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What items do I need?

Archon's Forge uses two new consumable items introduced in Rise of Iron. One lets you start a public event, while the other lets you join.

SIVA Offerings

An item exclusive to Archon's Forge, a SIVA offering initiates the public event. You'll find SIVA offerings as you complete various activities, so look for them in your loot stream and as basic engram drops.

There are 15 SIVA offerings in Rise of Iron, but you can only hold one SIVA offering in your inventory at a time. It's wise to use one as quickly as possible so you can find another one. You can transfer offerings to the vault for safekeeping, so if you find a Perfected SIVA Offering early, stash it away until you raise your Light level.

Enemies drop SIVA offerings at random in the Plaguelands. If you don't have any, just patrol there for a while, and kill as many enemies as you find. SIVA offerings are bound to fall eventually.

Splicer Keys

An item used to open the SIVA door and enter the Archon's Forge public event. If you're defeated during a public event and need one, stay by the Fallen console where they and you respawn. You can hold up to 10 Splicer Keys at a time, but if you leave any in the game world, you can't retrieve them from the Postmaster. You can, however, place them in the vault and transfer Splicer Keys between characters.

What do I get for playing?

Archon's Forge is a good way to quickly get engrams or handle any missions or bounties that call for the completion of public events. Someone just needs a SIVA offering item to start it at a small Fallen console in Archon's Keep.

If you play and complete the Archon's Forge public event, you can earn event-exclusive legendary gear, as well as legendary or rare engrams.

What are the types of events, and what light levels do they require?

In Destiny: The Taken King, the Court of Oryx included bosses of varying difficulty, depending on the rune that players used to begin the event. In Destiny: Rise of Iron, Archon's Forge is more like a quick Horde Mode-style event that tries to overwhelm players with enemies.

There are three types of Archon's Forge events. The type depends on the type of SIVA offering given to activate the event.

  • Fused (uncommon), recommended Light level of 320
  • Enhanced (rare), recommended Light level 340
  • Perfected (legendary), recommended Light level of 360

Where is Archon's Forge?

Archon's Forge is in the Plaguelands patrol zone, along the side of the Archon's Keep area.

How do I get to Archon's Forge?

From the spawn point, head left on your sparrow and follow the path until you arrive at Archon's Keep. When you arrive at Archon's Keep, head into the building on your left. This is the same building that can be found in the story mission called "The Iron Tomb."

How do I start a public event at Archon's Forge?

Walk up to the console on the platform that overlooks the Archon's Forge arena. The console has a blue screen. If you have a SIVA offering, interact with the console to start the event. Jump right down into the arena as soon as the event begins, or you'll be trapped on the platform and will have to use a Splicer Key to gain access.

What is Archon's Forge Boon?

Archon's Forge Boon will grant players three fire axes to help during the fight. These can be earned by shooting the red pods that periodically spawn.

Shoot the red SIVA blooms that spawn throughout the event to earn Archon's Forge Boon. If you shoot enough of these, the group will receive three fire axes to help in the fight.

Got any sick strategies?

It's best to take out the weaker enemies first, just to lower the number of aliens firing at you. You'll have a limited amount of time to defeat the enemy forces, so act fast.

Revival is a key strategy in Archon's Forge. Players can self-revive, but they'll be trapped in a room and won't be able to get back into the arena without using a Splicer Key. Revive friends and teammates, and get people back in the action.

Once the enemies are defeated, players from the participating group will receive Archon's Forge loot. It's best to participate as many times, so you can to increase your chances of getting loot. Just like the Court of Oryx, rewards are random. The quality of the rewards doesn't depend on the difficulty tier, either.


Destiny Archon's Forge: Loot, rewards, and how Rise of Iron's battle arena works

Destiny introduces a new type of Patrol battle arena in Rise of Iron named Archon's Forge. Playing similar to Prison of the Elders but closer to Court of Oryx in execution, players must work together to defeat squad of enemies and a powerful boss within a five minute time limit.

Learning how it works is not only important for completing Rise of Iron's Record Book, but some of the expansion's most lucrative weekly Bounties from Shiro-4 require you to win matches in the Forge (which is particularly helpful if you want a chance of starting the Thorn Quest).

