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OMG! The officialLove Island 2021 cast pictures are here, and we're over the moon about it. Can you believe it's almost been a whole two years since we had a summer Love Island? While the likes of Paige Turley and Finley Tapp held the fort with a winter version in South Africa at the start of 2020, the summer one just hits a bit differently.

Love Island 2021 is hitting up our screens most evenings this June and July, and in the words of Iain Stirling, we're in for a long, hot summer... Here's everything you need to know about the Love Island 2021 cast, including their names, ages and occupations!

1This year's Love Islanders

2Love Island 2021 bombshell - Tyler Cruickshank

Age: 26

Hometown: Croyden, London

Occupation: Estate agent

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I’m single and still looking for someone. I’ve been single for about three years I would say. I kind of miss having somewhere there. It’s a good opportunity to find someone. I’m really competitive so the challenge aspect I do like. I want to get out there in my shorts and show my abs.

"[I've got my eye on] Kaz, she just looks like she has so much energy about her. You kind of need it if you’re surrounded by people all the time. If you were feeling down, Kaz would be the person to uplift you. Faye, she’s a fiery-ish sort of character. She sticks up for her friends and for herself. I don’t think there’ll ever be a dull moment with her."

3Love Island 2021 bombshell - Teddy Soares

Age: 26

Hometown: Manchester

Occupation: Senior Financial Consultant

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I think I’m ready for love now. Law of attraction is probably what I believe in, so being in the villa is part of that thought process.I’m not getting any younger. I’ve always been the type of guy to be in long relationships. Never broken three years though. If I do find someone in the villa, I’m going to take it seriously."

4Love Island 2021 bombshell - Millie Court

Age: 24

Hometown: Essex

Occupation: Fashion buyer

Why she signed up to Love Island: Millie is looking for "the one" after being single for a year.

5Love Island 2021 bombshell - Liam Reardon

Age: 21

Hometown: Wales

Occupation: Bricklayer

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I'm after a new partner. It's been a while since I've had a girlfriend. I'm struggling to find one."

6Love Island 2021 cast - Faye Winter

Age: 22

Hometown: Devon

Occupation: Lettings Manager

Why she signed up to Love Island: "In the last year we haven’t been able to experience anything. I’m open to anything. The opportunity came up so why wouldn’t I? I’d love to meet somebody, what better way to meet somebody than in the sun - amazing. "

8Love Island 2021 cast - Toby Aromolaran

Age: 22

Hometown: Essex

Occupation: Semi-professional footballer

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I’ve never been in a relationship. I thought, ‘If Love Island can’t find me a relationship then no one can’."

9Love Island 2021 cast - Chloe Burrows

Age: 25

Hometown: Bicester

Occupation: Financial Services Marketing Executive

Why she signed up to Love Island: "I’ve been in awful ‘situationships’ and stuff so I just thought, why not?!"

10Love Island 2021 cast - Kaz Kamwi

Age: 26

Hometown: Essex

Occupation: Fashion blogger

Why she signed up to Love Island: "I like meeting new people, I’m ready to be in a relationship. Why not be in a place where people are looking for the same things as me?"

11Love Island 2021 cast - Jake Cornish

Age: 24

Hometown: Weston-super-Mare

Occupation: Water Engineer

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I was in a relationship for seven years and then when lockdown hit, I was single. The opportunity is there, you might as well take it by the horns and go for it."

12Love Island 2021 cast - Liberty Poole

Age: 21

Hometown: Birmingham

Occupation: Waitress & Marketing Student

Why she signed up to Love Island: "I've never had that nice, happy relationship so I think it will be nice and something for me to experience. Obviously I want the best summer ever because we have been in lockdown for a year so it would be nice to go away and enjoy the sun and make friends as well. I’m excited, I’m a bit of a social butterfly so I love to meet new people. I’m a girls’ girl as well so I can’t wait for the girly friendships. It’s going to be fun!"

