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Code of Alabama

The laws in the Code of Alabama are passed by the Alabama State Legislature, which consists of the Alabama House of Representatives and the Alabama Senate. The House of Representatives contains 105 members, while the Senate contains 35 members. The members of both chambers serve four-year terms, and they are not subject to any term limits.

A proposed law is known as a bill, which can be introduced in either chamber of the Alabama legislature. After a bill is introduced, it will be referred to one or more standing committees. These committees determine whether a bill should move forward, and they also can propose amendments to a bill. If a bill passes through the committee phase, it will return to the chamber in which it was introduced. This chamber will discuss the bill and consider any amendments suggested by a committee or by members of the chamber. Once the bill has been finalized, the original chamber will vote on whether to pass it.

If the bill is passed, it will go through the same process in the other chamber. Sometimes the second chamber will amend the bill and pass a different version of it. A bill will not reach the next stage unless the differences between these versions are resolved. Each chamber must pass identical versions of the bill.

If each chamber of the legislature passes the bill, the Governor of Alabama will review it. The Governor may sign the bill into law, or the Governor may take no action, which usually means that the bill will become law. If the Governor vetoes the bill, however, it will return to the legislature. The legislature can vote to override the Governor’s veto and pass the bill into law. Overriding the Governor's veto requires only a simple majority vote in each chamber of the legislature, rather than the two-thirds majority that is required in many states.


Legislative Acts

Government Records Inquiry System

Welcome to the Secretary of State's Government Records Inquiry System. This facility provides you easy access to public information maintained by the Secretary of State's office in electronic format.  You can search all legislative acts from 1987 to the present. Basic descriptions are available for the entire period, and complete copies of the acts are included from mid-1999 (Act 1999-319) forward.

For complete copies of older legislative acts (Statehood to mid-1999), visit the digital collections of the Alabama Department of Archives and History. There you can search all acts from 1818 to 1999.

Legislative Acts Search Options

Each search option opens in a new browser window. Close the search browser or toggle between browsers to return to this page.

Local Laws Index

The Alabama Legislative Services Agency provides a resource, called the State of Alabama Local Laws Index, to locate and search local laws.  The Index is accessible online and can be searched as a whole or by individual counties.  The online Index contains local laws from 1819 to 2017 and is updated on an annual basis.  

To search the Index by individual Alabama county, please visit:
To search the Index as a whole, please visit:

Supreme Court Orders, Annuity & Mortality Tables

In accordance with Alabama Code 35-16-1, 35-16-3 and 12-2-19, the Secretary of State is required to publish annuity tables, mortality tables, and Supreme Court orders in bound volumes of the acts of the legislature. Pursuant to Act 2019-414, in lieu of binding and distributing copies of each volume of the acts and resolutions, and in an effort to save the state money, the acts, resolutions, annuity tables, mortality tables, and Supreme Court orders are available in electronic form.

You may view Annuity Tables beginning in 2018

You may view Mortality Tables beginning in 2018

You may view Supreme Court Orders on the Alabama Judicial System's Website

Should you encounter problems or have questions about using this facility, please e-mail the Webmaster.

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About the Code

The Alabama Administrative Code is published by the Legislative Services Agency pursuant to subsection (e) of Section 41-22-7 of the Code of Alabama 1975. The Alabama Administrative Code is a compilation of the rules of all state agencies covered by the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act. The Code is compiled by agency generally in alphabetical order by agency name and includes a table of contents for each agency's rules. You may obtain additional information about the Alabama Administrative Code, including acquiring the code in hardcopy form, by contacting the Legislative Services Agency, Administrative Procedure Division, 613 Alabama State House, Montgomery, Alabama 36130. Telephone: (334) 261-0600.

This is not the Official Alabama Administrative Code. The Official Alabama Administrative Code is available in hardcopy form from the
Legislature Services Agency,
Administrative Procedure Division,
613 Alabama State House,
Montgomery, Alabama 36130.


Alabama Resources

In Westlaw, see also state legislative history, statutes annotated - historical, bill tracking, bill tracking historical, and proposed & enacted legislation.

In Lexis, full-text bills, advance legislative service, and legislative bill history may be found in Statutes and Legislation.

In Bloomberg Law, text of enacted legislation may be found through State Laws & Regulations.

LLMC Digital may contain digitized historical senate and house journals as well as historical state statutes and/or session laws (Online Services > Browse Collections > U.S. States and Territories > State Name > Legislative).

State Legislative Sourcebook (in print, Call Number: Reference Desk JK2495 .S689) is a 50-state guide on legislative information resources. In addition to providing the location of a state's legislative documents, it also includes sources for tracking services, document mailing services and best live person initial contact.

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Research Tools: Legislation Databases and the Bill Information Service includes a 50 state bill tracking database which contains summaries and analysis of bills on a variety of issues. NCSL Research Tools additionally provide to members a Bill Information Service to search all state, Washington D.C. and territories legislation.


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Alabama Code, AL State Laws

2020 - Code of Alabama (AL Laws & codes) on your Android devices

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Titles in AL Law app:
Title 1- Reserved Power Of The State To Alter Or Repeal Chapter.
Title 2- Agriculture.
Title 3- Animals.
Title 4- Aviation.
Title 5- Banks And Financial Institutions.
Title 6- Civil Practice.
Title 7- Commercial Code.
Title 8- Commercial Law And Consumer Protection.
Title 9- Conservation And Natural Resources.
Title 10- Corporations, Partnerships, And Associations.
Title 10A- Alabama Business And Nonprofit Entities Code.
Title 11- Counties And Municipal Corporations.
Title 12- Courts.
Title 13A- Criminal Code.
Title 14- Criminal Correctional And Detention Facilities.
Title 15- Criminal Procedure.
Title 16- Education.
Title 17- Elections.
Title 18- Eminent Domain.
Title 19- Fiduciaries And Trusts.
Title 20- Food, Drugs And Cosmetics.
Title 21- Handicapped Persons.
Title 22- Health, Mental Health, And Environmental Control.
Title 23- Highways, Roads, Bridges And Ferries.
Title 24- Housing.
Title 25- Industrial Relations And Labor.
Title 26- Infants And Incompetents.
Title 27- Insurance.
Title 28- Intoxicating Liquor, Malt Beverages And Wine.
Title 29- Legislature.
Title 30- Marital And Domestic Relations.
Title 31- Military Affairs And Civil Defense.
Title 32- Motor Vehicles And Traffic.
Title 33- Navigation And Watercourses.
Title 34- Professions And Businesses.
Title 35- Property.
Title 36- Public Officers And Employees.
Title 37- Public Utilities And Public Transportation.
Title 38- Public Welfare.
Title 39- Public Works.
Title 40- Revenue And Taxation.
Title 41- State Government.
Title 42- United States.
Title 43- Wills And Decedents' Estates.
Title 44- Youth Services.
Title 45- Local Laws.

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