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If you thought work couldn’t be comfortable, enjoyable, and most of all, relaxing, you’ve probably never sunk into an armless office chair. The comfort, satisfaction, and luxury offered by office chairs are unparalleled in any workspace. Something as simple as a chair could make your work experience a whole lot better.

In the work environment, a good office chair is something so crucial. However, it also tends to be the one thing that most people overlook. One of the main downsides to office chairs with armrests is that they take up a lot of space. This is precisely where armless office chairs excel. They can be easily fitted into corners and even placed under office desks. If purchasing an armless office chair has been on your priority list for a while, and you’ve finally decided to get one, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the best armless office chairs that money could buy.

15 Best Armless Office Chairs In 2021

1. Boss Perfect Posture Deluxe Office Task Armless Chair

This fashionable yet highly functional armless office chair comes with a thick padded seat for added comfort. This ergonomic armless office chair with its easy-care fabric makes it more than just a worthy competitor. Don’t let its sleek design be an indicator of its strength and durability as the chair boasts of supporting up to 275 pounds of body weight.


  • Item weight: 18 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 25 x 25 x 40 inches
  • Assembled height: 17.5 inches
  • Assembled width: 17.5 inches
  • Model: B315-BE


  • Waterfall-contour seat
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Double wheel casters for added weight
  • Lumbar support for better posture


  • The backrest is not adjustable.

2. Best Massage Office Ergonomic Mid-Back Desk Chair

The modern design and simplistic look of this ergonomic office chair reveal why it is possibly one of the best on this list. The curvature of the backrest will ensure a comfortable experience and will also minimize the possibility of lower back pain. The 360-degree swivel wheel provides greater flexibility. The chair also boasts of dual caster wheels.


  • Item weight: 13.42 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 16.7 x 16.3 x 40.4 inches


  • Adjustable seat height
  • Mid-back lumbar support
  • Quite lightweight
  • Ventilated and easy to clean mesh back


  • The seat cushion might be quite thin.

3. Rimking Home Office Ergonomic Executive Chair

This versatile armless chair is suitable for a plethora of environments, including the bedroom, conference room, and study room. It’s elegant, unique design and white finish will definitely steal your heart. This chair offers a 360-degree flexible rotation with super-soft fabric to ensure maximum comfort.


  • Item weight: 24.03 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 17.5 x 20 x 42.75 inches
  • Seat (width x depth): 19.69 x 17.32 inches
  • Seat height: 14.57 -18.51 inches (from seat to floor)
  • Back (width x height): 21.26 x 14.57 inches


  • Ergonomic design
  • Polyurethane caster wheels
  • One-touch height adjustment lever
  • Comfortable backrest


  • The seat may not have enough padding.

4. OFM Essential Collection Mesh Back Office Chair

This armless office chair may look simple, but it ticks almost all the boxes one would look for in an office chair. The chair is available in black and is suitable in several environments. Its ergonomic design allows for extended usage. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.


  • Item weight: 21.75 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 23 x 23 x 38.378 inches
  • Seat height: 18.25 – 20.50 inches
  • Seat (width x depth): 18 x 7.7 inches
  • Model: ESS 3000


  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Pneumatic seat adjustment
  • 360-degree swivel


  • It appears that the wheels may not be durable.

5. Linon Cora Faux Flokati Armless Office Chair

This white armless office chair is unique in terms of its appearance. It sports a chic and stylish look, putting a spin on armless office chairs with its faux fur upholstery. The white color of the chair and chrome base adds a spark of glamour. If a stylish, modern, and white armless chair is what you’re looking for, then look no further.


  • Item weight: 20.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 22 x 20.25 x 41.75 inches
  • Model: 558255CHRM01


  • Center tilt
  • 100% microfiber
  • 360-degree seat swivel
  • Well-padded seat cushion
  • Adjustable seat height with BIFMA certified Gas Lift


  • The fur on the chair may not be soft enough.

6. Outmaster 360 Office Desk Chair

This chair is certainly visually appealing with its soft PU leather covering and glossy chrome-plated metal base. This leather armless office chair from Outmaster is one that could be used in a variety of environments. It is widely known not just for its use in an office but also for its use in salons.


  • Item weight: 15.4 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 22 x 22 x 34.6 inches
  • Seat (width x depth): 17.7 x 18.5 inches
  • Minimum overall height – top to bottom: 29.1 inches
  • Maximum overall height – top to bottom: 34.6 inches


  • Available in three different colors
  • Supports weight of up to 400 pounds
  • 360-degree seat swivel
  • The seat and backrest are padded with thick elastic sponge


  • May lack good lumbar support

7. HON Volt Task Computer Chair

The HON 5701 is one of the best when it comes to looks and featured packed armless office chair. The product is available in black and redefines classy when it comes to the world of office chairs. Its ergonomic and flexible design makes it a perfect choice. All while the customizable seatback recline is definitely the icing on the cake.


  • Item weight: 29 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 27.75 x 19.25 x 40 inches
  • Assembled seat height: 18 inches
  • Model: HON5701GA10T


  • Center tilt
  • Tilt Lock
  • Pneumatic lift
  • 100% polyester
  • Stain-resistant seat and back cushions


  • The seat might be a little too small for larger sized individuals.

8. KOLLIEE Armless Mesh Office Chair

This ergonomic task chair boasts of an SGS certified gas lift cylinder and an alloy steel metal frame. All of this contributes to making it one of the most durable armless office chairs. The company touts it as an office chair which is friendly to bigger persons. The height of the chair makes it perfect for sliding under the desk.


  • Item weight: 18.31 pounds
  • Minimum overall height (top to floor): 33.1 inches
  • Maximum overall height (top to floor): 37.8 inches
  • Chair seat size (width x depth): 18.1 x 17.5 inches
  • Seat thickness: 2.2 inches


  • “Y” shaped design for better lumbar support
  • Removable chair legs
  • Adjustable seat height
  • High resilience foam cushion
  • Breathable mesh back


  • The foam cushion may not be very comfortable.

9. Orveay Low Back Armless Home Office Chair

The ribbed PU leather texture makes this one of the most stunning chairs. It bears a classy, elegant, and rich look and can be used in numerous settings. The soft padded seat made of breathable PU leather ensures a comfortable and sweat-free working experience. Apart from its good looks, the chair also has an ergonomic design.


  • Item weight: 20.03 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 23.75 x 22 x 14.25 inches
  • Back size (height): 13.19 inches
  • Seat size (width x depth x height): 18.11 x 14.37 x 17.91-22.64 inches


  • Waterproof
  • Wear-resistant
  • Rust-resistant
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Available in five different colors


  • It appears that the wheels of the chair do not turn or roll.

10. Serta Essential Low-Back Computer Desk Task Chair

The beauty of this office chair lies in its neat and modern look. This low back chair serves well in a professional environment as well as casual settings. The curvature of the back seat minimizes the chances of developing spine-related issues. The height of this Serta Essential Mesh chair makes it suitable to tuck under a desk or table.


