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Miami the magic city! Its airport Miami International  (KMIA) one of the world’s busiest and most connected airport in North America. With flights to and from North America, Caribbean South America and Europe it’s the international gateway of the south east of the United States.

We have re-created completely Miami airport to truly immerse with all new and amazing features of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

LVFR Miami Int’l Airport features

  • Hand made and detailed ground markings and textures according to the most recent airport situation.
  • Realistic terminals, cargo buildings airport buildings using MSFS PBR materials.
  • Realistic airport lighting.
  • Taxiways, aprons, runways sloped using the native MSFS system.
  • Optimized for performance to be used on most types of systems.
  • Customized jetways
  • Customized train animations.
  • Accurate airport gate/parking to current real world airport layout.
  • Update (new): Enhanced Downtown Miami, Port of Miami and South Beach areas.

If you bought previously KMIA for Prepar3d and FSX you will get this version at a discounted price.


You must download the contrail app under downloads after the purchase, and use the serial number provided by simmarket in your account to install and activate our scenery.


LatinVFR Miami KMIA V5 Updated

LatinVFR has updated their recently released scenery of Miami KMIA v5 to version 5.1. This update comes with a number of fixes that users were experiencing. There are some fixes for missing autogen textures, some other texture enhancements, changes to lighting and more. Before installing this update, LatinVFR notes that you should uninstall the previous version of Miami.

LatinVFR Miami KMIA v5 was released just last week, and comes with a number of new features over the previous version. One of the most notable updated features is the usage of PBR textures. LatinVFR Miami KMIA v5 is available from LatinVFR’s own website for $26.99, or from SimMarket for €28,00. Upgrade pricing may be applicable.


  • Added missing autogen textures, those who did not have a previous version of KMIA, were seeing black textures.
  • Fixed flickering on some ground areas of KMIA.
  • Added ‘static’ runway hold lights, with no animations as an option on the scenery configurator, users will have two options, static and animated. The static will be the default option when installing.
  • Reduced metallic/chrome on static aircraft.
  • Fixed issue where the taxi lights became a bit red when on final approach to KMIA.
  • Fixed photo scenery around the Key Biscayne, Virginia Key area where it looked black/dark.
  • Added rain puddles as an optional item on the scenery configurator. (not because of performance).
  • Fixed some duplicate parking in the AFX file and modified radius on some cargo parking.
  • Filled gaps on the rain activated PBR polys.
  • Other small fixes
Dutch guy that got lost and now lives in Finland. Flight simmer by day, mobile developer by night. Or vice versa.
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*Verified Product User*

2021-08-09 12:00:47

First of all, I must admit that I'm not familiar with the real situation at Miami; thus, my lines should be read more as statement instead of comparison with reality.

The download size of 2,2 GB is self-explaining: seems to me as if the reproduction of realitiy is very close. However, a very good graphic card is advisable: my GTX 1660TI with 6 GB video memory is nearly overloaded, even if the settings are reduced to lower values (I use the scenery with P3D4.5). The video ram on the airport itself and in Miami City mostly lies nearly close to 8GB, so in my case about 2 GB are reserved from normal computer ram - reducing the fps to not more than 10 fps. Nevertheless, the simulation is acceptable.

The area that is mapped really seems to be huge. Fly up to the North or down to the South or even to the East - you always will find the skyscrapers of Miami, beaches, harbours and leisure boats. If the higher price is acceptable to you is a decision of your own.

Besides international flights, I use KMIA together with the Key West Scenery for local flight adventures after work ... superb if you like tropical conditions.

So finally: have a good flight


*Verified Product User*

2021-07-07 23:53:45


All The new Latin VFR sceneries look great! However, the PBR could use some optimization. Even this little airport uses 1.5 to 2 GB more VRAM than even FlyTampa KLAS. So anytime I use the LatinVFR KMIA, KFLL or KBDL I have to turn my down textures from 2048 to 1024 or I risk running out of VRAM. This seems to be a problem as I can run most all my other FlyTampa, Flightbeam and Imaginesim sceneries at 4096 with a fps penalty or 2048 for good VRAM headroom and 30fps solid. P3D V5.2 did help significantly as I could only run 1024 textures prior to the update without running out of VRAM.


*Verified Product User*

2021-05-22 07:58:52

Looks amazing for the 2 minutes it will run before I run out of VRAM. I7 [email protected] and RTX 2080 will run this on very minimal settings only. I can run Flightbeam KSFO with Orbx NoCal with very high settings and 100% AI traffic at a steady 30fps and 5.4GB VRAM as a contrast but basically have to turn off shadows, ai traffic and reduce settings to med and low to run KMIA V5 which makes it unusable for me. Perhaps in 10 years when there are graphics cards available again I can upgrade and give it another shot.


*Verified Product User*

2021-03-24 19:51:07

I put off buying this scenery for a while and am kicking myself for it. For the price of 20 euros (sale price) you get photo scenery and the Miami downtown area in addition to the Airport itself. I'd say its on par with some of the flytampa or flightbeam scenery. What's more is performance was good, even with my middle class system and flying the PMDG 777-200er.

A definite buy in my book


*Verified Product User*

2020-06-10 05:16:17

just purchased this and it looks great!

nice frame rate
SODE jetways
custom buildings

but the TRUMP resort is missing all it's textures (not sure if this is a good thing or bad!)


*Verified Product User*

2019-07-08 14:26:27

Another great KMIA rendition from one of my favorite developers. The layout is exactly like the real airport. I can tell they put a lot of effort into this update. This is by far the best KMIA simulation, on all platforms.



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P3D V5.1 - Amazing Cinamatic flight to Miami - Barcelona [LEBL] - Miami [KMIA] - PMDG 777-200ER

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