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  • Carriage Hill Apartments

    $820 – $1,020

    1–2 Bedrooms

    1344 Carriage Hill Ln, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Apartment in Hamilton

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    Renters on Doorsteps spend an average of 33% of their income on rent.

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  • Shadow Creek Luxury Apartments

    $1,060 – $1,335

    1–2 Bedrooms

    7895 Shadow Creek Dr, Hamilton, OH 45011

    Apartment in Hamilton

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  • Eden Park Senior Apartments

    $1,120 – $1,385

    1–2 Bedrooms

    1740 Eden Park Dr, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Apartment in Hamilton

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  • Wish Village Apartments


    2 Bedrooms

    1689 Eden Park Dr, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Apartment in Hamilton

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  • $2,250

    4 Bedrooms

    4094 Alsace Ln, Hamilton, OH 45011

    Single family house in Hamilton

  • 339 Village St Unit 2


    2 Bedrooms

    339 Village St Unit 2, Hamilton, OH 45011

    Apartment in Hamilton

  • 112 Elvin Ave


    3 Bedrooms

    112 Elvin Ave, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Single family house in Hamilton

  • 1435 Parrish Ave Apt B


    1 Bedroom

    1435 Parrish Ave Apt B, Hamilton, OH 45011

    Apartment in Hamilton

  • $1,795

    3 Bedrooms

    6543 Vonnie Vale Ct, Hamilton, OH 45011

    Single family house in Hamilton

  • 4448 Cabernet Ct


    4 Bedrooms

    4448 Cabernet Ct, Hamilton, OH 45011

    Single family house in Hamilton

  • $700 – $775

    2 Bedrooms

    812 Gordon Smith Blvd, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Apartment in Hamilton

  • 427 N 7th St


    2 Bedrooms

    427 N 7th St, Hamilton, OH 45011

    Single family house in Hamilton

  • 2131 Pumpkin Ridge Ct


    4 Bedrooms

    2131 Pumpkin Ridge Ct, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Single family house in Hamilton

  • 805 Gordon Smith Blvd Apt 2


    3 Bedrooms

    805 Gordon Smith Blvd Apt 2, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Townhome in Hamilton

  • 1575 Sunset Dr


    3 Bedrooms

    1575 Sunset Dr, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Single family house in Hamilton

  • 612 Barnard Ave


    2 Bedrooms

    612 Barnard Ave, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Single family house in Hamilton

  • Beacon Pointe Townhomes

    $826 – $1,209

    1–4 Bedrooms

    155 Hanover St, Hamilton, OH 45011

    Rental in Hamilton

  • 701 Ridgelawn Ave


    2 Bedrooms

    701 Ridgelawn Ave, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Single family house in Hamilton

  • 819 Prospect Ln Apt 1


    3 Bedrooms

    819 Prospect Ln Apt 1, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Townhome in Hamilton

  • 626 Ross Ave


    2 Bedrooms

    626 Ross Ave, Hamilton, OH 45013

    Single family house in Hamilton

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Can you tell me more about your company?

The Residences of Ohio is an apartment rental company that serves the Greater Cincinnati area. With five locations across the area, we have come to understand what our tenants expect from a great leasing experience. We offer affordable apartments with unbeatable features such as garage parking, new appliances, and a fast and friendly maintenance and leasing team. Our goal at The Residences of Ohio is to make the renting process easy and enjoyable. We have even created our own downloadable app to help manage your rent, maintenance requests, and more. Request a tour of one of our Residences of Ohio locations and you can see for yourself our friendly staff and beautiful properties. 

How can I view my balance and pay my rent?

Paying your rent at The Residences of Ohio is easy! You simply have to log in to the Tenant Portal on our website. You will be given your login credentials when you sign your lease. We also offer an app that allows you to pay your rent from your smartphone. Our Tenant Portal also allows you to set up autodraft or autopay. We recommend setting up autopay so you never forget about your bill again. Let us know if you have any questions about how to pay rent. 

What should I look for during an apartment rental walkthrough? 

