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Double XP or even a mention of what 's plan for the leveling system would be nice. As it stands, my money's on they'll wait until CE comes out on PC then do another 2X XP, or not at all. Methinks pretty much doesn't care at this point as they seem almost keen on avoiding the topic altogether.
That, or they're going to add microtransactions and they're waiting for the community to be so desperate for change that the idea of microtransactions won't be met with the same reception they were met with in H5.
Seems unlikely, MCC will have worse population if they tried forcing this. It took them long to fix the collection so adding micro-transactions would just agro the fanbase furtherit was bad enough when Halo 5 forced this and ended lacking content at launch with most of the content stuck behind awful digital only updates.

Anyway double exp should return, plus there now getting extra income being funded to them by PC community for whenever Halo each get's released. I guess we might get an exp boost next month when Halo 1 'flights' start before the official Halo 1 PC launch.
Here's the thing though, H5's microtransactions came out of seemingly no where. The thing is with this, if the community is more receptive of them, then the backlash won't be nearly as drastic. They laid the groundwork for the community to want microtransactions to alleviate the level grind. It worked for games like Fortnite.
Actually i were playing around with this in the Spartan Strike/Assault series but got a lot of backlash over it and Halo 5 got a backlash over it too and I remember the condescending video i posted around Halo 5's launch and well lets just say the community didn't respond well to it. I believe it worked for Fornite since the 'Battle Royale' mode was completely free but the problem with that is the crunch on staff sounds stressful and on top of that I keep hearing it's slowing losing population and I did hate how they kind of abandoned 'save the Earth' so I lost interest in Fornite and 'BR' game clones. Anyway every time i have tried to push the micro-transactions it's lead to backlash every time and if they try the whole 'live service' again with MCC/Infinite it's going to hurt i's reputation.

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Studios Offer Double XP Through The Rest Of April For Halo: The Master Chief Collection

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, there&#;s been few things more important than staying inside and away from the rest of society. The need for social distancing has given rise to organizations like Gamers vs. COVID, which has been a massive force for good in raising awareness for the need for social distancing and staying clean and healthy during the pandemic.

Gaming companies, developers, and publishers have been doing their party as well. Plenty of companies have been offering different perks, rewards, and other ways to make our hours spent inside a bit more enjoyable. Blizzard, for example, made all of their Heroes of the Storm playable characters free, as well as doubling experience for everyone on the Battle for Azeroth version of World of Warcraft.

It seems that Studios have decided to do something similar with their highly-anticipated releases within Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The developers have offered double experience to everyone playing the two active titles within the collection, which includes Halo: Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved, the first two games (chronologically by story) and the only ones to have released so far.

&#;To help make your time inside a little more enjoyable, we&#;ve turned on Double XP globally for MCC,&#; announced on Steam. &#;We&#;ve doubled the amount of XP per match you can receive and doubled the amount of XP per medal earned. Please remember tow ash your hands and keep it clean.&#;

The double experience event started about halfway through March, but it&#;s going to be going considerably longer. has made it so that the event will continue all the way through April, ending on Wednesday, April 29th.

It&#;s fantastic to see the event going so long given that it seems we&#;ll all still be stuck inside for the foreseeable future. Any hope of this pandemic being over soon seems to have ended, with the United States yet to hit its peak and other nations still suffering heavily, though some have shown some improvements. Making the experience buff last all the way through April is a wonderful gift to people that are trying to whittle away their time indoors.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has received a great deal of positive feedback since its release, with Halo: Combat Evolved having released not too long ago. While some players report a few bugs and issues with the game&#;s stability, it seems that most players are enjoying the titles with no issue and are looking forward to more in the near future.

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Halo: Master Chief Collection And Halo 5 Adds Double XP To Make Your Time Indoors More Fun

With the recent ongoing pandemic, lots of people are stuck at home. Whether they are students who have their classes canceled or adults who have to work at home, there are more people looking to spend time playing video games instead of going out. To help encourage this, Halo is unlocking Double XP for Halo: Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 to make your time indoors more fun and to get your head out of the coronavirus panic.

“To help make your time inside a little more enjoyable, we've turned on Double XP globally for MCC and Halo 5. Additionally, logging in to Halo 5 will also earn you free Arena and Warzone XP Boost Packs weekly," the Halo Twitter account posted. "Please remember to wash your hands and keep it clean.” This, of course, is a sneaky reference to one of the achievements you can unlock from Halo: Reach called Keep It Clean. To unlock this one, you need to kill seven Moa’s in the second mission of Halo: Reach.

Recently, gaming has become even more popular by a huge margin with games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hitting one million concurrent players on Steam and many other games hitting milestones due to the lack of activities people can normally spend their time on. Unfortunately, gaming tournaments such as Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 11, Overwatch League, and League of Legends LCS are being canceled, postponed, or even changing to an online-only tournament due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So, what are your thoughts on Halo’s decision to offer Double XP for Halo: Master Chief Collection And Halo 5? Are you excited to grind the game for a while and hit the Major rank? Personally, I think it’s a good idea, as it keeps the players engaged in gaming and we can have fun as a community. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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Double EXP Weekend

Double EXP Weekend is a weekend event that allows for the player to earn twice the amount of EXP when playing MultiplayerPlaylist.

