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‘I'm getting clarity, a time that will feel lighter’: psychics share their 2021 predictions

This age of uncertainty has been a boon for crystal ball gazers. From New York to New Delhi, fortune-tellers have seen spikes in business; in the US, Forbes magazine reported a 136% rise in people seeking supernatural readings. In societies where religious belief is dwindling, and trust in the establishment under threat, the idea of looking elsewhere for guidance – to the stars or beyond, if you believe in a beyond – has made a kind of sense.

2021 will present an opportunity to reassess what’s important. It brings a chance to rebuild

Millennials and Gen Z-ers are increasingly likely to livestream YouTube mediums, receive daily tarot readings via their Instagram feeds, or consume online horoscopes. The logic of astrology appeals to a modern desire for answers, while the magic of tarot is now available in “hip hop”, “modern love” and “bad bitches” themed card decks for sale online. In the US, the psychic services industry as a whole – which includes astrology, mediumship, palmistry, aura-reading and tarot – was valued at $2.2bn in 2018 (a 52% rise on 2005). Some celebrities consult spiritual healers just as they do therapists or nutritionists.

In 2020, the fear and upheaval spread by the pandemic has driven an extra need for reassurance, whether that is relatives unable to attend the funeral of a loved one, or people who have lost jobs or businesses seeking a way forward.

Not all psychics have had a good year. Some have been unable to make the switch from face-to-face readings to video calls, and many rely on tourists, parties or events for their income, all of which have been in short supply. And even they could not have forseen every consequence of 2020. With a year we’d sooner forget almost behind us, dare they predict the next one?

‘Political systems will be taken down’

June Fieldwas voted the world’s greatest psychic medium, beating 70,000 others in International Battle Of The Psychics, a European X-Factor style TV show, in 2013. Based in Dundee, she has been clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient (seeing, hearing and feeling spirits) since childhood and makes predictions based on psychic intuition. She usually tours theatres and the events circuit, but this year has been approached by Covid survivors wanting a healer’s help with their recovery.

These next 12 months are a stepping stone to something better. We’ve done a lot of transitioning and 2021 is a time for re-educating and adjusting to a new reality. It is a year of healing and rebuilding.

People are in denial about the virus and that causes friction. People will continue to be afraid, and the return to normality will run into 2022.

March feels like a turning point, a light at the end of the tunnel. Confidences will grow. September feels like another turning point, a fresh start for business, with things picking up a little in the economy. Financially, 2022 feels lighter and brighter than 2021.

I started January 2020 with a feeling of dread. Long before coronavirus arrived in the UK, I had cancelled work commitments – theatre dates and events. I felt death coming. I wanted to give the year a miss.

2021 will present an opportunity to reassess what’s important. Sometimes people are forced into that because they have lost someone or something, a job maybe, but it brings a chance to rebuild.

In politics, I feel there is major change comingnext year. We will see more division, like the standoff between Manchester and Westminster over the second lockdown, and there will be more polarity – geographically, ideologically and financially.

You don’t need to be a psychic to see the anger over how this has been handled. Political systems will be taken down, but we will then rebuild. We are reaching a point where nearly everyone will know someone or be connected to someone who will have passed from this. We will hug again next year, and we will come through this.

‘In the final quarter, I’m getting clarity: clear quartz, light pastel stones’

Jayne Wallaceis clairvoyant and practices aura reading, tarot and crystal healing. Her clients include Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner and Kate Hudson. She has worked as a psychic for 35 years and heads the agency Psychic Sisters; she has a waiting list and travels internationally with clients. This year, she says, people have exposed more emotion and anxiety in their readings than at any other point in the past three decades.

Every crystal has a different voice. Blue stones are linked with communication; purple with stress and anxiety, yellow is money and turquoise represents protection. The darker, deeper the colour, the stronger the voice.

As I link in to the first quarter of 2021, the biggest question people have is health. I’m drawn totiger’s eye (a brown stone showing the need for grounding),rose quartz(pinks speak to matters of the heart, and the emotional impact of the virus) and green aventurine, which tells me that those first months are going to be stressful in terms of mental health. Make sure you have people around you who you love.

March through to June is about division in health, as well as realisation – understanding and accepting why some have suffered worse. Something about the quarter is showing overcaution, which feels intense, not always good. Heading into the third quarter there’ll be a new lockdown of some sort, a “slap” we will need to listen to.

Moving to the economy, I get green aventurine with dark, brown stones (tiger’s eye and black obsidian) and I’m coming to a divide. One side feels intense and will become successful: they will innovate, adapt, grow; the other side will decline. Mindset will be important. People must be focused.

