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Baby Name Quiz

By: Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Don't let anyone tell you that parenting isn't tough! It's the toughest job in the world. It's also the most rewarding. Whether you're expecting or you're just contemplating your future child, the only thing harder than parenting is choosing the perfect baby name. That's why we're here to help! 

Even picking out a name for a new pet can be incredibly challenging; you want a name that evokes a certain feeling and somehow reflects you, too. It's ten times harder with a baby! To figure out which one is the right one for you and your bambino, we'll need to see what sort of parent you'll be, your hopes and dreams for your little one and your experience level. Using a series of questions, we'll determine what type of little personality you'll raise. What name will be the right one for them, though? 

Some people are born knowing what they'll name their eventual child, but others wait until they see their baby's face. Let's see if your answers line up with any names you may have already had in mind. Will you like the name we give you enough to tell your child that they were named after a quiz? 


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Pick Or Pass On These Baby Names And We'll Reveal Your Perfect Nursery

  • by Bri Thomas
  • – on
  • in Lifestyle

Life is full of decisions, but as parents know, there is one decision that is harder than the rest: picking a name for a baby! There are literally thousands - and maybe even millions - of names out there.

There are traditional names that are simple yet strong. There are family names, which have meaning. There are unique names (just look at all the Kardashian and Jenner kids!). And each year, new lists come out of the trendiest names, giving us all even more options.

Today, we will list out some baby names, and we will all have to pick out our favorite ones. This may be tough, but it could give some of us some new ideas! And in the end, we get something super special; based on the names we like, we will be matched with the perfect nursery. Choosing themes, colors and decorations for a new baby’s room can also be a hard decision, but this fun quiz will give us all the best one! Will we receive a blue or pink room? Does a modern nursery suit us? Will it be glamorous? Is it going to have a popular theme, such as animals or the moon? Let’s find out!

Question 1

James, Colt, Azure or Elliott?

The first names up are James, Colt, Azure and Elliott, and with each of these questions, there will be an array of names: Some are quite common. Some haven't been heard yet have an edge to them. And some are wild and unusual - which some parents want and need in a name! So which will it be?

Question 2

Mary, Harlow, Fable or William?

Next up, we have Mary, Harlow, Fable and William. Each of these names - and really, every name that is out there - brings about certain thoughts and feelings, which is why it is so hard to settle on just one...the perfect one. So which of these seems the most perfect?

Question 3

John, Sawyer, Ferris or Charles?

Should we go for a biblical name? How do we feel about a name based around a TV show? Why not name our kid after an inanimate object? What about a strong and sturdy name that has been around for years? Pick between these four - John, Sawyer, Ferris and Charles!

Question 4

Robert, Kinley, Quest or Edith?

As we move on, we come across these four names: Robert, Kinley, Quest and Edith. They are all pretty in their own way. They are all special in their own way. And they could all be suited for a certain child. Which one are we gravitating towards the most, though?

Question 5

Jennifer, Jude, Queenie or Margaret?

How do we feel about “J” names, such as Jennifer for a girl or such as Jude for a boy? How do we feel about unique names, like Queenie? How do we feel about old-fashioned names like Margaret? Let’s find out what is favored; select a name from down below.

Question 6

Michael, Austin, Zuzi or Elton?

These next options include Michael, Austin, Zuzi and Elton. As we have mentioned already and as we will say many more times...Choosing a baby name is hard! Thankfully, this quiz has tons and tons of ideas, and right now, it is time to pick out just one of these four.

Question 7

Elizabeth, Harley, Zandy or Wilhelmina?

Do we like the name Elizabeth for a girl? Do we like a name that could work for a boy or a girl, Harley and Zandy? Or are we still digging out-of-the-ordinary names such as Wilhelmina? It may be hard, but we need everyone to pick one out down below!

Question 8

David, Riley, Venus or Evelyn?

Here, we have David, Riley, Venus and Evelyn. They are all different. They are all quite nice. And any of these could be the name for our future child or children - How exciting! But first, we must answer all these questions and get a nursery - Fun! So choose one now.

Question 9

Richard, Ryder, Story or Henry?

Richard and Ryder are both “R” names, and one is more common than the other. Story and Henry both end in “y”, and one has more quirk to it than the other. So which will it be out of these four different baby names here - Richard, Ryder, Story or Henry?

Question 10

Susan, Millie, Tallulah or Abigail?

We are already to question number 10; we are flying through this thing! The next names from which to choose include Susan, Millie, Tallulah and Abigail? Have we heard all of these names? Do we like all of them? Do we like any of them? We have to like one a least a little more than the rest, and we must click that one.

Question 11

Joseph, Rowan, Ax or Hoyt?

If someone was looking for a traditional boy name, they could go with Joseph. If someone wanted a more unique name, they could select Rowan or Ax. And if someone wanted an old-fashioned name, there is Hoyt. Which one of these will it be, if one of these must be chosen now?

Question 12

Jessica, Esme, Hurricane or Mabel?