Double EXP Weekend Games[edit]

Double EXP Weekend Playlists[edit]

  • Grifball - This playlist featured RvB's favorite sport gametype. (Social)
  • Team SWAT (As mentioned above, this playlist was made permanent) (Ranked)
  • Team Snipers - (This playlist has also since become a permanent playlist.) (Ranked)
  • Rockets - This playlist focuses on chaotic 8 player FFA Rocket gametypes. Occasionally, a "Splockets" gametype which features a Rocket Launcher and Spartan Laser weapon spawns. (Social)
  • Living Dead - This is one of the two infection playlists featured in machmaking along with rumble pit. (Social and Ranked).
  • Legendary Brawl - This playlist was created to celebrate the release of the Legendary Map Pack, and featured a person Free-For-All match. This playlist was ranked, allowing many to gain online FFA achievements easier. (Ranked)
  • Mythic Brawl - This playlist was created to celebrate the release of the Mythic Map Pack, and features a person Free-For-All match. This playlist is ranked, allowing many to gain online FFA achievements easier. (Ranked)
  • 3 Ball - This playlist featured a four team Oddball match. Three Oddballs were placed on the map, and each team needed to battle it out to gain the most points. Other game variants included 3-Low, which required more than one person on a team to be holding a ball to gain points for their team. (Social)
  • Fiesta - This playlist featured players on CQB maps with Random weapon spawns. (Social)
  • Team Melee - This playlist featured a mix of 3-team slayer and objective games, featuring the Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords. (Social)
  • Rocket Race - This playlist features a Race Gametype where 4 teams of two players have to reach several destinations before winning. They ride on a Mongoose where the passenger will have a Rocket Launcher to fire Rockets as to prevent others from reaching a destination. (This Gametype is sometimes featured in the "Multi-Team" playlist.) (Social)
  • Team Flag - A playlist that features all flag games. (Social)


For certain Holidays, such as Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Fourth of July, playlists were devoted to the day with special gametypes and maps.

  • Living Dead (Halloween) - This playlist featured infection as its gametype. Special maps were made specifically for this playlist, such as Club Dead (High Ground) and Brain Freeze (Narrows). It should be noted that for Halloween, this playlist was Ranked, however when other Infection Double EXP weekends came around, they were not.
  • Valentine's Day Massacre (Valentine's Day) - This playlist featured a variation of the hopper Team Doubles. This playlist was strictly Slayer oriented, and was ranked. Bungie had also stated that there would be prizes that would be awarded for certain things done by certain people (such as the most amount of vehicle jacks).[1]
  • Cinco de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo) - This playlist featured a Free-For-All game variant, in which each player spawned with a random weapon (This gametype was known as Fiesta).
  • Fourth of July (Fourth of July) - This playlist featured an assortment of gametypes, such as CTF variants, and a gametype called Red Glare. In Red Glare, each player on the team had Rockets and Spartan Lasers.
  • Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) - This playlist featured 9 players FFA.


  • Ranked Big Team Battle - This playlist was made a Double EXP playlist for a while to attract players into playing it, as the playlist was in danger of being removed entirely due to a lack of use (which it was as of September after Auto-Update 2). The double EXP was applied during the months of June, July, August and mid September in , and was not considered a part of Double EXP Weekend, for the Double EXP worked throughout the whole months, not just Thursdays through Sundays.
  • Prepare To Drop - Inspired by Halo 3: ODST. 4v4 Social Double EXP to celebrate the launch of ODST. Magnum, SMG start and with % Damage Resistance, Energy Shields disabled. Also there is Asset Escort Single VIP. Anti-VIP starts with Needlers and Gravity Hammers, and have % gravity. VIP team starts with Battle Rifles and SMGs, and have 90% damage resistance, and wear black armor. The VIP starts with a plasma pistol no grenades, does 0% damage to opponents, has 90% damage resistance, 4× overshields, 50% shield recharge rate, 75% move speed, 75% gravity, full vehicle use, an enhanced motion tracker, a waypoint that can be seen by all, and is colored purple. VIP team members within 40 meters of the VIP get 2× overshields.


Sours: https://www.halopedia.org/Double_EXP_Weekend

Xp halo reach double

Shortly before Halo Infinite was unfortunately delayed, people had discovered Monster energy drinks featuring Master Chief on the side of the can. Soon after these discoveries were made, it was confirmed by Industries that a Monster x Halo promotion is underway and that it would remain unaffected by the delay of the highly anticipated title.

From now until December 31st, Halo fans can “bank now and play later” by acquiring these limited-edition cans and sending a picture of the receipt, as well as the Monster product to monster-halo.com (A free account is required to submit pictures). They will then receive their double XP codes from Monster and can enter them at halowaypoint.com. Everyone can earn a maximum of 60 hours of double XP during the promotion period.

On top of the double XP, every approved receipt will grant you 1 entry into the sweepstakes where you can win an Xbox Series X along with many other prizes! A Snap Chat QR code can also be found on the sides of the cans. When the code is scanned you will receive a special filter containing a hidden code that will grant you some sweet in-game rewards. The code will change over the course of the next 3 months, so be sure to check often!

Sours: http://gametyrant.com/news/get-ready-for-halo-infinite-with-some-double-xp-from-monster-energy-drinks
Best Game mode To Maximize Double Exp To Level Up Fast In Halo Reach MCC


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Action Sack and Warzone Assault have returned to Halo 5 with Double XP, starting right now. Bring the heat, Spartans!
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