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Are you a professional DIY mechanic? Irrespective of the kind of mechanic you are you can attest that tools are a vital part of your success. All smithy tasks require one to have different types of hand tools. Tools are not tools. Different brands provide different quality tools. Among the most popular brands is Tekton vs. Gearwrench. So which of this brand should I buy? I know that is your question.

Both Tekton and Gearwrench are great brands in terms of quality and serviceability. This brand manufactures wrenches, ratchets, and sockets. All these tools are meant to make your work easier and accurate. Both brands are reliable, but there has to be a better one. Let us learn more about these great brands. In a short while, you will understand their differences and make an informed decision in your purchase.

Tekton vs. Gearwrench Comparison Table

TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive...
GEARWRENCH 29 Pc. 1/2"...

GEARWRENCH 29 Pc. 1/2"...

TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive...
GEARWRENCH 29 Pc. 1/2"...

GEARWRENCH 29 Pc. 1/2"...

Tekton Tools

Tekton Company was formed at Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1991. This company aims to manufacture high-quality assembly and mechanical tools. The core products of Tekton Tools Company are hand drive sockets, ratchets, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and impact sockets. Their tools are much better and less costly than competitors.

Tekton tools are made by different contractors and engineers from three different countries. 75% of Tekton tools are made in Taiwan, 15% in the United States, and 10% in China. Other tools from Tekton Company are pry bars, punches, chisels, clamps, vices, mallets and hammers, and bolt cutters.

Tekton tools are made to be high quality durable and affordable, and they comfortably meet all the goals perfectly. Their tools starting from the drive torque wrenches to impact socket sets are rated highly by customers. The quality of this brand is not questionable even for tools that cost cheaper than its competitors.

Tekton sets come with everything one will need for the task. Both their manual and power tools are not prone to breaking since their construction is sturdy. The company’s customer service is top-notch. In case of a query or problem with their tools, they are quick to respond and correct the issue. Here are among the best products by Tekton tools:

#TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Deep Impact Socket Set

Tekton impact sockets are designed to work with both pneumatic and cordless impact wrenches. The impact sockets transmit torque from the fast, making it tranquil for one to loosen bolts and nuts. The sockets are constructed with heat-treated and forged chrome vanadium steel for durability. This tool has a black phosphate finish which makes it corrosion resistant.

The construction of Tekton impact sockets makes them less likely to drive end round out unlike other types of sockets. This six-point socket grasps both the flat and broadsides of bolts and nuts, and thus you do not have to care much about destroying fastener heads. The sockets have LASER etched markings which are easily visible. The easy visibility of the markings will assist you in accurate and precise working.

TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive has a deep broach which makes it suitable for accommodating longer fasteners. The extra-deep broach makes the socket comfortable even for long. This deep driving socket is also ideal for opening hexagonal nuts. The set comes in a casing convenient for storage and carriage. Keeping the sockets in the case protects them from moisture and other corrosive agents.


  • Have a high torque
  • Has extra-deep broach
  • It is ideal for longer fasteners
  • 6 point socket design grasps fasteners flat sides
  • Easy to read laser etched size markings
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • Made from heat-treated and forged vanadium steel
  • Meets ANSI performance standards
  • 13 sockets give a wider coverage
  • Comes with a casing for storage and carrying


  • The plastic casing may not last for long

#TEKTON 1/4 Inch Drive 6-Point Socket & Ratchet Set

This TEKTON, 1/4 Inch Drive, set include sockets from 5/32 to 9/16inches and 4mm to 14mm without any skipped size. This set comes with a universal joint, an extension, a power socket adapter, and a 90-quick release ratchet. The tools in this set are packed in a solid carrying and storage case. Its 6 point design makes it an ideal choice for holding hexagonal nuts which are the most common types of nuts.

Tekton 6-Point Socket & Ratchet has a polished and chrome-plated finish which is highly corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The sockets apply torque on the flat-sided of fasteners and not on the corners, thus preventing them from rounding off. They also feature extra-large die-stamped marking, which is permanent and easy to read. These markings are also visible in settings with low light.

The Tekton 90 tooth and finely geared ratchet will only require you to have a 4-degree swing arc when working. The socket has fully stepped shoulders. The narrow diameter of smaller sockets stretches to the base helping it to reach in recessed and tight areas. TEKTON ratchet review states that the Drive is a versatile set that offers great strength longevity and perfect service at a reasonable price.


  • Set has every size from 5/32 to 9/16 inches
  • Ideal torque for stubborn and stuck nuts
  • Large and permanent markings
  • Able to reach tight and recessed areas
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • The ratchet needs 4-degree working swing arc
  • Nonslip and smooth gripping
  • Easy to clean
  • Markings are clear even in din light
  • Prevents round-off of fasteners
  • The universal joint makes it easy to bend turning axis
  • It is versatile
  • Comes with a storage


  • Ratchet may not be ideal for heavier works

Gearwrench Tools

Gearwrench is among the leading hand tool company. This company is under the Apex Toll Group, which is among the largest manufacturers of hand tools in the world. This brand has won the hearts of many since they first launched their five-degree ratcheting wrench. They manufacture pliers, nut/screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets, and other specialty tools.

