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Take control of your favorite team(s) and simulate what a version of the 2022 NFL Draft could look like. Perhaps you are going to control the Bears in a 3-round mock draft, or you are going to control every team in a 1-round mock draft simulation. The choice is yours!

When signed in, your mock will be saved for you to always reference at a later time, or to share with a friend. If you choose not to sign in, then don't fear, your mock will still be saved, however it will be deactivated 7 days later.


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  • Select the team(s) you will be drafting for:

  • Select the year you want to draft:

    *Draft Order not final

    *Team Needs may not be accurate

  • Select the number of rounds you will be drafting:

  • Select your preferred draft order:

    *Compensatory Picks have not been announced yet

  • Select the speed the picks will be drafted:

  • Select what type of draft you'd like to have:

  • Select what type of trading you want:

  • You are not currently signed in. If you want your mock draft to be saved permanantly, sign in now!


Getting Started

Fanspo's Draft Simulator allows you to experience the excitement of NBA draft night for yourself. Go through what NBA front offices do on draft night and make player selections for your own team or multiple teams. Just like with Fanspo's trade machine, you will be able to share your creation with the world by using the custom generated link after saving your mock draft. Others who visit this link can leave a comment on it and give it a rating. By saving your mock draft it will also be featured on the mock drafts page.

Select the number of picks you would like to choose (14 - Lottery, 30 - First Round, or if you're brave 60 - Full Draft).

The draft order you select will determine the order teams select in.

By selecting a draft board, the order of the available players will shift depending on where they rank on that particular board. If you create and save your own draft board, you will be able to use it here.

Please reach out to support if you have questions or feedback!

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Selected Medal Details

All 2021 Medals

  • Golden Touch
    Golden Touch

    Have a player that's new to your roster this week score a touchdown.

    Football 2021 - League 687
  • The Underdog
    The Underdog

    According to the projected points, you were supposed to lose this week. Projections, schmojections! This little dog has a big bite, and you won as a projected underdog.

    Football 2021 - League 687
  • Takeaway (Silver)
    Takeaway (Silver)

    Your defense got a chance at greatness and took it, forcing 4+ turnovers in a single week.

    Football 2021 - League 687

    Related medals: Takeaway (Bronze), Takeaway (Gold)

  • A Winner Is You
  • Touchdown Bonanza (Silver)
    Touchdown Bonanza (Silver)


    Your offense isn’t satisfied by a couple of TDs. They want them all! You scored 6+ offensive TDs in a single week.

    Football 2021 - League 687

    Related medals: Touchdown Bonanza (Bronze), Touchdown Bonanza (Gold)

  • The Unicorn
    The Unicorn

    This medal is awarded to any player with a 100-yard receiver and 100-yard rusher in the same week. By racking up all those yards through the air and on the ground, you are officially a unicorn...with wings.

    Football 2021 - League 687
  • Got My Eye On You
    Got My Eye On You

    Add a player to your watch list

    Football 2021
  • Wheeling and Dealing
    Wheeling and Dealing

    Successfully complete a trade


    Related medals: Smooth Negotiator

  • Mock Draft Machine
  • Cordial Invitation
    Cordial Invitation

    Invite a friend to join your league

  • Color Commentator
  • We Are The Champion
    We Are The Champion

    Win your league

  • Public Defender
    Public Defender

    Win a public league

  • Biggest Blowout
  • Lights Out
    Lights Out

    Start the top scoring defensive team this week (out of all defensive teams)

  • Mr. Clutch (NFL)
    Mr. Clutch (NFL)

    Come from behind to win your matchup on Monday night

  • Game Changer
    Game Changer

    Start a player projected to score less than 5 points who scores 20 or more actual points

  • Living Legend
    Living Legend

    Win the most medals in your league

  • A Winner Is You x5
  • Easy Pickin's
    Easy Pickin's

    You picked a winner! You’ve been awarded a medal for correctly picking the winner of a head-to-head fantasy matchup in your league.