Not only that, but it can drop class items up to Light Level 400, making it an additional source of gear as you make your way past the 365 mark.

How to find and start an Archon's Forge encounter in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Archon's Forge is located within The Plaguelands Patrol, between The Archon's Keep and The Warrens. To get there, go to the large building at the top end of Archon's Keep - the end closest to the Forgotton Pass area - and head into the corridor at the back.

If you remember The Iron Tomb mission, you head through this on the way to the final area within Site 6.


To start an encounter, you need a SIVA Offering, which you insert into the console on the right if you enter in from The Archon's Keep. These come in one of three varieties that increase the difficulty of the event you face:

  • Fused SIVA Offering - Common (green), 320 Light recommended
  • Enhanced SIVA Offering - Uncommon (blue), 340 Light recommended
  • Perfected SIVA Offering - Rare (purple), 360 Light recommended

Fused, Enhanced and Perfected will essentially increase the Light level and amount of enemies you face within that encounter, but the higher the level, the more they count towards Shiro-4's weekly Bounty, with Common as one, Rare as two and Rare worth four offerings (thanks to the Destiny sub-Reddit for this).

Meanwhile, The type of encounter is dependant on the colour of the vial of the SIVA Offering you have:

  • Yellow is Shank or Dreg
  • Red is Vandal or Captain
  • Blue is Servitor

(Thanks also to the Destiny sub-Reddit for these.)

Strangely, only one SIVA Offering can be held in your inventory at one time, though you can swap them to different characters or to the Vault to collect more. Once you have used one, you can get another from killing enemies within the Plaguelands, or as a drop from completing Archon's Forge events.

How to play and win in Archon's Forge, rewards explained

Once you have inserted a key, the five minute encounter will begin; you must leap down into the area below within a few seconds, otherwise you will be locked in the 'prison' starting area above, so act fast! This time limit is designed to get nearby players into the encounter with you, but it also means you can very much lock yourself out too.

Though there are three difficulty Offerings and five different enemy types, each encounter will essentially boil down to the same format:

  1. Kill squads of enemies will increase an on-screen gauge
  2. Part way through, you have a chance to win a 'boon' by proving your worth - in order words, clearing the map of the red SIVA nodes that appear both out in the open and those that emerge from pods. This will open a pod at either end of the arena with Iron Lord Axes. Don't worry if you fail, the encounter will simply continue!
  3. Once the gauge reaches 100%, the central pod will open, revealing more enemies and a high-powered 'boss' version of one of those enemies
  4. Defeat the boss to win the encounter and earn rewards

Archon's Forge rewards

Interestingly, rewards do not appear to be tied to the strength of the Offering you give, and you can receive rewards whether you personally used the Offering or not. It can also mean you can walk away from a challenging Legendary SIVA Offering that you've provided with no rewards to speak of, but it's also nice to stroll into a random encounter and get a high level loot drop too.

Rewards can include armour sets (helmets, gauntlets, chest and boots) that can drop up to Light Level 385, while Class items, Ghosts and Artifacts can drop all the way to Light Level 400. You can also get the Saladin's Vigil pulse rifle and But Not Forgotten sniper up to 385 Light, as well as Glimmer and engrams (thanks to Eurogamer reader boot93 for elaborating on these). In fact, running Archon's Forge is one of the best ways to get lots of (mainly blue) engrams, making it useful if you can survive sub Light level 340.


How to win Archon's Forge encounters

No matter what, you always want to be paired with other players, either as a Fireteam and or ideally with random others, so only spend your SIVA Offerings with others around you. Not only does it help with the difficulty, but dying when you are alone will end the encounter altogether.

Encounters are fairly straightforward, as it's basically case of wiping out all the enemies you face as fast as possible. It pays to know where they come from - there are doorways around the edges of the arena, including a ledge up top - so you can take them out at the source as soon as they appear. The only difficulty is being overwhelmed, so learn the arena space, and retreat and take over when you are under attack. Achieving the boons is useful, but ultimately not essential.