Politics is also about darker brown stones. For the first four to five months, there will be weak structure. Reaction to politicians will remain divided. Around April-May, I see the same government but with fresh blood.

Autumn is a time where we will start to adapt and, as I link into the final quarter of the year, I’m getting clarity, clear quartz, light pastel stones, a time that will feel much lighter.

If 2020 has been about building a rocket ship, I liken 2021 to that ship taking off’

Dale Spencer Weekshas practised as a psychic numerologist and seer for nine years, reading the numerical energy of people and events by studying patterns between numbers and physical or emotional states. He is clairvoyant and clairaudient. Requests for his readings have increased by two-thirds this year, including 30-40% more men than usual; most are looking for guidance with jobs or relationships.

I get different feelings or vibrations from each number. In 2020, the earth has been walking through a four vibration – the number of shelter, rules, law and governments. It is the number of determination, reassessing, cause and effect, so the solid, pure vibrations of 2+0+2+0 were going to be intense.

We are entering a solid “five” year (2+0+2+1). If 2020 has been about building a rocket ship, I liken 2021 to that ship taking off. Five’s energy is mercurial, like pumping 1,000 volts through 100-volt wires. It’s going to be a huge year of change.

Weather events will be intense: storms and hurricanes. There will also be political unrest and missiles will fly. The world is going through a period of transformation and the vibe of 2021 is about expression and looking for freedom.

People will speak out in large groups and old norms will continue to come crashing down. But this huge political and social electricity means violence. The other side of this vibe is chaos – it is not only those with peaceful or progressive views who will seek to be heard.

February brings a seven vibration, a time when truth will be revealed. Medically, that could indicate wider availability of a vaccine. We may see revelations about the government.

March is an eight energy; it’s aggressive. I expect earthquakes and events in world financial markets. China, North Korea and Venezuela will be centre stage. In April, one or two hugely famous icons will die – one a white man and one a woman, an actress, artist or designer.

The changes won’t work in everyone’s favour. Ask yourself, “How can I adapt to what’s out there?” This will be a time to promote your own business. It’s a time for technical advancement in the media, innovation in tech, music and entertainment platforms.

If 2020 has been about deconstruction of social norms, we come out of a tunnel next year. But that isn’t our destination. Our destination is four or five years away, and it is somewhere bigger.

The last time these planets aligned was the Spanish flu and the Black Death’

Demian Allanis a teacher at the College of Psychic Studies in London, and has practisedwestern astrology for more than 20 years. He writes horoscopes and political astrology forecasts. In 2012, he published a book in which he predicted issues with healthcare and a time of momentous struggle in 2020.

Astrology is a bit like predicting the weather. We look at astrological patterns and return to history to see how we responded to previous cycles.

The last time Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto were in aspect of one another(meaning, their combined power had the capability to shape or manifest change), as they have been since the start of 2020, was at the time of the Spanish flu (100 years ago) and, before that, the Black Death (in the mid-1300s).

Pluto rules collective viruses; Jupiter rules expansion and travel overseas (a virus spreading across the world); and Saturn rules limitation, regulations and heavy responsibilities. This stellium – a group of planets clustered in a single zodiac sign, was there as the year began.

The planets trigger an emotional response in us, and 2020 has had a lot to do with fear of the unknown. On 23 March, for the first time in just over 29 years, Saturn briefly went into Aquarius (an air sign symbolising separateness, individuality) until July, as we socially distanced.But it wasn’t until the third week of November, as Jupiter and Pluto began to separate, that things really started to shift, ahead of the new year.

In the days leading up to Christmas, the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter that have been in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) for the past 250 years – starting with the rise of the Industrial Revolution – entered an air sign. This marks a major astrological moment, starting a new cycle, from a social perspective, lasting for the next 200 years.

We are entering a period of technological revolution in 2021 that will change jobs, education and how we interact, as well as the green revolution we have been on the verge of (a manifestation of strong Aquarian themes).

In September/October, the virtual world of smoke and mirrors that has come from Neptune (ruler of the nebulous) travelling in Pisces for the past decade, will bring new regulations around social media, following a turning point that we’ll be unable to ignore in May/June. Coronavirus is not going to disappear but Mars moves out of Taurus on 4 March, easing the general health picture.

In the run-up to 2020, people were already finding life difficult. In this country, we tend to try to engineer things back to the norm. We mustn’t do that in 2021. This is a transformative time and, under Pluto, will be until 2024/5. Do not hang on to old ways.

