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What's an infinite yield?

The warning “Infinite yield possible” actually means a thread can potentially yield infinitely.

This usually arises when you use the function, as it just waits theoretically indefinitely for an instance to be added , and when over 5 seconds have elapsed without the function returning an Instance, it returns the error.

To avoid this, specify the parameter for the function, as in :

Once the parameter has been specified, after n seconds, the function breaks and simply returns nil.

Edit : Just realized I’ve explained this before

The guy above beat me to it, but basically the :WaitForChild() function has 2 parameters: the childName (string) and timeOut (double, optional). The potential Infinite yield warning arises when , if a call to this function exceeds 5 seconds without returning an instance, because then there is a possibility that the thread would yield indefinitely, like for example if you call :WaitForChild on something that is inexistent, that instance will be waited for indefinitely giving you a warning. Ex…



Why does this error as infinite yield possible?

So i have this server script which works with FE:

function idle_music(action) if action == "add" then print("adding") local random = lobby_songs[math.random(1, #lobby_songs)] local replicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage") for _, p in pairs (game.Players:GetPlayers()) do print("looping through players") if p:FindFirstChild("PlayerGui"):FindFirstChild("Muusic") then -- checking for screen gui print("There already is a musicGui") else print("There is no musicGui... Adding one rn") local musicGui = replicatedStorage:WaitForChild("MusicGui"):Clone() musicGui.Name = "Muusic" musicGui.Parent = p.PlayerGui end if p and p:FindFirstChild("PlayerGui"):WaitForChild("Muusic"):FindFirstChild("IdleSound") == nil then print(p.Name.. " didnt find a sound") local sound ="Sound", p:FindFirstChild("PlayerGui"):WaitForChild("Muusic")) sound.Name = "IdleSound" sound.SoundId = "rbxassetid://"..random sound.Looped = true sound.Volume = 0.4 sound:Play() print("dun") print("fine") else print(p.Name.. " found a sound") end end else for _, item in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do if item and item:WaitForChild("PlayerGui", 5):GetChildren() then local todel = item:FindFirstChild("PlayerGui"):WaitForChild("Muusic"):WaitForChild("IdleSound", 2) if todel then todel:Destroy() end end end end end

This is just a function that's called every once in a while and it worked perfectly before but now when I want to add a screen gui to a player gui thourgh a server script it always says "Infinite yield possible in playerName:"WaitForChild(something)"

And it does print "adding" but it never prints "looping through players"

Why does this happen and how can I fix?

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How do i fix Infinite yield possibility?

You refer to the Roblox manual and find:

Instance:WaitForChild(childName, timeOUt)

Returns the child of the Instance with the given name. If the child does not exist, it will yield the current thread until it does. If the timeOut parameter is specified, this function will return nil and time out after timeOut seconds elapsing without the child being found.

If a call to this function exceeds 5 seconds without returning, and no timeOut parameter has been specified, a warning will be printed to the output that the thread may yield indefinitely; this warning takes the form Infinite yield possible on 'X:WaitForChild("Y")', where X is the parent name and Y is the child object name.

So to avoid this warning provide a value for or make sure the child is found in less than 5 seconds.

answered May 10 at 13:29


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