Perhaps the most important tip is to avoid reviving yourself when you die. Doing so will place you in the 'prison' at the top of the arena, by where you enter the SIVA Offering to start, and you will have to use a Splicer Key to exit. To avoid this, simply wait for another player to revive you.

However, the only time you should revive yourself is if time is short, or the enemy forces are too strong for another player to come to your aid. If you do decide to revive yourself, try and co-ordinate the revives together so several players can escape the 'prison' at the same time with the use of a single Splicer Key.

Destiny 2 guide, story walkthrough

Want more Destiny: Rise of Iron guides, tips and tricks? Then read our Wrath of the Machine walkthrough and guides, complete list of all Dormant SIVA Cluster locations, tips on how to reach Destiny's max Light level, how to complete the Exotic Gjallarhorn Quest, Khvostov 7G-OX Quest and Thorn Quest and new modes Vanguard Elite Strike Scoring and SRL.

What else you need to know about Archon's Forge in Destiny: Rise of Iron

  • Even on the lowest levels, make sure you are a decent Light level (ideally 340 plus) and in a team before taking on an encounter. High level Legendary Offerings in particular will be difficult no matter your level, so make sure you have a full team backing you up.
  • A post-release hotfix improved the drop rate of SIVA Offerings when you finished Archon's Forge, but other players have reported an increased drop rate of loot in general - so if you were discouraged when you first started Rise of Iron, it's worth heading back now to see how you fare.
  • A good tip to try and match you with randoms in the environment is to approach the Archon's Forge arena slowly; this increases the likelihood of the game servers matching you with other players. If you approach from The Archon's Keep, drop to a slow walk as you enter the corridor and work your way up the steps, and fingers crossed you will see others in the arena. Some have reported that approaching from The Warrens improves success rate of matchmaking too.
  • You can take in a Patrol Mission from other parts of The Plaguelands (such as kill a certain amount of enemies) and complete them within a Forge activity.
  • Archon's Forge encounters are classed as a Public Event, which is useful for certain weekly or daily Bounties.
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Destiny Wiki Guide

Archon's Forge is a new player activated public eventarena. It falls somewhere in between Court of Oryx and Prison of Elders. The activity requires Guardians to wipe out a large group of Splicer Fallen as quickly as possible after which a group of stronger Splicer Fallen will spawn.

Archon's Forge can be accessed through the PlaguelandsPatrol. It is found within the Archon's Keep area. To start the activity, Guardians must present a SIVA Offering. There are 3 levels with multiple variants. Fused SIVA Offerings present Light Level 320 encounters, Enhanced SIVA Offerings present Light Level 340 encounters, and Perfected SIVA Offerings present Light Level 360 encounters.

Each offering also brings out more of a specific type of SplicerFallen: Dregs, Vandals, Captains, Shanks, or Servitors.

When a Guardian dies and Respawns, they are transported to the balcony overlooking the arena and not allowed back into the encounter, unless they present a Splicer Key.

Players are only allowed to carry one SIVA offering at a time. The end game rewards are RNG throughout with nothing guaranteed. Players may be rewarded with Rare/Legendary Engrams, Legendary Class Items, and/or Archon Forge Specific Loot. Three Of Coins can also be used on the Perfected SIVA Offering Bosses.

Specific Loot

Up To Light Level 385



  • Dream-Eater Grasps
  • Dream-Eater Mask
  • Dream-Eater Strides
  • Dream-Eater Vest



  • Stellar Impact Gauntlets
  • Stellar Impact Greaves
  • Stellar Impact Helm
  • Stellar Impact Plate

Up To Light Level 400



  • Dream-Eater Cloak
  • Bloodstained Hood
  • Cloak of Ragged Fortune
  • Cloak of the Apsides
  • Cloak of the Mantis
  • Cloak of the Reefrunners
  • Cloak of the Shadowjacks
  • Cloak of the Shadowsmiths
  • Extropic Cloak
  • Fieldcraft Hood
  • Frumious Cloak
  • Hardcase Cloak
  • Pleiades Hood
  • Rustworn Cloak