  • Item weight: 18 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 23 x 18.5 x 32.75 inches
  • Model: 48740A


  • 360-degree swivel
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Available in five different colors


  • The seat may not have an adequate amount of padding.

11. Furmax Mid Back Modern Armless Chair

This mid-back brown faux leather office chair bears a touch of professionalism and class. While being modern in its design, it stays true to the brilliance and style of an ideal task chair. This chair is specially designed so that its back provides enough support to the waist. 


  • Item weight: 26.4 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 18 x 14 x 30.9 inches


  • Waterproof
  • Wear-resistant
  • Bucket seat for greater sitting space
  • Alloy steel frame for greater durability


12. Giantex Home Office Mid-Back PU Leather Armless Chair

This Giantex chair sports a PU leather finish and can infuse vigor and life into any working environment. Its stunning and classy looks, coupled with its superior quality, is what makes it worth considering when purchasing this armless office chair. A key feature worth noting is the curves present on both sides of the seat.


  • Item weight: 21 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 23 x 23.5 x 40 inches
  • Model: B07J12WFQX


  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Comfortable seat cushion
  • Multi-direction wheels


  • It may not be comfortable enough.

13. Bowthy Armless Office Chair

The curved backrest of this Bowthy Armless chair makes it suitable for extended hours of work. The L-shaped seat provides added comfort. If you’re looking for a simple yet comfortable office chair with flexibility and ease of use, look no further. Its moderate size, robust build quality, and visually appealing texture make it a worthy purchase.


  • Item weight: 23.8 pounds
  • Seat dimensions: 18.1 x 16.9 x 1.5 inches
  • Back dimensions: 15.7 x 18.9 x 1.5 inches
  • Model: B085C1PHQT


  • Available in six different colors
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 360-degree swivel


  • The seat may not be very comfortable.

14. Mysuntown Ergonomic Small Armless Chair

This ergonomic chair by Mysuntown is a blend of elegance, flexibility, and comfort. Mysuntown claims that their chair has a larger than normal seat size. The base of the chair is made of metal, and the seat cushion is built with a high-density sponge.


  • Item weight: 18.61 pounds
  • Model: 808H


  • Ergonomic backrest
  • 360-degree turn capability
  • Strong load-bearing capacity
  • “Y” shape for added back support
  • Easy to clean and ventilated mesh back


  • May lack proper cushioning

15. Office Star Sculptured Armless Chair

Last but not least is this well-sculptured and curved office chair by Office Star. This armless chair is available in black. While it appears to be minimalistic, it does include quite a lot of the features sought after in an armless office chair.


  • Item weight: 24 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 20 x 23.5 x 40 inches
  • Model: 8120-231


  • One-touch seat height adjustment
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sculptured seat for added comfort
  • 360-degree swivel


  • The chair might be too small for an adult.

After journeying through the world of armless office chairs, you might be wondering why choose an armless chair, right? Well, listed below are some of the benefits of armless chairs.

Benefits Of Armless Chairs

1. Versatility

Armless office chairs can be placed almost anywhere in an office space. They are often more compact and are less restrictive than their armrest counterparts.

2. Space efficient

Another key advantage of armless chairs is that they save space. Large and bulky armrests often get in the way and allow for a fewer number of chairs to be placed side by side. Furthermore, the absence of arms enables them to be easily hidden away under a desk when not in use.

3. Budget-friendly

If you’re looking to purchase an office chair without burning a hole in your wallet, your best option is an armless chair. The absence of fancy and adjustable armrests lowers the overall price of the product.

The advantages of purchasing an armless chair might be clear to you by now, but there are several other factors that go into choosing the best armless chair.

How To Choose The Best Armless Office Chairs

Dive in and have a look at the criteria you must bear in mind while deciding upon an armless office chair.

1. Adjustability, flexibility, and mobility

When it comes to selecting an armless chair, the flexibility of the chair is a key factor. Adjustable height, adjustable back seat, tilt control, and even a 360-degree movement are some of the points that must be considered. Greater flexibility often ensures a greater level of comfort. It is wise to choose a chair with good quality casters to allow for smooth and quick movement around the office.

2. Ergonomics

This is perhaps one of the main reasons for choosing an office chair. The curvature of the backrest plays a great deal in minimizing the risk of back pain or damage to the lumbar region of the body. Having an “S” shaped backrest that follows the natural curvature of the spine is ideal in an armless office chair. Having a headrest is also beneficial as it relieves the pressure laid on the neck and shoulders.

3. Seat size

A major downside to many chairs is their small-sized seats. It’s important to choose a chair keeping in mind the person who is going to use it. Before buying it, make sure to check the length and width of the seat to get a clear picture of its dimensions.

4. Materials and padding

A well-padded seat cushion, as well as backrest, is essential. Chairs with mesh backs allow for ventilation and are even easier to clean. Faux leather or leather chairs look visually impressive and luxuriant. However, this is completely based on customer preference as manufacturers utilize numerous materials to clothe the chair. A chair having a metal framework is preferable. While plastic serves the purpose, a metal framework is more durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is an armless chair compact and easy to assemble?

Simply put, an armless chair is very compact and is the perfect choice in small working environments. A large part of its popularity arises from the fact that its lack of arms makes it compact. In most cases, armless chairs are fairly easy to assemble. Most manufacturers include installation manuals, required mounts, and screws with their products. A few tools like a screwdriver and wrench are all that’s needed to get the job done.

If long working hours are proving to be tiresome, perhaps a comfy armless chair could ease your troubles. The brilliance of armless chairs is that they can be placed in many settings. Why only use it for work? Sit back, relax, and watch one of your favorite movies or play that game you’ve been eagerly waiting to dive into. We hope that this list helps you find the best armless chair!


Best Armless Office Chairs in 2021_

Table Of Contents_

After conducting thorough research, we nominated the Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Armless Office Chair as our Top Pick and the best armless office chair. We liked that this pick featured built-in lumbar support in a breathable mesh back design. Likewise, the seat edge offered a waterfall design for added comfort that minimized the risk of placing pressure on the backs of your legs.

To create our guide for the best armless office chairs, we focused on the following criteria: seat height, lumbar support, adjustability, and the materials. Seat height adjustment is important and with armless chairs, this is usually limited to a three- to five-inch range. Likewise, a supportive backrest is important — especially if you’re going to be sitting for hours on end. And of course, durable materials and the ability to adjust other features on your chair are important when considering the best office chair. Keep reading to learn more about our criteria and to shop from our recommendations.

Top 10 Best Armless Office Chairs

 #1  Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Armless Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: One of the best armless office chairs with lumbar support and a seat with a waterfall edge to help minimize pressure on the legs.

Read Full Review: Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Computer Desk Task Chair


  • Seat height adjustment from 16.75 to 20”
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Seat features a waterfall edge


  • Backrest upholstery looks a little cheap

Without a doubt, Serta is one of the best brands when it comes to ergonomics. The brand is best known for mattresses but is also synonymous with comfortable office chairs and make some of the best office chairs for back pain. Their Essential mesh low-back model is the best armless office chair with lumbar support that we found from our research. And we like that it’s available in three colors.