  • Clean Sweep
    Clean Sweep

    Correctly predict the outcome of all matchups in your league for a week

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    So you have said and so it has been done. You scored the most pick'em points in your league.

  • Knockout

    Sha na na na, Sha na na na, hey hey hey, good bye. You knocked your competitor out of the playoffs. Now post some smack and get ready for your next match up.

  • Undefeated

    Undefeated, unbelievable. A feat made for Hollywood. Make sure when you introduce yourself for the next year, you remind everyone that you owned an undefeated Fantasy Football team.

  • Hall of Famer Mentality
    Hall of Famer Mentality

    It’s clear that you’ve got what it takes. You picked up the highest scoring player from the free agent/waivers list. Maybe next, you’ll be in the Hall of Fame.

  • Running Wild (Silver)
    Running Wild (Silver)

    Silver - any rushers in your lineup rush for 100+ yards 4 times at some point in the season.


    Related medals: Running Wild (Gold)

  • Touchdown
  • Best in Class
    Best in Class

    For being the best-drafting team in your league. Respect. You were projected to earn the most points this season based on your draft.

  • Power User (Bronze)
  • Tough Defense (Bronze)
  • HOF Hopeful (Bronze)
  • Rollin’ x3
    Rollin’ x3

    You’re on a 3-win roll! Are there no limits to your win streaks?


    Related medals: Rollin’ x4, Rollin’ x5

  • Go Long (Bronze)
    Go Long (Bronze)

    You've started a player with 100+ receiving yards in 4 different weeks during this season!


    Related medals: Go Long (Silver), Go Long (Gold)

  • Touchdown Bonanza (Gold)
  • Takeaway (Bronze)
    Takeaway (Bronze)

    Your defense got a chance at greatness and took it, forcing 2+ turnovers in a single week.


    Related medals: Takeaway (Silver), Takeaway (Gold)


Fantasy Football Mock Draft Simulator™

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Practice for your draft with fast mocks against realistic opponents.

Start a Mock Draft

Complete mock drafts in minutes with no waiting between picks.

Mock with custom settings including keepers, scoring rules & roster positions.

Quickly test different draft strategies to see what works best.

Get an instant grade and analysis at the end of your mock draft.

Support for salary cap mocks in addition to snake, linear and custom draft orders.

What are fantasy football mock drafts?

Mock drafts are a fun way to practice in advance of a fantasy draft. They can be helpful for gauging where players will be taken and for testing different strategies. While a typical mock draft can take over an hour to complete, the FantasyPros Draft Simulator allows you to complete mock drafts in a matter of minutes.

What is the Draft Simulator?

Our fantasy football Draft Simulator is an efficient way to practice for your draft. It's similar to doing a live mock draft except that you're drafting against our computer algorithm (which uses a random selection of expert cheat sheets and ADP sources). Supported mock draft formats include snake, linear, 3rd round reversal, custom draft orders, and salary cap drafts.

Who are my opponents?

FantasyPros has the largest database of fantasy football expert rankings and ADP data on the web. We randomly select these cheat sheets as your opponents in the draft. You can even decide to draft against only ADP sources, Experts or specific Pre-Draft Rankings. It's important to note that we don't simply grab the top available player on the opponent's cheat sheet. Instead, we use a pick algorithm that takes into account player rankings, team needs, and other important factors. We do this to create realistic mock draft results.

Can I change the picks the simulator makes for my opponents?

Yes, PRO, MVP and HOF members have the ability to adjust picks that are made throughout the mock draft simulation. Choosing this option will revert the selected picks and let you redo the draft from that particular round. This comes in handy for testing out how different selections can impact your fantasy football draft. It's also helpful if you know certain opponents will draft specific players. This can help produce more realistic mock drafts that are tailored to your league.

Got questions? Read our full FAQ here

Redolets you test out different draft strategies by restarting from any point during your mock draft.

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Save/Resume Draftsauto-saves each pick of your mock draft so you can finish drafting whenever convenient.

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