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Bath Mats

Bring warmth and texture to your bathroom floors with our extensive range of bath mats. Our selection of bathmat sets will provide a splash of colour whilst catching every drip and drop as you step out of the bath. It is also easy to keep your toes happy with our fluffy pedestal mats as you brush your teeth at the sink. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping out of the bath or shower and onto a plush, thick, luxury bathroom mat. For even more indulgence, we stock a huge range of large and extra large bath mats. They’re perfect for large bathrooms, or even if you just want to make a statement.

We know style is important so that’s why our bath mats, pedestal mats, and bath mat sets come in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles. Maybe you want a nautical theme with a blue or duck egg bath mat? Or perhaps you’d prefer something more subtle like a grey, black, or white bathroom mat? For adding a splash of colour for your bathroom decor, explore our range of ochre, orange, red, yellow, green, purple, pink or teal bath mats.

Increase the safety of your bathroom with our range of non slip matting. Avoid tumbles in the shower with our rubber shower mat, complete with suction cups for secure adhesion. You may also like to invest in a non slip bath mat, characterised by a soft cotton surface and non slip backing, available in a range of colours. In addition to our bath mats range we offer a variety of related products, including our dressing gown range and selection of towels.


The Best Bathroom Rugs and Bath Mats

Why you should trust us

Half the battle of keeping a great bath mat around is making sure it’s easy to clean and maintain. That’s why we sought out experts who could give us rug- and mat-cleaning advice, including Jolie Kerr, who has written about cleaning for The New York Times and Esquire, and cleaning researchers Elaine Cella, Liz Eggert, and Mary Johnson of Procter & Gamble. We also looked at hundreds of bath rugs at a range of online retailers and closely considered customer reviews.

The grippiest rug: Lands’ End Supima Cotton Non-skid Bath Rug

The slate blue Lands' End Supima Non-skid Bath Rug partially rolled up on a pale tile floor.

How it feels: Soft and thick, with terry cloth loops on a rubber backing.

Why it’s great: The Lands’ End Supima Cotton Non-skid Bath Rug was the most secure mat we tried, thanks to a thick latex nonslip backing. Many of the nonslip mats we tested had thinner backings, which we’ve found are quicker to deteriorate and flake off in the wash. But after a year of long-term testing—including half a dozen washes—the Lands’ End mat’s backing looks as good as new. Some of the rubber-backed mats were also slow to dry in the dryer, but even with a thick backing, the Lands’ End rug dried fully in one cycle. After being used for a morning shower, it had air-dried by evening.

A close-up of a person with coral toe-nail polish standing on the slate blue Lands' End mat.

This rug is made of extra-long-staple Supima cotton, which felt more absorbent than the materials of other mats we tested, especially the synthetic and memory-foam rugs. Wirecutter staffers who own the Lands’ End mat agree that it doesn’t slip, it’s durable, and it’s more absorbent than previous bath mats they’ve owned. One user complained that the loops tended to compact underfoot, but added that a wash fluffed them back up. They like that the mat has a low profile, so it fits under a low-clearance door. Lands’ End also offers a fantastic unlimited return policy.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: In our tests, the Lands’ End’s cotton pile dried slower than the material on some competitors—particularly synthetic rugs—so if a quick-drying rug is a priority for you, look to our other picks. We think this rug will dry at a similar pace to a medium-weight terry cloth bath towel.

Sizes: 16 by 23 inches, 20 by 33 inches, 23 by 39 inches, 23 by 59 inches, contour
Material: 100% Supima cotton, latex backing
Colors: Nine colors, depending on availability—mostly neutral and blue shades

A luxurious towel mat: Frontgate Resort Bath Mat

A dark grey color Frontgate Resort Bath Mat 5.

Our pick

Frontgate Resort Bath Mat

Frontgate Resort Bath Mat

A thick, hotel-style mat

This towel-like mat isn’t as grippy (it doesn’t have a nonslip backing), but it’s easy to hang to dry between showering and will fit under a low-clearance door. It comes in lots of colors but is available in only one size.

How it feels: Soft and spongy underfoot, like a dense luxe towel.