Gearwrench is known as a brand that delivers strength, speed, and access. They are well known for their customer-focused culture, innovation, and high quality. Their logo is designed to determine their professional grade. Their compact head design, fine-tooth mechanism, and high strength forged construction provide easy access to confined workplaces. Let us discuss two products of this awesome brand:

##GEARWRENCH SAE/Metric- 35720 Ratcheting Wrench Set

GEARWRENCH manufacturers are a popular company for their high-quality wrenches. The wrenches from this company are easy to use and enable you to access tight sports. GEARWRENCH 35720 Ratcheting Wrench needs as little as five degrees to open fasteners, unlike standard wrenches which need 30 degrees. The wrench is made from alloy steel which makes it strong, sturdy, and durable. It has a bright full chrome finish which protects the wrenches from corrosion and rust. The finish also makes the wrench easy to clean.

GEARWRENCH 20pc Ratcheting Wrench is made with an off corner design which reduces fastener rounding and offers a strong grip. It is made with pass-through technology which enables you to work down on any long bolts and threaded rods. This combination of ratcheting wrenches from GEARWRENCH enables you to install and remove fasteners much faster.

The Gearwrench set comes with a combination of XL. Unlike standard wrenches, XL ratcheting wrenches feature a longer beam. Its flex head provides a movement of up to 180 degrees on the box end. The high-quality ratcheting wrenches also have a stubby flex which enables them to fit in confined places where other standard wrenches cannot fit. The sizes of the wrenches in the GEARWRENCH 20pc Ratcheting Wrench are stamped on both beam ends for quick and easy identification.


  • Needs a minimum of 5 degrees
  • Works on long bolts and threaded rods
  • Size is written on both ends for easy identification
  • Made with alloy steel for strength
  • Easy to clean
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • It is very durable
  • Has an excellent grip
  • Minimizes faster rounding
  • Fits confines places
  • Make jobs easier and faster

##GEARWRENCH 84935N Deep Impact Metric Socket Set

GEARWRENCH 84935N Deep Impact socket comes in a set of 29 heavy-duty pieces for professional users. The impact sockets are made with innovations for durable strength and ease of use. It is constructed with chrome molybdenum alloy steel which is high quality and sturdy.

According to Gearwrench socket set reviews, it is ideal for technicians, construction workers, and industrial or automotive technicians, among other trade workers. The 29 pieces of GEARWRENCH impact sockets are found in both standard and deep styles. The deep styles feature a parallel neck down feature which increases the socket’s ability to access constrained fasteners.

GEARWRENCH 84935N Deep Impact socket features an attachment port and chamfered opening, making it compatible with traditional ratchets. It’s off corner loading prevents rounding of fasteners. The impact sockets are covered with a manganese phosphate coating. The coating prevents the socket from corrosion, thus resulting in longer life.

GEARWRENCH socket set comes with locking extensions, universal adapters and joints, and standard extensions. The extensions feature a slide locking mechanism that attaches it to the socket securely. The sockets have hard stamped labels and high visibility markings for quick identification. The tools come in a blow mold case with steel buckles and reinforced steel hinges for security and strength.


  • Have exceptional strength
  • Very durable impact socket
  • Off-corner loading prevents fastener rounding
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • Hand stamped labels and high visibility markings
  • Deep parallel necks to reach restricted fasteners
  • It is compatible with traditional ratchets
  • Comes in a secure and strong blow mold case
  • Meets and surpasses ASME B107. 2 specifications
  • Available in deep and standard styles
  • Chamfered openings guide sockets to fasteners


  • Can rust if not well stored

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q. Is Tekton Better Than Gearwrench?

When it comes to which one is better between Gearwrench vs. Tekton, it will depend on the tool you want to buy. Both of the two brands are well known for their incredible performance and high quality. Both Gearwrench and Tekton have strong tools to withstand heavy applications. However, Tekton has more ratchet and socket sets while Gearwrench has more of wrenches. Gearwrench concentrates on 12 point sockets while Tekton mainly produces 6 point sockets. Your preference between the two brands will depend on your need.

Q. Is Gearwrench Made By Snap-On?

Snap-on does not make Gearwrench. Apex Company owns and manufactures Gearwrench tools. This is the same company that produces craftsman tools. Through the two tools are manufactured in the same company, they are not similar. Gearwrench tools are premier distributors of leading mechanic hand tools made and designed to meet the tough requirements of industrial users and automotive technicians.

Q. Is Gearwrench Made In USA?

Gearwrench is among the many tools which are made in Taiwan but headquartered in the USA. Gearwrench tools are manufactured in factories of the Apex Tool groups located in China and Taiwan. Therefore, you can get some Gearwrench tools written made in china and others in Taiwan.

Q. Are Gearwrench Sockets Good?

Gearwrench is among the best tools brand you can get in the market. The tools have become professionals’ favorite because of their great performance, high quality, and budget-friendly price. Most of their tools are highly durable and exceptionally strong since they are constructed with chrome alloy steel. Another thing that makes these sockets high quality is their well visible markings.