After discussing your apartment needs with our experienced team at The Residences of Ohio, we will work to find the perfect apartment options for you. While every one of our finds are great options we recommend you schedule an apartment tour so you can truly get a feel of the apartment, location, and landlord. We understand that there are plenty of things to consider when choosing an apartment, so if you have any questions we would love to help, contact The Residences of Ohio today!

How do I decide on my budget for apartment rentals?

The Residences of Ohio staff will help you find the perfect apartment within your budget. Are you unsure of what budget is best for you? Generally, it is recommended that your income is 4 times the monthly rent, or 30% of your income. When renting an apartment, it’s important to factor in other monthly expenses such as utilities, parking, storage, internet, pet fees, and other possible building fees. The Residences of Ohio locations offer affordable apartment options across the Cincinnati area. We understand that there are plenty of things to consider when choosing an apartment, so if you have any questions we would love to help. 

How many bedrooms do your apartments have? 

In all of our locations, we rent out 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments. Most of our apartment rentals include amenities such as AC, secured building entry, wash/dryer in building, refrigerator, and electric range. If you have pets, please mention them to your leasing agent so they can show you one of our pet friendly options. There are extra fees involved in our pet friendly units. The size and pricing of each apartment unit will vary based on the amenities offered, size, number of bedrooms, and other factors. You can view our available rental properties on our website or give us a call for an immediate inquiry. After scheduling a tour or meeting with our leasing staff we will ask you to fill out the application form on our website. If you have any questions regarding the size of our apartment rentals, please contact us today! 

Sours: https://www.theresidencesohio.com/locations/hamilton-oh
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545 Apartments for rent in Hamilton, OH

And the award for best use of an exclamation point goes to…

Hamilton, Ohio is the most exuberant city in the United States, as evidenced by the city council’s decision to legally place an exclamation point at the end of its name. It’s ‘Hamilton!’ now, and doesn’t that make you feel great about relocating to this small Ohio town of 60,000? The city is admittedly very industrial but is making great strides in the revitalization department, even declaring themselves the City of Sculpture and funding many new arts projects over the last few years. Located in the Cincinnati metro area, Hamilton! may not win any beauty contests, but it sure is trying, and you’ve got to love that.

Hamilton!’s History is Totally Bonkers

It’s truly a wonder that Hamilton! hasn’t been mined for an HBO television series yet, and we’ll tell you why: originally established as Fort Hamilton on the Great Miami River, Hamilton! quickly transitioned from an agricultural outpost to a major industrial city during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as manufacturers produced agricultural machinery to aid the remaining local farmers. The large flood of 1913 destroyed much of Hamilton!’s infrastructure and put a brief kibosh on the city’s economic boom. Boring so far. But wait–

Now here’s where things get really tawdry: unless you are approximately 100 years old or a local historian, you probably didn’t know that Hamilton! used to be nicknamed “Little Chicago.” Why? Well, it certainly wasn’t because of the wind. After the flood of 1913 when everything was in shambles and ostensibly pretty depressing, it’s alleged that several notorious Chicago gangsters invested in a district of ill repute in the city–we’re sure as part of some kind of economic revitalization project. As a result, gambling establishments and brothels abounded until well after World War II, when the city and its pleasures were actually declared off-limits to American servicemen. Really. This is all true. The script practically writes itself!

Hamilton Today? Not So Bonkers.

Despite the fact that you live in the only city with an exclamation point in its name, Hamilton! today is not exactly the wild, gambling, whoring town where gangsters run amok. Located just outside Cincinnati’s outer belt, the city is caught somewhere between nice, rural, historical town and suburban sprawl. The major monkey wrench in contemporary Hamilton!’s population is Miami University, located about 15 miles northwest in the town of Oxford, and Miami’s satellite campus located in southern part of the city. Thankfully, the constant influx of students in the nearby town has provided Hamilton! with some much-needed diversity.

Because Hamilton has gotten kind of sleepy in its old age, you’ll have to venture to nearby Oxford for the region’s restaurants and nightlife. However, the university town tends to skew a bit young and extremely sloppy when it comes to bars, so for a more refined time, do yourself and favor and drive the 45 minutes into Cincinnati.

Far too fancy for house parties.