Why it’s great: If you like to hang up your bath mat between uses, or you have a door with very little clearance underneath, then you should consider a hotel-style mat. The Frontgate Resort Bath Mat was our favorite—it’s thicker, softer, and more absorbent than any other we tested. Most hotel-style mats are about as absorbent as a regular towel, but the Frontgate has densely packed loops that don’t get soggy after a single person drip-dries on it. Although this mat might not be the best for a family with small kids (it won’t protect very well against slipping), it should be absorbent enough to work in a household with multiple people.

The Frontgate is pricey compared with some other hotel-style mats we tested. But considering that the other mats felt soggy underfoot and couldn’t hold up to the wear and tear of our testing, we think it’s worth it to spend a little more. This mat is available in a wider range of colors (14 at the time of publication) than many other bath mats we found, so it will work with almost any decor. If you want to coordinate your bath linens, this mat is part of Frontgate’s Resort line and will match our top pick for bath towels.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The Frontgate doesn’t offer much flexibility—it’s available in only one size. If you want more size options, try our nonslip pick from Lands’ End.

Size: 21 by 34 inches
Material: 100% cotton
Colors: 14 colors, including various greens, grays, blues, browns, and some lighter pastels

A spa-style wood platform: ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bath Mat

A close-up birds-eye shot of a pair of feet standing on the ToiletTree bamboo bath mat.

How it feels: Smooth and sturdy; softer than an untreated teak platform, but rougher than a woven mat.

Why it’s great: Of the four wood mats we tested, the ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bath Mat had a sturdier build, its rubber feet felt more stable on the floor, and the sealant was better at repelling water (drips pooled and slid right off the wood). It also didn’t creak when we stood on it, unlike at least one of the other mats we tried. We’ve been long-term testing the ToiletTree mat for almost two years, and it’s held up wonderfully—we haven’t noticed any splintering or wear on the finish.

A close-up of one corner of the ToiletTree mat, which sits on a pale tiled floor.

At around $40, the ToiletTree is much less expensive than many of the wood mats we considered. Although we’ve noticed that some people use wood mats inside the shower, we don’t recommend this because it can encourage mildew. If you’re looking for a grippy mat to use inside the shower, check out our guide to the best shower mats.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: As with other wood mats, with the ToiletTree mat you’ll need to regularly address the puddle of water underneath. But this may be easier with the ToiletTree because it was the tallest wood mat we tested, sitting about 1½ inches off the floor (the others ranged from 0.7 inch to 1 inch).

Size: 25.3 by 15.7 by 1.3 inches
Material: bamboo

How to choose a bath mat

After years of testing and gathering feedback, we’ve found that people often aren’t happy with their bath mats. To avoid this happening to you, we recommend considering the following questions when you’re shopping:

  • What size is your bathroom? Be sure to measure your bathroom before choosing a mat. Mats are available in sizes as small as 17 by 24 inches and as large as 25 by 39 inches. You may be surprised by how small a 17-by-24-inch mat actually is. Some people like to use two bath mats—one in front of the sink and one near the shower—so measure those areas separately to get the best fit. If your bathroom door needs to clear your mat, make sure to check the mat’s height as well.
  • How will you store the bath mat? If you want something you can leave on the floor and forget, we recommend getting a mat that has a thicker nonstick backing or a heavier wood platform. If you want to hang the mat between showering, you’re probably better off with a hotel mat or a thinner rug without a backing.
  • Do you need a nonslip backing? If you have kids or often slip in the bathroom, look for a mat with a thick piece of rubber attached to the back. It will have the most skid resistance. Some mats have a thinner, brushed-on coating that’s likely to wear off more quickly in the wash.

How we picked and tested

Many of the rugs and mats we tested strewn amongst each other on the floor.

Bath rugs and mats rank among the highest-traffic floor coverings in the home. In addition to the advice we received from cleaning experts, we used our common sense to determine the most important criteria for a good bath rug or mat:

  • absorbs water efficiently
  • dries relatively quickly
  • washes well (capable of withstanding weekly or biweekly wash cycles for a few years)
  • available in multiple sizes (though we focused on the 20-by-30-inch size, which should be appropriate for most bathrooms)
  • available in solid-color options (since many people use patterned shower curtains in their bathrooms)
  • receives good customer reviews and is widely available

Woven rugs are probably the most universally appealing, since they’re comfortable underfoot, made to absorb well, and easy to clean. We tested both cotton and synthetic mats. Cotton tends to absorb better but takes longer to dry, while polyester or nylon synthetics don’t absorb quite as well but dry much faster.