Q. Which Tekton Tools Are Made In USA?

Tekton tools are made by different contractors and engineers from three different countries depending on the item. 75% of Tekton tools are made in Taiwan, 19% in the United States, and 5% in China. Some of the Tekton tools made in the USA are punches and chisels, screwdrivers, pliers, air hoses, wrench sets, and ratchets.

Tekton vs Gearwrench Socket Set Comparison YouTube Video:

Final Words

Tekton and Gearwrench are market competitors. These companies are popular for their high-quality products. It may be a tricky task to choose which one is a better brand between Tekton vs. Gearwrench. They both have fantastic customer service, and the performance of their tools is top-notch. Tekton tools offer more ratchet and socket sets while Gearwrench mainly focuses on wrenches. Gearwrench also manufactures other tools which are also good quality. Gearwrench brand has reversible sets in large quantities, unlike Tekton Company.

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Sours: https://rxmechanic.com/tekton-vs-gearwrench/

From where I’m sitting, working on cars is one of the best parts of car culture. You get to learn new skills, invent new words and find solutions to problems you never imagined you’d have to face. Also, you get to better understand what makes your car tick. The major road block? You have to have tools to work on your car. Jumping into the world of tools is intimidating and can get expensive fast. Sure, you could finance your way into a full professional tool set, but that’s probably not the best route for a hobbyist who isn’t using their tools to make money.

With that in mind, here’s a place to get started: a guide to your first tool set, along with some extra goodies you didn’t know you needed.

1. Sockets

You’ll need some sockets. How many depends on a few things, like what you plan on doing in your home garage, drive or rented shop space. With so many options out there for socket wrenches and ratchet handles, diving in without a guided tour is overwhelming. Just doing a little research will peel back the curtain of the various price points, features and manufacturers.

What I suggest: Buy a set. Buying sockets piecemeal, even entry-level tools, will cost an arm and a leg. Even looking at sets, there are a handful of paths you can take. You can buy complete sets in the three main drive sizes: quarter-inch-, half-inch- and three-eighths-inch-drive tools, or you can opt to find a huge set with a ton of pieces that encompasses all of the above.

Buying a comprehensive set from Craftsman, GearWrench or your various private-label big-box store is the most affordable and sensible place to start. I took a different path, buying a high-quality three-eighths-drive set, and opted for more affordable tools in quarter- and half-inch. While more expensive, it did render me with mostly complete runs of all the main tools I’d ever need.

You also need to take into account what you plan on dragging into your garage. Considering I mostly work on older domestic vehicles, I could probably skate by with having only fractional tools; if you primarily work on imported or modern vehicles, you'll want metric.

Modern tools have a handful of features that didn’t exist on older tools. The big one with sockets: off-corner engagement. Virtually every decent socket has some variant of off-corner engagement that has a branded, trademarked and easily advertised name attached to it. For example, Snap-On calls it Flank Drive, SK Tools calls it Suregrip and GearWrench calls it Surface Drive. You get the point.

With all of that in mind, here’s what we suggest for a first set:

Socket Set Roundup: Get to Work!

Craftsman VersaStack 216-Piece Tool Set



Buy Here

The Craftsman VersaStack Mechanic's Tool Set comes with just about every basic hand tool you'll need to get started. The 216-piece kit comes with sockets, ratchets, Allen keys, Torx bits and more. The compact kit also makes for a great in-car tool box if you plan on upgrading down the road. This tool set is also baked into Craftsman's VersaStack pack-out system, which could make it handy for those on the road.

GearWrench 57 Pc. Mechanics Tool Set—80550



Buy Here

This GearWrench set features the full gamut of 3/8-inch drive sockets, deep and shallow, and in metric and fractional. Essentially, it's a small stepping stone to a complete socket set, with high-quality imported tools. This set also features a standard-length 3/8ths drive 84-tooth ratchet and a stubby length 84-tooth ratchet. These single-pawl ratchets have a thin head and help you get access in tight spaces. The downside: You'll have to spring for similar sets in quarter- and half-inch form when you venture into smaller and larger projects.

Tekton 3/8-Inch Drive 6-Point Socket & Ratchet Set



Buy Here

Tekton tools might not be a household name like Craftsman yet, but it seems like it's headed that way. This 3/8-inch drive socket set includes both metric and fractional sockets, in shallow and deep depths. It's also stuffed with six-point sockets, a breaker bar and a few extensions. Oh yeah, and it has just about just about every 3/8ths drive socket you'll ever need to work on your car.

SK Hand Tools 94547 Deep Socket Set

SK Hand Toolsamazon.com


Buy Here

This SK Tools set might be more expensive than the rest, but it's made right here in the good ol' USA. While you're paying a slight premium for the domestic manufacturing, you're also getting genuinely high-quality tools that should last you a lifetime of wrenching. (Full disclosure: This is the first socket set I purchased and have no regrets.)

2. Ratchets

This is somehow even worse than sockets. Sure, there are fewer ratchet handles that you need, but you’ll probably be tempted by features, designs and creature comforts available in different ratchets. If you opt for a big set, you’ll likely get some bog-standard, normal-length ratchet handles in the standard sizes.

