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Harry/Hermione is the romantic pairing of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in the Harry Potterfandom.


As the Harry Potter fandom took off after the release of Goblet of Fire, Harry/Hermione was one of the two major shipping factions. Early communities such as Harry Potter for GrownUps had endless debates about whether Harry/Hermione or Ron/Hermione (and sometimes Harry/Ginny) would become canon. These debates generally bred ill will between the opposing sides and sometimes deteriorated into flamewars. In order to escape the ship wars, many fans created pairing-specific communities and archives.

The H/H-versus-R/H ship war continued past the publication of Order of the Phoenix and came to a climax with the publication of Half-Blood Prince in , the book that canonizedHarry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. A post-HBP interview with J.K. Rowling further angered those who thought Harry/Hermione would become canon: interviewer Emerson Spartz called H/Hr shippers "delusional" and Rowling implied that they had missed "anvil-sized" hints from the first five books.[1]

There was so much wank involving the ship and its die-hard shippers that fandom_wank eventually banned all H/Hr wank and a separate community, hp_cornfield, was created for it.

Many fans of Harry/Hermione felt vindicated when, in a interview with Emma Watson, Rowling acknowledged that "in some ways Hermione and Harry are a better fit" than Ron and Hermione, and that she had "felt this quite strongly" in Deathly Hallows when Harry and Hermione were alone in the tent.[2] Rowling had previously discussed the "real pull between them" in the tent during a conversation with Steve Kloves, in which she called the film-only dance scene "perfect" and "completely true to the character."[3]


  • Harmony (a.k.a. HMS Harmony) - A popular name for the ship. It's a pseudo-portmanteau of the names "Harry" and "Hermione".
  • Pumpkin Pie - Another name for the pairing. Comes from an early story by Narri, in which Hermione kisses Harry and he tastes like pumpkin pie.
  • Harmonian - Originally just a name for someone who supports "HMS Harmony," it has come to refer specifically to a particular type of die-hard Harry/Hermione shippers, especially ones who insisted that H/Hr was going to become canon and everyone else was interpreting the books incorrectly. Sometimes spelt "Harmoanian" to emphasize their wankiness.

Common Tropes

  • Post-War - Post-war fics usually carry on after the Battle of Hogwarts and portray how the characters live their adult lives without the threat of Voldemort looming over their heads. A related trope to this is Epilogue, What Epilogue? (EWE) which are Post-War fics which completely disregard the events of “Nineteen Years Later.”
  • Time-Travel - Especially “fix-it” fics where Harry and/or Hermione go back in time either alone, or with each other, to fix the present.
  • Weasley Bashing - Especially of Ron, Ginny, and Molly but often the entire Weasley clan. However, Fred and George are often exempt from Weasley bashing, often siding with Harry and Hermione over their mother and siblings.
  • Hermione and Ron date, but then break up - Sometimes with a dose of Weasley bashing in the form of Ron being unfaithful and/or evil. Alternatively, Ron is often dead.
  • Pining


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Art Gallery

  • Good Butterbeer, Better Friends‎ by Asha

  • Good Company by Asha

  • Return to Godrics Hollow by Asha

  • Riding on Clouds by Asha

  • The Space Between by Asha

  • Still, No One Noticed a Thing by Asha

  • Tell Me Good Morning by Asha

  • You're my Best Friend by Asha

  • Happy Christmas by Ayumi-NB

  • It's The Magic by Ayumi-NB

  • Harry and Hermione by LittleSeaSparrow

  • Heavy Ride by Miss-Ai-sensei

Communities & Resources

  • H/Hr H.M.S Harmony, a Harry/Hermione Discord Server [1]
  • PumpkinPie.org, a Harry/Hermione fansite (defunct)
  • Subtle Signs[2], a Harry/Hermione fansite
  • Portkey.org, a fanfiction archive for Harry/Hermione as well as James/Lily, Draco/Ginny, and Ron/Luna
  • Friendship, Bravery, and Love, a Harry/Hermione ship manifesto by goldy_dollar, written in March
  • HarryLovesHermione.com, a HHr fansite
  • SenseandSensibility.org, a HHr fansite
  • /r/HPharmony[3], a HHr subreddit
  • Harmony & Co (+18)[4], a HHr Facebook Group

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Harry Potter: The Best Harry/Hermione Ship Memes

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one brimming with brilliant characters and their relationship possibilities, and the shipping of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger has long been the subject of debate for fans. There are those who love the idea of the two together as a couple, the "Harmony" and "Harmione" shippers, and those who see them as nothing more than a supportive platonic relationship.

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Although Harry ends up with Ginny and Hermione with Ron, fans can't help but create their own content, fan fiction, memes, and text posts about what could have been between The Chosen One and The Brightest Witch of Her Age.

10 Goblet Of Fire Book Expectations Vs Movie Reality

Movies that stick closely to the books are mostly winners in the eyes of fans, but they always miss something. In the case of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, some small details concerning Harry and Hmerione's interactions were either omitted or changed in the film.

