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Kenwood TK-880 USB FTDI KPG-46 Radio Programming Cable 6 ft

KJ6ZWL here in Silicon Valley CA, your connection solutions provider. I have 180+ radios and scanners used for testing my cables. I provide installation instructions, cell #, email, links to 900 programming software titles, and 40 years of experience working with computers.



Part Number


Computer Adapter


Computer Connector

USB Type-A Male

Device Connector


Cable Length

6 ft




Campbell, CA

gettingArray ( [0] => KPG-60D )

BlueMax49ers Software Advisor

We maintain an extensive database and download library of OEM and aftermarket programming software for radio, scanners. Here we display both compatible and incompatible software based on the Operating System you have on your computer.

Radio Programming Software



Year Published









Operating Systems Requirements / Alternatives:
Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 2000


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Please check this listing's photos for a close-up of the connector to ensure that this cable matches the physical characteristics of your radio's programming jack before ordering.

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Programming the Kenwood TK-x80 Series Mobile

To begin programming your TK-x80 series mobile for use with the Pyramid

Communications Model 2012/Merlin/2016 mobile data terminal system, you will need to

first create a new profile using your KPG -49D programming software.

Radio Format

When programming the radio select trunking or conventional, make sure that you set the

Radio Format correctly upon creation of your new profile. See figure below.

Select Trunking

or Conventional

Programming Optional Features

From the Edit pull down menu, select Optional Features. Depending on your

application, most of the parameters in the Optional Feature menu will be left at default.

Although this may be the case, in order to enable a data terminal interface you must

program Com 2 (Internal Port) as AUX Hook/PTT. This enables the external PTT from

the data terminal . See the figure below for more information.

+------------------------------------------------------------------------------ +


¦--------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- ¦

¦ System Name Text Size : [Off]

¦ Power On Tone

¦ Control Tone

¦ Warning Tone

¦ Minimum Volume

¦ Tone Volume

¦ Sub LCD Display

¦ Conv. Busy LED

¦ Display Character

¦ Off Hook Decode

¦ Off Hook Horn Alert

¦ Horn Alert Time

¦ Radio Password

¦ Data Password

¦ Power On Text

¦ Com 0(Mic. Jack)

¦ Com 1(Internal Port)

¦ Com 2(Internal Port)

+----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- +

+-------------------------- +


Radio Format

¦-------------------------- ¦


1. Conventional


2. Trunking

+-------------------------- +

Optional Features

: [Yes]

: [Yes]

: [Yes]

: [


: [Continuous]

: [None


: [Off]

: [Group Name]

: [Disable]

: [Disable]

: [


: [


: [


: [

] ¦ PTT Release Tone...

: [Non e

: [None

] ¦ Mode...

: [AUX Hook/PTT] ¦ Emergency...

Program Com 2 as AUX Hoot/PTT




¦ T.O.T(Dispatch)

¦ T.O.T(TEL)

¦ TX Inhibit Time

¦ Transpond Delay Time

¦ System Search

¦ Clear to Talk

¦ Free System Ring Back : [No ]

¦ Battery Warning

¦ Signalling

¦ Encode Data Type

¦ Timed Power Off

¦ Sel. Call Alert LED

¦ PTT ID Type


] ¦ Logic Signal...


: [ 60]s


: [180]s


: [5.0]s


: [



: [None



: [Yes]



: [ -------]


: [OR ]


: [Normal]


: [Off]


: [Yes]


: [DTMF]


: [BOT ]







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5-5. Programming With IBM PC

If data is transferred to the transceiver from an IBM PC

with the KPG-60D, the destination data (basic radio informa-

tion) for each set can be modified. Normally, it is not neces-

sary to modify the destination data because their values are

determined automatically when the frequency range (fre-

quency type) is set.

The values should be modified only if necessary.

Data can be programmed into the flash memory in RS-

232C format via the modular microphone jack.

KPG-60D instruction manual parts No. : B62-1315-XX.

6. Firmware Programming Mode

6-1. Preface

Flash memory is mounted on the TK-880. This allows the

TK-880 to be upgraded when new features are released in

the future. (For details on how to obtain the firmware, con-

tact Customer Service.)

6-2. Connection Procedure

Connect the TK-880 to the personal computer (IBM PC or

compatible) with the interface cable (KPG-46). (Connection

is the same as in the PC Mode.)

6-3. Programming

1. Start up the programming software (Fpro. exe).

2. Set the communications speed (normally, 57600 bps)

and communications port in the configuration item.

3. Set the firmware to be updated by File name item.

4. Turn the TK-880 Power ON with the [A] switch held

down. Hold the switch down until the display changes to

"PROG 57600". When "PROG 57600" appears, release

your finger from the switch.