Most sets are including fine-tooth ratchets, which are becoming more and more common. For that reason, I’d suggest not dipping below a 72-tooth ratchet design. You might not need a flex head ratchet right off the hop, but you’ll need one eventually—and it will make your life easier.

Comfort grip handles are another feature that some enjoy. Personally, I’m not a big fan of comfort grip handles because the soft material will deteriorate over time, whereas a chrome handle will wear like, well, a chromed chunk of steel.

There are also various ratchet designs. The two big players: round-head and pear-head ratchets. Round-headed ratchets are bulky, but some people prefer them. Myself? I’m in the pear-head camp.

With that considered: We suggest taking a look at these handles below.

My First Ratchet: Jumping into Tools

GearWrench Ratchet Set



Buy Here

While you could start with a handful of low-tooth-count, hand-me-down ratchets, you might run into some problems in the tight areas found in more modern cars. These 120-tooth flex head ratchets from GearWrench give you a 3-degree swing arc, which means in a perfect world the next tooth engages every 3 degrees. This set includes the three most common sizes you'll find in the automotive world, as well as a stubby 3/8ths drive ratchet to get into those tight places. The stacked pawl design on the 120 XP ratchets does make the head a little bulkier than single-pawl ratchets, which is something to consider.

Tekton Ratchet Set, 3-Piece

Buy Here

Focused even more on your budget, these non-flex-head ratchets from Tekton feature 90 teeth. For those at home counting, that's 4 degrees in the swing arc, so slightly worse than the GearWrench, but still much better than the 36-tooth ratchet you sometimes use as a hammer. These ratchets are also a single-pawl design, which helps the head be slimmer than those above. 

SK Professional 3/8-Inch Drive Ratchet

SK Hand Toolsamazon.com


Buy Here

The legendary SK round head ratchet. This 3/8ths drive ratchet is made in the USA and features a 40-tooth round head design. This ratchet is an older design, and a proven commodity, but its low tooth count and large head might not make it your go-to ratchet. That being said, SK does have a high-tooth-count drop in replacement mechanism for this ratchet, which might help it become an ace in your back pocket. 

3. Screwdrivers

Buying screwdrivers on a budget is an interesting adventure. While truck brands like Snap-On, Mac and Matco offer great screwdrivers at a high cost, they aren’t the only players in the uber-nice screwdriver game. If you plan on using screwdrivers as intended, it’s worth springing for a set of higher-end hand drivers. Ratcheting screwdrivers and electric screwdrivers are handy but will push your tool budget a little higher than just a standard set of drivers.

The big advancements in screwdrivers over the years have been special tips to help prevent damaging the fastener, and grips. Ergonomic grips might be overblown, especially in the automotive world. That being said, my favorite screwdrivers have both special tips and ergonomic handles.

Here’s what we’d suggest for your first screwdriver set.

Mechanic's Musts: Good Screwdrivers

Wera Kraftform Plus Screwdriver Set

Buy Here

These Wera Kraftform screwdrivers aren't cheap, but they are good. This six-piece set features ergonomic handles to help you deliver torque to the fastener most effectively. Wera also serrates the tips of these drivers to better bite the screw and prevent cam-out. Far from the most expensive screwdrivers, these are some of my favorites.

Williams 100P-8MD 8-Piece Premium Mixed Screwdriver Set



Buy Here

One of the industrial arms of Snap-On, these J.H. Williams hard-handle screwdrivers look shockingly like their more expensive counterparts. These drivers are USA made, and there's about every commonly found automotive size in this set. 

Craftsman 12-Piece Acetate Handle Screwdriver Set



Buy Here

If you've never had a chance to use an acetate-handled Craftsman screwdriver, you've never used a screwdriver. The acetate-handled drivers are one of Craftsman's staples, and they're priced low enough to not have to keep them under glass. These drivers don't have ergonomic handles or special tips, but they'll still get screws out. 

PB Swiss Tools PB 8244 Slotted/Phillips driver set

PB Swissamazon.com


Buy Here

PB Swiss screwdrivers might not be household staples like the Craftsman drivers above, but these Swiss-made screwdrivers are some of the best you'll ever use. Priced accordingly, you might not want to dive into these as your actual first set, but it never hurts to expand your horizons. 

4. Wrenches

If you buy one of the big starter tool sets, you’ll get a smattering of budget-minded wrenches. Most of the time, these wrenches aren’t bad, but they are far from high-end. This might sound cliché, but investing in a good set of combination wrenches should last you a lifetime. Of course, good is relative—and generally relatively expensive. While I’m a huge fan of snagging a set of combination wrenches with an aggressive modified open end, that could result in marring or damaging a fastener.

Just like buying a socket set, you need to consider what you’ll be working on because that directly affects how much you’ll need to buy. You also need to factor in the country of origin, if that matters to you.