13Dumped Islander - Priya Gopaldas

Age: 23

Occupation: Medical student

Hometown: London

Why she signed up to Love Island: “I thought it was a challenge, it’s something different. I’m single and I’m looking for love and I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to take me out of my comfort zone. I’m nearing the end of medical school so I’ve got my career on track, but now I just need a man!”

14Dumped Islander - Brett Staniland

Age: 27

Hometown: Derbyshire

Occupation: Phd student and model

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I’ve never had a serious relationship and the last 18 months has been really stagnant in terms of meeting new people and dating. Lots of my friends have settled down, had kids. I’m kind of the one that’s left back from all of that. Now is the right time."

15Dumped Islander - Hugo Hammond

Age: 24

Hometown: Hampshire

Occupation: PE Teacher

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I’ve been single for a while now. With the current climate, it’s been really hard to get back into dating. I saw it as an opportunity to have an amazing fun summer and put myself back out there."

16Casa Amor 2021 bombshell - Mary Bedford

Age: 22

Occupation: Model

Hometown: Wakefield

Who have you got your eye on in the Villa? "Liam. He's just beautiful. He's 6ft6 for a start, he seems really old-school, like a gentleman. And he's basically the same age as me. He's perfect. Other than that Teddy or Toby."

17Love Island bombshell - Aaron Simpson

Age: 24

Occupation: Footballer

Hometown: Canterbury, Kent

Why he signed up for Love Island: He insists he's looking for a "long-lasting relationship."

"A lot of people have an assumption of me as being a typical player, but I got all of that out of my system when I was younger and now I'm a lot more laid-back when it comes to dating.

"A lot of people would assume that I go on lots of dates but I'm actually quite picky when it comes to who I date. Sometimes it can be hard to know if someone is genuine or not. My mum is really protective over me. The approval is always needed from mumsy, for sure."

18Dumped Islander - Matthew Macnabb

Age: 26

Occupation: Belfast

Hometown: Strategic marketing executive

How would your friends/ family describe you? "My family would describe me as very relaxed and laid back, positive and optimistic. And my friends would describe me as very adventurous and very positive."

19Dumped Islander - Abigail Rawlings

Age: 27

Hometown: Beaconsfield

Occupation: Tattoo artist

Why she signed up to Love Island: "I’ve always been very much a relationship girl. My windows of being single don’t last long. Why not?

"I really like Toby - I’m going to steal him from Chloe at the first chance I have. If that doesn’t work out, I like Teddy as well and Aaron.

"I’m here for a relationship. I’m not scared of commitment at all. I seem to enjoy life more when I’m with someone, someone to do stuff with."

20Dumped Islander - Amy Day

Age: 25

Occupation: Performer

Hometown: Surrey

Why she signed up to Love Island: "I’m clearly not very good at dating myself. I’m looking forward to the experience and the potential of finding someone I might not have met."

21Dumped Islander - Dale Mehmet

Age: 24

Occupation: Barber

Hometown: Glasgow

Why he signed up to Love Island: "It’s something different. I’m the kind of person who is super chilled. If I meet someone then that would be amazing. But I take everything as it comes. I’d like to meet someone I like and can move forward with, but I’ll just take it as it comes."

22Dumped Islander - Clarisse Juliette

Age: 23

Occupation: Brand owner/influencer

Hometown: London

Why she signed up to Love Island: "I’m bored of hugging my pillow… it’s time to find a boyfriend. I feel like guys are coming in here to actually find a girlfriend as well."

23Dumped Islander - Sam Jackson

Age: 23

Occupation: Maintenance engineer

Hometown: Clitheroe

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I’ve always watched the show. I’m definitely ready for a relationship, I’ve had my fun now."

24Dumped Islander - Lillie Haynes

Age: 22

Occupation: Trainee accountant

Hometown: South shields

Why she signed up to Love Island: "Usually I’m very loyal and I meet one guy, date him, date him only and then I end up being his girlfriend and it never works out. So I wanted to meet loads of different people that I wouldn’t normally come across and date them all essentially and then pick who I like from that bunch rather than sticking with one and rolling with that. So – variation!"

