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Habitat offers a wide range of artists’ and designers’ artworks. With a simple and easy to use website, you are sure to find great wall art for your nursery.

Habitat Top Highlights

What Kind of Wall Art Can Be Found?

  • Prints
  • Posters
  • Canvasses
  • Decals
  • Wall sculpture
  • Framed
  • Mirrors
  • Vases

Shopping Experience

  • Simple and easy to use website
  • Website responds quickly
  • Large high-quality image
  • Hover to zoom
  • Filter down by price or artists
  • Free shipping over £50.00
  • Return service at your charge
  • Several store in the UK

Our Review

Wall Art is often the last item to be added when decorating a room. The artwork is often meant to provide a bright, bold statement of the person who lives there. Habitat Wall Art has many exciting items to fit within the wall space of your baby’s room, whether your aim is elegance, tranquility, or to create a statement.

There are many categories of art on the Habitat site.

Here you’ll be able to find prints, art posters, canvases, decals, and wall sculpture. The art comes in a poster form, but you can also choose a frame in wood or metal from their extensive collection. You can also choose a mount in black or white. This will make your art unique although someone else may have ordered the same poster.

Many of the choices on the Habitat site are of original art that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. This gives you the confidence in knowing that your nursery design will truly be unique.

There are also many collections from artists and designers.

Andy Tuohy has his popular UK vacation destination posters for sale here. You can also find fun and vibrant prints from Greg Mably and adorable pet prints by Hanna Melin. If you’re into bright, colourful abstract art, Mareike Bohmer has some beautiful posters. Printable Market and Sian Odonnell also offer some great abstract pieces, and most at affordable prices of around £55.00, so they’re not expensive at all.

You can find a price range from £20.00 to £55.00 on this site. Wall art can be bought whether you are budget-conscious, or want to have the best expressions of professional artists and designers.

To go with your wall art, you’ll find many other accessories on the site: from frames, to mirrors and vases that will provide a finishing touch to your room.

The Habitat website is simple and easy to use.

Delivery box Habitat

You can see a decent-sized graphic of each of the wall art posters. The website responds quickly, so you can open up a larger version, and hover to zoom so the image can be seen more clearly. The images on the site are of a high-quality, and you can see the details of each piece of art.

You can filter down your search by artist names A to Z, or by price, from lowest to highest, or vice versa. It’s simple to add art to your shopping cart, select amounts, and then check out.

The shipping rates are clear and simple to find on the site. If you order posters that are of a value over £50.00, then shipping is free. Shipping is only available to the UK, Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland, so if you’re in another country, you’ll miss out on the cool wall art images. There is a return service offered, but you’ll have to pay delivery charges.

Habitat does have several store locations throughout the UK, so that you can see the beautiful wall in person, and choose which will be right for your wall space.

Habitat Wall Art Best Sellers

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Urban Habitat® Gilded Feathers Printed Canvas Wall Art (Set of 2)

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Sours: https://www.buybuybaby.com/amp/store/product/urban-habitat-reg-gilded-feathers-printed-canvas-wall-art-set-of-2/1060197825
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Urban Habitat Traveling Road 24" High 3-Piece Wall Art Set

Sleek style and eye-pleasing colors blend beautifully in this three-piece canvas wall art set.

Additional Info:

Revel in the modern, elegant simplicity of an artistic gem. This three-piece wall art set offers an updated look with striking sophistication. Abstract shapes in layers of blue, navy, and metallic silver sit upon a pale gray canvas backdrop. With a layer of gel coating, each piece shows off a sleek glossy look and offers protection against color fading.

  • Each piece measures 20" wide x 24" high x 1 1/2" deep. Overall hang weight is 8.57 lbs.
  • Three-piece rectangular printed canvas wall art set designed by Edith Phelps.
  • Blue, navy, and metallic silver abstract theme.
  • MDF and canvas construction.
  • Gel coat adding a glossy and protect the colors from fading.
  • MDF backing for additional structure and support.
  • Vertical orientation.
  • Ready to hang.
  • Spot clean only.
Sours: https://www.lampsplus.com/products/urban-habitat-traveling-road-24-inch-high-3-piece-wall-art-set__62a79.html

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Wall decor habitat

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