In the novel, there are more intimate moments between the two. For example, Hermione bringing Harry breakfast because she knows he doesn't want to sit in the Great Hall with the entire school, and Hermione teaching Harry the summoning charm for the first challenge. Although Harry's reaction to Hermione's Yule Ball entrance wasn't exactly a jaw drop, it was definitely adorable. As chazhhrmemes points out, there was the expectation and then there was the reality.

9 Hermione's Laugh

Harry and Hermione are best friends - two of The Golden Trio. Great romance finds its roots in friendship -  first liking the person and then loving them. Harry and Hermione supported each other through their ups and downs, bonded over their muggle upbringing, gave each other advice concerning almost all of their experiences and challenges, respected each other, and had natural chemistry.

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They warmed each other emotionally with their presence. Slick-as-hell's textpost here brings up Harry's fight against Voldemort's possession in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and how Hermione was there for him, fighting for him, even if she didn't know it, and all it took was the thought of her.

8 The Missed Opportunity

Shippers of Harry and Hermione knew it all along and saw all the signs, and yet, Hermione and Harry weren't endgame. Even after the books were finished and the films released, "Harmione" fans stood strong. And years later, they were told that what they wanted actually should have been what happened.

When even J.K. Rowling admitted that they should have ended up together, it's almost like a win, but as isabellekillian mentions, it's a bittersweet one.

7 So Close Yet So Far

There are seven Harry Potter novels in the series: seven books of content, descriptions, moments. To a fan who loves a couple that isn't canon, this makes for seven books of opportunity. Harry and Hermione had plenty of "Harmione" moments in the last two books of the series, especially when it came to their time hunting for Horcruxes.

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If J.K. Rowling hadn't been writing with Hermione and Ron in mind, the last two books would have been crucial to Harry and Hermione's relationship. Chazhhrmemes summarizes this with, "We were on the verge of greatness. We were this close." Harry and Hermione's friendship was capable of easily transitioning to something more, as their friendship was already on the brink of being romantic, for many reasons.

6 Hermione Noticed

Hermione and Harry's relationship is one of mutual adoration, admiration, and respect. The two are attentive to the small actions and differences of the other. When Harry's scar irritated him, Donnastroy points out that Hermione noticed and she was the only one who did.

Hermione saw something was affecting her friend and she didn't brush it off. The books and films are full of these moments - small instances of connection that only the two share.

5 Right Order Of The Universe

Fanfics are an extension of any universe. It allows for a fan's imagination to go wild, where anything is possible. Fleshed-out characters are given endless scenarios and fans write their own stories, expand on given moments in the series, and use gifs and stills from the films to make all their shipping dreams possible.

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To many, "Harmione" feels natural - more natural than Harry and Ginny or Hermione and Ron. Petiteetgamine uses Harry's reaction to Hermione at the Yule Ball to justify their feelings.

4 Harry Noticed

The fight against the troll is one of the earliest and most pivotal moments for The Golden Trio. When Harry and Ron first meet on the train, there is an instant connection, but their friendship with Hermione needed a push in the right direction.

They couldn't see how brilliant she was, especially Ron. But it was Harry who thought of her at the crucial moment, Harry who saw the possible danger she was in. His mind went to her when the panic of a troll overtook the school and its students. Hms-harmony-discord quotes the Philosopher's Stone text, showing that Harry was the only one who noticed.

3 Fanciable

When Harry became Quidditch Captain in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, he didn't understand why so many people were attending the trials to get on the team. Hermione's response? "It's not Quidditch that's popular, it's you! You've never been more interesting and, frankly, you've never been more fanciable."

At that moment, Ron "gagged on a large piece of kipper." Ron expresses his jealousy several times throughout the novels and films in subtle ways, but it was the Horcrux that finally broke him, making him further suspicious of Harry and Hermione's close bond. Chazhhrmemes uses this popular meme format for this easy-to-forget yet canon "Harmione" scene.

2 Harry & Hermione

Emotions that cannot be placed into words find their home in music. Slytherinfiction gives this incredibly beautiful piece called "Harry and Hermione," by Nicholas Hooper its rightful attention.

The instrumental song transcends what could be seen in Harry and Hermione's relationship - the ethereal tones, the harp, the wistful longing, the great tragedy, the harmony of the simple notes, and subtle extremes of depth and fragility. It's a friendship of support, a relationship on the brink of romance if it was written to be so, and a shared longing for someone else they cannot have.

1 The Dance

The dance scene between Harry and Hermione inside the tent after Ron left wasn't in the novel, but it was something Rowling approved of in the film. For "Harmione" shippers it was a gorgeous moment that showed their doomed chemistry - two characters whose stories were already written, yet their pull towards each other too difficult to deny.

As Chazhhrmemes shows here, "Harmione" shippers were loving the moment, while canon shippers looked on in cringing bewilderment.

