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Duggar: Austin Forsyth Reportedly Has An Instagram Separate From The One He And Joy-Anna Share

Duggar fans know that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth share an Instagram account. There, Joy often posts pictures and videos of her family. Little Gideon pics seem popular. Plus, she shares about Austin making over and flipping homes. But now, another Instagram account surfaced that seems to be one Austin created without Joy-Anna.

Duggar family on Instagram, Joy and Austin share an account

The Duggar family adults often start their own Instagram counts. Jinger, Jana, Jessa and more seem to start them when they become married, or old enough to go online. Jedidiah Duggar started his when he entered politics. Joy-Anna and Austin share an account and stay really active on it. There, Joy shares about Austin flipping homes. Plus, she shared how they remodel a home for themselves, TV Shows Ace reported. That’s a big step up from living in a trailer home.

No one really suspected that Austin held an account separate from Joy-Anna. But, one came to light that looks like it belongs to the Duggar son-in-law. InTouch Weekly dug around and discovered the postless account. Admittedly, only a few followers subscribe, but they noted that Austin’s sister Meagan Ballinger is one of 13 followers. Whether their report resulted in more followers is unknown, but it is really possible. A day later, the account now shows 50 followers.

Is Austin’s account old or new?

The outlet noted that the account’s named @austin4site. While he might plan on using it for his business, the account might actually be an old one. One thing that points toward it actually belonging to Austin is the fact that his sister follows it. Other than that, the only indication lies in his profile picture. The reason they think it might be an old account includes the fact that Austin’s relatives shared the @tag for his name in the past. Possibly, it’s an old account he cleaned up.

Nevertheless, with some followers requesting access, maybe the Duggar son-in-law plans on using it to promote his business. After all, he buys property and flips it. So, the name’s ideal for promoting his business. Many of the Duggars promote things, so why not? While their joint account brings much information about the couple and their child Gideon, that’s not ideal as a platform for marketing his skills in home renovation.

What do you think about the possibility that Austin started his own Instagram without Joy to promote his business? Or, do you think maybe it’s just an old one that he cleaned out when he married Joy-Anna? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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New digs! Joy-Anna Duggar told her Instagram followers in November 2019 that she and her husband, Austin Forsyth, are officially settling down in a home after spending time living in an RV with their son, Gideon. The Counting On stars chronicled the work they put into the house on social media, and by December 2, they’d moved in.

“Sooo … WE BOUGHT A HOUSE” Joy, 23, captioned her first post about their home on November 16. “And YES! We plan to settle down and live in this one for a while! After a year and a half of camper living, we’re so ready!!! I love living in the camper, but I’m ready for more space and a little more organization!”

She posted both photos and videos of their new property and added, “This house has three beds and three baths, and it’s a very open floor plan! We are just fixing up the basics … flooring, trim, new countertops [and] fresh paint! I think I want to go for the Scandinavian/boho/minimalist style, all brought together!” That … sounds a little muddled, but she obviously knows her vision better than we do!

When Joy first announced that she and Austin, 27, were finally going to stay put in a house for a while instead of flipping a property and moving on, fans were pumped. “It’s going to be beautiful! Congratulations!” one person wrote. Another said, “I LOVE it. So open and all one level. And that fireplace!! So cozy.” Even some of her family members had thoughts. Cousin Amy Duggar King wrote, “I can’t wait to see!!”

On April 8, 2020, the couple — who’ve since started vlogging on their YouTube channel — walked fans through the home and showed it’s really starting to come together. Though it is likely still a work in progress, they unveiled their living room furniture, a gorgeous kitchen and all of the plants they have populating the home. “Hello, welcome to our home! Here we go on our grand tour!” started the video as Joy introduced their “big, open floor plan.” Now that they officially welcomed baby No. 2 — daughter Evelyn Mae Forsyth — we’re sure they can’t wait to relax and enjoy their space.

Congrats, Joy and Austin! Scroll through our gallery below to see photos of the couple’s new abode.

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Joy-Anna Duggar New House See Photos Gorgeous Home With Austin Forsyth

Courtesy Austin & Joy Forsyth/Instagram


Check out the beautiful fireplace in Joy and Austin’s new house!