We will see the heavy dose of capitalism and materialism change. Social equality will be a mantra for the next 20 years.

‘This card is a wake-up call – it tells us not to bring the burdens of 2020 into 2021’

Tatianna Moraleshas been a tarot reader and holistic healer for six years. She uses a tarot deck and accesses the Akashic records (a spiritual store of every thought, idea or event that has occurred in universes past, present or future) to ask a series of questions, pulling a face-down card in answer to each. This year, she has seen a rise in clients wanting to connect with loved ones who have died, as well as people wanting to learn tarot themselves. Over Zoom, Tatiana responded to a series of questions about 2021 and explained the card that showed itself.

1. What are the final lessons that we can take from 2020 before we move on?
Card: The Ten of Wands. A man carries 10 sticks up a hill but does it inefficiently. The assumption is that he is going to build a fort, a home, but his load is excessive, and he can’t see where he’s going. This card is a wake-up call – it tells us not to bring the burdens of 2020 into 2021. It points to working smarter, not harder, to thinking more creatively and intellectually, not emotionally. It asks us to make amends with hardships and challenges. It speaks about laziness and procrastination, so if there’s something 2020 has taught you, whether it’s the importance of spending time with your family, focusing on health, organising finances or actualising a dream, address that.

2. What does the energy of 2021 hold for the collective?
Card: The Page of Swords. This card brings innovative solutions and ideas. It also asks you to think intellectually, not emotionally. It speaks about radical truths being revealed in society – the kind that rock the boat. It brings an energy of busyness, of research and strategy in 2021. It asks that if you are inspired to take up new studies, hobbies or find new income streams, you take action. It talks about unexpected assistance from government. It speaks to the economy, where communication, virtually, and in the arts, will take the lead.

3. Do we see the solution to Covid-19 arriving in the first quarter of 2021?
Card:The Magician. This speaks of commanding solutions. It is the energy of those who are relentless in their pursuit of solutions, of resourcefulness, cleverness. The answer is, “Absolutely, yes.”


2021 ACCORDING TO PSYCHICS: COVID-19 ends, families reunite, Neuralink takes off…and zombies?

UTAH (ABC4) – 2021. We made it.

While no one can say what 2021 will look like for certain, ABC4 spoke with a few local intuitives and turned to the readings of renowned psychic Nostradamus to get a glimpse of how they think the year will play out.

So while 2020 caught us by surprise, we want to go into the new year prepared. This is what these spiritual gurus have to say…

Utah Psychics | Nostradamus’ Predictions





Barrett shares that in 2021, the world will focus more on meaningful communication and communities will recognize the importance of interpersonal relationships.

Starting early spring, friends and families will come together and understand the deeper value of their perceived connection. Overall, relationships will improve greatly but then as the year progresses it will dwindle back down.


In regards to COVID-19, the vaccine will phase out the virus, and more individuals will attempt to assimilate back into society, Barrett believes.

The new strain will not greatly affect our communities as long as COVID-19 precautions are taken into consideration.

“The strain is nothing new and unusual,” shares Barrett.

A challenge going forward will be figuring out a new normal, however the challenge will be alleviated with gracious and opportunistic people.

Overall in 2021, COVID-19 will phase out and it will allow others to delve deeper into their interpersonal relationships and help those to finally perceive value in human connection, according to Barrett.


After 2-3 weeks of receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, individuals will yearn for seeking friends and families. Travel will then significantly increase across the nation as soon as early spring.


According to Barrett, Biden’s reign will not make any difference in anyone’s day-to-day life. People will continue on with their regular schedules and not much will change. Life will go on.

There will be a few conservative protests but the majority will continue on with their lives.


In 2020, big corporations (IG, ZOOM, FB, etc.) made moves to electronically connect individuals together, creating more of an ‘instant society’ and amplified their control over what people think, feel, say and/or do, says our local intuitive.

“As we get over the COVID season, we will continue to still see a-lot of that…But as we invest in more meaningful conversations, I see that degree of control lessening,” he shares.

In 2021, there will also be a rising fear of technological advances.

There will be people who do not understand the focal standpoints of the new developments, resulting in protests. In response, the government will then try to administer some sort of control over it.

Rin Barrett shares that Elon Musk’s Neuralink will also be successful in helping those who are inefficient in some way like someone’s who’s had a stroke, paralysis, or cognitive dissonance; fundamentally changing some people’s lives.

“We’re then going to start having discussions about what is really good, and what really isn’t and when are we playing God, and it will cause mass confusion,” he says. “Ultimately, the technology will roll out and it will do a lot of good in the world, and it will take time for some people to get used to the idea.”


