuring heart and checkerboard quilt blocks is perfect for Christmas -- or any time of the year! Quick to piece and easy enough for a child to complete, this wall quilt design would make a lovely friendship gift.
Designed by
Michele Crawford for DMC
Design Ideas for Applique
If you'd like to design your own applique motifs, try some of the following ideas to help you create something original using a collection of ideas.
Dimensional Flowers
Try this applique look while making three-dimensional flowers. Finished Quilt Size: 22 1/4" x 30". Block Size: 6" x 6".
Designed by
Phyllis Dobbs
Dresden Star
Use up your scraps with this pretty Dresden Star design. Colorful stars and hearts on a white background make this free quilting pattern unique! Use this blanket in your guest bedroom as a bed quilt. The bright colors will add interest to your room decor.

Quilt size 90" x ", pieced and applique.

Skill Level: Advanced
Designed by
Bonnie Gheesling
Evergreen Lane
Appliqu�d Tree blocks combine with pieced House blocks to make this country quilt. Quilt Size: 40" x 50".

Skill Level: Beginner
Festive Holly Table Cover
Subtle and classic, this free quilting pattern for a table topper perfectly shows off its appliqued holly leaf motif. Pair it with a pretty candle or a bouquet and you have a beautiful centerpiece for your table. Plus, it's easy enough for a beginner.

Finished Quilt Size: 40" x 40".

Skill Level: Beginner
Field of Nine-Patches
This happy quilt is sure to brighten up any room, whether spread on a bed or draped over a sofa. Download this free quilting pattern and start stitching it today. Appliqued-and-pieced blocks combine to create this flowery bed-size quilt. Quilt Size: 87" x 1/2".
Floating Star Pillow Set
If you like the pieced patchwork look but really prefer to applique, make these pillows using triangles and squares. They look pieced, but they are really appliqued! Finished Pillow Size: 14" x 14".
Designed by
Cheryl Fall for Coats and Clark
Flower Basket Topper
Fill a pieced basket with appliqued flowers to make a unique topper to brighten up any room. Topper Size: 25 1/2" x 15".
Designed by
Phyllis Dobbs
Giant Daisy Pillow
Machine-applique a bright flower-design pillow. Finished Pillow Size: 14" x 14".
He&#;s a Flake Sweatshirt
Add quilting to a purchased sweatshirt for a new look: pieced and appliqued design. Any sweatshirt size.

Skill Level: Easy
Hearts and Lilies
Make a wall quilt or table topper using the complementary colors of yellow and lavender with green and blue, and combining piecing and applique. Quilt Size: 32" x 32".
Holiday Pillow in Shadow Applique
It isn't difficult to stitch a pillow using this free quilting design. Shadow applique is as easy as a running stitch. This pillow design combines shadow applique and hand quilting to create a stunning seasonal pillow.

Finished pillow size is 18" x 18".
Designed by
Nancy Brennan Daniel
Iris Butterflies Quilt
This pretty quilt combines piecing and applique.

Quilt Size: 30" x 36"

Skill Level: Intermediate
Lollipop Roses Sweatshirt
Add quilting to a purchased sweatshirt for a new look: pieced and appliqued design. Any sweatshirt size.

Skill Level: Easy
Nine-Patch and Four-Patch Stars
A beautiful homespun look in simple Four-Patch and Nine-Patch blocks with appliqued stars. Quilt Size: 68" x 82".
Designed by
Kate Laucomer
Petals & Leaves Pillow
Appliqu�d flowers and a pieced background create an interesting design on this corded pillow. Pillow Size: 17" x 17".

Skill Level: Intermediate
Pumpkin Fields
Narrow strips create the Log-Cabin background to showcase the pumpkin appliques. Quilt Size: 14" x 16".
Designed by
Kate Laucomer
Seminole Butterflies Place Mats & Napkins
Make strip-pieced butterfly wings and applique bodies on top to create this springtime place mat and napkin set. Finished place mat size is 19" x 12 1/4", including binding.
Sewing Machine Cover
Dress up your sewing machine with a pretty appliqued cover. Finished Cover Size: 17" x 15 1/2" x 6".
Sewing Room Boutique
In this free quilting pattern, sunny yo-yo flowers and appliqued pincushions border quilt blocks that look like spools of thread. It's the perfect addition to your sewing room wall! Like the happy design, but want to display this wall quilt in another room? Use the alternative flower motif to add a cheery touch to any room's decor.

Size: 32" x 32". Block Size: 6" x 6".

Skill Level: Intermediate
Square of Hearts
This mat is both pieced and appliqued. The design is simple and the fabrics make it special. Finished candle mat size is 15" x 15".

Skill Level: Beginner
The Singing Tree
Love thrift stores? Just learning how to quilt? This free quilting pattern is for you! Search secondhand stores to find buttery-soft, felted wool in earth tones -- and then start stitching this nature-themed quilt.
Designed by
Susan Fletcher
Trailing Hearts Pillow
Use fleece fabric, blind-stitch applique and trapunto -- a "stuffed" technique -- to make a pillow. Create trails of red, green and white hearts when you stitch this free quilting pattern. You could also make this lovely accent pillow as a gift for someone that you love!

Finished pillow size is 20" x 20".
Designed by
Nancy Cornwell

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26 Free Applique Quilt Patterns


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Phoenix Quilt &#; A Free Applique Quilt Pattern


This free applique quilt pattern provides the basic outline and templates to make the GillyMac Phoenix Quilt. It contains the material requirements, a cutting plan,  foundation piecing and raw edge applique piece templates. Furthermore, it gives details on how to build the quilt from the applique panels and complete the flying geese border.

As this is a free quilt pattern, knowledge of foundation piecing and raw edge applique is expected, and instruction on techniques is not included.  That said, I have created two free QuickStart videos to help the quilter. One is for foundation piecing and the other for raw edge applique. The videos are contained in my blog on 11th November

Finally, a video which covers the suggested quilting of this quilt will be accessible from 18th November via the blog section of this website.

The finished Phoenix Quilt measures’ 53 ½” square.



Free applique quilts patterns

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Laurel Wreath Appliqué Quilt - Midnight Quilt Show with Angela Walters

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