As we move on, we see four new names: Jessica, Esme, Hurricane and Mabel. As usual, there is something to be said about all of them, whether that is good or bad. All we need to know, though, is which one is favored the most out of them all here.

Question 13

Thomas, Manning, Dallas or Martha?

What about between Thomas, Manning, Dallas and Martha? Do more people favor Thomas? Are more people feeling Manning? Do more people like Dallas? Or are more people going to pick Martha? We shall see, after everyone makes their selection, down below, out of the four listed answer choices we have.

Question 14

Sarah, Griffith, Sky or Theodore?

When choosing a baby name, parents have to consider if the name fits, what the initials will be, if they know anyone else with this name and the fact that this kid will carry this name forever! That being said, choose between these four names: Sarah, Griffith, Sky and Theodore.

Question 15

Christopher, Dex, Zeus or Whitley?

Christopher is a more common name. Dex is a more modern name. Zeus is related to Greek mythology. And Whitley sounds like a sophisticated old man. See, there is good and bad to any name, depending on who is looking at it and how...so pick one here, please and thanks!

Question 16

Karen, Levi, Poppy or Rose?

Next up, we have Karen, Levi, Poppy and Rose. We can’t wait to see which name everyone picks out, because each of them carry something special. And we know it is hard, but we believe in everyone here tons and tons - so just choose one of these from down below!

Question 17

Daniel, Miles, Ransom or Olivia?

Perhaps a parent-to-be here will be reminded of the name Daniel or will be introduced to the name Miles. Maybe a future parent will fall in love with the name Ransom or the name Olivia. Who knows?! Which one will we all pick here and now, though, on this quiz?

Question 18

Matthew, Cash, Petal or Sage?

Matthew, Cash, Petal and Sage are the next names on this quiz of baby names - baby names that range from popular and pretty names to whimsical and wonderful names. So will more people choose Matthew, Cash, Petal or Sage? We shall soon find out, after all is said and all is done here.

Question 19

Lisa, Merritt, Finbar or Hilton?

Here, we have - yes, we know we all know - four new names! They are as follows...Lisa, Merritt, Finbar and Hilton. Are they all great? Are they all horrible? Are they all fab? Our opinions will differ, but our jobs are the same; we all just have to click on one of these now down below.

Question 20

Anthony, Turner, Spring or Walter?

And now, can we even believe it...We are already on question number 20, which means we are getting very close to the end! But first, we need everyone to pick a name. Will we pick Anthony? Will we pick Turner? Will we pick Spring? Or will we pick Walter?

Question 21

Mark, Aria, Bluebell or Whitman?

The new names that are up are Mark, Aria, Bluebell and Whitman. Surely, right off the bat, we are all drawn to one of these more than the rest, just as we may be repelled by one right off the bat. So what will be the final selection right here?

Question 22

Paul, Brooklyn, Dagny or Wilford?

Paul is a name that has been heard but that is quite nice. Brooklyn is the name of a place, but it works for a name, too. Dagny is a fun twist on the name Daphne. Wilford is a strong and sturdy name that has been around. And we know the drill: Pick one of these names now!

Question 23

Ashley, Milo, Marine or Preston?

We will be moving right along now and giving everyone four new options: Ashley, Milo, Marine and Preston. Which is the best? Which is the worst? Well, all that really matters, of course, for each of us, is which of these names is the favorite…? Pick one out down below.

Question 24

Steven, Lola, True or Emma?

What about between Steven, Lola, True and Emma? Will it be Steven for a baby boy? Lola for a baby girl? True for, well, either? Or Emma for a baby girl? Everyone has to pick one of the names down below, remember, so do it right now, please and thanks!

Question 25

Kimberly, Finn, Cedar or Roland?

For question number 25 of this baby-inspired quiz, these are the names from which to choose - Kimberly, Finn, Cedar and Roland. They are all very different. They are all very pretty, in special and great ways. And they will all be chosen by different people here, so make a selection now!

Question 26

Andrew, Hudson, Monday or Jack?

Think we have covered a lot of names here? We definitely have, but don’t worry...There are plenty more, such as Andrew, Hudson, Monday and Jack. Boy names, modern names, new names, perfect-for-my-daughter names...Which one will it be? Which one will be selected? Which one is, after all is said and done, the fave name?

Question 27

Emily, Fletcher, Ranger or Benjamin?

The end is near here, but first, pick out a baby name out of these four baby names: There is Emily, there is Fletcher, there is Ranger, and there is Benjamin. And only one of these names can be selected by everyone here, down below there, in the answer choices.

Question 28

Joshua, Portia, Casimir or Leonard?

Next up, the names include Joshua, Portia, Casimir and Leonard. Joshua is another traditional boy name, Portia is a pretty new girl name, Casimir is a one-of-a-kind name, and Leonard has an old-fashioned vibe to it. So which one will be selected out of these four different names that are listed out here?

Question 29

Michelle, Emerson, Bix or Hilda?