25Dumped Islander - Salma Naran

Age: 20

Occupation: Model and influencer

Hometown: Dublin

Why have you signed up for Love Island? "I've never been in love. What better place to have a tunnel vision and really finding your one? It's the perfect atmosphere, you don't have the outside world distractions. It looks like time moves fast in there in a good way – it's like, do you actually like me or not? In the real world it's so wishy-washy. With this, it's just, you need to know. "

26Dumped Islander - Kaila Troy

Age: 28

Occupation: DJ

Hometown: Dublin

What are you looking forward to in the Villa? "I'm really looking forward to meeting everybody and finding somebody. I'm really intrigued and excited about who I'll meet in there."

27Dumped Islander - Harry Young

Age: 24

Occupation: Car salesman

Hometown: Glasgow

Who have you got your eye on in the Villa? "Kaz has always been in my top three. But once I'm in there and speaking with people, it could change."

28Dumped Islander - Medhy Malanda

Age: 24

Occupation: Model and American football player

Hometown: Luton

Will you step on toes to get who you want? "Stepping on toes is not even a question! It's part of the game, if you're not happy to have your toes stepped on then don't come to the show; especially when it comes to Casa Amor. I'm here for that."

29Dumped Islander - Jack Barlow

Age: 26

Occupation: Racing driver and coach

Hometown: East Sussex

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I’ve been single for about two years now. To be honest, I'm ready to meet the one. Not necessarily get married at this age but just experience life with somebody and start a new adventure. We’ve all been deprived of a bit of adventure over the last year."

30Dumped Islander - Lucinda Stafford

Age: 21

Hometown: Brighton

Occupation: Online fashion boutique owner

Why she signed up to Love Island: Lucinda says she's ready to turn heads in the villa.

31Dumped Islander - Aaron Francis

Age: 24

Hometown: London

Occupation: Luxury Events Host

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I’ve been single for about six or seven months and the dating world at the moment is a little bit off. Everyone’s wearing masks. You can’t really see anyone which makes dating a lot harder. I do prefer relationships than dating."

32Dumped Islander - Georgia Townend

Age: 28

Hometown: Essex

Occupation: Marketing Executive

Why she signed up to Love Island: "I've been single for a really long time. Five years. I haven’t done the maths but it’s at least that. I feel like I’ve exhausted all the other options on how to meet people.

"Hugo is my absolute number one and I can’t wait to get to know him. Also, I love Teddy’s charm and charisma. I also like Aaron.

"I like someone who we can have solid flirt to roast ratio, as in he can tease me but he will treat the things that I care about with respect and with the clemency that they deserve. I don’t want someone that is really vacuous and isn’t aware of what’s going on in the world."

33Dumped Islander - Andrea-Jane Bunker (AJ)

Age: 28

Hometown: Hertfordshire

Occupation: Hair extension technician

What she's said about joining Love Island: "First of all, I’ve had the worst luck with men. I feel like this is the one thing I haven’t tried. I thought why not? Let’s give it a go.

"There is something about Teddy. He’s a bit of me. In terms of being adventurous and spontaneous, I think we’d get on really well. Hugo and Aaron, there is something about them so I want to get to know them a bit more.

She continued, "I think I’m going to bring a bit of spice, I definitely am fiery. The girls need to know their worth and what standards they should be setting. I’m just going to go in there and be like, ‘Girls, you’re beautiful, you’re smart, know your worth!’ Self love is massive for me. Girl power! In terms of the guys, I want to teach them the right way because I’ve been messed about by guys so much. They need to be taught some lessons. And in the meantime, hopefully I find a nice guy as well."

34Dumped Islander - Danny Bibby

Age: 25

Hometown: Wigan

Occupation: Plumber and clothing brand owner

Why he signed up to Love Island: "My mindset has changed in the last year. Lockdown has really made me reevaluate my life and it's done me good.