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Joy-Anna Duggar New House See Photos Gorgeous Home With Austin Forsyth

Courtesy Austin & Joy Forsyth/Instagram


It appears Joy is opting for a really clean look in her home.

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Joy-Anna Duggar New House See Photos Gorgeous Home With Austin Forsyth

Courtesy Austin & Joy Forsyth/Instagram


The couple made sure everything was looking pristine before getting settled in.

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Joy-Anna Duggar New House See Photos Gorgeous Home With Austin Forsyth

Courtesy Austin & Joy Forsyth/Instagram

Working Hard

Joy snuck a photo of her hubby hard at work on their new home and shared it on November 16.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Show Off New Home's Kitchen

Courtesy Austin & Joy Forsyth/Instagram

New Kitchen

This couple works fast! On December 2, 2019, the young mom revealed that her family was all moved in — and their kitchen was looking amazing. “Thankful to be out of the camper before we have another cold front move in!” she shared. “So happy to be moved into our home!!”

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Show Off Christmas Tree in New Home

Courtesy Austin & Joy Forsyth/Instagram

Living Room

Not everything is done yet, though! “None of our furniture/drapes/decor matches right now, and we haven’t got our couches yet,” the stars admitted. “We’ve got tons of touch up paint to do.” In the hashtags, they revealed that the home is “a work in progress.”

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Joy Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's New Home Master Bedroom

Courtesy of Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth/Instagram

Master Bedroom

Their bedroom looks magical. During an Instagram Q&A on December 16, the couple gave fans a glimpse into their private space. Though they kept the bed itself simple, the fairy lights they strung up give the room a welcoming glow.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Show Remodeled House

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

House Tour

Though the parents of two plan to move on to their next place in a few years, for now, they’ve made the space their own. In an April 2020 video, they took fans on a walkthrough.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Remodeled Living Room

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Updated Living Room

Though fans might recognize that coffee table from previous posts, Joy and Austin showed off a room decorated with two new couches.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Shoe Storage

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Shoe Storage

Behind the gray couch, a shoe rack holds all of the family’s lesser-worn shoes. Another shoe rack by the front door houses the pairs they wear more frequently.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Dining Room Table

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Dining Room

The table itself is gorgeous, and Joy makes sure the area pops with plenty of greenery. She loves to take care of her plants, though she jokingly admitted she’s having trouble keeping some alive.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Kitchen

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube


The dining room table, however, often gets overlooked in favor of the kitchen bar. The family loves to eat their meals there — and they opted for granite countertops for better resale value.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Guest Bathroom

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Guest Bathroom

One of the three bathrooms is right off the living area and is perfect for guests. It’s got both a toilet and a shower/bath combo — though, strangely, it doesn’t seem to have a sink.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Laundry Room and Work Space

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Work Space

Another space in the house doubles as the laundry room and Austin’s work table. Though they’ve got enough room for an extra washer and dryer — or an extra freezer — they were happy with the room.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Son's Bedroom

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Gideon’s Bedroom

It’s low on decorations for now, but the toddler’s room has plenty of space to play. In addition to a little closet, he also has a dresser and a toddler bed.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Son's Bed

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Gideon’s Bed

The toddler bed looks like a converted crib, and the little boy loves to bounce up and down on the mattress.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Master Bedroom

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Updated Master Bedroom

Since the stars last gave fans a peek inside, the room has gone through some changes. Their old night tables are gone for now, and the matching dresser is soon to follow it. The set was Austin’s growing up as a child, and he’s ready to upgrade. The couch in the room is also temporary — it’s heading back to the camper as they prepare to sell it.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Bed Frame

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Master Bed

However, one thing that’s staying is the bed frame, which the father built with his own dad. The men used wood from a cherry tree that fell down at the Forsyth home, and they added in drawers for extra storage.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Master Closet

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Master Closet

The closet is actually bigger than it looks. Though it’s narrow, it has some walk-in space so you can access the hanging items that are out of sight.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Master Bathroom

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Guest Bathroom

Though the master bathroom isn’t finished yet, Joy and her husband are using this one for now. In addition to the shower/tub and toilet, they’ve also got a vanity with plenty of cabinet space.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Guest Bedroom

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube

Guest Bedroom

The couple also has a guest bedroom with a queen bed for when friends and family come to stay. For now, though, it’s also doubling as an office and a storage room.