According to Barrett, with remote work availability, individuals will be drawn closer to Utah.

Due to the state’s unique landscape, community, and culture, many people especially from the West Coast will flock to the city. The state’s population will then dramatically increase as the year goes on..

When asked about Spencer Cox and how his first year as Utah’s 18th Governor will turn out, the spiritual guru shares that most policies will remain the same.

“There will be minor changes, here and there, but overall there will be no major change in government,” Barrett concludes.





“We arrive at 2021 with the cards reflecting the tremendous shifts that so many have been calling for throughout 2020,” reads psychic Suzanne Wagner. “While there is much to do and many things to navigate, we are on a healing trajectory…It seems as if we are slowly coming to our senses.”

According to Wagner, this year the world will tilt away from insanity and lean towards the deep feelings and sensitivities that have been broken open in 2020s ‘atmosphere of deception and hate’.

Communities will gather and prioritize goodness.

“We are moving into a place where we have to regain moral control over an out
of control society. We will witness a tremendous amount of diplomacy, patience, and
endurance to appease those whose hearts hold so much rage and hate still,” she adds.


According to Wagner, 2021 will bring people back to their center; individuals are beginning to realize that for the last 12 months they were the problem but now also the solution.

Pulling the card with the Mayan glyph, Cib, Wagner reads; “Cib represents the mystical emissary of solar consciousness. He brings wisdom by ushering in grace. Cib teaches trust. The type of trust where you learn to become one with the path that you are on.”

Wagner emphasizes that in 2021, people will be able to reconnect to their highest self and begin to gain confidence and trust in their own thoughts and abilities without the help of others.

“Cib teaches that the path is not ‘out there’ but inside you. That is the only perfect path. It is about trusting what your heart tells you rather than words on a page, voices of influence, or laws of the land,” she shares. “Your spirit knows the way. All we have to do is to learn to follow that energy and let it lead us through our own karmic maze and into a more enlightened state of being.”


In regards to numerology, Wagner’s insights share that 2021 is the year of feminine power with the number 5. She informs that the number is associated with the mysteries of healing, teaching, and the feminine arts.

“In many traditions, this is the number of self-sacrifice. Often healing requires us to ‘let go’ of perceptions and beliefs that are causing more harm than good,” Wagner tells.

“In the most positive sense, this number is about helping others, healing each other and the planet, and recognizing that to make big shifts we need to work together,” she reads. “In the negative, this number will trigger some to move into selfish resistance and refuse to change. Stubbornness is the way they intend to hold onto power and feel strong in a rapidly changing world.”

The number 5 goes on to inform that 2021 will highly focus on reconnecting back to Earth.

“This number will help us reclaim our stewardship role in protecting and stabilizing this planet rather than the old barbaric ways of ownership, destruction, and using up the essential resources that keep us alive,” Wagner says.

The spiritual guru also adds that the 5 represents a health crisis year and if we don’t prioritize our planet’s well-being, the ‘disease’ will not disappear.

“I do believe that a vaccine will be more available to the masses from June 2021 forward. And that is a very good thing. But I also believe that we may never completely get rid of Covid and just like the flu, we will get a flu and Covid shot each year until we reach some point when I do believe it will
disappear of its own accord,” she tells. “I think this disease is a wakeup call for the survival of the planet and when the planet is in better balance this disease will seem to evaporate.”


As we begin to embark on the new year, Suzanne Wagner shares her intuition for January.

“The Princess of Wands repeats and sets a tone for January. And that tone is “higher learning”. While this card is about grounded fire, for some that means it is time to get a job done. But also a warning that there is cunning and deception beneath the fiery flow,” she reads. “This card gives a hopeful enthusiasm to many but it can make those that operate from a place of shallowness and self-importance… highly aggressive.”

Wagner goes on to say that on Jan. 20, there will be many unprecedented problems squaring off.

“Be warned the Inauguration Day is going to be one for the record books. There will be those who intend to create smoke bombs to confuse and conflate in this era of transition. Some refuse to ‘go quietly into the night’,” she warns. “There are those that want to feel the nebulousness of this event to further support the belief in an unfair election.”

According to the cards, the only way to play the first quarter of 2021 is to be patient, trust the universal flow, know that the time of Aquarius has arrived and those that don’t want it to be true will have to bend the knee to this new reality that cannot and will not be stopped.  

If there is a theme this year it is “Accountability and Consequence”. 

Wagner tells ABC4 that in 2021, many will need to become realistic with their expectations and recognize that there is a long and very hard road ahead filled with obstacles intended to thwart all forward progress.

