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Star Wars Battlefront has an unlockable diorama, and here's how you fill it out

On top of the usual unlockable guns and power-ups, Star Wars Battlefront will reward your more unique accomplishments by filling out a 3D battle diorama. It's a lot like getting a new action figure for doing well in school, but instead you get a scout trooper for scoring 250 headshot kills.

To help you plan out your collector's conquest ahead of time, here's how to unlock all 20 diorama pieces. Some of them sound like quite a bit more work than getting a good grade in biology...

As long as you're being proactive, don't forget to start getting credits with the Battlefront companion app ahead of time. Star Wars Battlefront will be released on Tuesday, November 17 in North America and Thursday, November 19 in Europe.

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Star Wars Battlefront: All Diorama Figurines and How to Get Them

Magma Trooper: Earn a total of 1,500 kills as an Imperial soldier (Multiplayer).

Boba Fett: Use all Star Cards and get a kill with every weapon (Multiplayer).

TIE Fighter: Destroy 150 vehicles (Multiplayer).

Slave-1: Ride in vehicles for a total of 10 hours (Multiplayer).

Twi’lek Rebel: In Base Command (phone app), achieve a 3-star rating on the first siege in the Rebel campaign.

Stormtrooper: Achieve rank 10.

Han Solo: Earn 1,000,000 score (Multiplayer).

Tatooine Rebel: Earn a total of 1,500 kills as a Rebel soldier (Multiplayer).

X-Wing: Pick up and use 200 Power-ups (Multiplayer).

Millennium Falcon: Score 100 kills with either the Millennium Falcon and/or Slave-1.

As you can see, some of these are incredibly difficult to obtain. Team up with your friends as much as possible, because some of these will take serious game time to earn. May the Force be with you.

Have you unlocked any of the dioramas feature in Star Wars Battlefront? Are these too easy or too hard? Let us know in the comments below!

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Star Wars: Battlefront has a lot of cool content to explore, whether you're taking on the missions or one of the many multiplayer modes. However, it also has something that toy collectors are going to love – unlockable diorama figurines that you can show off to your friends.

These 3D models are displayed across four different environments – Tattooine, Hoth, Endor and Sullust – and can be unlocked by reaching specific goals in either Multiplayer or Missions Modes. These are pretty cool to view, and ideal for collectors too.

So how do you unlock them all? Here's a guide that breaks it all down!

Rank and Score

  • Stormtrooper, Tattooine – Reach Rank 10.
  • Princess Leia, Hoth – Reach Rank 50.
  • Han Solo, Tattooine – Earn 1,000,000 in Multiplayer.

Game Modes

  • T-47 Airspeeder, Hoth – Win ten matches of each Multiplayer game mode.
  • AT-AT, Hoth – Play at least 30 matches of Walker Assault, doesn't matter which side.



  • TIE Fighter, Sullust – Destroy at least 150 vehicles.
  • Magmatrooper, Sullust – Get at least 1,500 kills with an Imperial soldier.
  • Tattooine Rebel, Tattooine – Get at least 1,500 kills with a Rebel soldier.
  • Scout Trooper, Endor – Execute 250 headshot kills.
  • Millennium Falcon, Tattooine – Get 100 kills with either the Slave-1 or the Millennium Falcon.
  • Darth Vader, Endor – Defeat 250 soldiers using any given Hero.

General goals

  • X-Wing, Tattooine – Pick up and use at least 200 power-ups.
  • Shadowtrooper, Hoth – Reach Level 3 at least once with every Trait.
  • Boba Fett, Tattooine – Use all the Star Cards and get at least one kill with each weapon.
  • Slave-1, Sullust – Ride in vehicles for a total of ten hours.


Twi'lek Rebel, Sullust -- you can also earn a bonus figurine by downloading the Star Wars: Battlefront Companion app and playing the Base Command game. Simply get a three-star rating in the game and you'll unlock Twi'lek.

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Star Wars: Battlefront – All Diorama Figurines Location Guide

When you play the game, you earn rewards. These rewards allow you to shows your accomplishments in Star Wars Battlefront. You can view Diorama 3D model by achieving some certain goals. In order to get these Trophies and achievements you need to complete many actions.