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's Fireplace

Courtesy of the Forsyth family/YouTube


Joy was particularly excited about their fireplace. Once November 2020 rolled around, the Forsyth family of four cozied up around the flames.

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Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 7.53.09 PM

Sippin’ Some Cocoa

Joy-Anna enjoyed some hot chocolate in her comfortable living room, which now has a bouncer for baby Evelyn.

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Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 7.53.25 PM

Reading Time

The TV star showed off their wooden furniture, plush rugs and toys for the kids.

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Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 7.53.38 PM

Her World

With her baby girl and son Gideon in tow, Joy-Anna gave a peek at her bedroom and boho-chic wall decor.

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Joy-Anna and Austin's House

Courtesy Joy-Anna Duggar/Instagram

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

Joy-Anna got a kick out of Gideon pouring milk on her stunning granite counters. “It’s been one of those mornings,” she quipped alongside the snap showing off her stainless-steel fridge and sink.

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Joy-Anna Duggar Photo

Courtesy Joy-Anna Duggar/Instagram

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Fans can see the mom of two’s matching bar stools in this shot of Joy-Anna relaxing with her bundle of joy.

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joy anna duggar house tour kitchen evie

Courtesy of Joy-Anna Duggar/Instagram

Making Memories!

The family’s kitchen sink is big enough to collect their dishes but it’s also the perfect spot for little Evy’s bathtime!

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Going solo? Austin Forsyth shares an Instagram account with his wife, Joy-Anna Forsyth (née Duggar), but now it seems the Counting On cast member may be branching out on his own. A new account bearing the star’s name and the username @austin4site has been created and is followed by the account Austin shares with his wife.

Though none of the other Duggars have followed the new social media page at the time of publication, one Forsyth family member has. Meagan Ballinger, Austin’s older sister, is one of the other 13 followers. In turn, the @austin4site account follows her back, as well as subscribing to posts from several members of the Duggar family and Fort Rock Family Camp.

So far, the account hasn’t shared any photos — and Austin, 26, hasn’t confirmed that it’s his. However, the name implies that it might be related to the Forsyth’s business flipping houses. The father of one has remodeled several homes, including his own, and usually lists them for sale. If he’s looking to promote his business, Instagram might be the way to go.

Lately, Joy, 22, and her husband have simply been sharing their projects on their joint page. “We’re working late,” the Duggar daughter captioned a selfie in November 2019, inviting fans to guess what her family’s latest project was. The next day, she revealed they bought and were fixing up a house. “This house has three beds and three baths, and it’s a very open floor plan!” she told her followers. “We are just fixing up the basics … flooring, trim, new countertops [and] fresh paint! I think I want to go for the Scandinavian/boho/minimalist style, all brought together!”

However, it’s also possible the account is old and was a personal page the Counting On star has since wiped clean. Bobby Ballinger — Austin’s brother-in-law and Meagan’s husband — shared a tweet in 2014 that seemed to suggest that was the case. In the post, which seems to be automatically shared from Instagram, Bobby wrote that he was attending a speech in Carroll County, Arkansas “with austin4site.” Another Instagram user’s 2014 post referenced visiting Fort Rock Family Camp, tagging Meagan and @austin4site.

New or not, the account seems to be growing, albeit slowly. On Friday, March 13, alone, the Instagram gained at least a few new followers. Think Austin has an announcement on the way?


The Duggars have grown up fast over the years, and it’s hard to believe Joy-Anna Duggar already has two children of her own. She and her husband, Austin Forsyth, look like the picture-perfect family judging from their Instagram photos and YouTube videos. And there’s no doubt Joy-Anna is living out her dreams.

Recently, Joy-Anna and Austin had a sweet exchange on Instagram. And Duggar family critics think Joy-Anna actually wrote all of it. Here’s what happened.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have their own individual Instagram accounts

RELATED: Joy-Anna Duggar Just Clapped Back at a Follower and Explained Why She’s Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring

Joy-Anna and Austin once had a combined Instagram, but such is not the case anymore. The couple now each has their own Instagram account featuring photos of their two children and of each other.