This chair can support up to 250 pounds, but still provides built-in lumbar support thanks to the breathable mesh backrest. While we’re not big fans of the upholstery trim on the seatback, you’ll still appreciate the waterfall edge on the seat for added comfort. You’ll also get seat height adjustment from 16.75 to 20 inches and 360 degrees of swivel motion. This computer chair is the perfect complement for any desk setup. You may also like the best reclining office chairs that come with three reclining postures, a forward tilt tension, and seat angle adjustment.

 #2  BestOffice Ergonomic Armless Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best affordable office chair for budget-focused shoppers in an affordable price range thanks to a simple ergonomic designed breathable mesh backrest and almost five inches of seat height adjustment.


  • Best on a budget
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Seat height adjustment from 18.3 to 23 inches


  • Lumbar support not as extensive as other chairs

Whether you just need a chair for occasional use or are shopping on a budget, you’ll be pleased with this pick from Best Office. Their simple high back chair is designed to be breathable thanks to the mesh fabric. And you get a fairly decent seat height adjustment range from 18.3 to 23 inches that’s controlled through a gas lift, making it one of the best affordable office chairs.

We like that this is one of the best affordable office chairs and that it’s available in eight bold colors, so there’s truly something for everyone here — especially if you’re trying to match your desk chair to your home or office decor. While assembly is required, you’ll like that you can quickly get this chair up and running in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. The quiet rolling casters are designed to work on a variety of flooring surfaces too. And as is fairly standard with armless office chairs, this pick can support up to 250 pounds. For a chair with a more generous weight capacity, take a peek at the best office stability chair.

 #3  Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: One of the best office chairs because of its versatility thanks to the flip-up arms, more widespread lumbar support, and independent height adjustment for the back and seat.

Read Full Review: Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair Review


  • Available in eight colors
  • Combination mesh and cushioned seat
  • Independent seat and backrest height adjustment


  • Not a true armless office chair

There’s a major debate over whether armrests are essential or not. On the one hand, they help to take the load off of your arms and encourage better posture. But in reverse, they can also encourage uncomfortable pressure points on your forearms and even encourage hunched shoulders. So, even though the Flash Furniture chair isn’t a true armless office chair, we’re including it because it’s a high-quality versatile task chair with flip-up arms. This makes it one of the best office chairs because it gives you the option to have armrests if you want them and to flip them out of the way when you don’t.

As is fairly standard with office chairs, this is a breathable mesh back pick with large built-in rib lumbar support. You’ll like that you can choose from up to eight upholstery colors designed to be compatible with a wide array of decor schemes. Even though assembly is required, you’ll like that the seat height can be customized from 18 to 23 inches and the back between 19 to 21 inches. You can also adjust the armrests from 7.75 to 10.25 inches, and the waterfall seat edge helps relieve pressure from your legs. And for your back, you will love the fine-tuning backrest knob on the best office chair for back pain.

 #4  AmazonBasics Upholstered Low-back Armless Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A fully padded adjustable height armless office chair that can support up to 250 pounds and provides four inches of seat height adjustment range.

Read Full Review: AmazonBasics Upholstered, Low-Back, Adjustable, Swivel Office Desk Chair


  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • 360-degree swivel with 5-caster base
  • Seat height adjustment from 18 to 22”


  • All-fabric upholstery may cause heat buildup

Some people prefer a fully padded chair, but don’t want the oversized effect of a classic executive chair. This AmazonBasics chair is a great compromise since you still get lumbar support, but you’ll have a fully cushioned backrest. This simple chair can support up to 250 pounds, which is fairly standard for armless office chairs.

You’ll also get tilt control as well as the ability to adjust your chair height in a four-inch range from 18 to 22 inches. And as is also common, you’ll get 360-degree swivel control, a tilt mechanism, and five casters that are designed to work on a range of flooring types. And the padded seat helps to relieve pressure on your hips and legs. And for back pain relief, consider the best office chair seat cushion.

 #5  Modway Prim Armless Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: One of the best ergonomic armless office chairs with a lux effect thanks to the tufted bonded PU leather design that includes lumbar support and almost three and a half inches of seat height adjustment.

Read Full Review: Modway Prim Ribbed Armless Mid Back Swivel Conference Office Chair


  • Padded bonded leather finish in 7 colors
  • Seat height adjustment from 17.5 to 21”
  • Built-in lumbar support

If you want a chair that’s equal parts form and function, this fun pick from Modway is a great way to elevate your home office or business workplace. We’re loving the tufted bonded leather that gives this the impressive style of an executive chair without looking bulky or oversized. Specifically, you’ll like that you can choose from seven colors to expertly match your decor.

The Modway Prim is one of the best ergonomic armless office chairs thanks to the fully padded construction throughout the backrest and seat. The built-in lumbar support provides the comfort that you need while the waterfall seat edge ensures that you’re not creating painful pressure points on your legs. The seat can be adjusted from 17.5 to 21 inches for almost four inches of height control. And with a 250-pound weight capacity, this is a relatively universal armless chair option. You may also like the best ergonomic kneeling chair that relieves discomfort.

 #6  HON ValuTask Low Back Armless Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A smart home office chair that’s well-padded with synchro tilting and tension adjustments that can support up to 250 pounds and offers a modest two and a half inch seat adjustment.

Read Full Review: HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair


  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Seat height adjustment from 17 to 20.5”
  • Includes tilt tension adjustments


  • Fabric upholstery may encourage heat build-up

When you’re outfitting your home office, you want something comfortable but that also doesn’t look garish. This HON ValuTask armless office chair is a great compromise between a supportive chair and something that blends in with your home. It offers plenty of essential features and also won’t break the bank.

We like that this pick is designed to support up to 250 pounds — which is a fairly commendable weight capacity for this product category. You’ll also enjoy the tilt and tension control, which allows you to adjust your backrest angle. The seat height can be adjusted from 17 to 20.5 inches, using the pneumatic height adjustment controls. The only drawback we found with this chair was that while it’s plush and well padded, the all-fabric construction might encourage heat buildup. You may prefer the best ergonomic office chair with a mesh backrest and a padded cushion seat.

 #7  OFM Essentials Collection Armless Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A sleek faux leather upholstered office chair that provides built-in lumbar support, over four inches of seat height adjustment, and is designed to support up to 250 pounds.

Read Full Review: OFM Essentials Collection Armless Leather Desk Chair


  • Adjustable seat height from 16 to 20.75”
  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Ergonomic backrest designed to support your spine


  • Upholstery is bonded leather

Armless office chairs are preferable for so many reasons. Whether you’re concerned about armrests banging into the side of a desk edge, or feel confined by them, an armless chair can be the way to go. The OFM Essentials armless office chair is a great, elevated, option for people who like armless chairs but want something that looks a bit more sophisticated.

We like that this faux bonded leather chair is designed to support up to 250 pounds — which is fairly standard. But you also get a well-padded backrest that’s ergonomic with lumbar support to protect the natural curve of your spine. And you’ll get almost five inches of seat height adjustment from 16 to 20.75 inches. Best of all, while this isn’t our Best on a Budget selection, it’s still incredibly affordable. For a 7inch height adjustable option, take a look at the best office stools.