The west side of Hamilton is generally considered the most desirable area in town. Proximity to Miami University means that a lot of faculty, staff and graduate students not interested in Oxford’s raucous house party scene and cheap beers have settled in this region for comfortable living and a quick commute. The Timber Hill area of the west side has a wide variety of newer apartment developments and a good reputation throughout the county. Additionally, Highland Park is another great neighborhood with older, established homes and the occasional rental. Two bedroom apartments on the north side generally range from $500-650.

Debatable presence of sauerkraut, but lots of history

Germantown Historical Village’s name does not lie—this part of Hamilton!, located close to downtown, is replete with beautiful old architecture from Hamilton!’s wild past. Part of the National Register of Historical Places, you’ll find over 150 Gothic Revival style residences, storefronts and generally cool old stuff, including the Lane Library—the oldest library west of the Alleghenies. Occasionally, some of these homes and adjacent residences have been divided into duplexes for renters, which make for seriously cool, possibly-haunted, homes. One bedrooms in this area generally go for $400-500.

Young punks and future scholars

Next, and probably last for many people, on Hamilton’s desirable communities list is the city’s south side. This area surrounds Hamilton!’s Miami University campus and has a number of desirable rentals at an affordable rate for those whose priorities center on avoiding class and looking for trouble. Keep in mind, you’ll be living close to a college campus, so there is some petty crime and noise disturbance that comes along with the youthful idealism. Try to avoid the west side of the Great Miami River. Two bedrooms in this area generally go for $500-600.

Et Cetera

The rest of Hamilton!, unfortunately, is generally considered less-than-desirable. Much of the east side is not well regarded amongst natives, though there is also plenty of suburban development in this region that is safe and affordable. If you’re moving to the eastern portion of Hamilton, examine the neighborhoods and scope your neighbors closely before committing.

Whip out your glasses for the Fine Print

While there may not be as many rental options in Hamilton as in Cincinnati or even Oxford, you can generally find an apartment in town without the aid of a realtor, in 40-60 days. Application fees are cheap (under $30) and deposits are frequently waived or reduced given a satisfactory credit rating or perhaps a dashing smile. Additionally, the high student population means that you won’t have any trouble finding a flexible lease that suits your needs.

We have a highway now!

Well, the good news is that Hamilton! (can’t forget the exclamation point) now has quick and easy access to I-75 via the Butler County Veterans Highway. Many Hamilton! residents also commute to Cincinnati, so the roads can be a bit congested during rush hour. However, traffic doesn’t get truly spotty till you hit the outer belt: allow at least an hour for your commute into Cincinnati. The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, also called SORTA, provides the city itself with bus service. So, bus lines through downtown Hamilton! will sorta (Ha! I kill me!) get you into Cincinnati, but buses are infrequent and make many stops into the city.

Punctuation is exciting!

So there you have it. Hamilton! has one hell of a history, and though it has perhaps seen better (and more tawdry) days, this place is really making changes and you can’t fault that. Apartments are cheap, the city is growing and Cincinnati is just around the corner. Plus there’s just something about that exclamation point. So get going! Hamilton! awaits.

Sours: https://www.apartmentlist.com/oh/hamilton

Shadow Creek Apartments


We're Open!

Our leasing office is now open. In order to be safe, we will continue to follow recommended State orders of social distancing, masks and sanitizer.

We are offering both virtual tours and in person tours. Please call or email us to schedule an appointment.

More Info

located in Hamilton, OH

Ready to Move In?

Shadow Creek is quaint living at its finest. Enjoy luxury living in an inviting, master-planned community that is modern and developed for work, play and every day living. Unwind in a stunning maintenance free apartment home with finishes of a custom home, including; built-in desks, plush carpeting, tile floors, gourmet kitchens with islands, nine foot & vaulted ceilings and enormous walk-in closets. Shadow Creek offers a choice of one and two bedroom apartment homes with loft options. Our community is a classic private sanctuary built with your specifically in mind. Visit this charismatic destination because Shadow Creek is just the place you want to be!

Sours: https://www.shadowcreekapartments.net/

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Lindenwald Area Home in Hamilton OH

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