For those reasons, and factoring in the previous comments about quality, here’s what we suggest:

Fill up Your Toolbox with Some New Wrenches

Tekton Combination Wrench Set, 30-Piece


$130.95 (20% off)

Buy Here

Like the Tekton socket set, these Tekton wrenches are budget-friendly, but far from cheap. This 30-wrench set has just about every combination wrench you'll want working on your car in fractional and metric sizes. No, there aren't any jumbo-sized wrenches, but you won't need those until you, well, really need them. These Tekton wrenches don't offer a modified open end, which means they're safe to use on chrome and polished fasteners.  

GearWrench 28-Piece, 6-Point Combination SAE/Metric Wrench Set—81923


Buy Here

Like the Tekton set above, this is a solid set of spanners that should get you through just about any project. Unlike the Tekton set above, these wrenches have six-point boxes, opposed to the Tekton 12-point boxed ends. While that technically makes life harder if you need to position the boxed end of your combination wrench in a tight area, it does help give you a more secure hold on the fastener. 

SK Professional Tools 15-Piece, 12-Point Metric Combination Wrench Set

SK Hand Toolsamazon.com


Buy Here

Like their sockets, SK Tools makes a helluva combination wrench. These American-made tools should last you a lifetime and have enough left over to help your grandkids, nieces, nephews or neighbors dismantle a car after you're gone. They also have a 12-point design, which gives more versatility in tight areas. These also feature a smooth open end to help keep your fasteners unmarred. This 15-piece set covers metric fasteners ranging from 8 mm to 22 mm. SK also offers a fractional set for those who work on older American iron, too.

Wright Tool Metric 12 Point Combination Wrench Set

Wright Toolamazon.com


Buy Here

These Wright Tool wrenches are maybe my favorite wrench. If you live in the Rust Belt, or deal with stubborn fasteners, these wrenches are the ticket. Well, for hard to reach fasteners where you can only use a wrench, anyway. These Wright tools feature a modified open end, which Wright calls Wrightgrip 2.0. This translates to serrations in the open end of the wrench that help bite the work while you're taking it apart. This does damage the fastener, but it also gets stubborn pieces apart without slipping or spreading the tool's jaws. For the money, yep, these are my favorite modified-open-end combo wrench in the game. Oh yeah, these are made in the States, too.

5. Pliers

You don’t know how much you need a good set of pliers ... until you need them. While there are a million different types of pliers, the staples you’ll need while working on cars include a pair of needle nose pliers and slip joint pliers. Tongue and groove pliers (also known as Channellocks) can help make life easier, but they’re not an absolute necessity. There are also a handful of semi-essential tools like locking pliers, but you can start collecting those as you go along: Remember, buy as you need. If you don’t plan on diving too deep into a project, you probably won’t need a good set of snap ring pliers, for instance. But, if you’re taking random subassemblies apart or diving into a transmission, you better have some snap ring pliers on hand.

With that in mind, here’s a good jumping-off point:

Get a Grip: Throw Some Pliers in Your Toolbox

Channellock Tool Roll-3 5-Piece Pliers Set




This Channellock set won't be the cheapest bunch of pliers you'll find, but you are saving some money by buying a set. Sure, you don't need the tongue-and-groove pliers right off the hop, but the slip joint pliers and the needle nose units are as good as any. The set also includes some diagonal cutters, which come in handy for those necessary zip ties and for any impromptu prying you have to do while removing cotter pins. Oh yeah, and Channellock makes these tools in the USA.

Tekton 6 1/2-Inch Slip Joint Pliers—37122


If you don't want to spring for a whole set of pliers—and I can't blame you—snagging a pair of these Tekton slip joint pliers isn't a bad move. Like the Channellock set, these are made in the U.S. and feature robust and sharp teeth. You'll find a lot of use for these when you remove spring clamps or, well, anything you need to remove by any means necessary

Knipex 2611200 Long-Nose Pliers with Cutter, 8 Inch

Knipex Toolsamazon.com



German company Knipex is known for making some of the best pliers in the world. These long-nose pliers are no different. While these might be a tad pricey for a rookie, these will help you get the job done whenever you need a long-nose plier. 

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Tekton vs. Gearwrench: What Brand is Better

Tekton and Gearwrench are both highly reputable brands in the hand tools industry. They are rivals, and it’s pretty hard to choose between them because of the features they offer you, the user.

However, this article will tackle all the hand tools they provide and compare them, from ratchet sets to socket sets. This article will be your guide on deciding which brand to choose.

Table of Contents:

Tekton Vs. Gearwrench Ratchet Sets

You may not have known too much about ratchet tools before you have read this article. Choosing the appropriate tools and planning how to use them will save you a lot of money, time, and effort.

In this section, we’re going to be talking about choosing the right ratchet set for you. There are two highly reputable brands when it comes to selling these handheld tools, Tekton and Gearwrench.

Before comparing each brand’s advantages and disadvantages, we first need to know what makes a good ratchet set.

What Are Good Ratchet Sets?

Ratchet sets are essential to have in your auto toolbox. Sure, hand tools like a ratchet are slower than power tools, but they can still get the job done pretty effectively.

Whether you are loosening/tightening a fastener, a good ratchet set for car owners, mechanics, and enthusiasts has ratchets with different types, sizes, and styles that will be essential for fixing your car.