 #8  AmazonBasics Low-Back Armless Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A budget-friendly simple armless office chair with a mesh seat that’s breathable thanks to the mesh backrest with built-in lumbar support, is available in four colors and offers five inches of height adjustment.

Read Full Review: AmazonBasics Low-Back Office Chair


  • Wide seat height adjustment from 15 to 20”
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Includes tilt and locking functionality


  • Low weight capacity at 225lbs

Again, budget shoppers shouldn’t be penalized for being conscious of what things cost. This AmazonBasics armless office chair is a great choice since it’s incredibly affordable but still provides the essentials. Let’s focus on the fact that considering the price point, this pick includes built-in lumbar support — which isn’t always standard for armless chairs. Likewise, we like this chair is available in four colors, giving you more compatibility for home or workplace design schemes.

In terms of actual chair functionality, you’ll get tilt and locking controls so you can find the perfect angle for your back. The seat height can be adjusted within a five-inch range, which is fairly large for this product category. You can switch between 15 to 20 inches for the seat, using a simple lever to adjust the height. And as is common, you’ll get 360-degree swivel control and five smooth casters for easy movement. For added comfort at those long meetings, invest in the most comfortable office chairs.

 #9  Office Star Sculptured Armless Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A sturdy armless office chair with a large 10-inch height adjustment and built-in foot ring that makes this perfect for using with a standing or drafting desk.

Read Full Review: Office Star Chairs


  • 18.25” seat depth
  • Includes height-adjustable foot ring
  • Adjustable back height feature


  • Higher minimum seat height may not be compatible with shorter people

Standing desks are all the rage these days, but many people fail to realize that you may need a chair with a wider height adjustment range if you decide to invest in one. The Office Star task chair is a great option because it features the largest seat height adjustment range of all the chairs featured in our guide. With 10 inches of height adjustment from 23 to 33 inches, this is perfect for pairing with standing desks or even drafting tables.

However, because the lowest height you can achieve is 23 inches, this might not be ideal for shorter people. Still, we like that you also get a foot ring with this chair, which makes it comfortable to use at taller heights. And that foot ring is adjustable so you can also shift it depending on the total height of the chair. And this is one of the few picks that also features an adjustable backrest. The Office Star chair can support up to 250 pounds. A better model would be the best executive leather office chair that can support up to 275 pounds.

 #10  Boss Office Products Mesh Armless Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A simple high back armless desk chair with almost four inches of seat height adjustment and a large weight capacity of 275 pounds.

Read Full Review: Boss Office Products Budget Mesh Task Chair 


  • Adjustable tilt with lock mechanism
  • Large weight capacity at 275lbs
  • Seat height adjusts from 18 to 21.5”

If you’re frustrated with the lower weight capacities of the other chairs we featured, you’ll like this pick. The Boss Office Products chair is designed to support up to 275 pounds. While this isn’t as large as other chair categories, for a high back armless desk chair, it’s relatively impressive. Especially when you realize that most chairs tap out around 250 pounds.

Aside from the higher weight support, we like that this chair still has plenty of other essential features to make it attractive. You’ll get a mesh combination design with a breathable mesh backrest with ergonomic back support and a padded seat. The seat height can be adjusted four and a half inches from 18 to 21.5 inches. And of course, you’ll get a 360-degree swivel and five casters that are effective on hard and soft flooring surfaces. This is one of the best office chairs on the market today.

How We Decided

Armless office chairs are a great option for people who prefer not to be confined while sitting down. To create our guide, we considered the following key features — seat height, lumbar support, adjustability, and the materials.

All of the picks in our guide offered seat height adjustment. For the most part, we noted that seat height adjustments for armless office chairs were somewhat smaller, usually falling in the range of three to five inches. However, we did include one armless office chair that was designed for use with standing or drafting desks. Because of this, it offered a 10-inch range in contrast to our other recommendations.

Lumbar support isn’t always standard with armless office chairs. While all of them promise ergonomic back support, only a handful of the chairs in our guide included built-in lumbar support. This was usually limited to the options that offered padded backrests.

In terms of adjustability, we did include a few selections that allowed for the backrest to be independently adjusted from the seat. Almost all of our recommendations included a tilt function with a lock as well. And finally, you’ll see that the most common materials were mesh and faux or bonded leather.

Best Armless Office Chairs Buyer’s Guide

  1. Seat Height
    One of the most important features for any office chair is adjustable seat height. You’ll typically find that most office chairs — even those without arms — usually offer a height adjustment that usually ranges from three to 10 inches. Premium seats can also allow for independent adjustments for the backrest.
  2. Lumbar Support
    No matter what chair you’re using, one that offers lumbar support should be a priority. Specifically, look for options with built-in or adjustable lumbar support that allows your spine to maintain its natural curve. While most office chairs offer lumbar support, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer one with fixed positions or adjustability.
  3. Adjustability
    Some armless office chairs support tilt or recline features just like the best reclining office chairs. So, you’ll want to check for the depth of the recline or tilt angle as well as whether there’s a lock feature to prevent tilting or rocking if you prefer not to use that feature.
  4. Material
    Office chairs are available in a range of materials. The most common options include leather, faux leather, fabric, and mesh. Mesh is often a fan favorite because it’s breathable. Likewise, they usually offer the most color options and potential patterns if you prefer.
  5. Additional Features
    Depending on the height of your armless office chair, a footrest can be a nice added feature. Especially if you use an office chair in it’s tallest setting — say for a standing desk — you’ll want to ensure that you’re not putting unnecessary pressure on your legs by having them dangle. Instead, a footrest helps you maintain proper posture.
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Well known for their distinctive designs and well-loved for their exceptional comfort, the best armless office chairs can make a great addition to any work environment.

These space-saving models offer adaptable, affordable, and ergonomic alternatives to traditional office chairs with armrests.

Always striving to be your trusted source for all things office seating, we’ve given this year’s best-selling armless office chairs a serious run for their money, giving each one a trial run to help us determine the very best of the best.

Below, we’ve ranked our top five chairs in terms of quality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. We’ve also provided you with an in-depth buyer’s guide so you can determine which chair to spend your hard-earned money on.

In a hurry? Here are the top picks:

  1. HON Volt Leather Task Chair:  Best All-Round Armless Office Chair
  2. HERCULES Series Big & Tall Executive Ergonomic Chair:  Best Executive Armless Office Chair
  3. YAHEETECH Adjustable Task Chair: Best Designed Armless Office Chair
  4. AmazonBasics Low-Back Office Chair: Best Budget Armless Office Chair
  5. Giantex Home Office Leisure Chair:  Best Luxury-Look Armless Office Chair

5 Best Armless Office Chairs

Now let’s take a closer look at each of our top five picks for the best armless office chairs in 2020.

1. HON Volt Leather Task Chair – Best All-Round Armless Chair

HON Volt SofThread Leather Task Chair, Computer Office Desk, Black

As you’ll see in our buyer’s guide later, the three main factors we took into consideration when picking the best armless office chairs were comfort, quality, and style.