If you are look for help to find the collectibles in the game, you can check out; Collectibles Locations Guide.

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To view a scene full of character and vehicle figurines, select Diorama from the Collect menu. Figurines are spread across four islands, representing the four planets in the game. Here in this Guide you can see all figurines, along with how they are unlocked and on which planet they are found.

Rand and Score

Play in game challenges and scoring events to collect points and to increase Rank. After you play many hours of Multiplayer, Rank 50 and 1,000,000 points are reached, and these models are unlocked.


  • Location: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Achieve Rank 10.

Princess Leia

  • Location: Hoth
  • How to Unlock: Achieve Rank 50.

Han Solo

  • Location: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Earn 1,000,000 score in Multiplayer.

Game Modes

You unlock the following models by playing a whole lot of Multiplayer games. You must win 10 matches in all nine game modes, as well as play another 20 games of Walker Assault.

T-47 Airspeeder

  • Location: Hoth
  • How to Unlock: Win 10 matches of each Multiplayer game mode.


  • Location: Hoth
  • How to Unlock: Play 30 matches of Walker Assault.


4 Figurines can be unlocked by mission modes. In fact, you must complete everything possible in the single player/co-op side to get them.

Endor Rebel with Smart Rocket

  • Location: Endor
  • How to Unlock: Complete all Battle missions on Master difficulty while playing against AI.


  • Location: Endor
  • How to Unlock: Beat all Survival missions on Master difficulty.

Luke Skywalker

  • Location: Endor
  • How to Unlock: Find all collectibles (Missions).

Emperor Palpatine

  • Location: Sullust
  • How to Unlock: Collect every star on every mission.


There are six figurines devoted to killing in Star Wars Battlefront. You can earn these in any mode of Multiplayer or Missions.

TIE Fighter

  • Location: Sullust
  • How to Unlock: Destroy 150 vehicles.


  • Location: Sullust
  • How to Unlock: Get a total of 1,500 kills as an Imperial soldier.

Tatooine Rebel

  • Location: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Get a total of 1,500 kills as a Rebel soldier.

Scout Trooper

  • Location: Endor
  • How to Unlock: Perform 250 headshot kills.

Millennium Falcon

  • Location: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Score 100 kills with either the Millennium Falcon or Slave I.

Darth Vader

  • Location: Endor
  • How to Unlock: Defeat 250 soldiers while playing as a hero.


You unlock the following models by using a variety of items in Multiplayer and Missions modes. Equip a Trait in your Multiplayer load out, and then score kill streaks to level it up. This level is reset at the end of each round. You must reach Level 3 with all five Traits to get the shadowtrooper.


  • Location: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Pick up and use 200 power-ups.


  • Location: Hoth
  • How to Unlock: Reach Level 3 at least once on every Trait.

Boba Fett

  • Location: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Use all Star Cards and get a kill with every weapon.

Slave I

  • Location: Sullust
  • How to Unlock: Ride in vehicles for a total of 10 hours.

Base Command

Download the Star Wars Battlefront Companion app and play the Base Command game. Get a three-star rating on the first siege in the Rebel campaign to unlock this figurine.

Twi’lek Rebel

  • Location: Sullust
  • How to Unlock: In Base Command, achieve a three-star rating on the first siege in the Rebel campaign.

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Battlefront diorama star wars


After the release of Star Wars in May of 1977, the Kenner toy company could not make enough action figures to meet the demands of an eager consumer base. Even into the Christmas season, the company still had inadequate stock, so Kenner instead sold people an “Early Bird Certificate Package”—an empty box containing a diorama stand, some stickers, and a certificate for four toys to be mailed to the purchaser when they finally became available the following February. People snatched them up, of course, placing empty boxes under trees, assured in the knowledge that in a few short months, their orders would be fulfilled. Now, as I play through a simulation of the Battle of Hoth for the thirtieth time, I find myself thinking about that empty box and the promises of a diorama, and I start to think that maybe the gorgeous sheen on Star Wars: Battlefront is in fact a glossy finish on a paper stand.

