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The National Aviation Heritage Invitational partners with the California Capital Airshow to Showcase Restored Aircraft beginning in

We are excited to announce the National Aviation Heritage Invitational (NAHI) is teaming up with the California Capital Airshow at Mather Airport, Sacramento, Calif. to host this prestigious restored aircraft competition, showcasing testaments to our rich aviation history. Come take a 'sneak peek' right next to the Warbird Alley entrance. Aircraft owners and restorers are encouraged to inquire about this extraordinary event. Our staff on site this year will be happy to answer questions and provide further information.

Over the past 17 years NAHI has hosted numerous aircraft that are living testaments to our aviation history. We have marvelled at the likes as the popular 'Glacier Girl', the P that was recovered from a glacier in Greenland in and restored to perfection, and a unique Australian carrier based Fairey Firefly—Both Grand Champion Winners. We are committed to keeping our aviation history alive through the Invitational.

"We are thrilled to partner with the California Capital Airshow," said Ken Perich, Executive Director of the National Aviation Heritage Invitational. "We share the same vision of fostering our aviation history and keeping it alive for future generations to appreciate. It is a great fit all around."

The California Capital Air show (CCAS) is one of the most highly respected air shows in the nation. The aerial demonstrations, static displays coupled with the education of our youth in aviation and aerospace creates exciting learning environments year-round.

"The annual California Capital Airshow has always been more than the thrills of aircraft zooming overhead," said Darcy Brewer, Executive Director. "This patriotic, non-profit event uses the power and magic of flight to honor our past and inspire the next generation in an exciting and unique way."

"This partnership is a marriage of missions. Massive and historic Mather Airport (est. ), provides endless space to grow for the annual NAHI competition and adding these valuable aviation treasures will be a meaningful added attraction to the event which currently draws fans from across the nation and beyond," Brewer added.

Conceived in , the National Aviation Heritage Invitational has a panel of judges reviewing participating aircraft against standard criteria developed by the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum that includes authenticity, quality of workmanship, attention to detail and technical merit. Trophies are awarded in five categories - antique, classic, contemporary, military, and large aircraft. The overall winning aircraft is awarded the Neil A. Armstrong Aviation Heritage Trophy. Additionally, the National Aviation Hall of Fame's People's Choice trophy is awarded to the owner of the aircraft receiving the largest number of votes cast by the event attendees.

In past years National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinees, including Bob Hoover, Gene Cernan, Paul Tibbets, Clay Lacy, Clarence 'Bud' Anderson, Dick Rutan, Jim Lovell, Neil Armstong, Patty Wagstaff and Herb Kelleher have been our guests and presenters of the trophies.

We will accept applications beginning January,


California Capital Air Show

In September, Mather Field hosted another great air show for the Sacramento area. Each year they host a photography tour which provides a unique opportunity for photographers to get on the other side of the airfield for better lighting. On arrival day, we were treated to multiple passes of a U-2 Dragon Lady before landing.

During the air show, there was plenty of flying and static displays to keep all the spectators happy over the beautiful weekend. The show opened with the national anthem and jumpers from the Patriot Parachute Team. An F from the California ANG based out of Fresno made several passes while new cadets were taking their oaths. A P Mustang and USCG C Spartan made fly-bys as well.

As homage to the Korean War, an F Sabre took to the skies with a Mig Both planes made several passes while chasing each other and trading the lead position to simulate the dogfights from that era.

One of the greatest surprises was an extremely rare visit by the E-4B NOAC, “National Airborne Operations Center”. The radio came alive with the callsign “Chaos”, and shortly after it appeared on the horizon. It was a great sight to see considering the Air Force has so few of them.

Beale AFB sent 4 of their black Ts to make a couple passes, and an A flew a heritage flight with a P Lightning. One of the highlights of the day was the US Navy TACDEMO team with the F Super Hornet, which is always a crowd pleaser.

In between all the military flights were performances by Kent Pietsch, Bill Stein, and a water drop by a Metro Fire Huey. On Sunday, an Air National Guard C came by and did a MAFFS water drop as well.

And finally, the Patriots jet team flew their aerobatic routine to wrap up the day. Thanks to Bruce Boehm for arranging the photo tour this year.

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CCA Airshow Schedule

California Capital Airshow &#; Sunday Schedule

Last Update: 09/10/ at AM PT.

Refresh this page for any updates!

  • Airshow gates OPEN at AM
  • Airshow flying STARTS at AM
  • Airshow flying ENDS at PM
  • Airshow gates CLOSE at PM

Note: This Schedule is Subject to Change without Notice.


Opening Ceremonies
Flag Step & Show Teaser
F vs MiG Demo
Kent Pietsch Airshows
Precision Exotics &#; 2 Car Demo
Thunderbolts: A & P (USAF Heritage Flight)
Kent Pietsch Airshows
E-4B &#;Doomsday Plane&#;
USN F/A SUPER Hornet Demo
Patriots Parachute Team
Bill Stein &#; Edge Aerobatics
California ANG Combined Arms Demo (F & Friends!)
Kent Pietsch Airshows
Patriots Jet Demonstration Team!


Note: This Schedule is Subject to Change without Notice.

Have a great time at the show!

P.S. &#; If you haven&#;t purchased tickets yet, click below &#;

P.P.S. &#; Please make sure you review the Airshow FAQ, before leaving for the show.


Why the California Capital Airshow is a Must-See Event

The California Capital Airshow flies back into town this September from with new performers, displays, a Friday-night DRIVE-IN show, and more waiting for you. To get the fun started, we came up with an itinerary for you! Read further for the top reasons why our airshow is a must-see event.


Alright, we all know the primary reason you enjoy the event-- the world-class performers! While performing daring tricks, watch the USAF Thunderbirds soar high above Mather Airport. You’ll get an impressive view of "Americas Ambassadors." You can expect the California Capital Airshow to be nothing less than spectacular again this year. Joining them are the Canadian Snowbirds (pictured below)!


In addition to the show in the sky, there is still some first-class entertainment on the ground. Safety protocols will have a limited ground show for Attendance is limited. Don't miss your chance!

What to make the most out of the weekend? Stay the night! In addition to Rancho Cordova’s 17 lovely hotels to choose from, the airshow has special rates available just for its guests.


NEW! For , you and your 5 person pod squad can roll up and enjoy the Friday evening show from the comfort of your car! Premium and standard parking is available. Brace yourselves for 25 high flyers in the span of a 3-hour show! Making a night of it? Head down the road to the West Wind Drive-Ins for a more 2-D show!


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Capital Air Show Sept 9 2017

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