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All Haswing motors are fresh AND salt water compatible and backed by a 30 month warranty.

An extensive range of accessories such as the Quick Release Bracket for the bow mount models, QuickConnect wiring harness and our new ‘Push n Lock’ connectors, charging systems, spare prop kits and spare parts.   

A comprehensive range from the W20 20 lbs thrust kayak electric motors to the powerful 300 lbs thrust of the Armada 10.0. New Protruar 50756 12V 110 lbs trolling transom motor. All at affordable pricing. There’s a transom mount model to suit your needs and budget.

Haswing - when reliability is everything

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A very comprehensive range of Australian-produced lithium batteries.  

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The well-proven Cayman series of bow mount trolling motors come in 12V 55 lbs thrust in 54” & 60” shaft lengths & 24V 80 lbs thrust in 60” & 72” shaft length models. We believe these to be the best value ‘bang-for-buck’ trolling motors on the market. Unequalled reliability backed by the industry’s longest warranty.

The new gen 1.5 GPS model features spot lock button on the remote, as well as utilises the Helmsman navigation APP for full remote control of the Cayman’s vast array of features. Priced from $1,899.

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“What an awesome product!” - Jason Bird

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Trolling Motor Troubleshooting Tips

Like any other technical unit, trolling motors are complicated devices. Many times they face some technical problems. A problematic trolling motor does not always mean that the whole unit needs to be replaced, as there are many issues that can be fixed by the user themselves. In order to fix those problems, it is important to have an understanding about the parts of the trolling motor and a few troubleshooting tricks. Here are some of the most common technical problems encountered by a trolling motor, along with the probable causes and the best solutions.

Power Loss

Sometimes, even with the right battery and ample capacity, your trolling motor can’t supply enough power. This can create a huge problem, as the trolling motor won’t be able to apply the required thrust.

Probable Causes and Solutions

  • The most possible cause is from the propeller. In this case, the propeller should be removed and cleaned. If it’s particularly bad, the propeller may need to be replaced.
  • The battery voltage might be low. For this problem, the battery should be recharged fully. If this doesn’t help, check to see if there are any bad cells.
  • Corroded battery connections can be the cause. The terminals and posts of the battery should be cleaned thoroughly.
  • It can be caused by faulty wiring connections or using the wrong sized wires. The recommended size of wire must be used to connect the trolling motor to the battery. The wiring connections should be checked and rearranged if necessary.
  • The magnet might be cracked and chipped permanently; this may be the cause if the motor makes whining and grinding noises. This causes lost power. In this case, the magnet should be replaced.

Excessive Vibrations and Noise

While using a trolling motor, the motor might suddenly make excessive vibrations and noise. This can be harmful for the on-board batteries, and it can also be irritating. One should check and find the exact cause and apply the appropriate solution.

Probable Causes and Solutions

  • It may be caused by the propeller. It should be checked and secured. If the propeller is turned, it should be able to turn freely with a little magnetic drag.
  • Bent armature might also be the reason. In this case, the propeller should be removed and set at a medium speed. Then, turn on the trolling motor and watch to see if the armature is wobbling. Tighten if necessary.
  • Bearings and bushings may have worn out. They must be replaced if they show signs of damage.

Motor Fails to Run

In some cases, the trolling motor fails to run at all. This is sure to put a damper on your fishing trip.

Probable Causes and Solutions

  • There might be a problem with the fuse or the circuit breaker. Make sure it is working right, and replace any fuses or switches that may have blown.
  • The connections must be checked for any corrosion or loose wiring. The corrosion should be cleaned and the connections fixed.
  • Check plug for a loose or bad connection, and fix the plug if necessary.
  • The propeller should be checked. If turned by hand, the propeller should turn freely with a little magnetic drag.
  • The main rotary switch of the trolling motor should be checked. Fix or replace it if necessary.
  • There might be total battery failure. To check, you should recharge and check the voltage. The battery may need to be replaced.

Motor Fails to Run at Certain Speeds

Some trolling motors fail to run when set at a specific speed. With this problem, you won’t be able to set the trolling motor in the required speed. This can cause either a minor inconvenience or a bigger problem.