The HON Volt Leather Task Chair earns top marks in all three categories, offering everything you could possibly want from an office chair and then some.

The generously sized 18″ width seat and effortless adjustability ensures maximum comfort no matter your size, while the synchro-tilt capability of the backrest allows it to tilt at a 2 to 1 ratio. This means you can lean back easily without taking your feet from the floor, perfect for stretching out after a long day at the desk.

Unlike lesser-quality chairs, all those adjustments and flexible features don’t come at the cost of quality. Make no mistake about it, this is one seriously well-built chair, with a strength and durability which belies its surprisingly agreeable price tag.

Finally, though it may not be the most important factor, the HON Volt Leather Task Chair looks the part too, with a minimalist elegance and smooth leather finish that would make it an attractive addition to any office space.

On the downside, this isn’t the easiest chair in the world to put together, but if you’ve got the time to invest in assembling this one-of-a-kind armless chair, it’s going to be well worth it.


  • Synchro-tilt capability for added comfortable
  • 18″ width seat and 18” to 22” seat height adjustment make it suitable for people of all sizes
  • Affordable price tag.


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HON Volt SofThread Leather Task Chair, Computer Office Desk, Black
HON Volt SofThread Leather Task Chair, Computer Office Desk, Black
  • WORK IN STYLE: This stylish leather task chair lives where comfort and style intersect--smooth and pliable SofThread leather seating and tailored stitching detail give it an upscale look with a comfy feel
  • ERGONOMIC ADJUSTMENTS: Let this comfortable computer chair take care of your body while you work with an ergonomic, adjustable recline that keeps your back aligned

2. HERCULES Series Big & Tall Executive Ergonomic Chair  – Best Executive Armless Chair

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 400 lb. Rated Black LeatherSoft Executive Ergonomic Office Chair with Full Headrest

Boasting an impressive 400 lbs weight capacity, Flash Furniture’s HERCULES Series Big & Tall Executive Ergonomic Chair is, as the name implied, the perfect chair for larger-bodied executives, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a lot to love about it even if you’re of smaller stature.

Finished in a gorgeous soft leather with a modern chrome base, the HERCULES Series chair is as attractive as it is ergonomic.

The high back design, inviting lumbar support, and well-made headrest are all-purpose-made to relieve tension and prevent muscle strain, while the ample plush padding ensures you’ll enjoy the ultimate in comfort no matter how long you have to spend at your desk.

Though the price tag may make it one of the more expensive office chairs we’ve come across, there’s no doubting that you get your money’s worth.

Along with all of the above, the chair also features a waterfall-style front seat edge for improved circulation and a pneumatic adjustment lever that means even the biggest and tallest of users can adjust the whole thing to a comfortable height with absolute ease.


  • 400 lbs weight capacity
  • Perfect for larger-bodied users
  • Pneumatic adjustment lever
  • Built-in lumbar and headrest support


  • Doesn’t recline
  • Expensive.

3. YAHEETECH Adjustable Task Chair  – Best Designed Chair

Yaheetech Adjustable Task Chair PU Leather Low Back Ribbed Armless Swivel White Desk Chair Office Chair Wheels

The YAHEETECH Adjustable Task Chair may not offer the same kind of ergonomic comfort that you get with other chairs, but what it lacks in that department it more than makes up for in style.

Narrowly missing out on a place in our recent guide to the best white leather office chairs, this sleek piece of furniture comes in a white PU leather finish, complemented by a cool chrome frame that gives the whole thing a certain sense of contemporary elegance.

Such is its aesthetic appeal that we’ve seen many people buy these chairs for use in beauty salons, or simply to use in conjunction with their own vanity table at home, but it works just as well in any modern office environment.

Having said all that, there’s more to the YAHEETECH Adjustable Task Chair than just great design.

With a maximum load-bearing weight of 265 lbs, solid construction, and damage-resistant PU leather, this one is always remarkably durable, ensuring that it will last you for years to come, no matter how you plan to use it.


  • Beautiful contemporary design
  • 360° swivel
  • Soft, foam-padded seat for extra comfort.


  • Chair wheels can be difficult to put in place.
Yaheetech Adjustable Task Chair PU Leather Low Back Ribbed Armless Swivel White Desk Chair Office Chair Wheels
Yaheetech Adjustable Task Chair PU Leather Low Back Ribbed Armless Swivel White Desk Chair Office Chair Wheels
  • 【ELEGANT DESIGN】: Sleek PU leather covered ribbed backrest and seat combined with glossy chrome finish metal base, this aesthetically pleasing chair can be perfectly compatible with your room décor.
  • 【DURABLE & PRACTICAL】: Glossy chrome-plated metal base and silverish seat edging manifest the luxury and quality of this bar-height chair. Smooth chrome finish base also features excellent rust-resistance and durability, ready for your long term use.

4. AmazonBasics Low-Back Office Chair – Best Budget Chair

Amazon Basics Low-Back, Upholstered Mesh, Adjustable, Swivel Computer Office Desk Chair, Black

Let’s face it: Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on an office chair.

Whether you’re starting a new business and need to keep your costs as low as possible, or you simply don’t see the point in paying so much for a chair that you’re only going to use occasionally, there are lots of reasons why you might be in the market for a budget-friendly office chair.

Whatever those reasons are, the AmazonBasics Low-Back Office Chair is almost guaranteed to match your needs.

The best armless office chair for under a hundred dollars that you’ll find anywhere around, the chair’s low cost is no indication of low quality.

This is still a sturdy piece of furniture with a solid 250 lbs weight capacity, much more than you’d expect from such a chair that only weighs 17 lbs.

It also offers a decent level of comfort, maybe not as much as some of the higher-priced chairs, but certainly enough that you could spend an average day in the office using the AmazonBasics Low-Back Office Chair without complaints.

The best part is that the whole thing takes no more than five minutes to put together, making it the perfect choice if furniture assembly isn’t your strong point.

All in all, a great, no-frills, back-to-basics chair that provides great value for money.


  • Low cost
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and moves around easily.


  • Lacks the ergonomic design of other chairs.

5. Giantex Home Office Leisure Chair – Best Luxury-Look Chair

Giantex Home Office Leisure Chair Ergonomic Mid-Back PU Leather Armless Chair Upholstered with 5 Rolling Casters, Height Adjustable Swivel Chair

A perfect addition to any study, library, or traditional-look office, the Giantex Home Office Leisure Chair is one of those great pieces of furniture that looks like it cost a small fortune even though it’s relatively affordable.

The handsome, leather-look finish gives this one a certain luxury appeal, lending an air of sophistication and refined style to any room it’s placed in.

However, like all good office chairs, there’s more going on here than charming beauty.  The ergonomic back support and extra-wide, 23″ seat also lend it a superior level of comfort so that you could sit in this for hours without any tension or muscle strains.

On the downside, the chair doesn’t have much recline to it, so if you’re the sort of person who likes to lean back and relax every now and again, this may not be the chair for you.