My love of Star Wars is inseparable from my memories of playing with the old toys. Born too late to actually see the film in theaters and born too early to enjoy the series of action figures that popped up in the late ‘90s, I collected a cache of worn-out action figures from my older cousin and some neighborhood friends. A broken Snowspeeder, half of a Y-Wing, a fragile and yellowed Millenium Falcon, and a host of action figures with chipped paint and missing limbs became actors and props in inelegant pantomimes of the scenes I loved. The epic battles I’d seen through the kluge of an old VCR playing a copy of a copy of a Star Wars VHS on an even older TV came to life in my hands, even as I remained blissfully unaware of the market machinations that churned beneath my desire to capture that world and its characters.

a glossy finish on a paper stand

As I’ve gotten older, the commercial aspects of the space opera I so love have become apparent to the point of distraction, but I am never one to argue that the influence of the market bears some sort of artistic sin. The comparison between the Galactic Empire’s hunger for total order and the Star Wars commercial machine is an easy one to make, though we should not do so cynically. After all, even the most romantic of us can at least appreciate the complex relationship artists have with their respective markets, cashing in on trends and celebrity as quickly as any other field of work. Divorcing any work of twentieth century art from the commercial pressures of its time does it a disservice, and Star Wars is no different. More so than the Joseph Campbell “hero’s journey” structure, Lucas’ suspicion of military power in a post-Vietnam America, and the risk of turning science fiction cinema—a genre dominated by drive-in schlock and late-night television fodder—into a blockbuster gold, the Star Wars phenomenon gained momentum through merchandise.

We can see evidence of this relationship between Lucas’ creative energy and his merchandising prowess in the earliest film. From the spectacular space battles to the numerous aliens in the cantina, Star Wars begs for its iconography to be incarnated in plastic, and as these creative spheres overlapped, they gave rise to landmark blockbuster brilliance. The Imperial assault on the Rebel’s base on Hoth remains my favorite action sequence of all time, even if it is clear that the AT-ATs and Snowspeeders seem like so much fodder for toy store shelves. Star Wars shows us a universe where walking action figures like a bounty hunter clad in tactical armor could strut with the intimidating cowboy swagger of Lee Van Cleef, where a impish green puppet could be one of the most powerful, fully-realized characters in the entire saga. Such characters were created to sell products as surely as to chew scenery, but they illustrate how creativity and commerce merge and produce fascinating, and sometimes profound, Hollywood art.


Star Wars: Battlefront stands as the latest example of the commercial machine that Lucas engineered. The game advertises itself as a nostalgia-drenched Star Wars experience, and it shows in the details, from the pitch-perfect sounds of the weaponry to the way the ground buckles under the weight of an Imperial AT-AT. Battlefront is, appropriately, an audio-visual love letter to people like myself, who are perpetually chasing an authentic Star Wars encounter. Like the action figures and presold tickets for the film that has yet to be released, Battlefront makes no attempt to disguise its branding. It is a shame, however, that it offers so little in return for an investment.

For everything Battlefront nails, it reveals something crushing in its limited scope. The guns, for instance, sound and look perfect, until the player realizes how similar they are. Ships handle with a Rogue Squadron-esque lightness, which at first feels fun and simple, but the airborne vehicles have such little bearing on the goals of the ground battles that they seem superfluous (at least outside of the aerial-vehicle-only Flight Squadron mode). Teaming up with a squad of heroes to square off against a group of villains is silly and delightful, yet imbalances among the characters quickly make the scenarios lose their charms. As I played, I started to realize that each design decision is committed to offering only a bare-minimum, tightly-controlled slice of a game meant to hook the consumer’s interest for the real release coming soon. The shooting is acceptable, the voice acting barely passable, the maps and scenarios just adequate enough.

to hook the consumer’s interest for the real release

All these problems could be forgivable, even endearing, if Battlefront allowed the player some modicum of control over her experience beyond the election of a few scripted modes. The previous Battlefront games  encouraged the player to mount campaigns across the galaxy during the Galactic Civil War and the Clone Wars, and Battlefront II even allowed players to create playlists of their favorite battle scenarios. In other words, those games provided a toy box experience befitting the Star Wars creative ethos, urging the player to tinker with the pieces of the game to craft her own section of the Star Wars universe. The current Battlefront offers no such option, and in doing so, it avoids the possibility of becoming accidentally wonderful. This rigid design makes Battlefront feel unavoidably like a product, a bit of Star Wars branding on a piece of merchandise devoid of that creative spark that generated so much people love about that universe.