Here are some of the basic things that are crucial when it comes to buying ratchet sets:

1. Drive Size

It’s essential to ensure that your ratchet set has most, if not complete, ratchets of various drive sizes.

You’ll find yourself using ¼ inch, 3/8ths-inch, and ½ inch drive squares in the automotive world.

2. Head Style

The head style determines what kind of work the ratchet needs to do. There are two types of ratchet head style, the round head style and the pear-head style.

Pear-head styles are head styles that aren’t round. Roundhead ratchets have heads that are round and bulkier than the pear-head style.

3. Swivel Head, Fixed, or Flex

Similar to the head style and the drive size of a ratchet, this determines what ratchet’s line of work.

Special Features

To make it easier for you to choose between Tekton and Gearwrench, we have to know the ratchet sets’ specifications that each brand has to offer.

We made a table to make it easier for you to compare and contrast the ratchet sets from both brands.

TEKTON Ratchet SetGEARWRENCH Ratchet Set
TEKTON 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Inch Drive Swivel Head Ratchet Set (3-Piece) | 91804GEARWRENCH 2 Piece 1/4inch and 3/8inch Drive 120XP Flex Head Teardrop Ratchet Set, Dual Material - 81204P
● Made out of Chrome Vanadium Steel.

● 270-degree swivel head enables you to approach your work from almost any angle.

● Fixed square head style.

● Quick-release drive locks to make sure they don’t fall off easily.

● Handle with soft, nonslip grip.

● 72-tooth gear, with a 5-degree swing arc.

● A set of 3, ¼, ⅜, ½ -inch drive ratchets.

● Made out of Alloy Steel.

● 120XP ratchets with 60-tooth pawls, providing a 3-degree swing arc.

● It has an enclosed head design to minimize dirt infiltration.

● Highly visible markings on the head.

● Has a flex head style.

● A set of 2, ¼, and a ⅜-inch drive.

We will be judging based on the specifications and reviews of their product. We’re also going to be talking about the efficiency of each tool. Evidently, as the table above shows, they both have different specifications. Tekton offers a fixed square head style, while Gearwrench offers a flex head style.

Because of Tekton’s swivel head technology, it’s easier to approach your work are with these tools. The flex head style cannot do the same because, unlike Tekton’s ratchet set, it doesn’t offer the swivel action (which makes locking in the ratchet and socket easier).

Overall, Tekton should be the clear winner of the ratchet set comparison. From the toolset itself, over to the material’s it’s made out of, it has the edge over Gearwrench ratchet sets.

Tekton Vs. Gearwrench Wrench Sets

Wrenches work similarly to how ratchets and sockets work. They tighten up fasteners. An open-end wrench lets you tighten/loosen nuts and bolts that wouldn’t necessarily damage the ratchet system.

We’re going to be talking about the few types of wrench sets there are and their uses. This will be helpful for beginner-intermediate car owners/enthusiasts as this knowledge can be necessary for the future.

What Are Good Wrench Sets?

A wrench set’s primary and obvious goal is to tighten and loosen fasteners that can commonly be found in your car when performing maintenance.

Here are some of the many types of wrench sets out there that are available on the market. Why is this important? Because each type has a unique function that separates it from the rest.

1. Adjustable Wrench

  • Movable lower jaw to adjust wrench size
  • Works well with standard & metric fasteners

2. Combination Wrench

  • Composed of an open-end on one side, and a box-end on the other side
  • Sets come in metric and standard sizes

3. Open-end Wrench

  • Sets come in metric and standard sizes
  • Both ends of the wrench are open-end
  • Some have jointed or flex-head models for a more accessible approach on the fasteners

Special Features

There’s a clear distinction between both brands. That’s why we’re going to put it on the table to make it easier for you to decide which wrench set you’re going to purchase.

The table below presents the specifications and essential information you need to know about the wrench sets from Tekton and Gearwrench:

TEKTON Combination Wrench Set, 30-Piece (1/4-1 in., 8-22 mm) - Holder | 90191GEARWRENCH 12 Point Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set, 16 Piece Metric - 9416
● Includes a 15-piece inch combination wrenches

● The open end is angled 15 degrees to engage fasteners in tight spaces

● Made out of Chrome Vanadium Finish

● The box-end of the wrench is designed to grip the flat sides of the fasteners to prevent round-off

● Made out of alloy steel

● Includes a 16-piece metric combination wrenches

● It has a thin head and beam to work well around confined areas

● Size is stamped on both ends for easier identification

Both wrench sets from Tekton and Gearwrench are high-quality. The 15-piece set from Tekton can help because it can help you with the different sizes of fastener similar to Gearwrench’s ratcheting combination wrench set with pieces of wrenches.

The final verdict comes down to what you need the wrench set for. If you need them to work in confined/small spaces, Gearwrench will be slightly better because of its thin head and beam.

Overall, you can choose either of the two because there’s not much difference between both brands.

Tekton Vs Gearwrench Socket Sets

Similar to wrenches and ratchets, sockets are attached to socket wrenches, ratchets, or torque wrenches to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts.