Otherwise, it’s by far the best armless chair to buy if you want to add a stylish talking point to your office space.


  • High-quality design at a cost-effective price
  • 23″ wide seat
  • Easy assembly


Armless Office Chair Buyer’s Guide 2020

Even if you opt for a model at the lower end of the price scale, buying an armless office chair is a pretty big investment. After all, you’re going to be spending countless hours in this chair for at least the next 5 – 10 years, if not longer, so it’s important to choose a chair that you’re going to be completely happy with.

Not sure where to start with that? Here are a few factors you’ll need to take into consideration to help you choose the best armless office chair for your space.

Will I Be Comfortable in This Chair?

You could have the most beautiful chair in all the land, hand-stitched in the finest of fine leathers and built from the most durable material known to man, but if it’s quite literally a pain in the butt to sit in, then it really isn’t much use to you.

Again, you’re going to spend a significant amount of time in this chair, so if there’s one thing you need to consider more than any other, it’s comfort.

Pay attention to the ergonomics and look for those chairs that have built-in features such as lower-lumbar support, headrests, and waterfall edge seats to improve leg circulation, as well as those that boast extra foam padding in the seat. Just like the best saddle style office chairs we’ve reviewed, these armless chairs and stools should not skimp on padding or ergonomics where it counts.

Keep size in mind too. If you’re on the larger side, then look for a chair that can support your height and weight.

Most chairs will list both their weight capacity plus the height adjustability range, so check those out or run the risk of trying to cram yourself into a tiny chair that’s just not fit for purpose.

How Well Made is It?

So, your chair is as comfortable as any armless chair could be. Sitting down feels like you’re sitting on a cloud sent straight from heaven and you’re all set to enjoy a few hours at work when the chair base buckles.

Or maybe there’s a tear in the leather finish, creating an unsightly blemish on an otherwise gorgeous-looking piece of office furniture, or the reclining function gets jammed and spoils your enjoyment.

Whatever the case may be, not giving careful consideration to the quality of your chair could cause problems later down the line.

Not that we like repeating ourselves or anything, but it’s important to remember that this is a long-term investment you’re making here, so your new chair really needs to be built to last.

On a related note, look at the warranty too, so that even if something does happen to your chair, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that getting a replacement won’t be a problem.

How Does it Look?

Style may not be the most important factor, but it still matters.

Think about it:

Who wants to spend day after day, week after week, year after year sitting in an ugly chair that completely clashes with everything else in the room?

Not you, that’s who.

While the classic black leather office chair tends to go well with everything, others are better suited to particular environments.

Our third-placed pick, the YAHEETECH Adjustable Task Chair, for example, is ideally designed for offices with a contemporary minimalist vibe whereas the Giantex Home Office Leisure Chair with its handsome features and classic design would be much better suited to a study or office space with a more traditional aesthetic.

How Easy is it to Assemble?

Even the most sophisticated armless office chair in the world shouldn’t take you any more than an hour to assemble, but do you really want to spend that long on it if you’re the kind of person who isn’t exactly renowned for their DIY skills?

If you think you might struggle with putting the whole thing together, look for a chair that promises easy assembly, then check out the user reviewers to make sure the manufacturers have actually stuck to that promise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Armless Office Chairs

Are Armless Office Chairs Better Than Chairs With Arm Rests?

There are arguments for both sides here. Armrest aficionados insist that an office chair with armrests is better because they provide better support for the upper part of the body, reducing pressure on the lower back and resulting in poor posture.

Meanwhile, others counter with the argument that armless office chairs don’t lead to shoulder shrugging, forearm pressure, and leaning postures that can be terrible for the back.

The best armless office chairs also offer other significant space-saving advantages and tend to give you more freedom to move around and find a comfortable seating position in a way that you just can’t do when you’re caged in by armrests.

What is Waterfall Seat Design?

As you start shopping around for an armless chair, you’ll notice that the majority come with “waterfall seat edge design.” This is just a fancy way of saying that the front edge of your seat is designed with a smooth, downward curve that resembles a cascading waterfall.

With chairs that don’t feature waterfall design, the back of your knees ends up resting against the edge of the seat and this cuts off the circulation. Waterfall seating is therefore a good option for improved circulation and all-round health benefits.

How Hard is it to Assemble an Armless Office Chair?

Nowhere near as hard as you might think. Every chair is different and some are, by design, more complex to put together than others, but even the most difficult can be easily assembled with little more than a screwdriver and an hour of your time.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Armless Office Chair to Buy This Year?

On the face of it, anyone of our top five armless office chairs would make a worthy addition to your office space.

The lack of armrests means you’re no longer boxed in when sat at your desk and no longer forced to sit in a way that, let’s be honest, just doesn’t feel right. What’s more, you can tuck that chair right under your desk when not in use. It’s a minor detail, sure, but it does mean that your chair uses up far less space and leaves your whole environment looking far less cluttered.

So far, so good, but that doesn’t really help you if you’re trying to decide which one to spend your hard-earned money on, does it?

If you want our final recommendations, here they are:

If you’re a larger person looking for the most comfortable seat to support your size, the HERCULES Series Big & Tall Executive Ergonomic Chair, with its 400 lbs weight capacity and generous height adjustment range is purpose-built just for you and maybe one of the best investments you ever make as far as your office is concerned.

If you’re simply looking for a decent chair that won’t break the bank, our budget pick, the AmazonBasics Low-Back Office Chair, will set you back far less than most chairs while still offering a relatively good level of comfort.

Yet if you want the absolute best armless chair money can buy, then our top pick, the HON Volt Leather Task Chair is the one for you. Combining everything we love about armless chairs into one remarkable design, no other model comes close to matching this one in terms of comfort, quality, and style.


Top 5 Best Armless Office Chairs (2021 Review)

How Do Armless Office Chairs Work?

Arms on a chair can be useful, comfortable, and healthy, but only if they are appropriately located and properly used. However, armless chairs can offer some awesome benefits as well. Without arms, the chairs will be more likely to fit your body type and can slide closer to and even underneath your desk. This means that it takes up much less room than an armed counterpart. 

Armless office chairs also tend to be more affordable than the armed options. This is because they require less work to complete and less materials to build. Armless chairs are better than armed chairs that are not ergonomic because having  your arms misplaced can encourage poor posture and make you sit too far away from the desktop and computer. This can contribute to lower back pain and shoulder and neck tension. 

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What to Look for in the Best Armless Office Chairs?

To make sure that you buy a high-quality chair that suits your needs, you need to be aware of some important things to look for while you are shopping around. 

You should take the size into consideration for storage or getting it out of the way. Since it does not have arms then it will be more likely to fit underneath your desk with only the backrest sticking out. However, you do need to make sure that it will work well and that a caster wheel does not stick out and become a safety hazard while the chair is put away. 

You need to take mobility into consideration. This is important for a lot of people who are looking for an armless chair. An armless chair allows you to move which is beneficial for productivity. It is also useful for those who have to move between desks or monitors during the workday. However, you do have to take the mobility features into consideration. Some options have higher quality caster wheels and are easier to turn all the way around. If this is important to you, be sure to get one that will not wear out with substantial movement on a daily basis. 