"Lucinda is my type – nice eyes and tanned," he added. "Sharon is nice. I like Kaz's vibe. Kaz is bubbly like me so I think we'd get on like a house on fire. I think me and Kaz will vibe.

He continued, "The guys need an alpha male and I feel like that's me. The girls have Faye who says it how it is but the lads are all like little sheep. There is no way I would have sat back and let Hugo cry.

"Not so much to stir it up but I will speak my mind. My dad would say I've got no filter. I'll say whatever comes to mind – bad or good."

He added that he's looking for a bit of fun and a relationship, "You never know what's around the corner. Hopefully someone can sweep me off my feet."

35Dumped Islander - Sharon Gaffka

Age: 25

Hometown: Oxford

Occupation: Civil Servant - Operations Lead for Department of Transport

Why she signed up to Love Island: "It's been a bit of a running joke between my friendship group for a while that I should apply, probably because I’m the most outrageous one out of the group. But also because of COVID and the lockdown, I’m the only single one in my friendship group. They’re either married or planning on getting married. I don’t want to be the only one in the group chat that is single anymore!"

36Dumped Islander - Brad McClelland

Age: 26

Hometown: Northumberland

Occupation: Labourer

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I want to date face-to-face, I like meeting people. I’m easy going, laid back. Who wouldn’t want to be in a nice villa in a hot country for a while?"

37Dumped Islander - Rachel Finni

Age: 29

Hometown: London

Occupation: Luxury travel specialist

Why she signed up to Love Island: “I don’t need a man for anything. I can buy my own home and take care of myself. I just love knowing I have another person there that I’m going through life with.”

38Dumped Islander - Chuggs Wallis

Age: 23

Hometown: Surrey

Occupation: Business owner - Customised hats

Why he signed up to Love Island: "I just feel like it's now or never. I'm only 23 but I'm scared of aging. Especially as half of my last year at uni was taken away and we had so many fun plans."

39Dumped Islander - Shannon Singh

Age: 22

Hometown: Fife

Occupation: Model

Why she signed up to Love Island: "It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you’re lucky enough to participate in the show, why would you not? And hopefully meet an exciting hunk."

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Here's everything you need to know about Love Island new girl, Alexandra

Things are about to get messy.

Or they won't at all.

Honestly, who knows at this stage but Love Island producers are sending another girl into the villa and she's got her eye on Josh so they're sure hoping it will.

And this bombshell will come in the form of new girl, Alexandra.

She's clearly being sent in there to shake things up, to turns a few lads' heads, and also to find love, maybe.

She also looks incredibly like Scarlett Johansson.


Here's all you need to know about her.

Alexandra Cane is 27-years-old which makes her that bit older than most of the other girls in the villa.

She's an MUA from Hertfordshire who describes herself as the life of the party which means that she'll probably end up being a bit annoying but also really fun to watch, perhaps?

Alexandra says that she's stayed friends with most of her exes over the years because she's the "... type of person that, I like to maintain a good relationship with people, even if things have come to an end because I did care about that person once."


Alexandra says she's got her eye on Josh because he's definitely her type "looks wise" but that she also thinks she'd be a good match with Dr Alex.

Shocking, we know. They don't look anything alike.

"I feel like we’d have some really in depth conversations," she says. "I’m knowledgeable, he is knowledgeable. Hopefully I can bring out his personality a bit. I’d like to get to know him."

We hope so too, girl. He's become insufferable at the moment.

Alexandra also says that she doesn't know if human beings were meant to be monogynous. Could this mean a three-way relationship between her, Josh, and Kaz?

Or will she simply find no one to love because we're about three weeks from the end and people need to stop being sent into that villa, please?

Only time will tell, we guess.

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Love Island new girl revealed as beauty Andrea-Jane Bunker in bombshell twist

Love Island fans know there’s one thing that can well and truly shake things up in the villa - and that’s the arrival of a bombshell.