Joy-Anna tends to post more frequently than Austin. While the two still reportedly film for TLC’s Counting On, Joy-Anna has additional sponsorships that certainly help pay the bills. She posts her sponsored content to her Instagram Stories and saves her published posts for family content.

As for Austin, his Instagram tends to look a lot like his wife’s. He typically posts photos from the same events and photo shoots as Joy-Anna does, though he also includes snapshots of his various hunting trips and house-building ventures. Austin and Joy-Anna love flipping homes, and because Austin makes money through contracted work, he occasionally posts content related to his job.

Joy-Anna and Austin had an exchange on Austin’s recent photos

The happy couple recently got professional photos taken of themselves with their two kids, and both Austin and Joy-Anna posted a few of them to Instagram.

On Jan. 6, Joy-Anna first posted photos of her and Austin to show off her new, darker hair. And she followed that post with additional shots of the two of them holding the kids. Austin posted many of the same photos to his own feed on the same day.

“My favorite pictures with my favorite person,” Austin captioned one of the posts.

To that, Joy-Anna commented, “You’re my favorite! Love you, Austin Martyn!”

Then, Austin replied back, “You are beautiful, love you most.” And it seems many fans adored the couple’s exchange, as Joy’s comment received over 100 “likes,” and Austin also got nearly as many for his reply.

Duggar family critics think Joy-Anna wrote the exchange herself

Joy-Anna and Austin appear to have a loving and healthy relationship. But many Duggar family critics suspect Joy-Anna actually wrote the entire exchange herself. Both accounts posted the same photos on the same day, and the sweet nothings appear to be in the same tone.

“Joy — you’re not fooling anyone!” a Reddit user commented. “Austin def didn’t post these. She def posted them from Austin’s account.”

“That’s been my suspicion, too, that she posts all those cutesy comments and emojis on his account,” another critic commented.

“I’m also pretty sure Austin’s Instagram account is only accessible through Joy’s phone, too,” yet another added. “Because I saw in one of their vlogs, Austin was using Joy’s phone and it was the day that they came home after Evy’s birth and I matched up the timeline and Austin posted a picture of Evelyn on Instagram the same day that the vlog was filmed.”

“They both definitely have the same voice,” another critic wrote. “I think if Austin uses Instagram he uses his second account. Joy 100% runs both official accounts.”

We’re sure we’ll never get confirmation from Joy-Anna whether this is the case. But internet sleuths are certainly keeping an eye on the official Duggar Instagrams.

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Forsyth instagram austin

Counting On star Austin Forsyth may have just created his own account on Instagram. Forsyth and his wife, Joy-Anna Duggar, have shared an account on the social media platform for years, but a newly created Instagram page has left fans wondering if it belongs to him. Here’s a look at Forsyth’s alleged account and why he might be branching out.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth from 'Counting On'

‘Counting On’ fans are convinced Forsyth has his own Instagram

Duggar and Forsyth have shared an Instagram account ever since they tied the knot in 2017. Several of Duggar’s siblings have separate accounts on social media and it appears as though she may be following in their footsteps.

According to Monsters and Critics, fans are convinced that Forsyth just created his own Instagram account called Forsyth4site. The Counting On star has not confirmed the rumors, but fans believe there is strong evidence to suggest the new page is the real deal.

The name of the account is how Forsyth’s last name is pronounced and some of his followed pages include several members of Duggar’s family.

Forsyth and Duggar’s joint account is also listed under the followers for the new one, which adds even more credibility to the report. At the time of this article, the new Instagram account is nearing 300 followers.

Why would Forsyth start his own account?

Counting On fans have been speculating about Forsyth’s new account ever since it went live. If it truly belongs to the reality star, it is clear that he is not sneaking around.

If anything, the new page might have something to do with Forsyth’s work. The couple has built a business flipping houses and he might be planning on using the account to show off some of their latest renovations.