Sockets save a lot of time when it comes to loosening or tightening specific fasteners. The most common socket type is the hex socket. These are also called 6-point sockets and come in different sizes.

What Are Good Sockets?

There are different types of sockets. Because of the uniqueness of the design of each socket, they serve a particular function in the automotive industry.

Suitable sockets will make tightening and loosening fasteners easier. It all comes down to the design of each socket type. From the socket length to its drive size, sockets can be very confusing.

Here are some of the socket sets that are commonly used today:

Pass-through sockets are your typical sockets that can tighten fasteners like nuts on screws easier.

Because of its low-profile design, it can turn the nut on a longer threaded bolt. However, this only works with specially designed ratchets.

Unlike other sockets, driver sockets tighten/loosen fasteners such as flathead, Phillips, hex, or star-head screws.

A spark plug socket has a deep design to fit over the body of a spark plug. Some spark plug sockets are lined with rubber inside. That way, you can pull out the spark plug easily once it’s loosened.

Special Features

Since sockets are commonly sold as a set, it will be easier to compare both brands. As previously mentioned, we will write down each unique feature Tekton and Gearwrench offer with their socket sets.

Here’s a table of the specifications of the socket sets sold by Tekton and Gearwrench:

 TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive 6-Point Socket and Ratchet Set, 74-Piece (1/4-1 in., 6-24 mm) | SKT15311 GEARWRENCH 44 Piece 3/8inch Drive 6 Point Impact Socket Set, Standard & Deep, SAE/Metric - 84916N
● Complete set from ¼ to 1 inch and 6 to 24 mm in both standard and deep lengths

● 6-point sockets to apply force on the flat side of the fastener

● It comes with a 90-tooth ratchet that only needs 4 degrees of working swing arc

● It also includes tools not commonly found in socket sets like a universal joint, breaker bar, and extensions

● Made out of Chrome Molybdenum Steel

● Off-corner loading design reduces fastener rounding.

● It comes in a complete set from standard to deep lengths

● It is coated with Manganese Phosphate to avoid corrosion and have a more extended tool life

This will be a short comparison because aside from Gearwrench’s Manganese Phosphate coating or Chrome Molybdenum Steel, there are still more advantages to Tekton’s socket set.

It comes with a complete set from ¼ to 1 inch that can help you tighten/loosen fasteners in different sizes. It also comes with a 90-tooth ratchet, universal joint, breaker bar, and extensions that significantly increase your efficiency.

Tekton Vs. Gearwrench Pliers

Pliers are essential tools when it comes to the auto industry. It is mainly used for gripping, straightening/bending, and cutting functions which can be very helpful, especially when it comes to the electric components of your car.

The design of the pliers enables you to grip almost anything that can fit in its tip. Standard cutters are composed of the tip, the pipe grip, the jaws, the cutters, the pivot, and the handles.

What Are Good Pliers?

There are generally three things that matter with a plier: what type of plier it is, the materials it’s made of, and the design of the pliers.

We’re going to start by naming some of the commonly used pliers out there.

1. Combination Pliers

This may be one of the most commonly used pliers out there. These pliers consist of a cutter and pipe grip.

2. Vise Grips

The jaws of these pliers are designed to lock in place. It has a screw design at the bottom of the handle, determining how tight/loose you want the pliers to be. This is incredibly helpful in gripping stripped screws and bolts.

3. Long-nosed Pliers

These pliers are elongated for more precision and contain a cutting edge near their base. It’s designed that way to work well in confined spaces, especially when it comes to changing electrical components.

Special Features

Now we’re going to be showing you all the specifications Tekton and Gearwrench has to offer. Take note that this information is factual since it’s taken directly from their advertisements.

Here are the specifications you would get from the plier sets of Tekton and Gearwrench:

TEKTON Mini Pliers Set, 6-Piece (Needle Nose, Long Nose, Flat Nose, Cutting) | PMN99906 GEARWRENCH 6 Pc. Pitbull Dual Material Mixed Plier Set - 82204C
● Complete set from ¼ to 1 inch and 6 to 24 mm in both standard and deep lengths

● 6-point sockets to apply force on the flat side of the fastener

● It comes with a 90-tooth ratchet that only needs 4 degrees of working swing arc

● It also includes tools not commonly found in socket sets like a universal joint, breaker bar, and extensions

● Made out of Chrome Molybdenum Steel

● Off-corner loading design reduces fastener rounding.

● It comes in a complete set from standard to deep lengths

● It is coated with Manganese Phosphate to avoid corrosion and have a more extended tool life

Both Tekton and Gearwrench plier sets have different purposes. The plier sets are for multi-purpose uses. You need to know what you need these pliers for before deciding what to buy between these two.

Tekton’s Mini plier set is smaller and has an average overall size of 4.8 inches on each plier in their set. However, there is a significant difference in scale and size compared to Gearwrench’s average overall length of 8 inches.

If you need the pliers to make some tiny electric adjustments, then Tekton’s Mini pliers sets will do a great job, but if you need something that requires more force (like gripping, pulling, and cutting strips of metal), then the Gearwrench Pitbull pliers set will be the best for the job.