  • Hadron Gale Bond
  • Blind Evoke
  • Bond of Unknowing
  • Born of Sight
  • Controversial Remains
  • Eye of History
  • Light Unknown
  • Loop of Night
  • One True Constant
  • Phantom Wisdom
  • The Cure
  • The Gone
  • The Transcendent Mind
  • The Waking Dreams


  • Stellar Impact Mark
  • Mark of Diligence
  • Mark of Discipline
  • Mark of Sacrifice
  • Mark of the Chain
  • Mark of the Fortress
  • Mark of the Keeper
  • Mark of the Martyred
  • Mark of the Sentry
  • Mark of the Six Fronts
  • Mark of the War Tides
  • Mark of the Watcher

Destiny: Rise of Iron - Find the Archon’s Forge

This short article will show you how to find the Archon’s Forge in Destiny: Rise of Iron. The Archon’s Forge is Destiny’s new Public Event space that acts in a similar way to The Taken King’s Court of Oryx or House of Wolves’ Prison of Elders. Players present SIVA Offerings to a machine which summons a boss depending on the offering inserted. Defeating the boss within the time limit gives you the chance to earn high-end gear! Here’s a quick step-by-step process on how to find the Archon’s Forge and don't forget to check out how Archon's Forge works in our Destiny: Rise of Iron walkthrough and guide.

Step 1: Patrol the Plaguelands

Select Patrol the Plaguelands from Earth and launch.

Step 2: Lords’ Watch

You will spawn at Lords’ Watch, from here you will need to summon your Sparrow and head right.

Step 3: Giant’s Husk

Enter Giant’s Husk from Lords’ Watch and stick to the right. You will pass between the hull of a ship. Continue forward until you approach the cliff then turn left until you reach the next loading zone.

Step 4: Doomed Sea

You will enter a short area called the Doomed Sea that acts as a connector between the previous area and the next that holds access to the Archon’s Forge. There is little to find in this area but be careful weaving around as there are plenty of cliffs to fall off.

Step 5: The Archon’s Keep

Enter The Archon’s Keep area and follow the path around to the left and then as it wraps around to the right. Pay attention as this area has plenty of lava pools ready to swallow you up. Aim for the Keep on the top of the hill. Enter the Keep and either stay on your Sparrow or get off. Move deeper into the Keep.

Step 6: Archon’s Forge

You will reach the Archon’s Forge loading zone and come out onto a balcony overlooking the arena. This is the Archon’s Forge, the place where you summon bosses to fight in a similar fashion to Court of Oryx. On the right side of the balcony is a small Fallen computer where you will insert SIVA Offerings. These are used to summon a boss.

If you followed this short guide you will know how to find the Archon’s Forge in Destiny: Rise of Iron.


Forge location archons

For the area in the Plaguelands, see Archon's Forge (Location).

Archon's Forge is an activity in Rise of Iron,[1] similar to the Court of Oryx introduced in The Taken King. The activity requires Guardians to wipe out a large group of enemies as quickly as possible after which a group of stronger enemies will spawn.[1] It is found at the Archon's Keep in the Plaguelands.


Archon's Forge is accessible in PlaguelandsPatrol.[1] To start the activity, Guardians must offer one of three SIVA offerings at the Forge[1]; a Fused SIVA Offering, an Enhanced SIVA Offering or a Perfected SIVA Offering.

When a Guardian dies, they are transported to a balcony overlooking the arena and are kept there for a time. Players can buy their way back in by using a Splicer Key.[1] Unlike the Court of Oryx, SIVA offerings are always consumed, whether the player survives or fails the encounter.


The Archon's Forge has several unique pieces of gear associated with it.

Titan armor:

Hunter armor:

Warlock armor:


Armor sets and weapons will drop at up to 400 light.

Ghost Shell:

Ghost shells will drop at up to 400 light.

The Forge can also drop non-unique artifacts and class items at up to 400 light.


Before a Fallen is allowed to be augmented by SIVA, they must obtain a SIVA sample, present it to the leadership, and prove themselves in battle in a religious ritual.[1] When Guardians present the sample, Fallen consider it to be a defilement.[1]


Archon (Gnosticism)

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