Nevertheless, those moments when a flaming TIE Fighter crashes to the ground as my team battles for control of a key area show the slightest glimmer of what the game could have been—or, crucially, might still become. The machine still churns; the Empire will grow; and some art may yet surface. As it stands, however, Battlefront offers everything my childhood experience of Star Wars did not. For all its polish, it brand-name polish, it lacks that creative energy found in building battles from faded toys and dumb ideas. Battlefront imposes limits and gates on an expansive universe, reigning in instead of expanding the possible ways to become part of that world. As such, the game remains mercenary in its goal of selling an experience solely on those feelings we have about that galaxy far, far away. Instead of offering a chance to inhabit that space, Battlefront only shows us Star Wars at a distance, perfectly preserved in small pocket dioramas tucked away behind the rose-tinted glass of a toy shop window.

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Star Wars Battlefront [Part 5] Customization and Diorama

Star Wars Battlefront: Unlock Every Diorama Figurine

This feature will tell you how to unlock all of the Diorama Figures in Star Wars Battlefront. There’s a cool virtual collector's shelf where you can store 3D diorama models of popular characters and ships featured in the game.

EA and DICE divided diorama figures into four different levels: Endor, Sullust, Tatooine and Hoth. This lets you show off your progress in the game, and they're pretty easy to shoot for, given the handful of goals required to unlock them all. 

Base Command Bonus Figurine: Twi'lek Rebel (Sullust) 

To unlock this figurine, download the Companion app for Star Wars Battlefront and get a three-star rating. 


X-Wing (Tatooine): To get this vehicle, find and use 200 power-ups over the course of the game.

Shadowtrooper (Hoth): Reach level 3 at least one time with every trait (that's five in all). 

Boba Fett (Tatooine): To acquire this bounty hunter, use all the Star Cards at least once and get a kill with each weapon in the game.

Slave-1 (Sullust): Boba Fett's vehicle is yours for the taking if you ride in vehicles for a total of 10 hours or more. 


TIE Fighter (Sullust): The Dark Side is with you once you destroy 150 vehicles in the game. 

Magmatrooper (Sullust): This fiery warrior is all yours after accumulating 1,500 kills using an Imperial soldier.

Tattooine Rebel (Sullust): If you can get a total of 1,500 kills with a Rebel soldier, this Tattooine hero will appear in your collection. 

Scout Trooper (Endor): Perform 250 headshots on enemy soldiers to obtain the Scout Trooper. 

Millennium Falcon (Tatooine): Score at least 100 kills with either the Millennium Falcon or Slave-1 (mainly in Fighter Squadron) and you'll get a Falcon to call your own. 

Darth Vader (Endor): This powerful Sith will join your ranks once you kill 250 soldiers using a Hero character.


Endor Rebel with Smart Rocket (Endor): If you complete all the battle missions in the game on Master difficulty (facing off against AI soldiers), this Rebel will pack a punch on your virtual shelf. 

AT-ST (Endor): This Walker is yours once you beat all of the Survival missions on Master difficulty. 

Luke Skywalker (Endor): This young Jedi will soon be in your ranks after finding all of the collectibles in the Missions. 

Emperor Palpatine (Sullust): Are you powerful enough to acquire the Emperor? To get there, you'll need to collect every star while completing the Missions. 

Game Modes 

T-47 Airspeeder (Hoth): Win 10 matches of each Multiplayer mode.

AT-AT (Hoth): Want an AT-AT? Finish 30 matches in Walker Assault and it's all yours.

Rank and Score 

Stormtrooper (Tatooine): Whether they can hit anything or not, this Stormtrooper is easy to get – simply reach Rank 10 in the game. 

Princess Leia (Hoth): The Princess will join your ranks once you reach Rank 50. 

Han Solo (Tatooine): This scoundrel will take a while to acquire, but he's worth the effort. Get 1,000,000 score in Multiplayer. 

For more tips, visit our free Star Wars Battlefront Walkthrough and Guide, where we tell you how to play as Boba Fett!

Sours: https://primagames.com/feature/star-wars-battlefront-unlock-every-diorama-figurine

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