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Outdoor Bench Cushions

Adding a custom made bench cushion in the fabric of your choice, turns that bench into a place that beckons you to relax in. Typically bench cushions are 5cm to 10cm thick and have ties to secure the cushion to the bench, but the choice is yours. You dream it, we create it!

Design & Order Your Custom Outdoor Bench Cushions Online:

Now is the exciting time when you get to design your outdoor bench cushions. The process is simple. Follow the 5 steps below to choose your fabric, piping, filling, ties and set your ideal cushion measurements. Then simply set your quantity and place your order! It's that easy.

If you have any trouble or would like to ask a question please call us on 1300 448 297 or send us a message.

How to measure for Outdoor Bench Cushions.

  1. Measure the length of the cushion area in millimetres rounded to nearest 5mm. This is the side where we will place a concealed zip.
  2. Measure the width of the cushion area in millimetres rounded to nearest 5mm.
  3. Decide on what thickness you would like. Most bench cushions range from 50mm to 100mm. Most cushions are wrapped in dacron and therefore have an extra initial thickness of 30mm.

Please note: If you are measuring the furniture for a backrest cushion, subtract the thickness of the seat cushion from the height of the back cushion.


Seat Pads

Seat Pads

Whether you want to brighten up some old chairs and freshen their look, have a project on your hands, or simply want to add some comfort to your kitchen or dining room, our range of seat pads and seat cushions are ideal. We stock a wide selection of bench seat cushions, kitchen and dining chair cushions, outdoor seat cushions and more, all in a wide range of colours, styles and designs.

Initially seat pads may not seem like a vital addition to the kitchen; however the comfort and style that a new pad or cushion can add to a chair cannot be overlooked. These discreet seat cushions slip neatly on to most dining room chairs and will provide your guests with an extra layer of sumptuous comfort. Many people choose to coordinate their seat pads with the main colour themes or designs in their kitchen; this will help to make the room really pull together with the addition of a vibrant set of seat pads.

Our range of bench cushions comes in all the same styles, designs and colours as our chair cushions but are longer, perfect for that up-cycling project, for sitting on a garden wall, for creating a window bench, or anything else you can think of. 

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Rectangle Cushion

Custom make your cushion to any size square or rectangle shape you’re looking for. Most common for couch cushions, odd size mattresses, RV back and seating area, piano or bench seating in the foyer, entryway or coat rack lounge area.

Dacron wrap is recommended for benches and sofa cushions. Dacron wrap will fill up your covers, make the appearance of your seating area look new and prevent wrinkles in the fabric when you are done using it.

Common use: Couch Cushions, Mattress, Beds, Baby Play Pin, Piano Bench, Foam Filler, Pet Beds, Play Mats, Pads

Luxury Foam : This foam grade is firm high density foam. This type of foam is recommending for car seat pads, church pews, bay window seat cushions, dining room chairs, chair pads and massage tables 4″ thick or thinner. If you are looking for support and durability, then this foam is for you. This kind of foam has rubber based characteristics which means it will not break down like ordinary foam. It will maintain its original shape and density for many years. This foam grade has a firm feel offering a high degree of support while retaining its shape and density. *No FR Additive*

Premium Foam: This foam grade is medium high density foam. Recommended for sofa seat cushions that is 5″ thick or thicker. If you are looking for support, comfort, and durability then this foam is for you. This kind of foam has rubber based characteristics which means it will not break down like ordinary foam. This foam will maintain its original shape and density for many years. This is our most popular foam for seat cushion replacements and is highly recommended. *No FR Additive*

HD23: This foam has a medium to soft feel depending on the body weight of the sleeper. It offers a high degree of comfort and will retain its shape and density. This foam grade is a high density soft foam. This kind of foam has rubber based characteristics which means it will not break down like ordinary foam. If you are looking for comfort and durability then this foam is for you.

1.5 Standard Foam: This is a medium density type of foam. It is intended for temporary use such as camping, guest beds, fold out beds, upholstering headboards, pet beds, packaging, arts & crafts, etc.

Plush Foam: This foam has a soft feel with a good quality. It is commonly used for the back of a sofa cushion, baby mattresses or mattresses for individuals with bed sores.

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Cushion rectangle seat

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How to Make a Custom Bench Cushion Cover - A Thousand Words

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