If we had to choose to name our kid Michelle, would we? If we had to choose to name our kid Emerson, would we? If we had to choose to name our kid Bix, would we? If we had to choose to name our kid Hilda, would we? Decisions, decisions...Select one of these baby names here and now!

Question 30

Amanda, Coco, Kismet or Juliet?

Oh, my goodness, we are onto question number 30, and that means that this quiz is almost over, and THAT means that we will all get a nursery to try out! First, though, we must pick one of these baby names: Amanda, Coco, Kismet and Juliet….Which one will we pick?

Question 31

Melissa, Crockett, Bay or Lila?

Next up, we have Melissa, Crockett, Bay and Lila, and once again, we are seeing common names, popular names, trendy names, fun names, cute names...Names that could work for anyone, depending on what is desired and what we are feeling. What ARE we feeling, out of these four names?

Question 32

Stephanie, Ellie, Cosmo or Vivian?

There are only a couple of questions left, so make quick yet smart decisions here; which name is the favorite out of Stephanie, Ellie, Cosmo and Vivian? Is it Stephanie? Is it Ellie? Is it Cosmo? Or is it Vivian? Let us know by picking one of these out, down below, as an answer.

Question 33

Rebecca, Phoenix, Moon or Louisa?

Some of the last names from which to choose include the following: There is Rebecca for a girl. There is Phoenix for either gender, as well as Moon for any gender. And there is also Louisa for a girl. Which one is favored here, if one of these had to be selected now?

Question 34

Ryan, Greer, Prue or Anna?

After this, folks, there is only one final question - How exciting! Before we get there, though, everyone must choose between the name Ryan, the name Greer, the name Prue and the name Anna. Out of these, which one is speaking to us, calling to us and maybe made for us?

Question 35

Hannah, Beck, Dreamie or Billy?

It is here: the final question. After this, we will all be matched with a nursery, which could give us some ideas for the future! So here are the last names from which to choose: Select Hannah, select Beck, select Dreamie or select Billy...whichever one is the favorite here!

Sours: https://www.thequiz.com/pick-or-pass-on-these-baby-names-and-well-reveal-your-perfect-nursery/

Quiz: What's your baby naming personality?

Choosing a namefor your baby can feel like an overwhelming responsibility. It's likely to be a reflection of your lifestyle, your values, and the things that matter to you.

So what's your baby-naming personality? Take our quiz and find out. Then get ideas for baby names that fit your style!

Congratulations, you've completed the quiz! Now, look back over your answers. Did you check mostly A, B, C, or D?

Mostly A

Your baby-naming personality: classic
You like to take a sensible, drama-free approach to life. You like planning, structure and predictability, and dislike showiness and wild impulsivity.

Classic baby names that have stood the test of time will spark your interest. There's a reason these names have enjoyed long-term popularity. They go well with a variety of middle and last names, they're easy to spell and pronounce and they're simply beautiful without trying too hard.

Suggested names:
Girls:Anna, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary, Victoria, Rebecca, Sarah
Boys:Charles, Daniel, David, James, Michael, Robert, Thomas, William

Need more help?Visit our communityto swap ideas and get opinions on your favourites.

Mostly B

Your baby-naming personality: trendy
Interesting, stylish and savvy, you like the excitement of change. You're always up for new experiences and for having fun. You tend to be charismatic and opinionated, and have an eye for fashion.

Because you enjoy keeping abreast of the latest trends, today's hottest names may appeal to you the most. You love looking to celebrities for lifestyle inspiration, and baby names are no exception.

Suggested names:
Girls:Ava, Ivy, Iris, Emma, Bluebell, Carys, Clementine, Ella, Harper, Shiloh
Boys:Aiden, Arlo, Bear, Cruz, Flynn, Kai, Levi, Maddox, Max, Rocco, Ryder

Need more help?Visit our communityto swap ideas and get opinions on your favourites.

Mostly C

Your baby-naming personality: unique
You're confident and not afraid to be yourself. You don't live your life according to other people's rules. You're creative, fun and couldn’t care less about celebrities and the latest trends.

Given these traits, you're probably keen to avoid conventional baby names. The more radical, extraordinary names appeal to you. Your baby may not share his name with any of his classmates, but that's not important, because he's an individual.

Suggested names:
Girls:London, Poppy, Una, Xanthe, Yoselin, Zula
Boys:Atticus, Hudson, Lennox, Phoenix, Tybalt, Urban

Need more help?Visit our communityto swap ideas and get opinions on your favourites.

Mostly D

Your baby-naming personality: retro
You're fascinated by certain aspects of the past. You love black-and-white films, classic cars and vintage clothes. You secretly wish that women were still expected to wear hats.

Creative and artistic, you combine a love for tradition with your own flair. You know that a retro name will convey a sense of history and style that will be both unique and classic.

Suggested names:
Girls:Alice, Betty, Ethel, Hattie, Ida, Lottie, Mabel, Pearl, Rose, Ruth
Boys:Arnold, Ernest, Floyd, Oliver, Stanley, Theodore, Wallace, Walter

Need more help?Visit our communityto swap ideas and get opinions on your favourites.

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