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You should also consider ergonomics. Whether you get an armless chair or one that has flip-up arms, you need to make sure that the chair fits your body. For flip-up armed chairs, you should make sure that the arms are placed comfortably and ergonomically. For those completely without arms, you need to make sure that the backrest is placed well and that the seat is wide and deep enough. This is especially important to consider if  you are looking for a compact armless office chair. 

Best Armless Office Chairs

 #1 HON Volt SofThread Leather Task Chair,... 

This is our top pick because it is stylish, functional, and reasonably priced. The upholstery is elegant and comfortable and the caster wheels provide it with mobility. It comes with a 5 year warranty because of the durable, strong components. The adjustability of the height comes from a solid pneumatic system. 


  • Caster wheels
  • Style and upholstery
  • Durable parts with 5 year warranty


  • No lumbar support or padding
  • Seat is not very deep
  • Difficult assembly

#2 JJS Home Office Low Back Computer Executive Chair

Home Office Low Back Computer Executive Chair...
Home Office Low Back Computer Executive Chair...
  • 【HIGHT QUALITY CONSTRUCTION】 This simple office chair uses high-density sponge cushion, high breathable nylon mesh, durable base, solid rolling casters ,and D100 Gas lift. You can feel the quality when sitting on it.
  • 【EXTRA LARGE BASE】Unlike other chairs on the market, JJS uses a much larger star base to ensure its customers maximum comfort and safety. You will never tilt over on this trusty companion.

This is a high-quality chair that is surprisingly affordably and has breathable mesh upholstery and a pneumatic lift system. It has a sleek, modern design and padded seat. It is also a great choice for mobility because of the easy 360 degree rotation and the high quality caster wheels. 


  • Caster wheels
  • Breathable upholstery
  • Modern Design


  • Low backrest
  • Small seat
  • No adjustability and poor lumbar support

#3 Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

[amzon box="B07Y8BXBX8"]

This chair has flip-up arms so you can choose to use it as an armed or armless office chair. It has a high backrest with headrest and breathable mesh upholstery. The chair is designed to support good posture with lumbar support and can hold up to 280 pounds. It is large and comfortable and comes with a one year warranty. It also has tilt functions for tilt tension and tilt lock. 


  • Larger than other options
  • Lumbar support
  • Flip-up arms


  • Not great for very tall people
  • More expensive than other options
  • Tilt tension is not very strong

#4 Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Leather 

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black LeatherSoft...
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black LeatherSoft...
  • Whether you go into the office or work from home this beautifully styled ergonomic chair boasting soft and durable black LeatherSoft upholstery with pillow top cushioning and multiple adjustment features will give you something to look forward to
  • [_Our chair conforms to ANSI/BIFMA standard X5.1-17_] Mid back design and black LeatherSoft upholstery with CAL 117 fire retardant foam, pillow top cushioned back and seat,

This simple, but high-quality chair is comfortable and attractive. It has a middle high backrest  and tilt lock and tension controls. It comes in a variety of colors and you can even purchase the same chair with arms. It has a great adjustable lumbar support system and the back adjusts to raise and lower for different sized people. 


  • Lumbar support 
  • Back and tilt adjustments
  • Color and arm options


  • Too small for some people
  • Poor quality caster wheels
  • Can get uncomfortable after prolonged use

#5 2xhome Executive Mid Back

This chair offers elegant style for an affordable price. It comes with a tilt tension and tilt lock control and has a smooth ribbed leather upholstery. The caster wheels are high quality and it has a middle high backrest. It also comes in a variety of color options. 


  • Larger than some
  • Good Caster wheels
  • Tilt tension and lock


  • May be too firm for some
  • No lumbar support or headrest
  • May be too large for smaller people

Final Thoughts on Armless Office Chairs

There are tons of different armless backed chairs that offer more mobility and a sleeker, more compact design than armed options. There are others that offer the best of both worlds with flip-up arms. There are high-end options that offer ergonomics and durable designs and more affordable options that are simple, but provide the user with everything they desire.


Task armless chair ergonomic

The 11 Best Armless Office Chairs

The right Armless chair can be a simple yet very ergonomic addition to any office workstation.

People often assume that an ergonomic chair needs to have arms, but this simply is not the case.

Later in this article, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of having an armless chair.

More importantly, I will recommend my favorite and most ergonomic armless office chairs on the market.

Best Armless Chair

HON Volt Leather Task Chair

HON Volt Leather Task Chair
HON Volt Leather Task Chair
  • Stylish leather design
  • Ergonomic modifications
  • Cost-effective
  • Robust wheels
  • 5-star resin base
  • Superior-quality materials
  • 5-year restricted warranty

Do your body a favor by purchasing this amazing ergonomic leather chair. You’ll have access to a broad range of adjustments to ensure you are comfortable while working.

The HON Volt Leather Task Chair is suitable for individuals of any size and has a pneumatic lift feature to adjust the seat height.

It has various tilt adjustments, a convenient tilt lock, and optional armrests in case you need them at some point. This chair gets our vote for the best armless chair.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews for this chair are great with many people saying it’s a high-quality chair that offers incredible comfort along with good support, stability, and easy assembly.

However, some customers said the leather that started cracking after a year or two and there was insufficient padding in the seat.

With Flip-Up Arms

Hbada Office Task Chair

Hbada Office Task Chair
Hbada Office Task Chair
  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Flip-arms for space-saving
  • 120-degree tilt feature
  • 90-degree armrest adjustment
  • Pneumatic height adjustment
  • Weight capacity of up to 250lbs
  • Robust and stable
  • Hard-wearing base
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Mute nylon castors

Want the option of having or not having arms?

The Hbada Office Task Chair not only features a sleek design and style that will blend in with any office aesthetic, but it also offers amazing functionality.

Its ergonomic backrest benefits those with lower back issues because it is specially designed to conform to the natural curvature of the spine.

The flip-up arms are a great space-saving feature and the height and angle adjustment of the backrest is great for added comfort.

What customers are saying

Most customers gave this chair excellent reviews. They all raved about its compact design, great support, super easy assembly, convenient lumbar support, and how comfortable it is.

However, some customers said the chair is a little uncomfortable and has insufficient seat padding.

Best Lumbar Support

NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair (Flip Arms)

NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair (Flip Arms)
NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair (Flip Arms)
  • Three-dimensional modifiable lumbar support and armrest
  • 135° back tilt
  • Hydralift double casters
  • Extra rollerblade casters for use on hardwood floors
  • Mesh adjustable headrest
  • Robust iron base
  • Ergonomic support system
  • Swivel action

The NOUHAUS Ergo Flip Chair is another comfortable office chair which gives you the option of arms or no arms.

We thought it deserved to be included because it has some superior ergonomic features.

The chair features an exclusive three-dimensional lumbar support system that conforms to your spine to ensure it stays perfectly aligned, thus reducing lower back pain issues.

Another convenient feature is the chair’s 135-degree back tilt that allows you to sit back in a relaxing position or sit up straight when carrying out your work tasks.