Four wood mats sitting on a wood floor. Their appearances vary (clockwise from top left): one has wooden slats connected to a wooden frame, one has darker wood blocks interlocking to form the mat, one has dark wooden slats not connected to a frame, and one has slightly crooked interlocking slats not connected to a frame.

We held the wood mats we tested to slightly different criteria. These mats don’t really absorb much (if any) water, so they’re great for outdoor showers or bathrooms with central drainage. They also give a bathroom a clean, stylish look, and they can feel nice underfoot if you don’t like the soggy feeling of wet fabrics. A decent wood mat should feel sturdy, with rubber grips on the underside to keep it stable when you step onto it. We dismissed wood mats whose reviews frequently complained of splintering, cracking, color bleeding (from dyes, sometimes), and chipped finishes. We found that wood mats were generally made of either bamboo or teak, but we didn’t strictly prefer one over the other; a main difference is that the bamboo mats have a finish, and the teak ones usually don’t.

Our four bath mat picks stacked on top of each other, sitting on pale tiled floor. The bottom two mats are a dark blue mat and a bamboo mat, and the top two mats -- a gray mat and a light blue mat -- are partially rolled up.

We looked at more than 100 options from places like Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA, Target, Crate and Barrel, and L.L.Bean, and we discovered that most stores sold very similar versions of the same thing. From our initial scan of a hundred-plus models, we tested the 27 with the best specs and owner ratings.

Our four bath mat picks arranged on a pale tiled floor, flipped upside down to display their nonslip features.

We washed and dried all of our test rugs three times to evaluate durability and simulate one or two months’ worth of washes. We disqualified rugs that didn’t hold up (if, say, the nonslip coating came off or the rug showed wear), those that didn’t dry fully in the dryer, and those that felt unpleasant to stand on.

I took the most promising rugs and mats home for personal testing. This gave me a good sense of how the rugs fit in a bathroom, stylistically and sizewise. I noted how long the woven and memory-foam rugs took to dry between showers and how they felt underfoot. I tested the wood bath mats by repeatedly splashing water on them and stepping on them to test their steadiness.

Care and maintenance

After speaking with Jolie Kerr and the cleaning experts at Procter & Gamble, I can almost definitively say that most people aren’t washing their bath mats nearly enough. Although it may seem as if your bath mat is in a clean part of the house, it really isn’t. In addition to the near-constant moisture, bath mats absorb numerous soils while they’re innocuously sitting on your bathroom floor. Dead skin, kitty litter (if you have an indoor cat), bacteria, and urine spray will all end up in the fibers of your bath mat over the course of regular bathroom use.

Kerr told us that people who live alone can probably get away with washing their bath mats every other week, but if you have two or more people in your house, she recommends that you wash your bath mat weekly. It may seem like overkill, but once you start thinking about all the gunk that ends up on your bathroom floor, this argument becomes convincing. Make sure to read the wash instructions on your bath mat. Especially if you have a nonslip mat, dry on low heat to prevent the backing from disintegrating. In most cases, hot water and laundry detergent should be enough to sanitize your bath mat during regular use. But if you have a fungus, such as athlete’s foot, or a mildew problem in your bathroom, bleach or vinegar can be good disinfecting alternatives.

Kerr recommends wiping wood mats with a solution of water and white vinegar, which has disinfecting properties. We also recommend wiping down the floor underneath your wood mat every week or so to address any standing water.

What to look forward to

The competition


Parachute Home Looped Bath Rug: A lot of our testers liked the look and feel of the Parachute bath mat, but its cotton loops seemed to be showing signs of wear after a few runs in the washer.

Target Fieldcrest Tufted Accent Bath Rug: Our testers disliked the appearance of this discontinued rug. Despite being brand new, it already looked old and ratty.

Amazon Pinzon 100% Cotton Looped Bath Rug with Non-Slip Backing: We had high hopes for this now-discontinued cotton looped nonslip rug, but ultimately it disappointed. After just one wash, the cotton upper shrank and started curling up. We couldn’t get it to lie flat no matter what we tried.


