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How To Find All Four Blueprints / Schematics (Locations) – The Forest

The Forest is a survival horror game that allows you to build all kinds of structures in your base.

However, the guide book given to you to build structures is not complete. There are a couple of blueprints missing and you can find them in hidden underwater caves.

Here’s how you can find all four blueprints / schematics (locations) in The Forest.


Before attempting to find them

Before you begin, you need a rebreather. Here’s how you get one.

Also, you may want to change the graphics setting of the sea to “flat” as it allows you to see the hints clearly.


Location of Blueprints / Schematics No. 1

The first page of the blueprint can be found at a shipwreck cave.

The exact location is shown in the map below, marked by the red circle. It’s the southwestern most area of the map.

You should see an island with a broken boat piece here.

On the island, face the mountain. Look on the surface of the water for a metal pipe with two ropes tied to it.

Once you’ve swam to the metal pipe. Use the rebreather and dive into the water.

Follow the rope / cable down the ship.

keep going until you reach the hole. Press “E” / action button to enter.

Continue swimming until you reach an area where you can surface onto dry land.

Go inside and you’ll find a crossbow, bolts and the schematic you’re looking for.

You will be able to craft a coffin, a church and a cross.


Location of Schematics / Blueprints No. 2 & 3

The second and third blueprints are in the same underwater cave.

First of all, head to the red containers at the beach. The exact location is shown in the map below, marked by the red circle.

It’s the beach on the western side of the map, west of the sink hole.

the forest - all schematics location 

Go towards the container and continue walking on the beach until you reach this wooden structure (image below).

From the wooden structure, you will see a few islands. Swim towards the two smaller islands on the left.

From the first small island you reach, look towards your left side. You’ll need to swim to find the floating metal pipe tied with ropes.

You should be able to find this metal pipe floating after a distance. If you can’t see it, change your ocean graphics settings to ‘flat’.

From here, use the rebreather and dive downwards.

Once again, enter the cave.

Once you’re in, continue going deeper inside.

Keep going until you are able to surface on dry land. You will immediately find the third page of the schematics here. 

It allows you to build a tower. You should also see a rope going downwards.

Continue heading down for the second schematic.

Once you’re down here, just follow the path in.

You will reach a room with many papers pasted on the wall.

The second page of the schematics is towards the end of the room. It unlocks the glider for you.


Location of Schematics / Blueprints No. 4

The last page of the blueprints requires you to go back to the old tree (big tree by the sea).

From the old tree, go towards the yacht.

how to find all blueprints - the forest

Once you see the yacht on your right, continue heading straight on the coastline.

This will be a long run / walk. Just follow the coastline.

how to find schematics - the forest

Keep going until you see four small islands on your right.

Swim towards the second island as pointed out in the image below.

how to find blueprint for coaster - the forest

If you’re not sure where the island is, you can refer to the map below.

It’s actually on the southeastern most part of the map.

the forest - coffin blueprint location

Once you’re on the small island, look towards the forest.

If you swim towards the forest again, you should spot a metal pipe floating with ropes tied on it.

how to find blueprint for church - the forest

Once again, use the rebreather and swim into the cave.

how to find blueprint for church, coffin, tower - the forest

Once you’re in, continue swimming downwards.

how to find blueprint for tower - the forest

You should then reach dry land. Keep following the path.

the forest tower blueprint location

You will then see another pool of water and you need to swim downwards again.

the forest tower schematics location

Finally, you’ll reach this small room. The fourth schematics is right here.

It unlocks the log track for you.

the forest - church blueprint location


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Schematics are a new game mechanic added to The Forest in update v1.10. They contain information on how to build certain structures that are hidden to the player until found. Once discovered, the player can access and build the schematic in their survival guide on the last page marked by a cross.

List of schematics[]

There are 4 schematics in the game currently.

Schematic 1[]

Schematic #1

The first schematic is found in the Shipwreck Cave to the right of where the crossbow is located. Once unlocked the player will gain the ability to build the Cross, the Coffin, as well as the Church. The schematic page also contains some rough sketches of what appear to be a pregnant woman with a cross cut into her belly, severed arms surrounded by crosses, a heart pierced by crosses, what appears to be a second heart with crosses and upsidedown feet next to it, as well as the stump of what appears to be a sacred tree.

Schematic 2[]

Schematic #2

The second schematic is found in the Kanji Cave pinned to the back wall of the main cave room. Once unlocked the player gains the ability to create the Glider.

The schematic page also contains some rough sketches of what appears to be a bat overlayed on the frame of the glider with some angles drawn, a bird with its wing and head separated, a hoof of an animal, a skull with crosses, as well as an eyeball with crosses near it.

Schematic 3[]

Schematic #3

The third schematic is found in the Kanji Cave before the drop down to the room with all the papers. Once unlocked the player gains the ability to create the Tower. The schematic page is full of sketches of hanging skulls and skeletons as well as sections of the tower.

Schematic 4[]

Schematic #4

The fourth schematic can found in the Coaster Cave, southeast of the map near the two small islands. Once unlocked the player gains the ability to create the Log Track. It also has images related to turtles, as well as a Cross embedded into a turtle's shell.


Update History[]

v1.10Schematics 1, 2, 3, and 4 added to the game
I understand the church is pretty nice but what is the purpose of...
Coffin & Cross and why the hell is there a naked pregnant women in the build menu LeL

it seems like you cant do anything with them i wish you could turn the cross into a massive effigy and turn it on fire or somethin xD

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Forest church blueprint the


Added in


Building Type


















Other Effects




Buildable on

Most surfaces





The church is a custom building that was added in update v1.10 to The Forest. It cannot be unlocked unless the player has found the first schematic in the Shipwreck Cave.


It serves no purpose other than decoration, except for protecting the player from rain. Like the gazebo the final amount of logs is determined by how high the player makes the structure. It requires 5 sticks and 82 logs (more depending on height of structure).



Update history[]

v1.10Church added to the game
Finding the Secret Blueprints - S6 EP05 - The Forest

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