Andrea-Jane Bunker has been revealed as the latest singleton cast by Love Island bosses to appear on the show, making her entrance on Wednesday evening.

The hair extension technician, 28, could set her sights on one of the single men - in "friendship couples" - or she might take a fancy to one of the more settled hunks in the villa.

Andrea-Jane has a passion for travel, her Instagram filled with snapshots from her jaunts abroad, showing her travelling everywhere from Morocco to Panama.

According to her LinkedIn, Andrea-Jane is based in Hemel Hempstead, and describes herself as a "motivated and enthusiastic individual".

The newest arrival is Customer Service Manager Andrea Jane Bunker

With a colourful and varied portfolio, she once served drinks in a bar in Greece, before returning to the UK to become a retail assistant for the likes of Next and River Island.

The new arrival might get on well with fellow Islander Millie Court - they’ve both worked with fast fashion brand Asos, with Andrea-Jane previously hired as a Customer Service Manager.

Faye Winter is at risk - she is currently partnered up with bombshell Teddy Soares, but Andrea-Jane has a soft spot for the dashing financial consultant.

Andrea Jane frequently shares snapshots from her nights out on Instagram

She said: "There is something about Teddy. He’s a bit of me. In terms of being adventurous and spontaneous, I think we’d get on really well."

Though Andrea-Jane isn't afraid to step on a love rival's toes, she plans to be respectful in the villa, keeping the Faye on her side.

“I’m a respectful person in terms of morals,” she said, when asked about stealing Faye’s man.

“I’ll definitely approach her and have a conversation beforehand. But I wouldn’t hold back. I feel like we all have a right to get to know the guys in there.

Faye isn't going to "hold back" when it comes to finding her dream man

"I’ll definitely have a word with her first and would keep her updated on where everything is at really. I’m open and honest and I think that’s all you can really do.”

When it came to signing up for the show, Andrea-Jane was inspired to take part when she realised her dating life was lacking spice.

"I feel like this is the one thing I haven’t tried. I thought 'why not?' Let’s give it a go," she said.

The Hertfordshire-born beauty is looking for a man who can match her love for travel, someone spontaneous with a cracking sense of humour.

Andrea-Jane is also intrigued by party planner Aaron Francis and PE teacher Hugo Hammond - two contestants who are currently in friendship couples.

"There is something about them so I want to get to know them a bit more," she mused.

Whose heart will Andrea-Jane steal in the Love Island villa?

Love Island continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV2.


Who Is Love Island New Girl AJ Bunker?

The Islanders were gutted to see Brad leaving the villa on Wednesday's episode and Lucinda, who had only coupled up with Brad two nights previous, is available for a date.

Unfortunately, as the girls lost the 'stags and hens' challenge during the show, the boys won a shiny new bombshell.

AJ - aka Andrea Jane - Bunker made her entrance at the end of Wednesday's show and was lapping up the attention from the boys around the firepit. Meanwhile, the girls watched their men like hawks from the balcony.

In an effort to show she was so not bothered about the new bombshell, Faye, who's coupled up with Teddy, sat filing her nails while the other girls tried to get a closer look at AJ. But you're not fooling anyone Faye.

So what do we know about this new girl?

28-year-old AJ is a hair extension technician from Hertfordshire, who is described by her friends as "the life of the party."

"I can be a little bit savage because I say it as it is. My girls call me savage all the time," she said.

"But I've got the biggest heart and I'll do anything for my friends and family. And I would definitely say I'm confident as well. My girls also say I'm indecisive and impatient!"

"I think I'm going to bring a bit of spice, I definitely am fiery," added AJ.

So, what is AJ looking for in a guy?

"A guy who is adventurous and spontaneous is an instant turn on for me because my ideal guy will be someone I can go on adventures with and make memories with.