Lands’ End Supima Cotton Tub Mat: This was a soft mat that got the job done, but it was thinner and less absorbent than the Frontgate. Plus it was soggy after a single use. If you don’t want to pay for the more luxurious Frontgate, this would be a suitable alternative.

AmazonBasics Banded Bath Mat: After one cycle through the wash, this mat was already pilling. Although it felt fine underfoot, we weren’t confident it would hold up well over time.


House of Teak Shower Mat: If we had a beach house with an outdoor shower, this would be the bath mat for us. Unfortunately, it has a weird square shape, and the wood was unfinished. If the unfinished surface had been a bit smoother, we may have been convinced, but it was rough and didn’t feel great underfoot.

Oceanstar FM1163 Bamboo Floor and Shower Mat: We were tempted by the low price of this bamboo mat, but we should’ve known that all too often low price means bad quality. When we stood on this mat for the first time, it emitted all sorts of creaky cracking sounds. We didn’t try that hard, but we really felt as if it could break at any moment.

Conair Pollenex Solid Teak Roll-Up Shower Mat: This mat was our next-favorite wood mat, but it’s been discontinued.

Memory foam

Magnificent Soft Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat: This mat barely absorbed any water, and the vertical grooves prompted the water that remained on the surface to pill up and roll right off the mat onto the floor. It’s since been discontinued.


  1. Jolie Kerr, cleaning expert and contributor to The New York Times, phone interview, March 13, 2017

  2. Elaine Cella, Liz Eggert, Mary Johnson, researchers at Procter & Gamble, phone interview, March 27, 2017

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If you’re in the market for a new eco-friendly bath mat, it can be a tricky task finding one that’s sustainable as well as functional and stylish.

I’ve rounded up the best organic, jute and bamboo bath mats to name just a few. If you’re after a non-stick bath mat that goes inside the bath, skip straight to the right section here.

Why not also check out my picks for the best eco-friendly bath towels as well?

Best Eco Friendly Bath Mats and Rugs

My picks for the eight best sustainable, eco-friendly bath rugs.

Natural Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring material with a neutral pH and excellent adsorption properties.

The eco-friendly bath mat has millions of micropores that can absorb water within MINUTES. The mat also has air purifying properties and can absorb smells keeping your bathroom fresh.

The bath mat itself isn’t fluffy like cotton mats and feels hard underfoot. But it’s super easy to clean by just wiping with a cloth, and it’s anti-skid so there’s no chance of slipping.

The minimalistic design comes in 5 neutral colors that will complement any bathroom. Marbrasse (featured) only offers one size (23 x 15 inches), but another brand DXY offers a smaller size (16 x 12 inches) for those of you with less space.

  • quick drying
  • natural, chemical-free
  • easy to clean
  • anti-skid
  • durable

Grund Puro 100% Organic Cotton Bath Rug

This 100% organic cotton bath rug from Grund is luxurious, sustainable, and ethical.

The soft and absorbent cotton is GOTS certified. This means it’s produced following the ethical and environmental guidelines set out by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The GOTS regulates everything from farming to shipping.

The reversible bath mat has no non-slip backing, but it’s 60% thicker than other bathroom rugs. The extra weight keeps it in place.

The ethical bath mat is available in a range of different sizes up to 24×60″ (a great size bath mat for double sinks).

  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • reversible
  • 5 year warranty
  • multiple colours, sizes and shapes available
  • ethically made in India

Bambusi Foldable 100% Bamboo Bath Mat

Bambusi has a whole collection of bamboo bathroom accessories. Their modern designs aim to bring a touch of nature into your bathroom.

They use mosa bamboo, which is a sustainable, durable material. As with any bamboo mat, it shouldn’t be exposed to moisture for extended periods because this can lead to mold.

Cleaning the bath mat regularly, especially in between the slats, will help it last longer.

The mat is foldable, so it’s a great eco-friendly bath mat for small bathrooms.

I also really liked this bamboo bath mat from Mosa, which is a slightly different size if Bambusi’s bath mat doesn’t work for you. Gobam is another brand that offers sustainable bamboo bath mats – they have a range of sizes and colors to pick from.