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Harmony/ Harrmione

Asked by: xenia_iliopoulou2
Who: Harry & Hermione
Rating : 10,/10

I Ship it so damn hard, they are absolutely made for each other; I have no words, to Describe.

Yes, Hermione and Ron get together in the end; but I believe that's a Subcontious thought in
J.K.Rowling, What if I ended up with my ex?

But as J.K.Rowling said Herself, Harry is like her Husband; and Hermione is associated with, J.K.Rowling herself.

Harry and Hermione Would have been an Amazing Fit, if they weren't focused on their Friendship; J.K.Rowling even had Harry and Hermione's Relationship so close, but because Harry was Independent Hermione spent her alone time with Ron.

If Hermione, and Harry put down their Friendship; they would have been an an Amazing couple like J.K.Rowling and her recent Husband.

I have nothing against Ginny or Ron with their Respective partners in the books or Movies, but I will always Ship HarryxHermione.

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/harry-potter-ship-book-harmony-harrmione


Status of Relationship

Best Friends

Also Known As

H.M.S. Pumpkin Pie, Harmione

For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron
&#;JK Rowling[1]

Harmony is the het ship between Harry Potter and Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter fandom.


Though Harry and Ron initially found Hermione Granger stuck-up and arrogant, the three became best friends after Harry and Ron saved her from a troll in their first year, and she in turn lied to keep them from getting in trouble. Her quick mind was at times the only thing that saved the three friends from potential failure in both life-threatening and every-day situations.

Hermione was always with Harry and was fiercely protective of him, from snapping at Lavender Brown when she doubted Harry's claim that Lord Voldemort had returned, to interceding when Dolores Umbridge was about to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry. Hermione stood by Harry even when Ron doubted him during the Triwizard Tournament, accepting his story "without question," and when Ron temporarily left them in , despite her own romantic feelings for Ron. Harry, for his part, was quick to defend Hermione against Cho Chang, Draco Malfoy, and others who insulted her, and protected her physically on instinct in dangerous places.

Though their friendship remained entirely platonic, at times their closeness engendered jealousy or curiosity in others, especially those who had feelings for one or the other, including Cho Chang, Viktor Krum, and even Ron. When the two were briefly alone together during the search for the Horcruxes, Harry and Hermione experienced some "charged moments," in which the two "shared something very intense"; however, Harry remained devoted to Ginny.

As Harry himself described, Hermione was one of two of his best friends. It could be further said she was like his older sister, protective and always trying to keep him in line. The two were also close enough to share their feelings with one another before sharing those feelings with their significant other. Through Hermione's marriage to Ron Weasley, and through Harry's marriage to Ginny, Hermione became his sister-in-law, as well as the aunt and godmother of his children.


You're a great wizard Harry, you really are.
&#;Hermione, Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone.
You're brilliant, Hermione, truly!
I'm scared for you.
&#;Hermione about Harry.
I'll go with you.
&#;Hermione to Harry.
I wish you were here, Hermione.
You're my best friend, Harry.
One of my best friends is Muggle-Born. She's the best in our year.
&#;Harry about Hermione.


Although H/Hr is not canon, it still has quite a few shippers. H/Hr shippers tend to be rivals with R/Hr and H/G shippers and, although they do not have as large as a shipper base as they did when the books were unfinished, they have not given up and continue their "insurgency" against the established canon pairings.


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  • J.K. Rowling, after concluding the series, commented that, in comparison to Ron/Hermione, "in some ways Hermione and Harry are a better fit."[1]
  • The ship is also called H/H, H/Hr, HPHG, H.M.S. Pumpkin Pie, or Harmione in some communities.
  • A vocal Harry/Hermione shipper tends to be called a Harmonian.
  • The combinations of the ships Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna and Neville/Ginny is called S.S. Dumbledore's Army.




Why Harry & Hermione Should Be Together Harry Potter Theory

Why Harry & Hermione Should Be Together Harry Potter Theory

Harry & Hermione Silhouette

Harry & Hermione Silhouette

We are friends.

We are friends.

Harry & Hermione Skinny love

Harry & Hermione Skinny love

All I Want Harry & Hermione

All I Want Harry & Hermione

Say Something Harry+Hermione (THC)

Say Something Harry+Hermione (THC)

Together Harry&Hermione

Together Harry&Hermione

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Harry ship harmony potter

{Okay, gonna stop now

{Okay, gonna stop nowlol}

Harry Potter & Hermione Granger


This was my first Ever Harry Potter ship since the first book/movie.

"THEY ARE LIKE BROTHER AND SISTER!" I hear readers shouting.

I'm sorry but not to me, they could have gone that way, and I truly believe it. They had Chemistry, and knew what the other was thinking. They were practically side by side all the time. I think if Harry didn't spend time alone and Hermione spent more time with Harry than Ron i think it would have changed. Even the author agreed Harry was a better fit for Hermione.

"So, I think it could have gone that way." ~J.K.Rowling

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/harry-potter-ships-%E2%99%A1-harmony-harmione-%E2%99%A1
[Harry Potter] Harmione edits 💓

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