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Fore SN95 Returnless Fuel Pump Module 03-04 Cobra, 99-04 GT, V6

Electronic returnless configured fuel pump module. Fully upgradeable to operation in a return fuel system.

This is a great option when you need to replace stock 03 cobra pumps but can not find a NOS OEM fuel pump assembly.
  • Dual pump module
  • Configurations available for returnless duty
  • Supports 600+ rwhp
  • E85 and race fuel compatible
  • Accepts OEM level sender from '03-'04 Cobra and '99-'04 GT/Cobra/Mach1
  • Viton o-ring pump seals totally eliminate in-tank fuel hose failures.
  • Deletes restrictive PPRV for highest performance and consistent output
  • Polymer pump support eliminates pump body electrolysis and minimizes noise
  • Hermetic wire seal completely eliminates the chance for leaks/smell

As configured this setup will include two updated Ford GT pumps, a stock line adapter, a plug for the return port on the hat, and a metripack connector with pigtail for splicing into the stock wiring.

  • 2003-2004 Cobra: Direct bolt in
  • 2003-2004 Mach1: Direct bolt in, recommend 2003-2004 Cobra fuel tank
  • 1999-2004 Mustang V6 and GT: Direct bolt in, recommend 2003-2004 Cobra fuel tank
  • 1999-2001 Cobra: Direct bolt in, recommend 2003-2004 Cobra fuel tank

  • Feed Outlet: -10 -ring
  • Return Inlet: -8 o-ring

Can 405 lph or 465 lph pumps be operated in a returnless configuration?

No, the pumps' minimum output is too much supply for idle/cruising. (two pumps) We do not recommend running anything larger than the F90000265 (305lph) fuel pumps in this configuration.

Do you sell upgraded FPDMs?

No, a second Fuel Pump Driver Module (FPDM) and pigtail harness can be purchased from Ford. Some of our customers use our FC2 controller as a power supply for twin FPDMs.

How much power can be made in a PWM (returnless) configuration?

We have supported over 1000 rwhp in a PWM configuration, but we generally set the limit around 700-750 rwhp (gasoline applications, lower for E85) for driveability. Due to the fact that ""electronic returnless"" is a reactive fuel system (it is always a step behind the motor demand) it generally cannot adequately keep up with the severe demand transients that modified motor requires.

Required options:

2 x Walbro F10000302
SN95 OEM Feed Line Adapter
Plug (for returnless setups only)
Sealed Delphi Connector and 7' 12 AWG pigtail only

Sours: https://www.vmpperformance.com/Fore-SN95-Returnless-Fuel-Pump-Module-03-04-Cobra-99-04-GT-V6

03-04 Cobra Eliminator Stealth Fuel Pump

In 2003 Ford developed a specific tank for the 03 and 04 Mustang Cobras. This tank looked like a normal tank from the outside, but featured one of the finest internal baffling systems we’ve seen from an OE tank to date. In late 2011, Ford decided to discontinue these tanks. At Aeromotive, we saw and opportunity to reproduce these tanks. Not only can we offer reproduction 03-04 Cobra tanks, but we can also modify the tooling in the production process to offer this same tank to fit all Fox Body Mustangs. And that is exactly what we did. But we took it one step further. We built specific A1000 and Eliminator Fuel Pumps that bolt right into top of these tanks.

In doing so, we created a fuel pump that not only drops into our reproduction tank, but also the factory 03-04 Ford Mustang Cobras. These pumps are nothing more than variations on our popular and proven A1000 and Eliminator Fuel Pumps. So whether you need a replacement pump for your Aeromotive kit, or already have an 03-04 Cobra Tank, these pumps are the perfect choice. See notes and details below.

P/N 18680 – 03-04 Cobra Eliminator Stealth Fuel Pump

  • Direct fit for 03-04 Ford Mustang Cobra Fuel Tanks
  • Also fits Aeromotive P/N’s 18690, 18685, 18686, 17130, 17131
  • 100-Micron Stainless Steel Pre Filter
  • (1) ORB-08 Outlet Port & (1) ORB-08 Return Port
  • Installs using factory mounting flange
  • Uses factory 03-04 Fuel Level Sending Unit
  • Wiring upgrade recommended
  • This product is not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.
  • Requires the use a full return style systemRecommended Parts:
    P/N 13101 – EFI Bypass Regulator
    P/N 12301 – 10-Micron Post Pump Filter
    P/N 12305 – 2″ Billet Filter Bracket
    P/N 16301 – Fuel Pump Wiring Kit
    P/N 14101 – 86-95 5.0L GT & Cobra Fuel Rail Kit or…
    P/N 14103 – 96-04 4.6L SOHC GT Fuel Rail Kit or…
    P/N 14104 – 96-98.5 4.6L DOHC Cobra Fuel Rail Kit
    AN-08 Fuel Line
    For engine swaps, see our Fuel Rail Section for your engine platformYear specifications:
    Direct drop-in fuel pump for the 03-04 Ford Mustang Cobra fuel tank. Uses factory fuel level sending unit and mounting flange. Requires a full return style fuel system with the use of a fuel pressure regulator like the Aeromotive P/N 13101 or similar.
    P/N 18679 – 03-04 Cobra A1000 Stealth Fuel Pump
    P/N 18680 – 03-04 Cobra Eliminator Stealth Fuel Pump
    (Requires the use of 03-04 Cobra fuel level sending unit as well)

SKU: 18680Categories: Ford Systems, Stealth Fuel Systems

Sours: https://aeromotiveinc.com/product/03-04-cobra-eliminator-stealth-fuel-pump/
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We have found that when you increase the power of your vehicle above 500 HP, the factory 110 LPH Fuel pumps will become inadequate. As your engine develops higher levels of power, one critical process is almost always overlooked: fuel delivery and supply. Your engine's fuel demand must match the airflow requirements of your engine throughout the entire rpm operating range. "Dyno" testing has found that even dual factory 110 liters per hour fuel pumps, run short of volume and pressure above 4000 rpm.

We have developed, tested and can now provide the perfect fix for this process. The Walbro (improved) GT Supercar Fuel Pump will upgrade the stock high pressure, low volume pumps with high performance Ford "race proven" fuel pumps. The Walbro Fuel Pumps are high-output pumps that flow up to 255 liters per hour at 40 psi on 13.5 volts. With this pump upgrade, your vehicle will be more than capable of maintaining fuel volume without any pressure drop off, and will supply fuel demands up to 800+ hp.

Note: The Walbro Fuel Pump Upgrade kit will not fit the stock fuel pump wiring and will require some modifications.

Sours: https://www.rpmoutlet.com/03stacker4.htm

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Cobra fuel pump 2003

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Fuel Pump Replacement - ULTIMATE GUIDE - Ford Mustang (1994-2004)

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