"Also, a great sense of humor. A guy who has the right morals. A guy who knows how to respect a woman and knows how to communicate."

Who has AJ got her eyes on?

"There is something about Teddy. He's a bit of me," said AJ. "In terms of being adventurous and spontaneous, I think we'd get on really well."

"Hugo and Aaron, there is something about them so I want to get to know them a bit more."

Let's hope for Faye's sake, AJ takes a shine to one of the available boys.

But AJ insists she respects the girl code and would pull Faye for a chat before starting to graft with her man.

"I'm a respectful person in terms of morals," she said. "I'll definitely approach her and have a conversation beforehand."

But she also said: "I wouldn't hold back. I feel like we all have a right to get to know the guys in there. I'll definitely have a word with her first and would keep her updated on where everything is at really. I'm open and honest and I think that's all you can really do."

Chloe is safe though, as AJ admits she's not attracted to her "commitment phobe" partner Toby.

"My ex was a commitment phobe so no thank you, I don't want a guy like that," she said.

AJ Bunker's Instagram

AJ has more than 8,800 followers on Instagram. You can follow her at @andreajanebunker.

Love Island is on weeknights at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub . The episodes are available to stream on BritBox the following morning.

Can't get enough of Love Island? Join our Facebook Group - Love Island Obsessives - and keep up to date with the latest drama.

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Love Island Brings Back Casa Amor Twist for Season 3: Meet the 10 Sexy New Islanders

Buckle up, Love Island fans: The drama is about to reach new heights as the series prepares to bring back the iconic Casa Amor twist for season 3.

Sunday's episode of the CBS hit will introduce viewers to a new group of singles ready to shake things up. A staple of the original British franchise, Casa Amor involves 10 new Islanders joining the season part-way through to tempt existing contestants — and potentially threaten established relationships.

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The current couples will split up as the original girls move into a brand new villa to meet and mingle with five new guys, while the original boys welcome the new girls into their villa.

Love Island narrator Matthew Hoffman recently told PeopleTV's Reality Check that the Islanders this season are "torn" over prospective lovers. As Casa Amor comes into play, Hoffman predicted that things would be "going down."

"What's so great format-wise and what's so great strategically with Casa Amor is that element of temptation," said Hoffman, 48. "It is the ultimate outside world coming in and infiltrating this island that we've created, you know? So it really is a roller coaster, and I think it's the perfect test for relationships."

Meet the new guys:

Gabe Sadowsky

Age: 27
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Hometown: Nashua, NH

Charlie Lynch

Age: 30
Occupation: Trucking Company Owner
Hometown: Houston, TX

Raul Frias

Age: 24
Occupation: Basketball Player
Hometown: Hialeah, FL

Andrew John Phillips

Age: 28
Occupation: Marketing Manager
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Kam Mickens-Bennett

Kamryn Mickens Bennett Love Island

Age: 25
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Summit, NJ

Meet the new girls:

Kay Taylor

Age: 24
Occupation: Swimsuit Line Owner
Hometown: Calabasas, CA

Leslie Golden

Age: 24
Occupation: Model
Hometown: Red Water, TX

Genevieve Shawcross

Age: 22
Occupation: Student
Hometown: West Chester, PA

Florence Mueller

Age: 26
Occupation: Model/Rapper "Flo Money"
Hometown: Miami

Isabel Johnson

Age: 21
Occupation: Beauty Advisor
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

RELATED: Intruder 'Removed' from Love Island U.K. Villa After Security Breach

Speaking to PEOPLE earlier this month, host Arielle Vandenberg, 34, dished on this season's "awesome new challenges," as well as the return of Casa Amor.

"Casa Amor is back, which is my personal favorite. That on its own is a challenge, because it brings the most temptation," she said. "When [the] Casa Amor episode rolls around, you're like, 'Oh my God.' So that's coming back, which I'm super excited about."

Love Island airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, and is available to stream live and on demand on the CBS app and Paramount+.