“In 2020, our job was just about keeping it all together,” she shares. “We have survived and we should be very proud of that.”


What is Nostradamus saying about 2021?

According to Nostradamus, 2021 will be packed with events that will forever shape the future of humanity.

Nostradamus, born in the 16th century, also best known for his book Les Prophéties, would express prophecies in verses, called quatrains. Many of his predictions later illustrating the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, and the Second World War.

The famous prophecizer shares that in 2021, a scientist will create a biological weapon and produce a virus that can turn humankind into zombies (as interpreted by astrologists).

“Few young people: half−dead to give a start. Dead through spite, he will cause the others to shine, And in an exalted place some great evils to occur: Sad concepts will come to harm each one, Temporal dignified, the Mass to succeed. Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows, Women in mourning, the pestilent she−monster: The Great One to be no more, all the world to end.”

He also goes on to say that great solar storms will impact Earth causing water to rise and grounds to fall underneath. According to analysts, this quatrain is interpreted as California experiencing devasting blows.

“The sloping park, great calamity, Through the Lands of the West and Lombardy The fire in the ship, plague, and captivity; Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading.”

To read more of Nostradamus’ predictions click here.

However the year may turn out, we at ABC4 are determined to make the best of the circumstances and continue to be #There4U.

**Predictions for 2021 are not based on factual evidence, but are insights shared by local and international psychics***

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What, if Anything, Can Psychics Tell Us About All of This?

Demand for their services has illuminated another kind of health crisis.

A few weeks before the U.S. presidential election, Zulema Hormaeche, a tarot reader in Los Angeles, chose a card to reflect the state of the nation. It was the one that depicts a tall building struck by lightning, with flames bursting from the top and occupants leaping to their deaths.

“The Tower,” she said, “is the end of a system as we know it, the end of an era as we know it.”

Ms. Hormaeche has an intimate understanding of the ways this year upended people’s lives and sapped their optimism. She has peered into a huge number of homes during virtual consultations. Her clients tell her they are eating and drinking more, and that they feel desperately lonely. And sometimes they mention even more troubling details. One client, she said, described a dream in which she harmed her children.

“All of us are feeling the fear of everybody,” Ms. Hormaeche said, and that fear, coupled with uncertainty about when it might abate, has caused demand for spiritual guidance to soar. According to data from Yelp, interest in businesses in the somewhat niche “Supernatural Readings” category more than doubled in April. Keen, an online marketplace for psychics, has reported a steep rise in customers.

These consultations function almost as armchair counseling sessions: clients can open up and have their thoughts reflected back at them through a nonscientific — even mystical — lens. And while there is good reason to doubt the material of psychic readings (the mystical realm being inherently unknowable, or at least, endlessly interpretable), these consultations provide comfort for some.

James Alcock, a professor of psychology at York University in Canada, who has spent his career looking at belief systems and debunking scientific studies of the paranormal, said he is unsurprised (albeit concerned) by the appeal of such services. “If you look throughout history, whenever there has been some sort of upheaval or some sort of collective anxiety in society, interest in psychics has shot up,” he said.

“The reason is simple,” Mr. Alcock continued. “People experience a lack of control and anxiety. We’d all like the pandemic to end.” And without definitive answers from scientists, physicians or elected officials, people are turning to more spurious sources for reassurance.

A Growing Online Market

Online psychic marketplaces have been around for decades, though many of the businesses that host them didn’t begin with overt ties to the occult. Purple Ocean, which opened in 2016, was a spinoff of a site originally intended for nutritionists; Keen opened in 1999 as an online marketplace for live advice. As they grew larger, those sites began to embrace psychic services.

Warren Heffelfinger, who has worked in operations in many industries, joined Ingenio, Keen’s parent company, as C.E.O. seven years ago. The site offers clients more than a glimpse of the future, he said: “They come for prediction, but stay for ongoing counseling and therapy.”

Lynn Bufka, the associate executive director for practice research and policy at the American Psychological Association, said that trained therapists were better equipped to talk to clients about mental health. “We have a license to uphold the health and well-being and safety of the individuals that we serve,” she said. “And there’s an accountability.”

But Mr. Heffelfinger isn’t concerned; he sees the trend of consulting psychics as part of a broader secular movement. In recent decades, institutional religion has declined; more than a quarter of U.S. adults now say they think of themselves as spiritual but not religious.