5. Check the connection between the TK-880 and the per-

sonal computer, and make sure that the TK-880 is in the

Program mode.

6. Press write button in the window. A window opens on

the display to indicate progress of writing. When the TK-

880 starts to receive data, the [P] icon is blinking.

7. If writing ends successfully, the LED on the TK-880 lights

and the checksum is displayed.

8. If you want to continue programming other TK-880, re-

peat steps 4 to 7.

Notes :

• This mode cannot be entered if the Firmware program-

ming mode is set to Disable in the Programming soft-

ware (KPG-60D).

• When programming the firmware, it is recommend to

copy the data from the floppy disk to your hard disk be-

fore update the radio firmware.

Directly copying from the floppy disk to the radio may not

work because the access speed is too slow.

6-4. Function

1. If you press the [ ] switch while "PROG 57600" is dis-

played, the version is displayed. If you press the [ ]

switch again while the version is displayed, "PROG

57600" is redisplayed.


2. If you press the [D] switch while "PROG 57600" is dis-

played, the display changes to "PROG 19200" to indicate

that the write speed is low speed (19200 bps). If you

press the [D] switch again while "PROG 19200" is dis-

played, the display changes to "PROG 38400", and the

write speed becomes the middle speed (38400 bps). If

you press the [D] switch again while "PROG 38400" is

displayed, the display returns to "PROG 57600".

3. If you press the [D] switch while the version is displayed,

the checksum is displayed. If you press the [D] switch

again while the checksum is displayed, the version is


Note :

Normally, write in the high-speed mode.

7. Self Programming Mode

Write mode for frequency data and signalling etc. Mainly

used by the person maintaining the user equipment.

7-1. Enter to the Self Programming Mode

Delete R614 (Figure 2) in the TX-RX unit (B/2) and turn the

power switch on while pressing the [CALL] key. When en-

ter the self programming mode, "SELF PROG" is displayed.

Note :

This mode (self programming mode) cannot be set when

it has been disabled with the KPG-60D.

TX-RX unit (B/2) : Control section

Foil side





Fig. 2





PC Software programming for TK-880: >>KPG-60D<<
Update 2019:>>KPG-62D version 2.00<< tested by YO8RLK with TK880-1 and USB/UART interface.
Serial cable between PC and Radio: >>Programming Interface KPG-46 Schematic<<
TK-880>>Service Manual rev. E<<

1. Channels programming procedure can be performed by PC software or using Front Panel keys.
- Connect data cable and go to KPG-60D PC software at Edit / Channel Information.
Radio display when internal CPU is accessed by computer:

- Front panel programming is possible only if "Self Programming Mode" option was previously selected by PC software (go to Edit / Option Feature and then upload to radio).

In order to activate the feature, R614 "zero ohm" resistor must to be deleted! This resistor is located on front panel PCB, near to CPU.

After that, the radio channels can be programmed directly by front panel keys.
Keep pressed {CALL} key, in same time switch ON the radio. "SELF PROGRAMMING" option can be accessed. Use realignament guide to see key functions (SM page 18).

Other pics during front panel programming:
Group 1 - Channel 1

RX Frequency (PMR CH-1)

Next steps can be easily understood...


2.Realignament / tuning of radio can be done by PC software or using Front Panel keys
Frequency accuracy, modulation deviation, TX power, RX sensitivity and other options are available.
- Open KPD-60D, TEST Menu is easy to use. Connect data cable and go to Program / Test Mode.

- Realignament using Front Panel keys is possible only if "Panel Test Mode" option was previously selected by PC software (go to Edit / Option Feature and then upload to radio).
Keep pressed {B} key, in same time switch ON the radio. "UHF F1" screen appear for short time, after that "Test Mode" can be accessed.
Check the service manual for more details at Adjustment - page 45.



Poor signal / noise ratio of TX modulation - modification
During testing I noticed a low signal to noise ratio for TX. Background noise was higher than my GP300 monitor. After investigation, IC711 microphone preamplifier was found with poor perfomances. IC preamplifier is located on Front Panel PCB.
I tried to apply 1nF roll off capacitor in the feedback loop. The noise was decreased enough, but also high spectrum of audio modulation was affected.
Next try was to decrease the gain. Feedback R721(330K) resistors was replaced by 100K. Good results but level of modulation was affected. Immediately i saw some resistors between microphone connector and preamplifier stage. Why to decrease the microphone level using resistors and after again to boost the signal? The S/N ratio will be forever degraded...
All dividers were removed in order to increase the original level of modulation: R512(680) removed; R724(4K7) bypassed; R725(15K) removed (resistors values found in my radio, not same with Service Manual. Please check SM diagram).
Final result: improved TX modulation, close to Motorola quality...hi.


[email protected]


880 programming software tk

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