FIRST LOOK: Two Saucy New Arrivals Spice Up the Villa - Love Island 2018

Who Is Alana Paolucci? Two Models and a Neuroscience Graduate Are Joining the Cast of 'Love Island'

As the Season 3 finale ofLove Island draws nearer, the stakes are extremely high. Islanders have been thrown a number of curveballs that have sent a number of contestants packing, and Episode 19 was no exception.

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On August 1, viewers were shocked when Cinco Holland and Genevieve Shawcross were dumped shortly after Leslie Golden and Slade Parker voluntarily left the island and chose to forfeit their chance at the $100,000 cash prize.

Although fans were sad to see some of their favorite contestants go, it wouldn’t be long before showrunners sent in a few new recruits to stir the pot. Meet Alana, Bailey, and Elly — the three new girls on Love Island.

Alana Paolucci

Alana Paolucci

Source: CBS

Before her debut on Love Island, 28-year-old Alana Paolucci studied at the University of Buffalo, where she earned a degree in communications, which she said was one of her proudest moments. Later, Alana was featured on the cover of Playboy, which catapulted her into the spotlight.

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Today, Alana has amassed more than 66K followers across her social media platforms. Raised in New York, Alana has now relocated to California, where she is pursuing her “dreams and ambitions” of becoming an actress and starring in her own film.

“I have many dreams and ambitions. My oldest loves are acting and writing, which I have done for most of my life.” Alana told Belle en Argent. “I took a little break from acting and now am getting back into it, which is really fun. I’m constantly finding new and interesting things I want to pursue, so we’ll see where life takes me.”

Article continues below advertisement

Although Alana is private about her personal life, she has revealed that she has a close relationship with her father, who Alana says is “hardworking, generous, funny, and loving.”

Bailey Marshall

Bailey Marshall

Source: CBS

Bailey Marshall is a 23-year-old from Oregon who is taking a trip to Love Island to shake things up. Bailey graduated from the University of Arizona with a 4.0 a year before securing a spot on Love Island and today, she makes a living as a marketing intern.

Article continues below advertisement

Although the Love Island contestant keeps details about her personal life under wraps, one glimpse at her Instagram account proves that her sorority sisters are her closest friends. During her downtime, Bailey enjoys tennis, traveling, and protesting for human rights.

Elly Steffen

Elly Steffen

Source: CBS

Alana isn’t the only model to arrive at the villa on August 3. According to her social media platforms, 22-year-old Chicago native Elly Steffen is signed with 10 Management and previously studied neuroscience. Although Elly previously revealed her bad habit of “attracting married men,” she’s hoping for a clean slate on Love Island.

Upon her arrival, Elly expressed her interest in Korey, which may not be good news for Olivia. Elly says in a teaser, “It seems like everybody in the villa has gotten really comfortable, but this isn’t really about comfort. It’s about taking risks and finding a genuine connection.”

You can meet Elly, Bailey, and Alana on new episodes of Love Island Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9:30 p.m. EST on CBS.


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Priya Gopaldas: Who is the new girl on Love Island 2021?

Priya Gopaldas was one of the most recent bombshells to arrive in the Love Island villa, but she has swiftly been booted off the show.

The 23-year-old medical student from London joined the show because she wanted a “challenge”.

She said: “I’m single and I’m looking for love and I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to take me out of my comfort zone.

“I’m nearing the end of medical school so I’ve got my career on track, but now I just need a man!”

She said her family and friends would describe her as “overconfident”, adding: “I want someone who is confident in themselves and is able to take themselves out of their comfort zone and do something new every day.”

She previously had her eye on Matthew, but ended up sending him home after deciding to couple up with fellow newcomer Brett, instead.

<p>Priya Gopaldas</p>

During Monday night’s episode (16 August), Priya and Brett were confirmed to be the couple with the fewest votes, and they were told to leave the show immediately.

Gopaldas’s Instagram can be found here.

Love Island airs at 9pm each night on ITV2.


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