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N. Broadway | Aurora, IL |

N. Broadway
Aurora, IL

The Aurora Transportation Center is a staffed station on Metra's BNSF Railway Line and is served by numerous Pace bus routes. Aurora is the west end of the BNSF Railway Line from Chicago and is miles ( km) from Chicago's Union Station, the east end of the BNSF Railway Line. More than 2, commuters use this station daily. Parking information at the Aurora Transportation Center can be reached at Metra: BNSF Railway - This mile (60 km) route runs from Union Station to Aurora, Illinois. For general information, please call Metra’s main number at For Metra Police, please call for police emergency matters. - - Pace Bus - Pace's fixed-route bus service conveniently carries commuters throughout the suburbs using a set schedule and routing. With fixed routes serving more than communities in the six county area, Pace provides fast and economical service to employment centers, hospitals, shopping centers and many other attractions. Free bike racks on every bus. ADA accessible (Paratransit) services available. Pace participates in the nationwide Transit Watch effort to ensure the safety and security of the public transportation network. - (Amtrak trains no longer stop at the Aurora Transportation Center. The line was extended to the Plano Amtrak station. Greyhound Bus no longer uses the Aurora Transportation Center.)



Visitors Guide

Please check in with your destination prior to arrival as hours & availability are subject to change.


Commuter Parking


View a map of the Downtown Station. View a map of the Route 59 Station. (Note: Improvements at the Route 25 Station are underway and will reconfigure the parking lot.)

Monthly Permit

Monthly pass is available at both the Downtown and Route 59 Stations; however, because of the popularity of public transit options, a waiting list may exist for monthly passes at each station. To be added to the list for a permit, please visit IParq's website at

Daily Parking

Daily parking is available for $2 for every 24 hours of parking at both the Downtown Station and at the Route 59 Station. Payment is required at the time you park. Commuters may pay with cash, credit card, by smartphone using the Parkmobile app, or by using a pre-paid parking card.
  • Cash: Exact change is required for purchase if paying by cash. Pay at the parking terminal.
  • Credit Card: A cent fee applies if paying with a credit card. Pay at the parking terminal.
  • Smartphone: A cent fee applies if paying by smartphone. Download the Parkmobile app, available for Android and iPhone, and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Pre-paid Parking Card: Commuters can avoid carrying exact cash and the cent charge by purchasing a pre-paid parking card. The pre-paid card includes an $8 fee for the card and can be loaded up to $ using either cash or credit card. Purchase a pre-paid parking card in person at the Motor Vehicle Parking Division office:
    City Hall
    44 E Downer Place
    Aurora, Illinois

    Or you may mail a completed Pre-paid Parking Card Application (PDF), with a check made payable to the City of Aurora Revenue and Collections Division. Once purchased, the card can be recharged up to $, at any of the kiosks located inside the lot. Pre-paid card machines do not make change. Pre-paid cards are also interchangeable between stations.


Questions? Contact the Motor Vehicle Parking Division at
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Aurora Transportation Center

The Aurora Transportation Center is a station on Metra's BNSF Railway Line in Aurora, Illinois. The station is miles (&#;km) from Union Station, the east end of the line.[2] In Metra's zone-based fare system, Aurora is in zone H. As of , Aurora is the 13th busiest of Metra's non-downtown stations, with an average of 1, weekday boardings.[1] There is a staffed station building. Just north of the station is the Hill Yard, a large coach yard used to store the Metra trains on the BNSF Line. Aurora is a stub-track terminal, which means the Metra tracks end here. Amtrak and BNSF freights use the two tracks east of the station.

Aurora is the west end of the BNSF Railway Line and is served by numerous Pace bus routes. It served as a Greyhound bus stop until September 7, [3]


The station replaced the former Aurora station, at the corners of South Broadway and Washington Street. The station was constructed in by the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad and closed in It was also served by Amtrak and Metra trains until the opening of the Aurora Transportation Center. The building was torn down in April [4] Amtrak service shifted to Naperville station, and continue to stop presently.

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Aurora Transportation Center

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