  • foldable
  • stylish design
  • slip-resistant

Turkish Cotton Sustainable Bath Mats

Turkish cotton is considered to be one of the highest quality textiles around. The extra-long fibers make it super soft while also being absorbent and quick drying.

The cotton is grown organically and is often picked entirely by hand. As a brand, Salbakos is committed to sustainable practices and treats its workers fairly. They also donate a portion of their profits to charity.

As well as being organic, the eco-friendly bath mats contain NO toxic chemicals. And the lack of heavy machinery used in the manufacturing process massively reduces the overall carbon footprint.

  • budget-friendly
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • multiple color choices
  • ethically made

100% Jute Ethical Bath Mat

If this jute bath mat is looking strangely familiar, it might be because you saw it on my roundup of the best eco-friendly doormats.

Jute is a soft but resilient material, so it’s suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

The ethical bath mat has been hand made by artisans and is reversible, which doubles its life.

Jute is compostable, so when the bath mat reaches the end of its life, you can chuck it in your garden compost bin.

One downside to this bath mat is that you might experience some shedding because it’s made of natural fibers.

  • reversible
  • durable
  • budget-friendly
  • hand-made

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Shower Mat

Another bamboo option, this one is made using smaller slats so you can roll the bath mat up for convenient storage.

The eco-friendly shower mat has a waterproof coating, but the manufacturer still recommends leaving it to dry between uses to help prolong its life.

Like the other bamboo bath mats, this one also has anti-slip feet.

  • rollable for easy storage
  • waterproof coating
  • anti-slip

Sustainable Cork Bath Mat

This biodegradable shower mat is straightforward in design, but this takes nothing away from the functionality.

Cork is a fantastically diverse material. It’s water and rot-resistant. It’s also naturally anti-slip, so the bath mat doesn’t need any rubber backing.

Furthermore, it’s a natural insulator, so will feel slightly warm to the touch when you get out of the shower. No more nasty cold surprises!

If you want to learn more about corks eco-friendly credentials, why not read my guide to cork and its sustainability.

  • low maintenance
  • naturally slip-resistant
  • biodegradable

Best Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Bath Mats (For In The Bath)

Here are my top 3 picks for the best eco-friendly non-slip bath mats to use in the bath or shower.

HEVEA Natural Rubber Bath Mat

The Hevea bath mat has 200 suction cups to keep it in place while you shower. It’s great for children sitting in the bath, as well as any adults who need a little extra help keeping their balance.

The natural rubber is made from the sap of rubber trees and is completely compostable. The packaging is made of cardboard, making this a zero-waste bath mat.

The material is non-toxic and free of chemicals, including BPA. It also won’t shred microplastics when you use it.

Hevea also sells natural rubber bath toys.

  • plant-based rubber
  • eco-friendly packaging
  • non-toxic
  • compostable
  • won’t shed microplastics

TPE Non-Slip Bathtub and Shower Mat

This sustainable bath mat is made from TPE. TPE material is synthetic but considered sustainable because it uses less energy to produce than materials with comparable properties.

The bath mat is recyclable and free of BPA, latex, and phthalate.

The large drainage holes help water circulate and stops the surface of the mat from becoming slippy. There’s a range of colors to pick from, all of which will help brighten up your bathroom.

  • drainage holes
  • range of colors
  • non-toxic
  • budget-friendly

Salinka Natural Rubber Bath Mat

Salinka’s eco-friendly bath mat has a textured surface for extra anti-slip protection. The additional grip help to massively reduce the risk of injury in the bath.

Natural rubber is latex, phthalate, BPA, and PVC free (plus compostable!!). There are small drainage holes around the outside which help residual water to drain away but don’t detract from the simple design.

  • textured surface
  • budget-friendly
  • drainage holes
  • natural material

DIY Bath Mat Ideas

Towel Bath Mat

A neat idea to reuse any old towels you have lying around is to turn them into a recycled bath mat.

Watch the youtube video below to see how it’s done.

The resultant bath mats are fun, colorful, and easy to make.

Pebble Bath Mat

This one requires a little more effort but can look very stylish.

DIY eco friendly bath mat

You’ll need to source some small pebbles – if you live near a beach, this should be easy. Make sure they’re smooth enough to stand on comfortably.