And a surprising number of people say they’ve consulted fortune tellers: 1 in 5 Americans, according to a YouGov survey published in 2017. People go to psychics for all kinds of fanciful services, like palm and aura readings, astrological consultations, cartomancy, mediumship and animal communication. In 2019, the market research firm IBISWorld reported that those businesses had a combined revenue of $2.2 billion.

Even before the pandemic, the business, like so many others, was shifting online. In 2019, consumers spent nearly $40 million on the top 10 U.S. psychic and astrology apps, compared to $24 million the previous year, according to the app research firm Sensor Tower. And demand for services that support emotional well-being (such as counseling and wellness apps) has grown over a year of profound loss and collective anxiety.

“All of this opens up a tremendous amount of new business,” Mr. Heffelfinger said. Nine of Keen’s 10 highest revenue days during its 20-year history happened during the pandemic.

The Upsides of Remote Readings …

For many, performing readings by phone or computer has been a boon. Nicole Bowman, a psychic in Miami who charges $4.49 a minute on Keen, initially honed her skills in shops and bookstores, but she gets the appeal of anonymous platforms.

She prefers the telephone for technical reasons: “Phone sessions allow me to get into a more meditative state.” Its also works better for clients who feel “fidgety” or “nervous” during the session. She said that in her consultations, “the bulk of what I do is empowerment.”

Michael Wamback and Krista Schwimmer, who perform readings in Venice, Calif., are nearing 60 and take the risks of the coronavirus seriously. “I don’t want to end up dying just to do a reading,” Mr. Wamback, 58, said.

These days, they can schedule readings between running errands and looking after their birds, Lily, a crow, and Sister Claire, a dove. (They often swoop across the screen during consultations.) Mr. Wamback has enjoyed using virtual tarot decks; physical decks can lose their uniformity over time, and he worries he might subconsciously choose one card over another. (“I think you can cheat,” he said.)

Before the pandemic, the couple had been thinking of going digital. Not only did they want the freedom to travel, but the Mystic Journey Bookstore in Santa Monica, where they had worked for 20 years, was cutting shifts. The bookshop had more than $1 million in revenue in 2018, said the shop’s owner, Jeffrey Segal, but the rent was rising and they needed to downsize.

Covid-19 forced the couple’s hand. “In the long run, it will be very beneficial,” Mr. Wamback said. “In the short term, it’s a little chaotic.” The clients are fewer, but the readings often last longer. “They’re a bit bored and lonely and just want someone to talk to,” he said. Otherwise, their clients don’t follow a type: “Everyone and anyone — the janitor to the C.E.O., and everyone in between, therapists, strippers.”

Despite the overwhelming number of shared challenges of this year, “the questions really haven’t changed a lot,” Mr. Wamback said of those who consult him. Love and relationships dominate, though they’re filtered through the lens of social distancing. Clients have been asking about their jobs, but it doesn’t compare to 2008. “People felt more hopeless during the recession,” Mr. Wamback said. “They sort of see the virus as just a short-term complication.”

… and the Downsides

Thomas Rabeyron, a professor of clinical psychology and psychopathology at the University of Lorraine in France, recently published the results of a study on a group of 60,000 students during lockdown, where he found marked increases in depression, anxiety and post traumatic symptoms. He compared it to the aftermath of 9/11: the constant warnings of an invisible threat have wreaked havoc on mental health.

Though he is a scientist first, Mr. Rabeyron also conducts research on the paranormal. “Psychics are barometers of social anxiety,” he said.

While consultations can feel very therapeutic, he said, these online marketplaces are full of fraudsters, looking to trick vulnerable clients out of their money. “These people are dangerous,” Mr. Rabeyron said. “Anyone can be a psychic, it’s expensive, it’s the industrialization of clairvoyance.” He thinks limits on how much clients can spend should be mandatory on these sites.

Though Mr. Heffelfinger, of Keen, insists safety is a priority, he declined to say how exactly the site vets its psychics. “I’d love to share with you,” he said, “but maybe if I did, the bad guys would figure out how to get on our platform.”

Fraud and scams are undoubtedly a danger, particularly now. In September, the A.A.R.P.’s Helpline reported receiving at least one or two weekly calls from victims of psychic fraudsters compared to one complaint every couple of months in the past.

Even Mr. Wamback, who relies on videoconferencing technology to work, is critical of the platforms, which he refers to as “psychic sweatshops.” Ms. Bowman, on the other hand, is more skeptical of psychics who haunt the neon signs and small storefronts of New York City. (She’s not the only one; in New York, performing a psychic reading under pretenses other than entertainment is a class B misdemeanor, and those convicted of fraud can face multiple years in prison.)