This chair is the perfect lumbar support chair for your office, one your back will thank you for.

What customers are saying

The majority of customers were incredibly satisfied with their purchase and said they loved the Ergoflip’s ergonomic features, comfort, and ease of assembly.

Still, some people said it could have been a much better chair if the adjustment features weren’t as limited.

Most Comfortable Chair

Giantex Home Office Ergonomic Armless Chair

Giantex Home Office Ergonomic Armless Chair
Giantex Home Office Ergonomic Armless Chair
  • Ergonomic support backrest
  • Superior-quality PU leather and sponge
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Fade-resistant and resilient materials
  • 5 swivel wheels (swivel s 360°)
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Easy assembly
  • Weight capacity of up to 242 lbs

The Giantex Home Office Ergonomic Armless Chair enables you to be productive and comfortable all day long.

The chair is designed to support your spine and eliminate lower back pain. The contemporary and sleek design is perfect for blending into most office aesthetics.

The seat height is adjustable for a more convenient fit and when it comes to comfort, this chair ticks all the boxes.

What customers are saying

People who bought this chair loved it and commented mostly on its overall appearance, ease of assembly, and comfort. The look of the chair perfectly matched all their décor styles.

Some customers had issues with the chair not being as comfortable as they expected it to be when sitting for prolonged periods.

Best Saddle Chair

Capisco Ergonomic Office Chair With Saddle Seat

Capisco Ergonomic Office Chair With Saddle Seat
Capisco Ergonomic Office Chair With Saddle Seat
  • Award-winning design for promoting ergonomics
  • Lift height of 265mm, perfect for pairing with a standing desk
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Made with 50% recyclable material
  • Entirely upholstered
  • Cushioned backrest and seat
  • Greenguard-certified
  • Ten-year warranty on the pneumatic lift

The Capisco Saddle Chair enables you to enjoy maximum comfort and health benefits with a fully adjustable saddle seat.

You can sit sidewards, backward, or forward and you can adjust anything from back height and seat height, to the seat and back tilt.

You will also be doing your bit for the environment since this charge is manufactured from fifty percent recyclable materials and is ninety percent recyclable.

This seat deserves our top vote for the best saddle chair. Once you’ve given this chair a try, you will never look back.

What customers are saying

This chair received mostly 5-star reviews with the majority of customers commenting on the ease of assembly, comfort, and ergonomic value of the chair.

They also loved that they could sit in different seating positions which encourages movement while working.

Best Drafting Chair

Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair

Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair
Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair
  • Breathable mesh backrest and seat with lumbar support installed
  • Pneumatic height modification of 24.25” to 33.75’
  • Backrest is changeable
  • Adjustable foot ring
  • Hard-wearing nylon base with double wheel casters

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect drafting chair, look no further than this attractive two-color design and incorporated lumbar support feature.

Both the backrest and footrest can be adjusted, and you can change the seat to your desired height. You can also glide easily over carpeted surfaces with its dual-wheel casters.

Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy optimal comfort with its double-layered mesh which is a breathable material that allows airflow and keeps you cool all day.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews for this drafting chair were excellent. Many people said they love how comfortable it is and how easy it was to assemble.

They also loved the height adjustment feature which makes the chair perfect for tall people and petite people alike.

Other Recommended Chairs

Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Computer Chair

Furnish your home office or study with this incredibly comfortable low-back computer chair. This chair enables you to work for prolonged periods without feeling discomfort.

The seat is made from mesh, imitation leather, and the armless design makes it a perfect space-saving furniture piece that can be tucked neatly underneath a table or desk.

You can adjust the seat to the desired position with its seat-adjustment lever and the casters are designed to roll in multiple directions for easier mobility.

BTExpert Swivel Armless Designer Task Chair

Sit back and relax in this superior quality executive-style leather office chair with its beautiful lustrous design and comfortable padded seat.

Whether you’re at the office or relaxing at home, this chair ticks all the boxes when it comes to ergonomics, luxury, comfort, and style.

If you’re searching for a more upscale looking chair, you cannot go wrong with the BTExpert Armless Task Chair.

Added features include its 360-degree swivel and pneumatic height changing lever.

AmazonBasics Upholstered Swivel Office Desk Chair

Another great seating option is this black fabric upholstered armless chair from Amazonbasics.

The chair features comfortable padded seating as well as a pneumatic height-changeable lever, effortless rolling casters, and a 360-degree swivel.

The chair is BIFMA certified and besides changing the seat height, you can also adjust the tilt for a more comfortable seating experience.

The chair is made with long-lasting breathable fabric and we recommend this chair for computer rooms or warm environments.

DRAGONN (by VIVO) Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

If you’re looking for a kneeling chair with ergonomic features, the DRAGONN kneeling chair is a top selection. The chair’s cushion is 3” thick and it has four casters for mobility.

The greatest advantage of this kneeling chair is that you no longer have to bend over your table or keyboard for a prolonged period of time.

Benefits and features

This chair assists with keeping your back in a vertical position and distributing your weight equally throughout your legs and backside while your spine stays aligned.

The practical design is beneficial for promoting good posture and ergonomics and features a sturdy metal base that will last for years to come.

It can support a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs, the height can be adjusted from 21 to 31 inches and the all-black design is sure to blend in with your current office aesthetic.

All in all, this is a great kneeling chair to consider.

Do You Need Armrests?

The discussion about whether you need armrests on your office chair or not has been ongoing. There are disadvantages and advantages related to the issue.

The pros

  • If you choose a chair with armrests and the design is ergonomically correct (the right position, width, size, and height), it is a good thing as it promotes neutral posture.
  • Armrests are useful for sitting down or getting out of your chair and for rest breaks.
  • Armrests are a necessity if you are suffering from a severe injury or have certain medical issues.

The cons

  • Chairs with armrests don’t fit as easily under a desk as the case is with armless chairs. The smaller your office, the more you will realize the downside of this option.
  • Chairs that have armrests are generally pricier than their armless counterparts.
  • When the chair is not designed for promoting ergonomics, it could place additional strain on your neck and lower back.
  • Sitting too low causes tension in your shoulders and neck which poses a health risk for developing musculoskeletal issues.
  • If the armrests are not perfectly aligned, your pelvis and spine will get misaligned and this can result in lower back pain.

The solution

Your chair height is the first thing that must be adjusted, then seat depth. Then you should move on to adjusting the backrest angle and height. Armrests are the last item on the list.

They must be adjusted so that your elbows are in their natural position. Once done, the armrests must be positioned underneath your elbows with hands in your lap.

The idea is that you feel comfortable and your arms are at the proper height with all your work tools in reach. Using chairs with armrests correctly is simply a matter of training.

If you know how to use armrests appropriately, how to position them, and how to use them for only short intervals, you will get used to not using them as frequently.


Chairs with no armrests permit seating access from different directions. These chairs are perfect for small offices because they help you save space.

By removing one chair with armrests you can often open up enough space to place two armless chairs.

We hope that you have gained valuable insight while reading through our tips and recommendations to help you find the best armless chair for your office.

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