If Counting On fans are right about this, Forsyth and Duggar will likely make an announcement in the near future encouraging people to follow the new account. Until then, fans will probably keep theorizing about why Forsyth is branching out.

Duggar and Forsyth tied the knot in the spring of 2017. The couple welcomed their first child, Gideon Martyn Forsyth, in 2018. Last year, they suffered a devastating miscarriage just as Duggar had reached her 20th week of pregnancy.

Forsyth says he rarely takes Duggar on dates

While Counting On fans wait for official confirmation, Forsyth recently opened up about his marriage to Duggar. According to TV Shows Ace, the reality star revealed that he and Duggar rarely go on dates anymore now that they are married.

“We spend a lot of time together,” Forsyth shared. “As far as like, a date night, where we find a babysitter and just Joy and I go out, I would say that we do it a couple of times a month.”

The Duggar family

Forsyth quickly noted that he still spends an enormous amount of time with his wife and that he knows this does not substitute for a date. He also assured Counting On fans that he and Duggar value their time together, even when they are at work.

Forsyth is currently self-employed and Duggar often helps him flip houses. Duggar, of course, works in addition to her duties as a mother.

Although their relationship seems very solid, the two have not commented on why Forsyth has seemingly created his own Instagram account.

Are the ‘Counting On’ stars expecting again?

When it comes to having children, Counting On fans are eager to know when Forsyth and Duggar will expand their family. Despite experiencing a heartbreaking miscarriage last summer, Forsyth recently revealed that he and Duggar both want more children.

“Yes, definitely,” Forsyth stated. “We want more kids.”

Duggar completely agreed with her husband and added that it has been a “long last eight months” following the miscarriage. Although they suffered a big loss, Duggar is looking forward to the future.

In fact, just this week Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth announced that they are expecting another baby. The announcement — of course, made on Instagram — Joy-Anna appears to be pretty far along.  It should also be noted she tagged Austin’s new IG account, confirming he has a solo account.

TLC has not announced when the new season of Counting On will premiere, though the series is expected to return to the network later this year.

Joy-Anna Duggar And Austin Forsyth’s Latest Instagram Update Surprises Fans

Joy-Anna And Austin Forsyth Shock Fans With Unusual Birthday Gift

Former Counting Onstars Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth are celebrating a big milestone for their baby girl, Evelyn. In a new social media post, they documented her first birthday party. Joy-Anna posted a few cute photos and a video from the special day. In the photos, the little girl is surrounded by her family and friends as she smashes her cake and opens her presents.

She writes, “Evelyn’s smash cake party was a success!!🎂 We finally got to celebrate her first birthday with the rest of the family and it was so much fun!”

Then, Joy-Anna teases, “Swipe to see Evelyn’s reaction to her gift from Austin and I! She is in love!” So, what did Joy-Anna and Austin give Evelyn for her first birthday?

Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth reveal Evelyn’s gift.

In an Instagram post, Joy-Anna and Austin gave Evelyn two kittens for her first birthday! In the new post that Joy-Anna shared, she also included a photo of Evelyn and her three-year-old brother Gideon snuggling a couple of kittens.

There’s also a video of Evelyn opening a box, which has the two kittens in it. Upon opening the box, Evelyn looks excited and immediately reaches for the kittens. Her aunt Josie swoops in to help her hold one kitten more carefully, as Gideon grabs the other one.

Counting On fans shocked by one-year-old’s birthday present.

Fans are surprised to see that Joy-Anna and Austin gave their one-year-old a pair of kittens for her birthday. However, they love the cute photos and video that Joy-Anna shared. They can tell that Evelyn already adores her gift. One fan writes, “I love how she shakes when she sees the kittens! ❤️ so excited.” Others chime in to talk about how this is such a cute birthday gift for Evelyn.

Some Counting Onfans are concerned about the kittens being in the box for too long, while others worry the kids will mishandle the kittens. A few fans point out that Evelyn is too young to care for a pet, so she shouldn’t have gotten one.

So, what do you think of the gift Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth gave to Evelyn? Do you think it’s a good idea for a one-year-old? Or are you worried about the family not being able to care for the new kittens? Let us know in the comments below.

For the latest Duggar family news, check back with TV Shows Ace. 

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