“All you need is a handful of desperate people,” she said.

Bridging the Counseling Gap

In recent years technology has opened up new possibilities for counseling, in addition to traditional talk therapy. Apps that feature consultations with professionals and self-guided thought exercises have reached a wider population, and the evolving view that mental health is simply health has reduced some of the stigma around seeking help. The pandemic has only caused demand for such services to rise.

But instead of seeking out mental health professionals, some sufferers have looked to psychics. Mr. Alcock, the psychology professor, is worried they are using these sessions to make important life decisions. “People ask specific questions sometimes,” he said. “This gets really serious when people ask for medical advice.”

Indeed, equating therapists and psychics places a global mental health crisis in the hands of people with no training. And while many different kinds of counselors — religious, spiritual and mystical among them — may be able to help with temporary bouts of anxiety and depression, only health care professionals have the adequate qualifications to treat chronic conditions and more dangerous disorders like schizophrenia.

Dr. Bufka emphasized that people experiencing distress should reach out to professionals: “Whether it’s going to be a psychologist or other kind of mental health professional, social worker, counselor, primary care provider or a psychiatrist — somebody who has training in mental health concerns and understands what those are, and has expertise in how to best treat and address those problems.”

Mr. Rabeyron believes there are some benefits to nonpsychological consultations, like helping people carry out mourning rites in a new way, or simply listening. He said that clients may decide to consult a professional after talking to a reader.

“When it goes well, it can be an entry point into a process of self-examination,” Mr. Rabeyron said.

Therapy can appear daunting at the outset. The need for multiple sessions can also be a deterrent, along with the possibility of diagnosis or medicalization. “Some people are less frightened of psychics than doctors or psychologists,” Mr. Rabeyron said.

Still, there’s no match for a trained professional. Ms. Hormaeche, who also works as a nurse’s assistant, is used to dealing with vulnerable people, but she is receiving calls that are beyond her expertise. (The uptick could be due to the immense stress of the moment, but there have also been reports of a small number of Covid-19 patients experiencing psychotic symptoms, hearing voices and developing paranoia.)

She mentioned a new client who said he was hearing voices that were encouraging violence. She told him only a doctor could help him; she has not heard from the young man since.

“I hope to God he got some help, but that made the hair on my neck go up,” she said.


Psychic who predicted Covid sees new Royal baby and Charles won't be king

A psychic who saw the Covid-19 pandemic coming during a hospital worker’s reading in 2018 is now warning of everything from political scandals to a world war in the years ahead.

Former bingo caller and hotel singer Roxanne Furnival, 35, sees us paying-off our lockdown loans for 30 years, as well as forecasting an immediate future filled with civil unrest.

Predicting that sexual shenanigans will upset the world of reality TV, divorcee Roxanne, a mum of two, of Torquay, Devon, sees success and happiness for TOWIE’s Gemma Collins and another baby for Prince Harry and Meghan.

Roxanne became a professional psychic in April 2017 (Collect/PA Real Life).

She said: “I was doing a reading for a woman who worked at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in May 2018 and I realised there was going to be a major change in her job.

“I could see everyone wearing masks. There was pandemonium and I thought there was going to be a terrorist attack.

“But then, in January 2019, I had an overwhelming feeling of dread. That’s when I knew the pandemic was coming.”

She added: “I started to see a black cloud engulfing the world and I began to panic about my children and my mortality. It was terrifying.

“Then, as I watched the news in January about Covid-19 in China, I just knew that was what I’d been seeing.”

Always able to see into the future, after her divorce in April 2013, following the breakdown of her marriage, Roxanne, who is single, decided to hone her psychic gift by training properly – joining a Tarot course in her local area.

During lockdown Roxanne slashed her prices to help people in need (Collect/PA Real Life).

By the time she was 30, she had turned her life around – quitting her hospitality role and launching her alternative and holistic health service, Spiritually Being, through which she also gives psychic readings, the following year.

She said: “Women especially have a change in chakras – the energy centres in the body – when they turn 30. It’s one of the monumental birthdays and can cause real change.

“I left my husband in April 2013 after nine months of marriage, when I was only 27. It was a tough time, but it’s always in tough times that spirits come to us.”

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She added: “The visions became really strong when I hit the milestone birthday of 30 and, after enrolling on some courses, I started to read professionally and launched Spiritually Being in April 2017”

Now Roxanne, who normally charges £25 for readings, but gave them at a reduced rate throughout the lockdowns “so as to help as many people as possible” gives a pessimistic vision of what lies ahead.

She said: “I wouldn’t book any holidays until the summer of 2022 or 2023.”