You can also try your local gardening store or buy the pebbles online.

Next, you’ll need a shallow tray or frame to hold the pebbles.

This can be anything you want, as long as it’s waterproof.

Once you have both these things, put the pebbles in the tray, and your shower mat is ready to go.

Wine Cork Bath Mat

DIY wine cork bath mat

Wine drinkers rejoice – there’s finally a use for all your leftover wine corks!

Once you have enough corks, simply stick them together with some strong super glue, and you’ll have a homemade bath mat.

If you like this idea but don’t like DIY, you can also buy wine cork bath mats online.

About Veronica Fletcher

Veronica has a passion for all things eco-friendly. After growing up on a farm in Ireland, she went on to study Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. Veronica has also volunteered in many sustainability roles, including conservation efforts in Bangladesh and teaching Environmental Sciences to schoolchildren in Kenya.



20 Bath Mats and Rugs That Are a Step Above the Rest

Accent your bathroom and complete the spa experience with our favorite teak bath mats, colorful rugs, and more. Your feet will thank you.

Schoolhouse Classic Cotton Bath Mat

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Woven from handsome navy and natural cotton-colored yarn, the Classic Cotton Bath Mat is a perfect staple for the bathroom. The looped pile of this machine-washable mat provides comfort and durability free from rigid rubber backing. A Schoolhouse Original.


Tosaryu Hinoki Bath Mat


Change the look of your ordinary bathroom to a spa-like setting by adding this hinoki bath mat by Tosaryu. After enjoying a long shower or bath, enjoy the natural wood feeling you get by standing on it. The surface is molded to prevent any slipping as well as promote drainage and evaporation.


Quiet Town Arco Pine Rug

The Arco bath rug is named after the 1970's "future-city" called Arcosanti in Arizona. Architect Paolo Soleri used circles and other organic shapes to tell a story about how humans could coexist with nature in a modern, low-impact way.


Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Tub Mat


Step out of the tub and onto this plush mat, designed to keep your bathroom floor dry and your toes nice and warm.  ...


Design Within Reach Aerocotton Bathmat

Design Within Reach

The DWR Aerocotton Bathmat (2013) is crafted from pure Turkish cotton using an innovative spinning process that creates wonderfully plush, ultra-soft material with ample surface area for the yarns, translating into superb absorbency.


Cold Picnic Cliffside Bathmat

Cold Picnic

100% organic cotton bathmat. Made in India. Peter grew up in England and this one is one of our infrequent nods to his home turf, it’s cold pebbly beaches and chalk white cliffs. Creamy white ground with white, pale peach and olive green design.


World Market Bamboo Bath Mat

Cost Plus World Market

When you step out of the shower or bath, our water-resistant bath mat under your feet will remind you of your last trip to the spa. Made from bamboo, a natural and renewable resource, this mat always looks neat and tidy and it's a snap to clean.


Hawkins New York Plush Terry Bath Mat


Fancy footwork. Imagine being instantly transported to a spa-like bliss the moment you shut off your shower head. Well, you can be with one of these supremely soft mats underfoot. They’re ultra-absorbent terry, crafted to keep you as cozy as can be as soon as your feet hit the floor.


Coyuchi Cloud Loom Organic Bath Mat


Woven with similarly long loops as our Cloud Loom towels this mat is woven to a thick 1200 grams per square meter so it’s absorbent and supersoft on bare feet. It’s finished with a neat self-hem all around.


Parachute Sunset Bath Rug


Add some pattern play to your bath with this subtly textured rug. Made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, its unique design is evocative of the sun setting on the horizon. Choose from two neutral color combos for easy styling.


Bolé Road Textiles Handwoven Ethiopian Cotton Bath Mat


Style meets tile. Take tried-and-true fabric-making techniques, weave in a healthy dose of minimalist style, and you get: these head-turning bathmats. Each one’s lovingly handwoven by artisans in Ethiopia (you bet they’re fair trade).


Soil Gem Bath Mat


A unique mixture of Keisodo (diatomaceous earth) and vermiculite creates a complex and highly porous structure for superior, all-natural absorption. The center line has a depression to enhance absorb-ability and prevent the mat from sticking to skin.