Tekton Vs. Gearwrench Tool Warranty

A warranty should be something that customers have to pay more attention to. If you think that the product’s quality is not what the brand promises, then you can request a refund/replacement for the product you purchased.

That’s the beauty of a tool warranty. You can return them when they’re either defective or break in the first few days, if not months of using them.


Why Is Tool Warranty Important?

Did it ever cross your mind why companies and brands offer tool warranties? The answer is simple, manufacturers and producers are confident with the quality of their product, that they promise that their tools will uphold that quality through a warranty.

Think of it like a manufacturer’s guarantee. By giving the customers a warranty, they assure the buyers that their tools are the best of the best and are even willing to replace/refund the item if it hasn’t met your expectations.

Tekton Tool Warranty

Clear and concise, their warranty rules don’t have a limit. If you think your tool isn’t working right, just send them an image and request a replacement on their website.

Gearwrench Tool Warranty

Their tools have a lifetime warranty. However, this does not apply to single purchase items like accessory bits, torque products, and toolboxes. Warranty from these items can go from 30 days to 5 years of limited warranty.

Tekton’s tool warranty is better since it doesn’t have a limit on its warranty. Their warranty rules clearly state, “Once a tool becomes yours; we’re available to help you no matter where you got it or how long ago”.

Compared to the Gearwrench warranty, it’s better because it gives the customer more assurance over their products. Tekton is willing to replace these products if they get broken sooner or later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tekton a Good Brand?

Yes. Tekton is a good and reliable brand and is highly reputable because of the tools they make. Their online reviews are actual proof of how good of a brand they are.

They make well-designed tools to make sure their tools carry out the work efficiently. Not only that, but they also make sure that their tools are made out of high quality to ensure the tools’ durability.

What Company Makes Tekton Tools?

Tekton is a family-owned company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They aim to meet their users’ needs by hiring the best engineers and designers to create hand tools.

Their outstanding attention to detail in making these tools is what makes their company, Tekton, rise and shine in the hand tools market in the first place.

Is Gearwrench Good Quality?

Yes, definitely. They make a lot of tools, big and small. From pliers to wrenches, they have all the handheld tools you can think of, and they’re made with top quality too.

Just by holding their products, you will know that these things will last because they feel quality, which should be present in all the tools we purchase online.

Are Gearwrench Combination Wrenches Good?

Yes. The engineering and design of their products are what make their tools unique in the first place. Specifically, their combination wrench come in different sizes, which are helpful in most cases where you need to use both open-end and box-end wrenches.

Overall, they make combination wrenches with high-quality design and materials, and we recommend you purchase from their store.

Are Tekton Ratchet Wrenches Good?

Tekton racket wrenches are good because they’re both efficient and durable at the same time. They also have various options for ratchet wrenches.

Their fixed square head style and its quick-release option is an excellent feature in their ratchet wrenches. They also have a swivel-type ratchet that can help you approach fasteners in almost all angles in confined spaces with its 270-degree swivel.

Are Tekton Wrenches Forged?

No, they use LaserMill, a proprietary method for making wrenches without the need to forge. This is done by rolling steel sheets on top of each other and creating the right balance of ductility and strength in a controlled heat-treatment process.

After the controlled heat-treatment process, they cut down the tools and smoothen out the cuts with minimal surface defects.

Are Gearwrench Tools Made in the USA?

No, Gearwrench didn’t mention any manufacturing plants that are located in the USA. Initially, Gearwrench started their business in tool-making in Taiwan, where their Apex factory is located.

Over the years, they have plants worldwide, namely in places like Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia, manufacturing some tools today.

Does Gearwrench Make Power Tools?

No, there has been no recollection or source that claims Gearwrench was making power tools. Their brand has always been specializing in hand tools from the day they started up until today.

Other Tools and Resources:

Sours: https://www.drillanddriver.com/tekton-vs-gearwrench/

Tekton vs Craftsman vs Gearwrench: Some Impressions

Well, hope that helped clear some of the things you were wondering about.

I’m kind of curious where what will become of Craftsman under the banner of Black & Decker. We might see some more innovative and challenging tools from the brand.

For now, however Tekton and Gearwrench are definitely a step ahead. As I mentioned, I’d get Tekton for any socket needs – and maybe longer ratchets like their 18” tool.

For any standard ratches, Gearwrench do an overall better job despite having a little less torque. They also seem to have been working on the warranty situation, so the companies covering them increase further.

Beginners on a budget, grab some Craftsman stuff. Or make sure to check what mechanic’s kits Kobalt have for sale. I’ve written about how Craftsman and Kobalt sets compare to each other.

For more intermediate DIY projects, I’d recommend the other two brands.

Of course, that’s only my opinion. You’re welcome to consult with others about your choice! 🙂

If you’re in the mood for other tool brand comparisons, check my Ryobi vs Ridgid post or me talking about Kobalt and Dewalt .

Sours: https://cozystream.com/tekton-vs-craftsman-vs-gearwrench-tools-sockets-ratchets/

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Gearwrench 120xp VS Tekton New 90T Ratchets

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