Roxanne predicted Covid-19 in May 2018 (Collect/PA Real Life).

She added: “I think Freedom Day will happen, but not as we envisaged it. I get a vision that we’ll still have restrictions for at least the next two years.

“I definitely see another Covid wave coming in December time, too. I don’t see another lockdown in our future, but I do see continued restrictions.”

“I also think there’s going to be a lot of change and a lot of civil unrest.”

She added: “We’re all going to have to be kind and take care of each other over the next few years, as we’re going to be paying the price of Covid for a long time.”

According to her visions, there will be some relief to the gloom in August.

She said: “August is going to be the best month to do things. I don’t see a heatwave, but I see warm weather, less rain and everything being more open.”

Roxanne predicts August will be full of joy and happiness (Collect/PA Real Life).

She added: “If you’re going to book anything, or go away, I think August is the safest bet. It’ll be a real party atmosphere on the streets.”

Economically, her forecast is less rosy, as she sees us being dogged by Covid debts which our children will still be paying off decades into the future.

“It’s going to take 30 years to recover from the effects of the pandemic,” she warned.”

She added: “I see a lot of conspiracy theories gaining support and a general feeling of injustice taking over the country.

“I predict there will be riots and a lot of civil unrest. It’s going to be a trying time and I warn people to be mindful of their actions.”

She also sees some seismic developments in UK politics, the Royal Family and even on Love Island.

Boris Johnson (Oli Scraff/PA)

“There’s a lot hanging in the balance, but I have a strong feeling that something is going to happen that means Boris won’t win the next election,” she said.

“I see upheaval. But I also see new politicians emerging. I see a new party coming out of the shadows, a party that until now we haven’t paid a lot of attention to.

“I see a strong woman. It’s definitely a female leading next.”

As well as seeing another baby for Harry and Meghan, Roxanne predicts William becoming King sooner than he expects to.

“I see another girl in Harry and Meghan’s future. There are definitely three children with them in my visions,” she said.

“I don’t see Kate and William having another, though.”

Harry and Meghan (Yui Mok/PA)

She added: “I see a lot of rivalry between William and Harry, but in time, I see their relationship mending – although it might not be for another decade.”

And while she sees Harry and Meghan attending the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations next year, she sees them being seated to one side – away from the major players in the Royal Family.

“I see them attending, but they’ll be seated to the side. I don’t see them included in the inner circle,” she said.

She added: “I think they are going to be kept at arm’s length for a long time.

“Harry’s found his voice through Meghan, which is brilliant, but I’m concerned it’s too much for him. I see him struggling in the future with this.”

Most controversially, Roxanne sees the throne being passed directly to Prince William and not to Prince Charles.

Harry and Meghan (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

“I don’t see Charles becoming King,” she said.

“I see the crown being passed to William. I’m not sure how this will evolve, but I see Charles stepping aside to let William lead. I don’t know if that’s his choice, or someone else’s, but I don’t see him on the throne.”

Meanwhile, in showbusiness circles, she sees TOWIE’s Gemma Collins having a year bringing great wealth, while a Love Island scandal is going to leave the UK public shaken.

Gemma Collins (Matt Crossick/PA)

“I see a lot of reality star scandals over the next year. But I see a lot of positivity for Gemma Collins, who I see succeeding in a current project which may be health-related,” she said.

But for Love Island, she forecasts some turmoil ahead.

“I see a big scandal involving a woman, ” she said. “I see a situation, about a relationship that is going to put a lot of media pressure on her and affect her mental health. I think we need to take care of the contestants this year.”

She added: “I see a love match, but I don’t see it lasting.”

Lastly, Roxanne predicts a decade of wild weather and UK floods, as well as unsettling global politics – with a world war looming,

“I see a conflict with China brewing,” she said.

“I get a feeling that over the next few years there will be conflict there. I feel there’s a lot of unresolved anger between leaders and I don’t see that defusing.”

More to come? Roxanne foresees “a lot of devastation by floods” (Owen Humphreys/PA)

She added: “I don’t see another pandemic for a long time. Instead, I see civil unrest and a lot of flooding for the UK.

“Global warming is going to pay a large part in our future. I see storms, maybe small hurricanes and a lot of devastation by floods.”

But, despite trusting her visions, Roxanne says people can still change the future by being mindful of what it could hold.

She said: “I think to avoid some of the predictions people need to keep calm and be mindful of others.

“It’s not all doom and gloom – there are also bright days ahead.

“August is going to be joyful and we will find happiness as we reconnect after lockdown.”

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