Zone INU Terry Bath Mat


Soft landing. Let’s give it up for 100% organic cotton yarn—it’s the magic behind these ever-so-fluffy terry cloth bath mats. Flip it to whichever side you please for a square or striped design (they’re both equally absorbent).


Nodi Cotton Bathmat

Design Within Reach

After studying textile design in Milan and the nuances of weaving in India, Olivia Smith returned to her native New Zealand and founded Nodi, which specializes in natural handmade rugs.


Morihata Ishikoro Pebble Stone Cotton Bath Mat


Quite a feet. Inspired by Japanese stone riverbeds, this whimsically textured bath mat adds a little softness to your showerside situation. It’s made from 100% cotton with super absorbent powers that’ll keep your floor (and feet) nice ‘n’ dry.


Parachute Looped Bath Rug


Soft, absorbent and warm underfoot, this rug adds comfort and style anywhere in the bathroom. Available in a tubside size and a long runner, fit for a jack and jill sink.


The Organic Company Cotton Waffle Bath Mat


See ya, splashes. Right here: proof that a bath mat can be worth swooning over. Each of these lil’ rugs is woven from 100% certified organic cotton, with a thick waffle texture your toes will warm right up to. Oh, and let’s talk about those colors.


Blomus Piana Cotton Bath Mat


Walk softly. Complete your bathroom’s calming, minimalist vibe with this soft and subtle number: It’s constructed with dense, tight loops to create a durable weave. And since it feels so great underfoot, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice every time you step out of the shower.


Skagerak Teak Bathroom Mat

Design Within Reach

Eschewing the traditional, the Teak Bathroom Mat (1998) is constructed of solid teak. Designed by architect Mogens Holmriis, recognized for his teak chairs and tables, the mat provides a refreshing alternative to other varieties.


Coyuchi Mosaic Canyon Organic Bath Rug


Woven by hand from organic cotton, our accent rug’s pattern is defined by pebbled texture and nature-inspired color.


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Color bath mat natural

7 Organic Bath Mats for the Sustainable Bathroom

Your towels might be organic, but are your bath mats? A sustainable bath mat is something I never really thought to purchase until now. We have two dinky bath rugs in our bathrooms right now, but when it comes time, these are my favorite sustainable options! I didn’t realize how many options we had until I sat down and searched through my favorite brands. From affordable to more luxurious, complete organic bathrooms can be achieved!


Brand | Under the Canopy

Price | $24

Material | GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

If you are looking for the least expensive organic option, Under the Canopy is the place to go! I have several of their towels, a robe & some sheets, and really like them. You can’t beat the price! Their bath mat also comes in several different colors.


Brand | Grund America

Price | on sale for $34

Material | 100% Organic Cotton

This bath mat is one of their best-sellers. It's thick, plush, and non-slip. The price is also more accessible, & it comes in several different colors. I really like the length of this one, but they do have smaller.


Brand | Kiliim

Price | $79

Material | 100% Cotton

This bath mat isn’t technically ‘organic’ but it is fair trade and handmade by artisans in Fowwa, Egypt using traditional kilim weaving techniques. I own one of their rugs & their work is beautiful! I think this design can add a lot of character to your space.


Brand | Minna

Price | $180

Material | 100% Natural Native Color Cotton

This brand has some of the prettiest bath mats I’ve seen, and they are handwoven by an artisan group in Antigua. The Steps Mat is inspired by architect Luis Barragan.


Brand | Coyuchi

Price | $98

Material | 100% Organic Cotton, Sourced and Woven in India

I love the texture of this bathmat! Their accent rug’s pattern is defined by pebbled texture and nature-inspired color. It has a soft & absorbent pile perfect for bath side.


Brand | West Elm

Price | $40

Material | 100% Organic Cotton

I think West Elm has so many great sustainable options when it comes to the home. Their price points are also more accessible. Isn’t this design so fun?! Its arch design is tufted, braided and finished with playful fringe for multi-dimensional texture.


Brand | Pottery Barn

Price | on sale for $42

Material | 100% Organic Cotton

Love the airy feel of these tassel bath mats! Handwoven in India of pure, mindfully grown cotton, these bath rugs are soft and cozy for your feet. Fringe is always such a nice add on, too!


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