Probable Causes and Solutions

  • This might be caused by loose wring on the rotary switch. The wiring blueprint should be checked and adjusted correctly.
  • There might be loose connections in the top housing. If so, they should be fixed.
  • The main rotary switch of the trolling motor might have been damaged. It should be replaced if necessary.
  • Burned speed coils in the lower unit can also be the reason, so they must be checked and replaced if necessary. It is best to seek professional help with this issue.

Difficulty Turning Foot Pedal

In some trolling motors, such as mechanical steer models, the motor is designed with foot pedals to control the motors. Many users may face problems turning the foot pedal and controlling the motor.

Probable Causes and Solutions

  • This might be encountered if the outer tube is bent and binding against the column, or vice-versa. It should be checked and the bend should be straightened.
  • Displaced or broken bearings and bushings can be the cause. Those should be fixed or replaced if needed.
  • You may have a kinked steering cable. The cable should be replaced.
  • Some foreign matters might have jammed at the rack. The rack should be removed, cleaned, and greased. It should be replaced if necessary.

Exceeding Current Limit in Electric Trolling Motor

Sometimes in electric trolling motors, excessive current is produced. This can cause the rotor coil to be damaged permanently.

Probable Cause and Solution

Weeds or other substances stuck to the propeller are common. If it is a gasoline motor, the propeller automatically stops, but in electric trolling motors there is a risk of exceeding the current limit when the propeller is stuck on any obstruction. To prevent this kind of damage, a circuit breaker is recommended, as the circuit breaker will cut off the power if the propeller gets stuck.

Maintenance Tips

The user must also know some useful trolling motor maintenance tricks. These will not only enhance its durability, but will make using the trolling motor easier.

  • After each day your motor is used, you should check behind the propeller for weeds, fishing line, or other debris that might have got wrapped around.
  • All the pivot points should be lubricated with a non-aerosol lubricant.
  • Tightness of the battery lead connections must be checked daily.
  • The condition of the main battery cables should be visually checked. Always check to see if there are loose or corroded wiring connections.
  • Batteries must be recharged after each use.
  • The wire must never be connected to the wrong battery terminal.
  • The electric outboard motor should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water after every use in salt water. Avoid getting the top cover wet, as this can damage the circuitry inside.
  • During extremely cold temperatures, when the electric motor is not being used, it should be stored in a place where it won’t freeze.


Knowing the troubleshooting tricks can be very helpful as it can save a lot of time and money on repairs. If you don’t know much about the parts of the trolling motor, you must not mess up. When in doubt, seek help from a more experienced person or take professional help.

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Haswing Trolling Motor Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Haswing Trolling Motors Any Good?

Ans: This engine, which can be utilized in both fresh and saltwater, has many speeds, low power usage, a quick delivery bracket, and cruise control. After analyzing 18 expert opinions, Haswing Black Cayman Bow Electrical Trolling Motors emerged in fourth place among the top five products in the category.

Q2. Is Spot Lock Available On Haswing Trolling Motors?

Ans: The trolling motor is simple to set up and works well with the remote. Spot lock is only possible with the Helmsman app on your smartphone. The build quality of the trolling motor is excellent. It has excellent battery life.

Q3. What Is The Procedure For Resetting A Haswing Trolling Motor?

Ans: On this gearbox, you’ll find the reset key. A propeller key is visible on the remote control in this image. So, for the love of God, press and hold a tree because you understand this is a powerful reader.

Q4. With Haswing, How Do You Mount A Trolling Motor?

Ans: We’re going to have four stainless screws at the back. Get to the bottom of the mounting plate by breaking through your section wall.

Q5. Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Haswing Trolling Motor?

Ans: 2021 Review of the AQUOS Haswing Cayman Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor. As it arrives at electric trolling motors, the performance and fundamental functions are the most important considerations. This AQUOS motor is already superior to traditional motors in terms of performance and grade.

Sours: https://www.trollingbatterycenter.com/haswing-trolling-motor-reviews/

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Trolling troubleshooting haswing motor

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